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  1. A card... I made myself.:P Unfortuneately my dad's been away for two weeks and comes home at midnight today. o_O
  2. I don't know... If I [i]had[/i] to spend it, I'd go on a shopping spree. If not, I'd probably put it in the bank for college or simply, save.;)
  3. Not me... I'm just staying home for the summer. Though my bro has to go to summer school, I guess I don't.:)
  4. Heh. I get out the 28th of June. I'm kinda mad, but it's just a month, right?...-_-
  5. Yes, yes, I meant concert as in preforming in front of a sometimes what could be a nerve-racking audience.;)
  6. Do any of remember your first concert? I'm about have mine this Tuesday and next Wednesday. I have no real soli though. If I did I'd be a tad :nervous: and :worried: . But since I don't I'm rather anticipating it. I wonder how this thing will go...
  7. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Desbreko [/i] [B] [color=indigo]Wow, another person from northern California! You live over on the coast, then? What city? Since no one has guessed, I'm from Chico. (And it's getting into "white t-shirt season" at Chico State (the party college), heheh. :toothy: I love this city). The summers here get nice and hot! It's weird, after a couple months of really hot weather, I hate it... But then when it starts cooling down, I start wishing it would get hot again... I guess I'm just crazy. ;)[/color] [/B][/QUOTE] har har, I live in northern Cali too!^_^ I'm just a bit off Sacremento.
  8. I kind of have the same situation going on right now... 'Cept my bro may be younger and this girl's online... She really irks me, but... I know how you feel. If you have to dearly protect your 14 year old sister from a 17 year old friend, I'd say you should do it... Just don't let it get to your head. I also do agree with Queen Asuka here, but what you do is your decision.
  9. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dragons_Spirit [/i] [B]an easy way to defeat adel is too use kamikaze. it does loads of damage. unction as much as possible to strength. i once did 60000damage! [/B][/QUOTE] I was about to say that... Anyway, it's quite funny to see Adel go down in one hit if you use that. As for curing... curing spells would be a great use.
  10. I'm currently playing clarinet... also playing guitar. Lost my recorder though. I don't really sing though... My voice scares myself. :twitch:
  11. For a little recap... Tidus is 17 Yuna is 17 Rikku is 15(2 year difference with Tidus too old, eh?) Lulu is 22 Wakka is 24 Auron is 35 Kimahri.... about the same age as Auron I might think... I think Yuna and Tidus are alright... Rikku seems ok also, but I'm kinda more of an Aurikku fan some reason.~.^ Tidus and Lulu wouldn't really be....... effective.
  12. Well, I go to year round elementary school, meaning... SPRING BREAK FOR I HAS STARTED February 26 and ends April 2nd!!
  13. well, my advice is that the Aurochs have contracts. When one expires, such as Keepa, you should switch him with Jumal(located in Luca). He is at lvl. 1 when you start, but he levels up fast. At lvl. he can learn super goalie.
  14. I kinda like both... but on the sphere grid you must battle or locate certain spheres. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Altron Gundam [/i] [B]EXP. The sphere grid limited the possibilities of the characters to much. You can only have so many spheres until you run out. [/B][/QUOTE] Actually, it takes a long time to do [I]that[/I]. When you have a character on a sphere grid, that character may move to another character's "path". For example, if Tidus's path ends at Yuna's beginning, then I can make him learn her abilities and level up with her previous attributes.
  15. An angelic sorceress who could have magic, and send people to heaven and... elsewhere... I think that's enough.
  16. Oh... nothing... maybe those valentine car thingies for my whole class... I have to save my candies as well because I have a dentist appointment as well on the same day.
  17. never... never in my life... It's just not me... esspecially in this season anyway...
  18. Prom... heh, never had one... In fact, I've never even went to a dance before... I don't think anyone would even be nice enough to ask me to be their date...
  19. I may be in elementary school, but I'm darn well almost sure of what I'll do. Maybe a veteranarian... or a doctor. Other than that, I'm going to do something in computers or art.
  20. How many times do you lie to people in a day? Are you always honest? When do you think it's alright to? I don't usually try to lie... I try to be honest at most times. But sometimes I can decieve people with a reason.
  21. My day.. how I spent it... how it could've been better.. and how it will be tomoroow.
  22. I like Sailor Mars. Why? A lot in common. Though they're all still ok. [IMG][/IMG]
  23. Undying Angel


    As I may have said before... I ain't got any exams... Since I'm not in that... level of education.... yet.
  24. Well, 5th Grade(Yes, elementary, no, I didn't be held back) isn't ALWAYS easy. For you maybe, but I have to deal with something. No, the work is too easy and I get straight A's. No, it's not the teacher all the time. Yes, it's the classpeople. I sometimes am SO SO SO annoyed by their behavior. Anyway, school is pretty easy, but I don't think it generally "sucks".
  25. Ah, well. Congrats to all those who won. I must admit that I haven't participated in the awards, so I might the next time.
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