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  1. I remember when I first played Final Fantasy, it was the greatest game I ever played in which I went on to play other games. My FF experience: Final Fantasy 1: This is a great game and I wish they didn't remake this game so badly... I enjoy my lack of money and magic per day not mass money and MP. The original FF was hard and the remake is just plain easy. Final Fantasy 2: I couldn't figure this game out. I practically quit halfway through because I could find that one item that I needed to ask millions of people for and the fixed random battles. Final Fantasy 4: The first FF I played. It was the most fun I ever had when I was young. Cecil and Kain were the two characters sort of central characters but my favourite character is obviously FuSoYa. Who can resist the Lunarian charms? Final Fantasy 5: I went through about a quarter of the game then I stopped due to extreme boredom of the game. The job system was just a bit too tedious. Final Fantasy 6: Simply one of the greatest games on the SNES. I highly recommend this game to anyone. Character designs, music, and story are all great and Kefka is so evil it's frightening. This game is simply the ultimate combination of everything a great game makes. As you can see, I have played anything beyond FF7. If I had a PS or PS2, I probably would have played them but for now, I'm going to keep playing various games and maybe attempt to finish/understand Final Fantasy 2 and 5. :animesigh
  2. I do believe in fate to some extent. I believe that if you don't make any sort of choice, then fate will guide you until you make another choice although fate usually doesn't lead to anywhere good. What I believe to be fate are the actions we choose to take between the options of choice we make. Ideas such as fate and destiny hurt my brain thinking about them so I usually dismiss them and I'm continue to dismiss them until I can see some sort of evidence that they exist.
  3. I remember my first game... it was so long ago but when I picked up the controller I knew I would be hooked for life but lately I've found that during a game after I've done a certain thing in the game I would just stop playing. I've still got that excitement feeling when playing a new game, tho. I'll always have that feeling when I play a new game or encounter an awesome boss. It's just I don't have that "I'll play anything for a thrill anymore" mindset anymore. I won't just play any game anymore but I still love the little obscure below average games that I played in my youth. The feeling is still alive, it's just reserved for the amazingly awesome parts of the game.
  4. This game look awesome! It makes me wish I had bought a PS2 instead of Gamecube. Anyways, the three new characters are ok. Setsuka and Tira look good but I'm not sure about Zasalamel. Probably because his weapon style reminds me of Astaroth and I don't like Astaroth a lot. I'm gonna miss some of the characters from SC2 that aren't returning but the three characters I use most (Raphael, Kilik, and Talim) are return so I'm happy! Chronicles of the Sword reminds me a lot of Dynasty Warriors. Must be the level up system, the real time strategy with the chracters moving around on paths like the generals in Dynasty Warriors. The three kingdoms you can fight as also reminds me of the Three Kingdoms in Dynasty Warriors. I guess I have Dynasty Warriors on the brain... I hate that this game is PS2 exclusive and possibly for the 360. But where's the port for Nintendo? I guess Nintendo isn't getting SC3... :animecry:
  5. I've beaten so many games that I've forgotten a lot of them but I'll name great games I remember. 1. Double Dragon (Sega Master System) - A timeless classic in my childhood. Posssibly the first game I remember playing. (Except Pong and Tetris) I have fond memories playing that game with my brother when we were both younger. Finding the cheat that lets you have unlimited lives at the last stage and fighting each other for the girls at the end. Those were good times Though it might not have been the greatest game, it was the one that led me to play other video games. 2. Final Fantasy series (various system) - I've played FF1&2 (Dawn of Souls), FF4, FF5, FF6, FF7, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I've never gotten tired of the series but unfortunately, I believe that every game after FF7 sucked so far so I'm waiting for FFXII to see if it's a great game or just crap. Nonetheless, great memories of beating Final Fantasy 2 and Final Fantasy 3. 3. Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia (SNES and GCN respectively) - Mmm... linear battle system. Great game, great story, and nice battle system. The all around game of greatness. Tales of Symphonia took the most time of any game that I've played. (80 hours) The most recent RPG I've beaten. 4. Pokemon - Who could forget the small pokemon? A game I found fun when I was a kid but not as fun when growing up. Maybe it was the same gameplay or maybe it was how the difficulty level never incrase or only increased slightly. I gave up on it when I managed to beat Pokemon Red in under 14 hours. 5. Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2 - A great strategy game where people match wits and strategies or human beat down the computer to the dust. CO powers and super powerful units add a nice twist to this game. The game was fun when playing the missions and even better in AW2 when Eagle's Lightning Strike powered up his units. Overall, the best turn-based strategy game I've played. These are the games that I remember beating and will remember beating for a long time.
