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  1. I used to watch TechTV obsessively, [i](z-TV back in the day, anyone?). [/i]Anyway,. since getting slaughtered by G4, they've done nothing but advertise to the big companies. Granted, 4RE was an amazing game last year, but they're spending too much time [i]wasting[/i] time to make any review count. Honestly, I can't watch that show anymore. I think the last episode i enjoyed watching was where they had the interns fighting, and Morgan whipped out a codebook to make her intern invincible or something. Good times back then...Ah, Extended Play....
  2. I've got to agree. After loving Crystal Chronicles, i've been waiting for another Nintendo-based FF game. Dawn of souls is great and all, but like Des said, it's way too easy to finish/lose a fight in one round if you wander around too often. I've taken to playing Tales of Phantasia in expectorate waiting until FFIII comes out. This is another title i'm looking forward to.
  3. One jump moment. One. I was playing Morrowind. It was the infamous MWSummer in cinnaminson. I literally spent the entire summer playing morrowind, nonstop. I was really in to it one night, lightning struck, the assassins were hard to see through the rain. I get lost in the game, and almost tank the couch backwards from jumping away from the computer. I'd missed getting hit in the face by a ninja star by roughly 2 pixels, when I checked the log. [i]That[/i] was an awesome, jump-y/scary moment. No real characters, though...I'd say the Fabricants from Tribunal are definitely disconcerting, but not quite scary.
  4. I also want my zelda, but until then, i'll have to practice my Ocarina, and play around with 'oot. I'm angry at Gamestop, though. Since I quit 3 years ago, they've gotten a bit incompetent. I'll need to find a new store... Maybe I can find a crazy, traveling merchant on a boat, just offshore within swimming distance, yet is oddly at every island in existence, at once.
  5. I've got (somehow) over 80 bucks down on this game, which I've had on gamestop reserve for over a year and a half. I'm starting to get angered with the fact that they (gamestop) have actually given me dates and have missed every time. "March 13th" was the last date they gave me. And I remember hearing this would be a GCN game. Am i pleasantly, and horrifically mistaken?
  6. Everything accomplished and/or purchased since 1PM PST, 3/13/2006 has become null and void, according to GW announcements @ the time of the third rollback. Any pre-req's for this "new", more-active guild? I'm looking to play tuesday nights, and such at [i]least[/i] from now on, mainly PvE. With any luck I might actually have a character that's back up to snuff eventually.
  7. That's one of the few things I loved about Phantasy Star Online. That social element, and complete control over your character; Two things GW always lacked. I'll admit, I had some awesome times with the QKT, in the few times I was online, and OB members weren't already busy/offline. Even after disappearing for several months due to job, boredom, and schooling, I'll go so far as to say checking the Guild Status window-thing and seeing "last logged in 4 months ago" and such [i]dominating[/i] the board is a bit disheartening. I'd love to see the QKT continue on, but realistically, it seems incredibly hard to keep the group together, which makes sense. Hey, even I've contributed to the inactivity. Also, tonight, GW's offline until 11:30 EST. For an hour this afternoon, the merchants and traders got reset, so as usual, stuff was being sold at a ridiculous price. Only difference was today was abnormally affordable.
  8. Next up for Remix to recommend is Sunsoft's: [img]http://flyingomelette.com/reviews/nes/screens/siliustitle.gif[/img] for the NES. Originally slated to be a Terminator game, the license was dropped last minute, so small changes and tweaks had to be made. The story is slapdash, at best, but that's not why we're going to check out this game, is it? The soundtrack is, by far, the best part of this game. Although it was an NES game made in 1990, this has to be my co-favorite out of all video game soundtracks, tying with River City Ransom. The main portion of the music is hard-driving techno-rock which wouldn't have fit in with Terminator at all. Since the songs don't necesarily have names, when arranging for a string quartet, I'd decided to name them after the respective levels, or events. Some of which are "A city ruined", "the Clatter of Steel", and "A Dark Revelation." Which, it has been locally agreed, is an accurate description of the sound, as well. Each level is long, usually with one checkpoint 3/4's of the way through. The gameplay doesn't usually make it past the run/jump/omg-blast-baddies! idea, but it's still challenging nonetheless. The bosses are almost impossible. The first of which, is a massive Helicopter, the second of which is a Tank which takes up almost half the screen, and usually is able to run you over. The fifth level has an auto-scroll, so the game has a pressure-cooker feel to it, if you can make it that far. In my 16 years of gaming, I've only beaten this game twice. It is by no means fair, but is still an amazing game, even in this age of cutscenes and live music. [img]http://flyingomelette.com/reviews/nes/screens/siliuslevel1.gif[/img] [i]*yes, that URL is correct, this is Level 1. awesome for a famicom game, no?* [/i]Check this game out, if you haven't...If you can still find a copy. It's more than worth it, especially if you like megaman, or like Sunsoft games.
