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  1. fluxton

    What quote do you live by?

    I have 2 quotes that I try to live my life by, the first came from aeon flux - "light, in the abcence of eyes illuminates nothing. whats the point of doing somthing memorable if no one is there to see it. The second, i made up myself, if I cannot find a path i will make one
  2. fluxton

    Anime Your Favorite Badass Characters

    For me it has to be Gendo Ikari from evangalieon. I love the way he's always silent and bruding, and the way that he is always calm and collected. but he is also ruthless, in my opinion he is a person made up of many different layers. he's also very mystreous and seems to have lots of secrets, mainley regarding unit 01, seele and rei
  3. fluxton

    The Underground

    [QUOTE=James][font=franklin gothic medium]Considering some of the post quality I'm seeing in this thread, I think my answer is going to be obvious. ~_^ Basically, no, I don't want to include a non-Moderated area on OtakuBoards. I've seen it done to death everywhere else and it basically becomes an area full of spam. So it would attract members who want to post like that and they'd start posting everywhere else, which is something we just don't want. If you want a random off-topic forum where there are no rules at all, I think you'll probably find plenty of places on the Internet for that type of stuff. OtakuBoards is about quality and those who enjoy quality...and that isn't something I plan to change.[/font][/QUOTE] yeah i see whare you are comming from. you're right
  4. fluxton

    The Underground

    I think it would be cool if there was a forum where you could post anything you want. no specific subject - it could be anything. it could be called somthing coll like the underground or random access. that way members could speak freely on any subject.
  5. fluxton

    Gaming Mgs4

    Have you ever been so into a game that you start to blieve the storyline for me it was always mgs for a small ammount of time i actually thouht the patriots were real. I was so exited about sons of liberty that for a week beforehand i stocked up on red bull and pork scratchings and diddent come out of my room for 9 days. Mgs is EPIC it make the intire story of evangalieon look like a nursery rhyme. if you like mgs tell me why :D :D :D wan't useless mgs info email, me and we'll talk about how awesome it is. :cool:
  6. fluxton

    Favorite Element

    I like earth because its slow steady and powerfull plus your standing on it right now ... respect the earth!!!!!!!!!!
  7. fluxton

    Gaming Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

    Yesteray i walked into my local gamestation and 20 minuets later left with a copy of Ghost in the shell stand alone complex for ps2. From past expereance i new that movie-games were often a bit shody but it was Ghost in the shell so i was willing to take the chance. After getting it home and playing for a while i could tell intstantly that it was boring, shody and repetitive. Tell me what you think. If it's good then i'll shut up and play it untill i cant feel my hands anymore If you think it's ba dthen we can all laugh at my expence for buying it in he first place. :mad: [color=darkred][size=1]Merged your thread with an already exisiting one. -- Bombu[/size][/color]
  8. fluxton

    What's your theme song?

    the immigrant song --- led zepilin
  9. fluxton

    Gaming Memorable/Favourite Gaming Moments

    my memorable moments have got to be, the death of sniper wolf in mgs1 death of phyco mantis in mgs1 and watching volgin fry in mgs3 :D
  10. fluxton

    Your Band(s)

    im in a band called the avation im a drummer-a pritty **** one but gatting better our influinces r the hives the kinks and the chilli peppers proper brittish rock :cool: