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    My real name is Jodi (wiv an E but i leave it off) im 17, if u wanna no more then get 2 no me :)
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    student and very poor as a result
  1. Kura-Chan

    Gaming Final Fantasy Series

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Indigo]wow! its thats easy??? well ill go with that then! thank you :catgirl: [/COLOR] [/FONT]
  2. Kura-Chan

    Gaming Final Fantasy Series

    [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS]well thats given me a lot to think about lol I would prefer it on ps1 but im not sure what emulators are and i dont wanna risk blowing anything up (a very high probability with me lmao) and i cant seem to find the actual games anywhere. Me and SNES (im pretty sure thats wot i had) really dont get on, my saved games never stayed saved :mad: so i think ill pass on that idea lol[/FONT][/COLOR] [QUOTE][COLOR=Navy]Or, if you have a GBA, there's FFI & II: Dawn of Souls, which are remakes of the first two games. (You should still be able to find this one new.) FFIII is being remade for the DS, though there's no release date set for it yet. And then FFIV, FFV, and FFVI are also going to be brought to the GBA soon.[/[/COLOR]QUOTE] [COLOR=Indigo] [FONT=Comic Sans MS]I do like this idea though, even though i dont actually own a GBA, but i can always buy 1 lol :catgirl: and i can get them on playstation as well? Im still a bit confused over FF3, is it harder to find because it was only released in japan? and can i still get it? (sorry i have so MANY questions! i just dont have a clue lol) [/FONT] [/COLOR]
  3. Kura-Chan

    iPod or Bust?

    [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS]i dont actually own either an mp3 or an ipod lol i have a discman which, tho its 2 big and you cant carry music in it, is just fine for me :catgirl: But i am lookin into buying an mp3, not an ipod, no way.never lol Not for any of the technical reasons but simply because with an mp3 u press play and your off, with an ipod you hafta press the middle to get your menu, scroll around, click, scroll, click until you FINALLY reach the song/album you want then if i want to turn it down/up your off scrolling again! I find it a lot less time consuming to press play and left/right tbh :animesmil [/FONT] [/COLOR]
  4. [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I fink id take Hakkai simply because hes cute, he can cook, and if i got sick he could heal me :catgirl: or kakashi because hes cute and id need something/someone to keep me occupied on the long long nights ;) lol[/FONT][/COLOR]
  5. Kura-Chan

    Gaming Final Fantasy Series

    [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS]im still hazy on how i did that but hey its my opinion (which i think is a kinda unfair reason to get annoyed at me but hey thats ur opinion) and we all have the right to our own opinion . Neways bck to the topic in hand :p [/FONT] [/COLOR] [QUOTE]A story I heard, why the series is called "Final Fantasy", was because looong ago, when Square was on its last legs, they decided to do one last-ditch game in an effort to save the company.[/QUOTE] [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I didnt no that lol but im glad Hironobu Sakaguchi did come up with the final fantasy idea! I cant imagine a world where the RPG's are as basic as the one/s described in [COLOR=Magenta]Rescuing Square Enix [/COLOR] (posted by [COLOR=Magenta]TailTactics[/COLOR] a couple posts bck :) ) I mean if i find the very idea of a really really basic and easy rpg mindnumbingly boring i cant even begin to imagine how people who are any good at them would feel lol :catgirl: Also where can i get FF1-6 from? I cant find them in any shops and im a bit unsure bout buying off the net. And i heard they'r really expensive to, is this true? [/FONT] [/COLOR]
  6. Kura-Chan

    Gaming Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Indigo]Im a massive fan off FF7 but i honestly do think they should lay off a bit on all the spin-off's. Im not complaining about them because i welcome anything ff7 related lol but i would like to see some spin-offy things for the other final fantasy games 2 :catgirl: mayb even some of the older final fantasy games could have an up2date spin off? just a thought[/COLOR] [/FONT]
  7. Kura-Chan

    Anime hey, any yaoi fans in the house?

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Indigo]hmmm 2 opposing views... now i really do hafta see this Sukisho :catgirl: lol [/COLOR] [/FONT] [QUOTE][COLOR=Navy]It almost came across as if the writers were snickering to themselves about how little it takes to please BL fans[/COLOR].[/QUOTE] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Indigo]I can understand what you mean here. When i watched Level C i really did find it hard to follow the 'plot' sometimes, it got so random and it didnt flow whatsoever. It was almost as if the writers had told the animators to throw in lots of nakedness so they wouldnt hafta think bout connecting scenes to much :( As if naked men (though that is a plus :p ) is good enough for yaoi fans! Saying that i did like it but i couldnt watch it again without risk of getting highly confused. [/COLOR] [/FONT]
  8. Kura-Chan

    Anime hey, any yaoi fans in the house?

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Indigo]ahh boys love...that makes alot of sense lol shudda been able to figure it myself really :animeswea ok, thanks :P ill definately check that out. I feel like im leaving the whole yuri section of anime/fanfiction out somewhat but i dont wanna watch/read anything too graphic lol so Maria-sama ga Miteru sounds perfect :catgirl: [/COLOR] [/FONT]
  9. Kura-Chan

    Anime hey, any yaoi fans in the house?

    [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS]hmm iv only seen one OVA...well i think it was an OVA at any rate, it was called Level C, it was full of cliches and almost completely plotless but i liked it all the same, it was really cute :catgirl: Doki Doki? hehe that sounds really adorable lol I might look into that :p Iv never seen yuri on screen before, it may be an interesting experience :) though i find with yuri fanfiction i hafta stop reading after a point.....but then again it was a R rated :animestun so yeah ill check it out :p This is gonna make me sound so stupid but whats BL? :confused: its not a term that i can remember coming acoss :animeswea [/FONT] [/COLOR]
  10. Kura-Chan

    Gaming Final Fantasy Series

    [QUOTE]It seems as if your basing the whole genre of Final Fantasy on the only game you played, which is FF VII. And u merely watched others play different series of the game (FF VII, X, and X-2) to see if you like it or not. In order to understand a classic like Final Fantasy, i believe you must become more 'intune' with its games, both old and new. I could tell you the this and thats of each FF game but i wont only to safeguard my personal opinion from ridicule. FFVIII had an awsome storyline with many diverse and equally appealing characters. The gameplay was incredible and it used new innovation (Draw and Junction) in its plot. My point is if your going to judge a game, play it first, get a feel of it. Get into it. Dont just blantantly state 'out of mind' opinions.[/QUOTE] [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Just to straighten out a few things. I didnt mean to sound like i was judging the whole series on FF7 lol, sorry if i did tho. I just meant that of the ones iv played so far it was my favourite. Iv only watched other people on FFX and X-2 because i cant play two games at once (i really am an awful gamer lol and iv only really just got into final fantasy) and once iv finished 7 i will be playing 9, X and X-2. When i played FF8 i loved the characters (especially zell ;) ) and i thought it was all thought out well and yes it was innovative just i wasnt to keen on the changes in the battle system etc because i thought theyd be the same as 7 and i sorta got a shock when they werent lol I no that each game is unique in its characters and plots and they cant really be compared to one another and i didnt mean to imply that in my last post, though admittedly now iv read it back it does come across like that so im sorry if iv annoyed any1, i really didnt mean to lol [/FONT] [/COLOR]
  11. Kura-Chan

    Anime Why Anime grabs you?

    [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I fell in love with anime at first simply because of the beauty in the art and animation, and i still love it for that. Anime has quality unlike most of the other junky cartoons out there. The characters are well thought out and to me it feels like alot of time and effort has been poured into the creation of the personalities etc of a character, unlike the cartoons on, say cartoon network *shudders* (sorry if any1 reading this does actually like the cartoons on cartoon network) that look like they were quickly scribbled on a scrap bit of paper whilst driving over a pothole riddled road. Another thing i love about anime is the plot.....and the fact that there is actually a plot. And (this is something that drives me to the point of insanity) characters that are hit by oncoming cars or falling pianos in an anime would probably tend to STAY dead. I no that in fantasy or mecha type animes the characters may go through alot and not die but they do show signs of weakness or pain or SOMETHING!!.....sorry lol but it really does annoy me in cartoons like edd ed and eddy (my most hated cartoon, sorry again if u do like it) when characters are squashed by a house and then get up and walk :mad: so there you go, a few reasons why i fell in love with anime :catgirl: [/FONT] [/COLOR]
  12. Kura-Chan

    Help "Needs Advice"

    [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS]i gave up dressing up years ago, i pratically live in a retirement village!! you wouldnt think i was almost in the city center! i cant go out because all the old people think we are all out to egg their houses and they like 2 glare at us from their windows :S i like that idea! i love vampires :P im gonna look into that, and i have a whole yr 2 get 2gether all the stuff id need lol Ill try and think of some more ideas for you :catgirl: [/FONT] [/COLOR]
  13. Kura-Chan

    Worst fears

    [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I have a few fears, the normal ones are spiders, and heights but i seem quite bad with them :animeswea I dont no if any1 else gets like this but the smallest of spiders will make me cry and damn near hyperventilate and heights *shudders* i can get up pretty high eg. id have no trouble climbing to the top of the eiffel tower.....i just wouldnt be able to get down :( And when other people go near the edge i start to hyperventilate and have bad images of them slipping and falling...its not nice :animecry: I also hate the sea and the thought of drowning in general and i cant watch in films and stuff if the camera is half above water and half below :twitch: 2 random fears that i consider to be quite strange: clowns and buses. I HATE clowns they are NOT funny they are terrifying!!!! and i cant get on a bus on my own without panicking (but i am gettin over this 1)[/FONT][/COLOR]
  14. Kura-Chan

    One Hour

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Indigo]In theory i would hunt down the person who had caused me the most pain and drag them into the afterlife with me :animeangr :animesmil A less violent option would be to enjoy my last hour with my closest friends and family, probably get absolutely wrecked safe in the knowledge that i wudnt wake up with a hangover :p In reality i would prob cry my heart out 4 the whole hour and sit around with my (hopefully) equally upset friends and family and feel awful that i was causing them so much pain lol[/COLOR][/FONT]
  15. Kura-Chan

    Help "Needs Advice"

    [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS]if your still going with the ninja slayer idea couldnt you combine say the tattered clothing idea with the headbands tying your hair back? How many headbands would you be thinkin of? (i wish my hair was as long as yours lol :P) you could have them tied around your hair all the way down (if they'd stay put that is) and i like the idea of having a headband on your forehead as well, you could wear it askew too, mayb as a symbol that you dont respect your past life?? hmmm i dont no but theres a few ideas lol I wish i could dress up in stuff like that 4 halloween, where i live (england, plymouth 2 be more exact :animesmil ) is so BORING! i fink i may start planning what i can dress as for next yr :catgirl: [/FONT] [/COLOR]