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  1. Stumbled over this a couple days ago some information on it. Kinda want to know if this is a decent anime. I want some peoples thoughts on it :-P
  2. kaboom for Atari anyone?? God I loved that game haha moving on to the later years of nes and genesis lets see Excited Bike was awesome mario 3 of course and zelda!! Ohh yea can't forget about the old Ninja Turtle Games Roadrash 3d was sick the Sonic Games and Megaman 2! n64 wave race was like revolutionary and the first super smash brothers. It's hard to beleive that was like almost or was 10 years ago wow!
  3. ok this is going back again but anyone remember throck I think it was haha me and him had a killer post count war back in the day to see who can get the highest post count. Ohhh the days... Not sure if anyone remembers this but remember when the only other post title was Master? I remember well for me atleast it was a big deal to achieve this(although it could be because I was 11 at the time) and another person I remember is Transic Nerv
  4. *Gasp* Family Guy won't die anytime soon. I love the newer eppisodes. Guess you need to have the right type of humour for that, but I thought of another show that needs to die!. Fear Factor - Just god that show gets lamer and lamer all the time. You see a person eat an elephent testicle once you've seen it 1000 times give em something different for once geeze! oh yea and Jerry Springer and Maury - Those redneck shows should've died out in the early 90's but somehow I still manage to see em on TV mid-day.
  5. hah! I remember Ginnylynn and Topaz actually I used to make wallpapers for her Open Legends website back when I was a semi-photoshop newb..Well compared to now I guess. This is going really back but does anyone remember the orriginal Shinji who hacked the site..unless it's the same one thats here now :-P also do people remember N-Man don't think I've seen him posting here latley either.
  6. It's quite funny how you look through the archives and thats considerd old. I remember when I was around for Otakuboards v1-v4. Now that was old :-P I posted as trotenks and silvernight back then.. Ahh the good ol' days when there were spam wars and such. A couple that come to mind: spamegetta and recca or becca I think can't remember which ones.. ahh the good days hehe and its weird to think I was aroudn 11 then now I'm 17 geeze how time flies
  7. dbl post -_- not even in a a good forum... -_-
  8. The Real Word - God isn't everyone sick of the drama in that it gets soo annoying and it's been on how long now... hrmm guess that's my only one haha
  9. Best and worst was the same concert for me Best - 3 inches of blood at the sterlin Hotel just on friday. They were just freaking amazing small venue stage was really close and could talk to em after the show no problem. Just amazing!!! Anyone whose herd of them I suggest going to see them they put on a great show. Worst- The other bands that played that show (watch them die, crisis, and exodus) Ok here goes my rants Watch them die started out decent enough but after about 3 songs just got boring. Crisis...chick singer with dreads down to the floor prancing around in angel wings..no thank you for a metal concert got a good laugh outta that though. And exodus..band from the 80's all their songs sound the same I mean they are all right but I couldn't stand an hour of them.
  10. 100% agree EA is completly evil. They bought out origin inc and took Ultima Onilne (my old favorite game) and completly butcherd and ruined it. Now its the worst game ever imo. Blast that EA!!!
  11. The only reason I could never really get into religion is because religion was was what the ancient egyptians and greeks used to use to control their people. Their people were all un-educated told there were these gods and if you pissed off these gods they would cause horrible disasters. That kept the people in order and that worked. So beleiving any other religion is kinda hard for me.
  12. I love being the type who can't be stereotyped. Being such a unique induvidual is nice. Being a stereotyped person would almost suck since well your almost a statistic in a sense. And Btw whoever posted about hot topic... They do actually have some decent band shirts in there and in no way am I gothic or wannabe gothic or anything to that sorts.
  13. new to the boards so Figured hey this will be perfect for my first post..since well I love music. Anyway my favorite types would have to be Metalcore(black metal death metal) and some grindcore as well. Once in awhile I'll throw some hip-hop in the mix I won't lie :-P but Rock is where its at!
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