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  1. 3 wishes hrmm. That's actually quite a hard one. I don't really care about being rich although that would be nice. even though I would like a new car to replace my brown POS so an Audi TT would be my first wish. Then my second hrmm. I'd have to say for all lifes problems to go away, well atleast for me, that'd be nice to have. 3rd would have to be everyone elses problems to go away except that might cause problems. You'd prolly have alot of dead people coming back to life and a big population boom then a food shortage but no one will have problems so it will all work out I guess. :smirk:
  2. I remember rico When I joined back at V 2 for the first time I was around 12 or 13 and now I'm 17. Not as much into anime as I was back then. Then I used to be hardcore DBZ but now I just kinda watch anime movies and that's about it.
  3. Most memorable RL moments for me. Hrmm there are so many but atm the bad ones stand out. Like when my girlfriend stood me up at homecoming and when I (god this makes me sound like the looser person that I'm not) smoking pot. Those have to be the two most memorable moments atm and the last one happend just 4 weeks ago so I guess thats why the bad ones stand out :-/
  4. hrmm yea first time really doing anything like this so here it goes. I guess I can write about anything really so here goes nothing. [quote] [b][u]A life changer[/b][/u] He was sitting in a smokey room with a group of his first friends. 'Man I can't beleive you've never tried this.' 'Yea, well theres a first time for everything.' Inside he was scared, but he didn't show it. It was passed to him. He took a hit and knew his life was changed forver as he layed back and lost all grasp of reality.[/quote] Crap I think it was over 55, but oh well close enough :-P
  5. I experienced some pretty nasty road rage. Well actualy it was with my dad. I wasn't driving yet then, but anyway. This guy was weaving in and out of the lanes on the highway you know typical jack*** driver just trying to get farther ahead of everyone, boosts their ego I guess. Well he had to get over and my dad wouldnt let him so the guy pulled a gun and pointed it at us. He had me duck my head and he pulled over to the sholder quick so that guy would go past and we'd be safe. Guess what I'm trying to say is it's just crazy what people will do when they are angry especially on the road. [COLOR=DarkRed]Edit: Just a reminder to watch the language. I edited out one of your words since it is inappropriate for the boards. Thanks! ~Panda[/COLOR]
  6. [quote name='Altron']The music was this real funky techno stuff that could be heard from across the street. Funny stuff.[/quote] How was it funny stuff? I dunno I myself like techno music. Bass sounds good in my car and what not.
  7. I saw La nouba. I thought it was going to be one of those artsy opera tipe things like phantom of the opera or something, but I have to say it was amazing. Those little girls with the (crap forgot the name of those things now ) doing all those flips with em and such. It was just so amazing some of the stunts and how good these people were at it.
  8. Hrmm I'm actually quite a big fan of Gimp which might I add is very much free and very powerfull. Also nice side is it runs on most os's and in some situations is better the photoshop
  9. [quote]Underwater fish don't stink![/quote] You can't forget about the classic. "were goin were goin were goin on a trip trains planes and taxi cabs all the choices hip" or when he gets an alligator and meets this kid and botabing botabooms off his mom or when him and Uncle ted go camping. Oh man I used to watch that show to much when I was younger that I remember this stuff. WHOOAA Time or noogies!!
  10. I think the most over rated shows are all the stupid reality shows. Especially the ones on MTV. All they are, are a bunch or whiney college kids who want their way.
  11. Band of Brothers has to be my favorite HBO series ever. It is probrably also one of the best war guess you could call it movies out there too IMO. I'm also a fan of the Sopranoes and Dead Wood.
  12. Not really sure if this is the right place to post this, I remember the old boards like version 3 there was a whole forum dedicated to this. Anyway Hello I'm Atticus Bane, used to be a member here awhile ago. Joined during version 2 left around version 4. I reall don't remember any of my old aliases. I think one was Silver Night and another was Trotenks or something to that effect. I only really remember James Syk3 ( whom I lost your AIM I think btw) and Adam. Well just figured I'd say Hi and whatssup. ps. If this is the wrong forum for this very very sorry. I just hope this place is like the community it used to be. :cool:
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