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  1. kind of reminds me of something I thought of in high school. If it's the style to not be like everyone else, then you are being like everyone else by being different, lol. but I agree with DeathBug, that athieism isn't a religion. I guess people like belonging to an athiest club, so they can talk to people who share their same views. Like someone belonging to a theoretical physics club, hehe :catgirl:
  2. if you like nightwish, I just say you will probably like within temptation :) (is at least worth checking out) the songs I've heard of "H I M" are really nice also, in that same kind of sound.
  3. the first theater movie I remember seeing was at a drive in, and it was "Nine to Five", that dolly parton movie, lol. according to IMDB that was 1980, and I would have been 7 at the time, lol. the first movie I saw in an actual theater that I remember was "ghost busters" in 1984. I remember it was in celebration of my brother's graduation that we went. and I remember being chastised for commenting on the part of the movie when Venkman commented that it was a shame that Dana's bedroom had nothing happen in it. (I thought it was funny, and apparently I wasn't old enough to get that type of humor, lol)
  4. hmm.. I used to own twin peaks on vhs...sadly I lost it in my divorce :'( I loved twin peaks soooooo much when it was on TV... and the day after it aired my best friend and I would talk about it every chance we got between classes!! :) One day I'll own it again, mwahh haa haaaa!!! sadly I don't own any tv series at the moment... but I have a lot I would like to buy :greedy: Stargate SG1 - all seasons, just because I like the beauty of the show and well MacGuyver...er I mean Richard Dean Anderson isn't too bad either ;) Xena - all seasons, because I love the storylines and costumes and just coolness of it Herculese - all seasons, same reason as Xena CSI - any season, because it's amazing how they can solve those crimes with just a speck of dust!! Law and order - any season, original, SVU, or Criminal intent. I love the main characters, how the interact with each other, and how realistic it seems. Futurama, Simpsons, South Park... I want em all cause I like em :) there's probably more... I think I like TV a little too much...lol one day a money blizzard will come my way and I'll have all I want, lol. as far as anime, I have Neon Genesis Evangelion, Crest of the stars, Fruits Basket, Orphen, Blueseed and Sorcerer Hunters complete. (also have about 1/2 of Ruroni Kenshin) hmm.. think I might watch a few eps of sorcerer hunters today... haven't watched it for a while. I won't even list the sets I'd like to own, as well, the list would be waaaay to long. I also have a few TV mini series on dvd. Dune, Children of Dune, and Rose Red. I bought them cause I liked em.
  5. [quote name='DarkShippo']16 people on the internet want to got out with me because "i'm the nicest person they have ever met and talked to" but they wouldn't even know me if they dod live near me becuase i'm "ugly"...i hate people -_-[/quote] hmmm...I often felt the same way. I even had someone offer me a trip to Japan they were going to pay the whole way, but when they found out what I looked like they dropped the subject, though they still remained my friend. but i did manage to find my husband online through a forum. it's funny, I've always thought if we would have met in person before getting to know each other online, we may have never gotten together because of the shells we put around ourselves in "real" life. I had such low esteem, I didn't think even the other "not so hotties" would like me :animedepr just goes to show that someone's personality can more than make up for what they look like on the outside :animesmil
  6. [quote name='AzureWolf][COLOR=blue']The United States is depraved and liberal as hell. It's the bottom bunker.[/COLOR][/quote] heh, what is also true is the US is also strangely ultra conservative...it's like a mixture of oil and water. you tell one of the conservies that it isn't porn and they don't believe you and lable you as evil for the rest of your days!! (then I bet they sneak a peek at anime for themselves cause on the inside they are just as perverted as the rest :animeswea )
