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  1. [SIZE=1]Responding to the real-life actors vs. animated characters debate earlier, crushing on celebrities is just as mentally unhealthy as giving the same sort of attention to a character (whether it be animated or live-action). With both celebrities and characters, there is nothing reciprocated between the "object" and the fan. You can't even say it's an unrequited attraction because there's no real relationship established in the first place. It doesn't matter how much the fan learns about the celebrity, whether they read every tabloid article or interview featuring the celebrity, or if they've attended countless autograph signings or something because the fan will [I]never[/I] fully know them as a person. All the fan ever sees is the celebrity's public persona, and [I]that[/I] is what the fan is truly attracted to, not the celebrity themself. That said, I don't think actor/celebrity crushes even apply to this particular topic because although they are equally unhealthy, there's a very large difference between crushing on a celebrity and crushing on a character. Saying this from personal experience, even though you can't ever [I]know[/I] them, the fact that celebrities can directly acknowledge their fans and that celebrities are actual people (not representations of something or [I]things[/I] with traits forced upon them to serve a specific purpose in a story) makes a very distinct difference from when a fan is giving "attention" to a character. Live-action actors would only apply in this case if the fan was so obsessed with a character that the fan imposed the character's personality onto the actor who portrayed it, which from what I understand rarely happens. The cases in which fans get obsessed with celebrities to the point of stalking usually only occur when the fan is obsessed with the celebrity themself, [I]not[/I] the characters they portray. The "attention" most fangirls (and fanboys for that matter) give to characters is usually a combination of physical attraction and liking certain aspects of their personality, mannerisms, etc. Most fans are not quite so delusional as to think they can have an actual relationship with an animated character, and with that in mind, I don't really know why giving "attention" to an animated character is considered to be so strange. Clearly, there is a reason why the vast majority of anime leads are bishounen and bishoujo; just like with live-action works, it's eyecandy, and it apparently works.[/SIZE]
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    Anime Akagi

    [quote name='Dagger']What's it about? Mahjong.[/quote] [SIZE=1]What. I. What. ...Well, the premise certainly seems interesting enough. And I guess if you can make a series centered on Go, then you can make one for Mahjong, even if Mahjong and hardcoreness just does [I]not[/I] fit together in my mind. [strike]Although I would totally watch anything that involves Russian roulette.[/strike][/SIZE]
  3. [quote name='Dagger']When was this drama CD released, by the way? CD Japan doesn't even have a listing for it... are you sure it wasn't just a radio drama or something?[/quote] [SIZE=1]I'm not sure if there was an actual CD release, though I do know there were a few character image songs leaked a while back.[/SIZE]
  4. [quote name='Ezekiel][SIZE=1]Also, I read in New Type about the possible production of a [B]Devil May Cry [/B'] anime?[/SIZE][/quote] [SIZE=1]Last time I checked, all that's known about the anime is that it'll be animated by MadHouse, it'll be about 12 episodes long, and it'll be released some time during the spring. Otherwise, it's all speculation. Here's the website URL, in case you're interested: [U][url]http://dmc-tv.com/[/url][/U][/SIZE]
  5. [SIZE=1]I love how the trailer shifts during the last 30 seconds, though I have no idea what the context is. Does anyone know which of the Kino's Journey novels the movie is being based off of?[/SIZE]
  6. [SIZE=1]I agree that the creators took a risk with L's character design, but I think they definitely had fangirls in mind when creating some of his personality quirks. Most of his eccentrities, from his eating habits to his decidedly cutesy sitting pose to his weirdly adorable facial expressions, are all things that appeal primarily to girls and make him loveable, despite him having "psycho eyes." That's what separates L from the weirdo detective who regularly defrosts his refrigerator--the fact that his quirks make him more cute than strange. Add the fact that he's on the "good" side, and he makes a great alternative for the girls who think Light is too big of a jerk to fangirl over.[/SIZE]
  7. [SIZE=1]I'm of the camp that the old days really weren't that great, primarily because of how difficult it was to get anything. When I first got into anime, Borders wasn't even a popular bookstore chain and Cartoon Network didn't air anime yet. So the only contact I had with anime was through my sister's friends' old VHS tapes or random internet fansites. Outside of Pokemon and the few other anime that got popular, getting anime merchandise (such as pins, wallscrolls, etc.) was an impossibility for me. The few televised anime back then were horribly edited, and worst of all, [I]no one else[/I] my age even knew what anime was, so I had no one else to share my hobby with. Also, my tastes have greatly changed since then, and I now cringe when I think of the series I used to love so dearly.[/SIZE]
  8. [SIZE=1]I'm very tempted to go on a "In the Defense of Shakespeare" rant, but I'll restrain myself and just say that Romeo and Juliet certainly wasn't cliche during its time. That's like saying Casablanca shouldn't be considered a classic film because the story is cliche too nowadays, or that The Beatles shouldn't be considered such a great band since their music isn't unique anymore. Besides, the book is filled with sexual puns! What's not to love? :animesmil EDIT: Doublehex, to answer your question extremely late, I think Tybalt was the one who appeared right before the screen that says "Junichi Sato & Toyo Ikeda."[/SIZE]
  9. [SIZE=1]Several months ago, Katana made a post on her myO describing what her vision of a Romeo & Juliet anime would be like. And I responded, "I bet GONZO is already working on it, except they'll have mecha roaming around Neo-Verona." I AM ALWAYS RIGHT. (Though all that aside, this sounds pretty nifty.) EDIT: Wow, Tybalt [I]does[/I] look hawt.[/SIZE]
  10. [quote name='Shinmaru']The idea of 'too soon' is ludicrous. Either you think that the joke is funny or you don't. Time probably isn't going to do too much to change that. JFK humor didn't suddenly become funny twenty-five years after the guy died or whatever.[/quote] [SIZE=1]On that note, didn't South Park also poke fun at the idea that it's socially acceptable to find AIDS jokes funny now that it's been 20 years since it first surfaced? Because if it did, than this Steve Irwin episode seems to basically echo the same message.[/SIZE]
  11. [SIZE=1][quote name='Dagger]Anyway, this would be a good point at which to start paying attention to [spoiler]the parallels between L and Light.[/spoiler] Who in the series--and it doesn't have to be those two; far from it--is truly justified? Who is honestly striving to do the right thing? [spoiler]Much as I love L, the inherent differences between him and Light are uncomfortably minor.[/spoiler'] I think the anime will force viewers to acknowledge this as well.[/quote] Actually, that's one of the things I like about L. I find it interesting that he really is just one step away from [spoiler]being "evil"[/spoiler] and doesn't even realize it. L demonstrates time and again that [spoiler]doing the right thing isn't nearly as important to him as doing things the way he [I]wants[/I] them to be done.[/spoiler] I get the feeling that L just so happened to fall onto the "good" side rather than making a conscious decision to. As for Light, I personally don't buy into the "the Death Note makes people evil" theory nor do I think that Light is just a bad person. I'm of the view that neither Light nor L are naturally good or evil; they're just the kind of people whose beliefs and morals can be turned upside-down based entirely upon what cards they're dealt with. On a very important last note: [quote name='Dagger']L/sugar cubes. :animenose[/quote] OH BABY.[/SIZE]
  12. [SIZE=1]Funny thing is, I was just thinking about how big of a drama queen Light 'GOD OF THE NEW WORLD!!!' Yagami is right before stumbling onto this thread. If Light is all-too-willing to slam his fists on his desk and yell at his TV set like a raving loony in the confines of his room, then yeah, I wouldn't put a little crazy laughter past him. [quote name='Dagger']There's an absolutely legendary series of panels of him laughing like a madman. I think that shot should have come in episode 2, if I'm remembering the sequence correctly, but they kind of skirted over it.[/quote] I'm not sure if we're thinking of the same scene, but I know that Light does a madman laugh in volume three [spoiler]after L first reveals himself to Light.[/spoiler][/SIZE]
  13. [SIZE=1]The trailer's up at the official site: [U][url]http://www.capcom.co.jp/devil4/main.html[/url][/U][/SIZE]
  14. [SIZE=1]Dante's in the game, though the role he plays is still fairly vague. I remember reading something about how Dante will "appear to be an enemy" to Nero, though I can't quite remember from where. (Dante boss fights, anyone?) As for the whole Nero = Vergil thing, no one really knows for sure at this point. I'm guessing he's Vergil with amnesia or something. Anyway, the official site is up, though not much is there yet: [U][url]http://www.capcom.co.jp/devil4/[/url][/U][/SIZE]
  15. [SIZE=1]Though she did not have the appetite for hors d'oeuvres, Audrey had made her way to the entree table. At that point of the party, that section of the room had been nearly deserted, and she assumed it would be a good spot to observe the other guests while remaining undetected. One pair in particular immediately caught her eye. Other guests parted when the two stepped near, and a circle of photographers surrounded and watched them with hawk-like attention. From her angle, Audrey was unable to see the gentleman's face, but his profile alone was enough for her to identify him as the actor who played Bruce Carnage in those mediocre detective movies. And the woman in his arms was... Audrey's eyes widened upon recognition, and she backed away reflexively, bumping into the table behind her. What was [I]she[/I] doing here? She was so distracted by her thoughts that she didn't notice a man approach her until he pointedly remarked, "You sure look excited to be here." Audrey broke her