  9. I'm gonna have to go with "Riviera: the Promised Land" on this one. I've got other obscure games, but I'll give other people a chance, lol. In Riviera, you play as Ein, a Grim Angel sent on a mission from the Gods to anihilate the province of Riviera, in order to avoid the "Retribution." This sounds horrible, but here's the deal. The prologue is that the ever-epic war between the gods, and demons was at a veritable stalemate, and as a last-resort, the Gods sealed themselves off as well as sealing the demons. Now, as a last-ditch effort, the Gods were able to seal their power [i]in[/i] Riviera. So there, we go, we need to release the power of the gods, as the demons have begun to escape once again. [img]http://www.atlus.com/riviera/images/index_foursquare.jpg[/img] (amazingly, this is NOT the actual box art) The gameplay is that of a standard text-adventure. It's got your basic "walk up, walk west, walk north" everything, but it's all in a graphical interface. When battles are encountered (all "random", but you can escape and travel backwards until you're ready to fight them, etc.), The team is made up of Ein, and two of his female companions. You can pick the layout on a grid setup, and get to pick which 4 items you bring with you. That's right, you only get 4 items in battle. This means, if you have Mia, who's extremely proficient with a bow&arrow *(but nothing else), you need to bring a bow. That takes up one item slot, you now have 3 left to have healing items, etc., [i]or[/i] you can bring more weapons. It's entirely up to you, but you need to ascertain which you think you'll need, because there's no going back. The Battle system is unlike most, as well. When attacking, you really only get to pick which item to use. It's different in another sense, in that every item does something different depending on who is using said item. Ein may be able to use a scythe-type weapon, and do a "mow" command, hitting everything in the front row, once. Mia, like i'd said, is only proficient with Bows, so using the scythe means doing the "throw" command, with a 12% chance of hitting [i]anything[/i] at random, once for half damage. It really makes you think. The music is amazing, it conveys emotion at times, and stays exciting during battles. Opening dialogue, and ending dialogue for battles, as well as certain special attacks are sampled at a high bitrate. This game is truly awesome, and it's no surprise it comes from A[color=Red]t[/color]lus.:animeswea
  10. As a rule, I generally only do PvE. This may change in time, but as of yet, it has not for me. Just a heads-up.
  11. don't worry about sucking. I've only got one star on 150CC, and I still haven't found a cart combo I like. I've become somewhat disenchanted with online play, since i always wind up with a snaker/item-whore (constant gold shroom, or all stars) on my 2-person matchup... -_-* However, my current record is [b]23[/b] wins, [b]27[/b] losses.
  12. I call Shotgun on NekoSama's answer. However, that would defeat the purpose of the answer(s) if neither of us are the same as a game cahracter.. *losing his cool*...and ...if they.. with the thing.. I guess i'd hafta say I'm most like Volt from The Bouncer. I'm crazy, usually quiet, and I'm almost always ready to kick some butt if need be. I also tend to know some wierd, inexplicable information that usually helps (oddly enough) whatever situation I'm stuck in.
  13. As per usual...I'm [i]considering[/i] joining up in Guild Wars again. Everything on the home-and-schoolfront seems to have leveled out. I know I haven't played since August, of last year... But, i'm thinkin' about it, since there's still no monthly charge, lol. Talys may rise again. n_n ...If you'll have me. lol
  14. You gotta admit, though. It [i]is[/i] funny as hell to watch a bunch of guys start a ridiculous circle-pit for no reason. That, and cardboard riot-gear... *dreams*
  15. *cough* DooM *cough*. "If it breathes, kill it." (Dwayne's trademark googlie-eyes, and forehead-vein-popping-action) Oh, and lest we forget BloodRayne. I don't see Halo going anywhere movie-wise. I've not even played the game, and I know this won't end well.
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