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  1. DarkFactor

    North Korea: A Danger to The World?

    Kim Jong Ill is one crazy mother.... but so what? there are thousands of people who think he's a god. You can't just go around overthrowing popular majority leaders because they have decent military capacity... if that were true shouldn't the American government be overthrown? and then you say to me (Dark, you must be stupid, you must have missed the coldwar. Mixed reports are a classic example of communist regimes and the way they opress their citzens.) Maybe its the reports that all communist dictators are cruel thats the incorrect part. So, some half cracked despot makes nuke threats... First off, if your town gets hit by a nuclear warhead they just did you a favor. You'll be evaporated.... probably less painful then a fatal heart attack... I wouldnt know for sure because I have had neither, obviously. Nothing will happen with N. Korea so long as China is not rolling around in the same bed. And even if they do butt buddy against us, we hopefully learned the lesson of the Korean war and will not try to win by just bolstering up troop numbers and using ground force. Because, if you know anything about the last korean war you know that troop numbers and ground force is a futile way to fight them. I say if Stalin, cough, I mean Lennin, I mean, ahem, Mao Xe, I mean the Khmer Rou, no wait thats not it uhhm oh yeah this Kim jong guy wants to be another goofy militant leader marching around in dress green uniform shouting about unity and nuking America, then who are we to tell his lame five foot nothing foreign self that he can't play dress up for a while.
  2. DarkFactor

    What Screwed You Up

    What a depressing little thread. I should wiat till Im drunk and emo to post here.... but I feel like I can post you people (I kid) anyways. I would have to reference my good friend being murdered. I would also have to give an honorable mention to my second girl friend who was three years my senior and taught me to drink smoke, and do what ever it is peiople do with a bong :cool: I got into theatre at school. I landed a huge awsome role... then a lame one the next year... the let down was huge... and the play was alice in wonderland. I self medicated my anxiety with alot of drugs. I don't remember my sophomore year of highschool, other than the fact that I drank alot of liquid codine, smoked alot of the ganja, and ate alot of pills. it was terrible. I wasted a year, and really let myself down. But I think my experiences have taught me to be self-reliant and not waist what I got... plus I got all my rebellion and general stupidness out of my system which is good.
  3. DarkFactor

    Manga MegaTokyo

    I found this comic about four years ago and turned all of my friends into fanatics there-after. However, after Fred was finnally allowed to truly revel in his emotional uber-lameness it went south... I suggest picking up the first to books if you have any tastes similar to mine. But if you're a female who likes bands like fallout boy, you'll love the last two books. I think darkhorse even dropped them cuz they got so lame XD. But the first several chapters will rock your socks.... Oh and by the way, Dom is still the coolest. I'm Sega Black Ops for life. :cool: [QUOTE]I enjoy it. I do like the drawing style (although it did take me a while to figure out the differences between Erika and Kimiko.) I think the comic lost a great deal of spontaneity when 'Largo' left, but I still enjoy it, really.[/QUOTE] I love jun-pei and rentazilla. And I loved when Largo had to defeat a ninja at mortal kombat at the airpot, That was amazing. Tottally a largo moment.
  4. [QUOTE=Ikillion][color=#56995e][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I can only laugh at this, then feel sorry a couple seconds after wards. I mean the guy must have had some kind of a horrible **** to go far enough to kill someone over toilet paper... Unless they used it for something else.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE] HAHAHA that's what I was thinking. Seriously, when nature calls in force and y ou don't have TP a guy can get pretty stressed. That's rather norsemanish as well. Thor would definately aprove. :p
  5. DarkFactor

    Where would you rather be?