gaze from the blonde woman and turned slightly to regard him. "And anyone who loiters around an entree table for half an hour must be terribly excited as well." The man smiled in amusement. "The name's Jade Mcguff," he said, then frowned slightly when the woman made no effort to state her name in return. Audrey suddenly furrowed her eyebrows in deep thought, then just as suddenly relaxed her face and said, "Oh, I see. You received a special invitation as well. It seems there would be no other reason for a man like you to attend this party." Scarily perceptive, Jade thought, though he briefly wondered if 'a man like you' was an insult or a strange compliment. "Actually, a friend of mine demanded for me to attend and bring her along," he said, gesturing to a young woman on the other side of the room, clutching her bag and staring dreamily in Mr. Gaines' direction, "But yeah, I received one of [I]those[/I] invitations as well." And with that, their conversation drifted into silence. Jade couldn't help but feel that the woman looked familiar somehow...[/SIZE]
  16. [SIZE=1]Audrey Claireborne did not attend parties. She was never one to enjoy mingling, the idle chatter of the upper class, nor the taste of wine. Out of the dozens of invitations she received each year since her novels' rise in popularity, not one of them caught her interest. That is, until now. It was well into the evening when Audrey's automobile pulled into Mrs. Longfellow's expansive driveway. She seemed to arrive later than the other guests--not that it mattered, as she figured the [I]true[/I] reason she came to this party wouldn't begin until later that night. Audrey stepped out of her vehicle and engaged in a wordless exchange with the valet; he took her keys, frowning slightly at her plain white gown, and handed her a sheet of paper, which the young woman quickly read through and signed. Once inside the mansion, she was immediately greeted by an aged, yet oddly youthful woman. "Ms. Claireborne, I assume?" Audrey gave Mrs. Longfellow a respectful nod and softly replied, "It's an honor to be here." "You're just a child," the older woman mused, "The famous novelist looks not a day older than twenty. I'm surprised a young woman such as yourself didn't come along with a date." Audrey smiled somewhat uncomfortably and replied, "I'm 28, Mrs. Longfellow. And I don't have the luxury of keeping much company." "Please, call me Alice. And I'm sure you'll find yourself surrounded with company by this party's end. The guests are brimming with excitement just at the thought of you attending. They say you rarely appear in public." "These are special circumstances, as I'm sure you're aware." Mrs. Longfellow smiled knowingly, and gestured down the hall. "Enjoy the party, Ms. Claireborne." Once Audrey entered the dancing area and scanned through the crowds of well-dressed woman and men drinking and laughing the night away, the first thought that flashed through her mind was, I [I]highly[/I] doubt that I will.[/SIZE]
  17. [SIZE=1]My sex ed class was straightforward, honest, and informative. My only complaint is that I was already rather old by then; I didn't get a real sex ed class until 8th grade, which nowadays is pretty late. I remember having a sex ed class in 5th grade, but the only two things I remember are: Sperm + Egg = Fetus And that the AIDS virus dies when exposed to oxygen. (I don't know why I remembered that specifically. I just did.)[/SIZE]
  18. [quote name='Bláse][size=1][color=slategray]So... you're saying that kids aren't smart enough to know what they enjoy or not?[/color'][/size][/quote] [SIZE=1]No, I'm saying that children are [I]easily influenced[/I] into doing things they don't necessarily like. Kids are fully aware when they don't immediately enjoy something, but they might do it anyway because they don't want to make their parents angry or they don't want to be yelled at. My 7-year old cousin, for example, is currently enrolling in piano lessons because a couple distant relatives pressured her and her parents to, since "it's good to start at a young age." Judging by how reluctant my cousin was towards this, which these relatives didn't seem to notice at all, I could tell that she didn't really want to learn piano, and yet she said she wanted to because it was expected of her at the time. (This could very well be the case with many of these girls, as Japanese society as a whole is known to put an [I]enormous[/I] amount of pressure on their youth.) As for my second point, those six-year olds barely even know right from wrong. Certainly they can't have formed their own individual opinions on the morality of their dancing; it's the opinions of the adults around them whom they're following. That's what I meant by "comprehension." (I know that at this point, I'm merely nitpicking, and I apologize, but I just want to get my views across clearly.) As for your brief point on us dirty-minded Americans, I'm actually inclined to be believe that Japan is far more perverted than we are. As I stated earlier, Japan [I]does[/I] have a big problem with child porn, and things like this [I]do [/I]add fuel to the fire, if only just a little.[/SIZE]