  6. I hate when people just dismiss card battle games as crap... I just finished Baten Kaitos and nothing beats the feeling of doing a final sunrise combo. (Doing a straight from 1 to 9.) And the elemental clashes make the battle system more challenging I, personally, found the card system to be fun and challenging and definitely not the worst battle system ever. The best battle system is either the Tales of Symphonia style or the Legend of Dragoon style. I enjoy the linear real time battle system a lot and this game doesn't disappoint. This was loads of fun to play. Legend of Dragoon's battle system was fun and challenging at the same time. Getting used to the timing to pull off the magnificent combos and the extremely high damage hits. It's a great deal of fun to play.
  7. The first game I remember playing was probably Double Dragon on my cousin's Master System. The levels, the characters, the enemies, and the final fight. The most memorable part of that game was if you played a two player, at the end you'd have to fight each other for the girl. That game, probably, was the game that got me hooked to video games. After that, I started playing various RPGs like Chrono Trigger, the Final Fantasy series, and Dragon Warrior Monsters.
  8. My favourite game is hard to pick. I'd definitly be a tie between Chrono Trigger and Dragon Warrior Monsters. Dragon Warrior Monsters was one of the first games I played. I remember when I was 11, I'd be playing Dragon Warrior Monsters all day trying to get the perfect team together and getting the monsters necessary to get the most powerful monster in the game. The breeding system was a great part of the game because if you didn't breed, you'd die out pretty quickly and the most powerful monsters are born through breeding. Chrono Trigger was one of the best RPGs in my history of gaming. The characters were memorable, the enemy difficulty was just right, the battle system was great, and the graphics were great for an SNES game. It also had many different endings if you did different things during the story. This was simply a great RPG.
  9. I lack a X-box and PS2 so I won't add them. I'm in decision of whether to buy a DS or not but if I don't I'm listing games that I'd give a shot. Gamecube: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes - The game I'm most looking forward to. Baten Kaitos - Good reviews and looks good. GBA: Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - If this game is as good as the rest, I'll be happy. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - My friend has Kingdom Hearts so I want to try it. Metal Slug Advance - Great game, I hope I can play as Tarma or Marco.
  10. I'm going to be eagerly awaiting this game's release. The graphics look great!!! I love the LoZ style of gameplay and puzzles. I love all the games before this like Link's Awakening, OoT, and Majora's Mask but my favourite game is probably Majora's Mask. I'm hoping this game will be as good as all the other ones.
  11. I've also been playing mostly RPGs... I'm trying to decide whether to get this or Baten Kaitos. From what I've heard this game is pretty good. But the thing is that the Dark and Light beams requires ammo... and Dark Samus sounds cool and must be the thing at the end of Metroid Prime.
  12. Heh... hundreds of CD-R I wish I had that many... It's true, backgrounds are important. Great use of descriptive words and I wish I could write like you one day... (BTW, do you have the full verision of Mountain A Go Go Two?)
  13. Every story needs a serious chapter to balance out the funny. Not every chapter has to be funny, it's like a RPG not having at least one protagonist death scene. If it didn't have one, the result would be cr42yn355!!!!! (that's the bad kind of cr42yn355... not the kind I do... >_>) So overall, don't kill yourself if you think one chapter is bad.
  14. Explaining English to someone who speaks little to none... quite difficult. Heh. Spilling Cherry-ade on your pants. A classic. This chapter is just one of funny-ness.
  15. Indeed, quite cliche but I've seen much worse. This is the house of my aunt... xD An interesting phrase but now I must wonder how he knows that phrase. This chapter was funny and serious together. A hard thing to do. I commend you for this feat.
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