    I was born in Achorage, Alaska. Though it hardly seems like home since i've moved all around since I was two. I would like to visit Helena, Montana because its an awome place to visit... boring to live. I'd like to visit L.A. area or any of orange county,, I love SF and the bay area, I love the whole cost all the way up highway 101 and all the way down 1. I'd rather be on the beach but only in california. I love the icy cold water and the sharks... adds a certain thrill to it no? lol santacruz is my main stomping ground when I'm not in sacramento. I usually stay in a hotel and eat the awome sushi in monterey and then cruz over to santa cruz to skate and surf and play on the board walk for at least a day. That's the best, and that sounds awsome to me. During the winter I just like going up to anywhere there snow. I like chilling with my friends too. If I could pic the ultimate vacation. I would be in santacruz with my friends. Once I got in a major fight with my g/f and my parents were going to monterey for the weekends so I decided to go. and we went in two cars. I took my friend matt and went to santacruz we had ridden the rides and made ourselves sick and were chilling and I was just getting down about the fight I had, and this punk arse 12 year old kid came up to me with his midle school friends in a beenie and handed me one of those nasty aple cramel suckers, and was like. Bro its santacruz, you can't be bummed in santacruz. So we went to the arcade and were playing some serious initial D and we started hanging out with these dudes and we went out for dinner and met some girls and just had a good time.... SO basically that is where I want to be.
  6. DarkFactor

    Bands You Love That None Of Your Friends Have Heard Of

    all my obscure bands got huge in the U.S. last year, like Death From Above 1979, and A Trillion Barnacle Lapse. So I've had to find some actually underground music. I like Show Bread, Versus The Mirror, and Rose of Sharon. And for stuff other than screamo and hardcore.... I would have to say Blood Brothers are awomse... but their new album is about to make them huge cuz I just so them on the home page of myspace today... friggan myspace... :animeangr I like Dredg, Dredg is cool. Sadly I could list to many band because my friends are music deprived, if you said Dead Kenedys they would probably shrug... its rediculous I swear. There is very little good music anymore. And the good music that's left is some rediculous sub-genre like "post hardcore happy dance goa rock psy punk" I think people should just start pooping and recording the sounds... they would probably get a deal with virgin. I almost left out Rasputina! they're cool and unheard of... but not unpopular, do they count?
  7. [QUOTE=Bláse][size=1][color=slategray]If you put an assortment of syrups and vodka in front of me, I can make some damn delicious drinks. One of my more favored is vodka with cherry syrup, that stuff is addictive. I need to get a bartending job some day. I don't have much experience with beer. I'll drink just about anything you put in front of me, though. I DO know, however, that whoever created Zima must be shot. That stuff is sick. Despite me being the small thing I am, I can hold my alcohol quite well. To this day I have never tossed my cookies while intoxicated.[/color][/size][/QUOTE] HAHHAHAHA zima is sick. word to that. Sherry isn't bad for cooking terrible for drinking. Straight up red wine is awsome. I agree about seing fire when you cook it lets you know its being cooked when your food is on fire haha. Bartending sounds awsome. good money too. Once again beer is awsome but it needs a good head, and it has to be dark and cold and in something glass. Because out of can is disgusting.
  8. DarkFactor


    [QUOTE=Aaryanna][COLOR=DarkOrchid]I?m all for censorship. Why? Because if you stop and think about it, if there were people who weren?t irresponsible in that they deliberately force their views and opinions on you, then we wouldn?t need censorship. It?s one thing to have an opinion on something and another to attempt to force that on others. Especially when the person doing the forcing would be upset if someone was trying to force their views on them. Obviously there is going to be the question of too much censorship and keeping it from getting out of control. But the day I see censorship being removed from society is the day I will see as humanity taking a huge step backwards into the dark ages. Where instead of everyone being able to on some level choose for them selves what they want to read and see, they will be flooded with stuff whether or not they want to hear it or see it. And if you think censorship is an invasion, just imagine anyone being able to broadcast what ever they want into your homes, or even come to your home and put banners on your lawn saying whatever they want. I can pretty much guarantee that it would get ugly real fast. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] It is possible to delligate censorship carefully. But as you stated yourself, Aaryanna, it's your duty to block it out. In the U.S. we're very protected. You can be fined or arrested just for inciting someone to violence. That means if you say something so hateful that it made me want to do bodily harm to you, then you could be arrested just for upsetting me that much. You can get introuble for disturbing my right to peace. In that case the law almost unequivically sides with the accuser, how ever it is hard to establish that you were wronged verbally in our civil couts. You would have to prove that the person intedended to incite you or knew that that might, and that you were infact that upset. If that were the case you may even get some compesation for the trama. Our system is one of penalties, not prevention. Obviously software companies not having the right to put safe gaurds in their browsers because it limits freedom of sppech would be the other extreme. But that wont happen so long as we maintain the abbility to not accept what people say or print or publish. Which is in itself a freedom that could be defined as pusuing hapiness, or finding your mode and function. The amount of smut on the web does repoulse me, but believe me, its not the gov't wealthy internet owners, or the people choice to have it there. Its there because sex sells, and the criminals selling it don't care who they hurt. Clearly that could be discounted by the fact there are those who desire to expose and exploiit themselves as form of self expression. And for them they can have their perverse good time and the more perverse amongs us can revel with them. But they comprice about 1% of all the people in the sex industry. It may be good money, but alot of women are in a very negative cycle. Some porn is just prostitution with a camera... The internet is a very hard things to govern. especially by a government who doesn't understand it. The dark ages were a result of censorship not a lack of it. People were forced to swear oaths to generational land owners who did not care about their well-being. People's lives were severly controlled by their government and by the church. What destroyed the tryanny of the dark ages was expression, art, and culture.
  9. DarkFactor


