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Status Updates posted by K.G

  1. Internet is screwing up...what are the odds...

  2. happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! Haha. I love Saturday birthdays.

  3. One more day til my Birthday!! *does a little dance*

  4. Wants a new brain, this one is fried.

    1. James


      I'm feeling the same way. :-\

  5. Hates doing dishes by hand, this is not the dark ages...put dishwasher in your apartments. Make lives easier.

    1. CaNz


      I feel your pain. Spending a day at my grandpas is such a burden sometimes.

  6. Also on another note...7 days til my birthday. *does a little dance*

    1. Lyndy


      :o My birthday is in 5 days~ Happy early birthday to us. =P

  7. Stuff sounds very threatening. lol. I shall beware this fairy of stuff.

  8. So after all the crap that's happened lately; I'm finally ready to get back on here and get things going again. Sometimes life just throws those loops at you.

  9. Broken toilet=chaos. Don't take them for granted.

    1. James


      This may sound weird, but a broken toilet is one of my biggest nightmares. :\

    2. Lyndy


      I had a broken sewage system before... That was complete chaos. ._.

  10. Soft romantic music and Halo matchmaking really don't go together...xD

    1. CaNz


      i will have to try it next time i play some reach.. just to make sure you arent trying to trick me! d:

  11. ....okay...how did you manage to lose a CAR? Wait...you know what...I don't wanna know. That 'mother intuition' think is kicking in and telling me to just now ask. xD

  12. K.G

    Happy Birthday!

  13. Heh, I'm the first to put a comment, yay. Hehehe

    *gives Taku a big hug*

    There ya go. lol.

  14. To much coffee, not enough entertainment...wanna go throw things at random people? Might be fun...

    1. Starwind


      While fun, you must be sneaky about since the police typically frown on such activity. Plus it would suck if you target turned on you and kicked your ass.

  15. *waves enthusiastically* HI!!!

    Now that I have properly scared the pants off you, I shall go reek havoc on another poor soul.


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