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    Desbreko got a reaction from Maully in Senior Otaku   
    I think I looked into that when we first switched to IPB and it would've been a huge pain due to differences in how IPB handles line breaks in posts messing with the HTML. I'm sure it would be possible, but it would probably require rewriting a good bit of the post templates.
    Btw, I still have this screen shot of the Caramelldansen skin if you want to relive a bit of the magic. It's not really the same without the animation, though. :sad:
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    Desbreko got a reaction from CaNz in Guests?   
    You remember right.

    Most of those are likely search engine spiders.
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    Desbreko got a reaction from liamc2 in The Padded Room Party: Random Thoughts   
    I'll take the hug.
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    Desbreko got a reaction from Boo in Oldies & RPGs   
    But we already made another Padded Room Party.
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    Desbreko got a reaction from Boo in Look.... are you insinuating something?   
    [color=#4B0082]Heheh. Remember that AIM conversation we had, oh, four or five months ago, Beth? The one where I laughed maniacally and said I had thought of a great prank? And that it didn't matter that I told you because you still wouldn't see it coming? Well, I'm patient in my plotting and today it paid off. :smirk:[/color]
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