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  1. Manga

    saw it all and it has its moments, but I have to say bleach is so much better. It's funnier, has better timing with jokes. Has more action a better story. The only thing naruto has over it is that some fights are better than those in bleach. namely [spoiler]The Sasuke vs. Naruto fight and all of the Sound 5 fights[/spoiler] The chuunin exam is also good. [spoiler]Neji vs. Hinata, Neji vs. Naruto, Shikamaru vs. Temari, and Lee vs Gaara[/spoiler] ----------------------------- [QUOTE=Gaara kun]I agree with the fact that Naruto might have another go at Orochimaru. But in the legend, [spoiler]Susanoo supposedly cuts off Orochi's head after serving sake to him. And apparently, Susanoo is the only Sharingan technique that hasn't been revealed yet. And it's been rumored that Sasuke will have that ability. Also I found some interesting information on the Kusanagi; She then gave it to her descendant on Earth, Ninigi-no-Mikoto; from that point on it is said that it has been kept as one of the Three Sacred Treasures of [b]Yamato[/b]. [/spoiler] Hmm I wonder..[/QUOTE] If you read the comics you know this but [spoiler]Naruto fights Orochimaru again after Kabuto sets a trap for Sasori. They posed as sasori and were found out. Naruto grows a fourth tail goes super kyubi Weapon and released a kyubi Materia beam (that's what it looked like) which couldn't even be stopped by Sanjuu Rashomon (triple Rashomon)[/spoiler] Phew, that is one long spoiler [COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][INDENT]ProjektAquarius, I merged your two posts together. Double posting is not permitted at Otakuboards. If you want to add something and nobody has replied yet, please make use of the "edit" button to amend your post. -Arvi[/INDENT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  2. Anime

    I have 2 [spoiler]Aizen[/spoiler] Bleach Picked him because he is awesome. He has a goal and that is to expand the knowledge of power and he will kill anyone in order to obtain this power. Kabuto Naruto Picked him because he has mad skill. He also has a cold collected attitude that makes him awesome. [quote name='ANBU kunoichi']Definitely Haku and Zabuza from Naruto. Their whole lives, they were exiled and hated by their village. But they didn't care, so long as they had each other. I'm *sniff* sorry... I thought I could *sniff* talk about it. Forgive me... WHY!?! *cries* :animecry: If you don't know why I'm crying, you don't deserve to know...[/quote] Zabuza wasn't hated by his village until he tried to take it over. Before that he was feared but not hated [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Welcome to OtakuBoards [B]ProjektAquariu[/B]s, I have merged your two posts since double posting is not allowed. If you wish to add more just use the edit button to add to your post. Please take a moment to read the [URL=][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][B]Rules[/B][/COLOR][/URL] and [URL=][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][B]FAQ[/B][/COLOR][/URL] on the left sidebar for information on OtakuBoards policies regarding posting. If you have any questions feel free to pm myself or another member of the staff. ~Aaryanna[/COLOR]
  3. Ninjas would win. 1. they were originally meant to assassinate samurai. 2. they have skill and tact which pirates lack. 3. Ninjas are awesome
  4. Gaming

    i'm like Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia. Easily bored, but driven and hardworking
  5. Manga

    It runs 28. The prefered the Enishi arch [spoiler]and Yahiko no Sakabuto.[/spoiler]
  6. I know little because I don't know verbs other than the forms of da. However I'm beginning to grasp the grammar and I'm improving basic vocab so who knows.
  7. Anime

    Or to translate, Yami, The Hat, And The Travelers of Books. A drama based on a hentai game lacking hentai. It's an awesome anime and very well done. Has anyone else seen it? Also, what are your feelings towards animes based off of video games, most naotably hentai games? I have only heard of two based on H games: Yami and one called Tsukihime (can't remeber the rest of the name). Both lack hentai almost entirely, both have unexpectedly good stories. Your thoughts?
  8. My signature is based off of a running joke that I came up with right after Christmas
  9. Anime

    I haven't seen the entire Anime but let me just ask, did they show the whole fight with Enishi? And also, did they animate Yahiko no Sakabato?
  10. Anime

    in both the subbed and the dubbed version of Naruto the voice of Naruto was pretty dead on. The only bad thing is the acting. Naruto is supposed to be a loud annoying kid and they got it
  11. Anime

    I heard that Otome isn't as good as HiME. I've seen HiME, so tell me, is Otome worth my time? Or will I be disappointed?
  12. Anime

    Vandread is quite lovely. I like the story idea and I like the progression. Plus a mech series with humor is always good
  13. Anime

    [QUOTE=Ramen_Mido]I hated the Blue Gender ending. Where no is question answered. And the worst ending of all time would be Getbackers. I ranted about this a million times on other theards so im not going into it. At the end all you can do is say wow.[/QUOTE] I must disagree, the ending to Ranma 1/2 is probably the worst, it was so open ended and left a bad taste in the mouth. Mahoromatic was another terrible ending. S-cry-ed too. There are too many bad endings to say which is worst.