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  1. [url]http://www.king5.com/topstories/stories/NW_031008WAB_boy_buried_LJ.3e86c380.html[/url] Apparently this kid had his friends bury him in sand so he could be like gaara. Here's the story. Comments Page: [url]http://blogs.king5.com/archives/2008/03/sorrow-over-chi.html[/url] As horrible as it is, I blame the parents for not telling their kid not to imitate cartoons. Also, comments are hilarious.
  2. I tend to multi-task to the extreme while watching them, and it normally doesn't mess up my intake of the story. For example: I'll watch Evangelion, play World of Warcraft, and do homework all at once. This isn't every time i watch anime, only when I'm watching a series I own...or anything that happens to be on tv.
  3. [quote name='Kam'] To say I was obsessed with her would be ridiculous. I've never been one for obsession. I was intrigued, and I new she'd be much more likely to talk to someone her age openly. -Justin[/QUOTE] Now for something more lighthearted: You mispelled knew. But in all seriousness, how are we to know who we are really talking to. Its just a risk of the internet.
  4. [quote name='John']As for your original question of if it's [I]wrong[/I] to be desensitized to violence, I don't necessarily think so. I've naturally always been somewhat hardened against emotional responses myself, so I might be biased on this, but I don't think people have the right to judge you on which emotions you feel or don't feel.[/QUOTE] seconded. Although, I'd still prefer to be able to feel fear or disgust at those movies...but that's just me... Man, did I hate the Devil's Rejects...
  5. [quote name='Revolver'][COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]Yeah I know. Luckily Naruto wasn't put through very heavy editting. Sakura said pervert, and it was shmexy. I saw the first movie Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow on CN yesterday, and the only really good part was the beginning and the end when Naruto blasted that guy with the [B]Rasengan[/B]. The new color? DarkSlateGray is so last week, and it was really common.[/COLOR][/QUOTE] Not put through heavy editing huh...what about "believe it", the slogan that killed the old Naruto fans. I loved Naruto before it got really popular, back about 5 years ago, when there was only the manga. Then the anime came out, and believe it made narutards everywhere rejoice, and old fans cringe. I miss the good ol' days :animecry:
  6. No, listen, I understand what you're saying and actually agree that a lot of what Nintendo puts out is just updated versions of the same game. But, on the otherhand, that's what every company does. And not just video game companies either. Look at movies and television. I havn't seen a truly original movie in years. I mean, most of what comes out nowadays are just remakes and sequels. Or, if nothing else the same basic story and characters in a "new" movie. But, at least Nintendo seems to be trying to change things up a bit by adding a motion control in. I mean, the 360 and PS3 are pretty much the exact same things that their predecesors were...except with better graphics. But don't get me wrong, I love my 360 far more than my friends Wii.
  7. Man, now that I've seen those, its really hard to wait for the new movies. I wish I knew how long it'll be before they get imported to the US. Also, the differences in looks is just...wow.
  8. I honestly can't get into Blood+ myself; I've sat and watched episodes just to try and like it, but I can't. I feel so left out, especially since everybody else I know who has watched it loved it. Course, I think that watching and reading Hellsing sort of ruined me on vampire animes. I personally think its the best...lots of blood and gore and swearing and violence and...stuff.:animestun
  9. Well, at least you knew he did the pre PS2 ones. I only knew that he did FFX for sure, mainly because I didn't really care about game pedigrees until after I started having to conserve money. Anyway, I mentioned the Nobuo Uematsu thing because I've noticed that, be it anime or video game, I tend to enjoy something more if it has great music. And Final Fantasy music has to be among the top soundtracks of all time.
  10. Well, the Cons are kind of...uneven. I'm pretty sure that there are going to be more people over 18 at cons compared to people around 13-15. Most Naruto fans I know are in the 8-15 range, although I was a fan at one point. But most Bleach fans are probably in the 16-22 range. SO, since there are less kids at cons then there are adults, the adult's shows would have more...showing. Also, all my facts and staticstics were made up on the spot.
  11. But then again, its happened in other animes too. For instance, even though it was called "Sailor Moon", we all know that it was all about the cats.
  12. The short Deja Vu are fun, cause they are random and throw you off. But I get the long ones every once in awhile. I remember driving once, with a few friends in the car, and I got hit by one. It was so weird, because my friends started freaking out due to my spazzing around the road. (When I get Deja Vu, I tend to Spaz out for a few seconds.) So needless to say, they don't like to ride with me anymore.
  13. [quote name='silpheedpilot'][SIZE="1"][COLOR="SlateGray"]For me it's 'cause I don't let Nintendo bend me over and ram their huge Wiimote up my pooper. There's something to be said about Nintendo when they repackage Gamecube technology in a white shell, give you a motion controller, and say; 'New system, guys!' Oh, wait. I know what that is. Great marketing. Thanks Nintendo! I love it when you pull the wool over my eyes with your technology. Thats Gamecube 2.0 which, to me, wasn't fun before so why would I want it again? [/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE] Alright, I'll give you that it's pretty much the same; but at least its not as expensive as the PS3. I'll buy a Wii for my 2nd next gen system, cause it is at least fairly cheap compared to the 360 and PS3. Plus, the same game on another system (Raving Rabbids on the 360) would play completely different on the Wii, which makes the gaming [I]seem[/I] new and different.
  14. 1. Sailor Moon 2. Excel Saga 3. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 4. Fruits Basket. I'm happy that I'm the first to say Excel Saga!!!
  15. I got into and out of Naruto before it got popular, so I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm talking back when it was just a manga. Anyway, I'd have to say, Popularity wise...its probably Naruto(Lots of kids watch it, thusly the popularity gets pushed up more). But if you're looking for popular with older groups, while Naruto is still there, you'll be looking a lot towards classics. But if you want new ones that are popular, then you'll see a lot of Lucky Star and Melancholy of Haruhi Suzymiya.
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