  7. [QUOTE=Mitch] Heck, I could sit down today and decide I was going to write the next word of God book. I'm sure I could start my own religion based upon this 1,000-page word of God document. I'm sure people would fall for it and get meaning in their lives from it, and be happy because of it. QUOTE] heh, L.Ron Hubbard did just that, scientology, I wonder if in 1500 years people will be having similar discussions about that religion... I'm agnostic not athiest, but I still have to wonder at the validity of something written by man :rolleyes: I think it's sad that these books written so long ago rule so many peoples lives. so much hate comes from them. granted there is beauty in them as well, but I don't think they are worth the hate that they generate. edit just for clarification: I believe people have a right to believe however they choose, and I believe that if a persons faith is strong it can make them a better person. However, I strongly disagree with any hate or persecution towards others just because someone may believe something is "wrong". ie: being a witch or gay or not being that religion, or whatever. awful things like the inquisition, salem witch trials and the holocaust came about because of fear and hate. (current world affairs also come to mind) this has been a very interesting thread, it's nice to hear about religion from different perspectives :)
  8. anime is so popular right now compared to how it has ever been. I loved anime back in the late eighties and early nineties, but availabilty and cost made it unavailable to me, except for what i could see on tv, robotech and transformers and the like. if you think anime is dieing, maybe your tastes are changing, because from what I see it is still going on quite strong. only sad thing for me is I'm not living in the US anymore, and belgium has very little to offer in anime that isn't dubbed for the kids. (only problem there for me is the fact I don't speak dutch yet) (well and I do prefer subtitles, but that's another thread, lol) so all you guys in the US, be happy for your choices, not everyone in the world is so lucky :p though it's only human nature to want more than we already have, even if we have the world :animesigh
  9. Man!! this really sucks, I don't wanne play no more!!
  10. my beliefs cheating: I believe cheating is a natural thing, and some people are simply prone to it while others are not. If you can't handle having a wandering partner, then divorce them. If your character will accept your spouses nature, then stay. to me it is not a matter of right or wrong, it's what you can take. I believe it is just a part of someones personality. Legal marriage: something on paper so you can have insurance and buy a house together, or in my case so I can stay in the country with the man I love. religious marriage: something you do to impress your peers and family that you follow the same god. also with some religions a control tool for their clergy. Spiritual marriage: a beautiful thing. while troubles can cause them to end, I think they are as valid, if not more so, than a "legal" marriage. so many "legal" marriages these days are simply so people can have sex and not feel guilty about it, then when the heat cools down, the marriage fizzles. I don't think you have to have a spirtual connection to someone to have sex with them. sex is merely a drive our bodies have to reproduce. Until I found my current love, I was not contented with any man I had been with. even the man I was married to for 5 years. in the end those previous relationships boiled down to sex. The man I'm with now is the sweetest kindest man I've ever met and with him I feel content, and it has very little to do with sex. it has to do with how he makes me feel emotionally. for 2.5 years we were separated by an ocean and most of the united states, yet every day we were online talking to one another, and going a day or two without talking to each other was miserable(even if all he did was snore on the other end of the headphones because it was a 9 hour difference between us)
  11. [quote name='EVA Unit 100']Funny, I thought you liked EVA, one of those animes with meaning and depth. Of course, there's other good things about it too.[/quote] hmmm.. I can be entertained by a deep storyline, I just don't require it. Fiction to me is a place to escape to so I can relax my brain. I would never tell anyone though that their way is wrong though(well unless it involves body or mental harm to their fellow man or animals), not everyone is the same, makes life more interesting :catgirl:
  12. [QUOTE=BakuraShindou]y is it that everyone hates yugioh? whats so wrong with it! is it because all the stupid edits they did? i hate that they did that =P y are ppl always judgeing bleh. at school ppl are always like ugh u like yugioh grow up! yeah u wouldnt be saying that if u saw the unedited version FOOLS its not baby stuff retard. jya ni[/QUOTE] hmm.. I don't particularily like yu gi oh, and the calendar my sister sent me I don't like. I love pokemon and it's considered a kiddy anime... so I hope you weren't referring to me as a retard because that's just not nice. different people like different things and there is nothing wrong with that. pft.. it's bad enough when non otaku bash us for liking animes.