  19. [quote name='Bláse][size=1][color=slategray]Besides, they wouldn't be doing it if they didn't want to.[/color'][/size][/quote] [SIZE=1]For the older children I might agree, but I don't think you can put it in such simplistic terms concerning the younger ones, considering just how easily pressured/influenced young children are. Personally, I know of a few kids who took up instruments or other hobbies at a very young age not necessarily because they liked it, but because their parents and relatives pressured or forced them to (as was demonstrated by the little two-year old participant, who certainly didn't have any say in the matter). In a way, they [I]are[/I] being forced to do this against their will; like others have stated, I doubt some of these kids even fully comprehend exactly what it is they're doing, and without that knowledge, those kids can't determine whether they truly enjoy it or not.[/SIZE]
  20. [SIZE=1][B]Character Name:[/B] Audrey Claireborne [B]Age:[/B] 28 [B]Profession:[/B] Thriller Novelist [B]Brief History and Description:[/B] A popular young author hailing from England, where she lives in relative isolation. She draws inspiration from war stories told to her by her father, a WWII veteran, as a child, and maintains popularity both in her home country as well as America and other English-speaking countries. Despite her success, very little is known about her within the general public. Unlike the colorful characters that populate her novels, the author herself is rather unobtrusive. Clever and perceptive, she mostly keeps to herself, and enjoys simply observing the places, things, and people around her. She has long black hair kept in a loose bun, pale skin, average stature, and wears simple clothes, usually plain, but elegant, white dresses.[/SIZE]
  21. [SIZE=1]Also, from what I've heard, Ohba originally intended for his name to be "Light." It's just read as "Raito" in katakana.[/SIZE]
  22. [quote name='Sangome][size=1']is it just me, or does the series seem to be taking a playful jab at yaoi and its rabid fangirls, if not just a hair? Prolly just me over-analyzing[/size][/quote] [SIZE=1]No, it's not just you. I think that's one of the big selling points of the series; "We make fun of the very people who watch this show!" And oh man, in light of episode 17, Kyouya is total love. I didn't really realize it until recently, but he's been slowly growing on me all throughout the series, and now it seems he's become one of my favorite characters. Darn him! Darn you, Kyouya![/SIZE]
  23. [SIZE=1]I would've ended Rurouni Kenshin after the completion of the second arc. Or rather, I would have at least put production on-hold until the RK manga was complete; I don't think a break could have hurt RK's viewership nearly as much as those fillers did.[/SIZE]
  24. [quote name='AzureWolf][COLOR=maroon']Kids have always tried to imitate adults. They always try to be big little boys and girls. Obviously, big boys and girls now are much more perverse and dance much nastier, and so it's not surprising to find kids trying to imitate that now.[/COLOR][/quote] [SIZE=1]For the older kids I'd have to agree, but I can't honestly bring myself to believe that the younger 2 through 6-year old kids are dressing and dancing that way because they honestly want to; it's probably more a case of parents egging their kids to do this because it's "cute" when it's really just irresponsible.[/SIZE]
  25. [SIZE=1]Taken from [URL=http://randomc.animeblogger.net/][U]Random Curiosity[/U][/URL]: "[I]This past Sunday, the popular music and variety show Utawara, hosted by Matsumoto Jun and Matsuura Aya, had a two hour summer special that featured Arashi, KAT-TUN, and Koda Kumi. What I?m writing about today is the segment that featured Koda Kumi: it was called the Chibikko Erokawa Dance Senshuken... Basically, each group does a dance to a Koda Kumi song, and they get judged by Wada Akiko, Tomochika Tsuyako, and Machamacha. What?s so wrong about this is that the girls they get are aged 2-12. Yes that?s right, they even had a two year old. Basically, this segment qualifies for every loli-pedo fetish, particularly since Koda Kumi dances aren?t exactly known to be chaste. Keep in mind, the title of the competition includes the word erokawa, which means cute but sexy. In the end, a group called ?Princess Barbie? (all six year olds) won for their dance to the Butterfly song.[/I]" You can see the entire post and the accompanying videos of the performances [URL=http://randomc.animeblogger.net/2006/08/03/utawara-summer-special-chibikko-erokawa-dance-championship/][U]here[/U][/URL]. This brings to mind an American Idol spin-off a few years back, where the competitors were all young children. I remember the audition episodes showed parents putting incredible amounts of pressure on their children and screaming at them when they failed to qualify. I'm guessing it's the same situation here, except that promoting kids this way seems more socially accepted in Japan; after all, there are girl bands such as Berryz Koubou, which was primarily made up of 10-12 year olds when it was first formed. Then there are the stories of child stars who were pulled out of the spotlight and were never able to recover... Not to mention the sexual implications. It could be said that this is just harmless fun, but when little six-year olds flaunt themselves in revealing two-piece outfits, it's not at all cute. When you take into consideration Japan's problems with child porn, it's becomes outright dangerous.[/SIZE]
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