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    Well... I am smart, very friendly, I don't judge people at first, so I accept everybody as my friend. My fav anime is Full Metal Alchemist, but my absolute fav character of all time is Cecelia from yugioh
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    Student, looking for a REAL job!
  1. [COLOR=Green]Although my past boyfriends knew me well enough NOT to use a pickup line on me, I have gotten a few from random guys: [B]You're so cute you make Hello Kitty look like Quasi-moto.[/B]yea, that was weird... [B]Hey, my name's Romeo. Wanna be my Juliet?[/B]I got this one from a guy from school, ironic eought he WAS romeo in our school "play" (which was just a bunch of depressed teens reading lines w/o emotion, lol), and i WAS juliet...lol i found a site where i think most guys get their pick-up lines, its [/COLOR][URL=http://www.pickuphelp.com/]-Here-[/URL]
  2. Hello, I have a problem with MyOtaku site. About two days ago, I was editing my profile, then I ereased the text, and now I can't edit my profile. Like always, I go to "Edit Profile" and it has a scroll box where you can type what you want to have viewed, but the button that says, "edit my options/profile" isn't there, all I have on the page is a few sentences written that says to turn your introduction on, that everything in the fields is optional, and then it has the scroll box, that's it. No button that says, "edit my options/profile". My Introcuction is set to "On", but HTML is in the
  3. [COLOR=Green]Well, anyway, going back to censorship and my idea of "all or nothing" like maybe an hour ago, I heard (once again) a Green day song, "Longview" on (once again) 102.1 FM. And I heard it, and (once again) the censorship was (once again) idiotic! There's this line, "I'm sick of all the same old s**t" and you could hear, perfectly well, s**t, the ONLY thing missing was the "i", and even a monkey could figure out it was s**t. Another line: "When masturbation's lost its fun" was masturbation edited, I think not!! Yet another line: "You're f***ing breaking" You heard "fing", so, ag
  4. [QUOTE=Jake of Bodom] In the song "Sugar" by System of a Down, the words mush, bullet, and (I'm dead serious here), Russian are edited out. Why the hell is the word "Russian" cut out of the song? And mushroom? They're not referring to the drug here. The lyrics are "the kombuja mushroom people sitting around all day". This is a reference to the state of the American public in the era of the atomic bomb (mushroom clouds). The word bullet in context referrs to life (... with a bullet called life). Okay, these words are cut out of the song without any regard to the context in which they are used
  5. [quote name='ChibiHorsewoman][color=darkviolet']I'm not sure how to put this out but, I think the big problem isn't the hike in censorship in the US it's the lack of parents who want to spend time with their kids and plop them down infront of a tv. They're the ones getting angry about everything because they need someone to blame besides themselves.[/color][/quote] [COLOR=Green]Yea, I'd have to agree with you there, you took the words right out of my mouth! It MIGHT, MIGHT (using the trem loosely) have something to do with working parents, my mom works 2 part-time jobs, (dad doesnt live here
  6. [quote name='Evil Jedi']They censor American Idiot's f**got in New Zealand.[/quote] [COLOR=Green]oh, well, good for New Zealand! (not being sarcastic), well, here in Dallas, our radio station I listen to, FM 102.1[the Edge], unfortunatlly doesn't, I normally dont support censorship, but when my lil brother is learning f**got, and hes only 10, i wonder how well the censorship on the radio is, but that's the only place censorship should be excersized, other places someone can just turn off the TV or whatever.[/COLOR]
  7. [COLOR=Green]You did the right thing, because you did it in self defense, unlike others, like the guy you fought with, he just wanted to start something. Although, like others have said, the name calling prolly made it worse, walking off would have showed that you are the stronger person. Although I live in a very well-rounded city, so I don't know what it's like to be jumped, but I would have prolly ran off (seing as I know no self-defense) you did handle it very well, like a mature adult. Congrats! :)[/COLOR]
  8. [COLOR=Green]Very interesting subject we are discussing. I like it! Yes, censorship has gotten out of hand, but lets remember, the majority age group sitting, being lazy around the TV are kids from 7-13. This is the same reason they never show the uncut version of such anime like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu Yu Hakusho, Shaman King, ect. While I understand we have a freedom of speech, we can't claim it, the Supreme Court is slowly taking our civil rights away. We also have a "privelage" of censorship. It really pisses me off to hear that some band's song was censored, or atleast in this case:
  9. [QUOTE]YES! Finally someone that agrees with me about Kagome/Kikyo. Everyone always tells me, "Oh, Kikyo is such a biatch, she's trying to steal InuYasha from Kagome and blah blah..." Okay, 1.) Kikyo had InuYasha first, so technically, Kagome is trying to steal InuYasha from Kikyo. 2.) Kikyo, may I remind you people, is the original, and nothing gets better than that.[/QUOTE] like people are saying, i wanted kikyo to "win" instead of kagome. i'm mostly neutral, not much bad or good guys i root for. but, Yami Marik- from yugioh, i dont watch it anymore, but he was way cooler than yami (ne
  10. [COLOR=Green]well... i live in Illinois, USA, in the middle of nowhere. i live in a REALLY small town, the population is like 1,500 (if that!). springfield is about an hour away from us, chicago is about 4 hours away from us, and it majorly sux growing up here, i would pack up and leave, but i have really close and great friends. we are all (my friends and i) are all "outcasts" because you are either a prep, jock, or a loser here, no punks, goths, ect., yea its really boring here. however, i was born in dallas, TX and lived there till i was like 9, my dad still lives there, and i visit hi
  11. [COLOR=Green]ok, this is funny, lol, well, actually, no its not. does the word [U][B]infatuation[/B][/U] mean anything to you? im 15, i was actually dating this guy for a good year and half, the relationship was great, i was happy, everything just actually went right. he gave me a promise ring, he said we'd marry when i got out of high school (i am a year behind him). one day this older chick came along, and my b/f broke up with me, for her, and they r still dating, which is just fine with me. the world is a very cruel and cold place, people can do the worst things to you, just for fun. you
  12. [COLOR=Green]i really want to do [B]Fallen[/B], i have a different "impression" than Isadora, username: well, like a fallen angel, maybe once you were innocent, but something changed...? sig/ava: perhaps im overlooking something, but by your sig/ava, i would have to guess that you feel you've been wronged custom title: yea... maybe a group of people wronged you? naturally, i'm assuming personality from all of the latter, and all of them are rather dark, like Isadora said, you may just have an intrest in fallen angels, because they are different and unusual. i'd say you are e
  13. [COLOR=Green]umm... wow i [U]almost[/U] feel weird posting this... :animeshy: lol, i voted for helba, mainly because i havent seen the other character, umm, ya, and i like helbas picture more, as a strait female. i have played the first ./hack game (Infection), and i guess her mysterious and "minor" personality stood out, for me, im like that... very strange... lol and unique! :animestun [/COLOR]
  14. [COLOR=Green]lol, maybe its just my weirdness talking, but i want a volx wagon beetle, either yellow or green. ya this is stupid, but my reson: its small so if people want to mooch a ride outta me, there gonna have to squeze in!! its energy independent (which will be good cuz of gas prices and the fact that i dont have a REAL job right now to pay for gas money!) i also think they are unique and really cute, in my opinion, there the only car that can be yellow w/o looking ugly! :D but, i have a pretty awesom car... err, van right now. my grandpa gave me his volx wagon van in his will, its re
  15. [QUOTE=Morpheus]But they're not. Everyone in this world is not out to get you. There are good people. Yet again, not independent. [B]ALONE.[/B][/QUOTE] [COLOR=Green]i dunno... i beg to differ, although everybody isnt out to get you, there are some ignorant ppl out there who will ruin your life so fast. people are only people, and they can, and sometimes will, ruin your life. so i'd rather be without those type of people.[/COLOR]
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