  13. [quote name='gaarasgirl90][COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Fixedsys]I think the only problem in getting them to watch it is simple: The titles. You would not be able to get anyone I know to sit through any anime movie or show if it sounds stupid. People judge books by covers too much!![/FONT][/COLOR'] :animeangr :animesigh[/quote] Bubblegum Crisis comes to mind... though I just posted in another thread the story, my sister thought anime was cartoon porn, and for a couple of years after I told her I liked anime, she looked at me funny whenever I brought up the subject. now she knows it's not like that, but she did buy me a yugioh calendar for the holidays >.> oh well, she's trying anyway. I think I should give the calendar to my nephew before the year is up, lol.
  14. I'm no longer in school (heck when I was in school we didn't have backgrounds on the computers we used because they were still dos, not windows, lol) but anyway, my sister was shocked when I told her that I liked anime, she was freaking out about it almost. apparently when she was in art school, a friend she met there invited her to an anime party...but maybe it was a hentai anime party, so my sister for a couple of years thought it was porn cartoons I liked not the normal anime. I had wondered all that time why she looked at me funny when I said I liked anime, I think she was relieved when I told her it wasn't all like that icky tentacled hentai stuff. also I liked to have anime wallpapers up where I worked at an insurance company. it's amazing how many people think it's something weird and not just an entertainment source, like tv or books. I finally ended up not having anime backgrounds anymore because I got tired of peoples questions >.> though I did have a print out of an inu yasha picture and a small poster of weiss kreuz on my walls... and your teachers should encourage you to read manga, after all, you have to read to understand it!!! Reading is important!!!
  15. I can handle most except excessive silly humor, I just get too embarassed for the character to watch. I also get a little bored with the dorky boy being surrounded by dozens of beautiful bouncing babes who all want him, but he's only interested in the wholesome plain looking love of his younger days. :rolleyes: as for finding meaning and depth in anime, I watch it to be entertained, not to fulfill my ideologic destiny. I'm the same with movies and books. if I want to gain knowledge I'll watch discovery channel or read a non fiction book :p
  16. last couple of eps neon genesis evangelion...love all the other eps though and I actually bought the box set. it was all nice and clear, then those last eps just got weird and surreal, if I wanted to be confused I'd do drugs. infinite ryvius... just couldn't get into it and sometimes I think they put too much of a rush on the end of a series if it isn't going for a second season, like I felt Gravitation was rushed in the end.
  17. hmm.. I was often called a "poser" by the goth chicks in highschool, because I didn't listen to the music that was associated with the look. (I wore a black trench coat and had a wild hair style) I didn't even know about it. I was 14 and lived in hicksville. I was going for comic book/movie, not for "the cure" heheh I always loved the dark heroes, and if I would have access to the clothing, I would have dressed in renaissance garb, lol. but as far as fronts? hmm.. I think I'm too shy to put up a front most of the time. I wish I could, then at least I'd be able to hold a conversation in social functions.
  18. hmmm... someone who can ignore my farts (or at least laugh with me if they are stinky ones) someone who kisses me even though my breath is like a dragons in the morning :) I think dream qualities are just that, they should be left in dreams. True love is something that just happens, and I didn't find it until I was 29. and it was an internet relationship. we were in love with each other for a few weeks before we even saw each other's pictures. this may it will be 3 years we've been in love. we dated online for 2.5 years before we were able move together and get married. (long distance relationship, US/Belgium)
  19. I used to do that "twist your hands around someones arm until it burned" game...I never lasted very long... pain is not my friend luckily when I was out of grade school I found other friends who weren't into pain. though I suppose walking down the highway and giving obscene gestures to passing by vehicles isn't exactly bright either. *is lucky to not have been run over or abducted as a child*
  20. I think it's okay to not associate with people you find too different from yourself though. but the important thing is to not act like a ninny when someone is different. Like telling an overweight person that they are fat :animeangr what's the point? do people really think that person doesn't already know about their problem? do people think it helps the person change their problem? name calling is just so childish. that's why I like the internet... you can meet all types of people from all walks of life and you can tell if you like someone by their personality, not by what clothes or by what hairstyle they have for the moment. I just wish I would have internet when I was in highschool :catgirl:
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