    [QUOTE]Am I misunderstood? Are you comparing the FCC to the Gestapo?[/QUOTE] For-God-Sakes, No!! lol ^_^ I'm saying that most of us here don't live under oppression and we should be thankful for that. But it is important to be ever vigilant in making sure that freedoms are retained. Tyranny still exists. Depite freedoms here in this country we are censored. The government is best which governs least, and that inludes beuracracy. People owe nothing to their government. "ask not what your country can do for you" I say do ask, and ask frequently. If we have gotten to the point where we no longer care about how limited our freedoms are in the public forum, then we should at least protect our right to speak in private. Our government has gone to far with monitoring our everyday lives. And you're right, Gavin. SOME of the things people say can be very stupid, unworthy of conversation, grotesque or appauling. They can be merderous and threatening. But where does the line fade between them being able to say what they want, and you being able to criticize them for it? The positive thing about having the right to freedom of speech is that you have the freedom to do what we ought, not what you want. People are not disgusting animals, they are quite capable of reason. And when guided by truth, and well instructed they can function quite well with out the extreme controls put on them. It is the system that corrupts, and at the same time, it is the system that saves us from the corrupted. When we feel like our abillity to express ourselves and be represented in our government ceases. That is when it deserves to be over thrown. I understand that in America this issue is centrally fiscal and that is why it does not matter so much to me. It has to do with television and entertainment and news and what is okay and not okay to say out of respect for fellow human beings. That is a reasonable amount of control. But no law should be passed or commitee formed to infringe on what people think or believe, or say to others out of respect. No law should be made concerning anyones mode of expression or existence. And from time to time in America and numerous countries around the world that has happened. It's our "CIVIC DUTY" not to tolerate it.
  10. DarkFactor


    I always throw some kind of party with movies and costumes adn friends, and then the remnant of us (ten or so) will go wipe out what's left of the cand some time between 8 and ten in my neighborhood. Lord! If I don't tell this story I'll be sorry Okay so last year at my old high school, which was a private school conected to a church, we trick or treated every day the week before hallowween right up to the day at the offices and aministrations for all the different outreaches and stuff. We were in media class, and our teacher was hecka coool back then, so we would go and grab a camera and costuems from the prop closet and just take off around the school trick-or-reating in classrooms and offices. And if we got kicked out, or didn''t get a treat... we tricked and filmed it.... it was so fun, that class ruled. This year my house is awsomely decorated, I have this sheer black fabrick hanging from the liberachi chendelear on the piano and a halloween town and .... I could go one forever. my house is sick, and I've already got movies candy, and a couple costumes I'm working on. I'm either going as a viking, a really twisted cat in the hat, or cross dress as marlyn monroe. The latter two are very disturbing so I'll probably go with the first one. but it depends how I'm feeling.
  11. MMM I like wine, because it makes my tummy warm ^_^ (I'm such a sorry hobo.). I like to drink a nice bottle wine lightly chilled, and just work on it all evening. Wine is awsome, cuz when you put down water with your wine you just get more drunk, unlike with other stuff... I really enjoy my dark beers like guiness and old rasputin. an ice cold guiness makes me really happy ." And the grey goose has me feelin kinda loose." to quote a popular lyric, and indeed it does. finnally I have to give it up for a little congac or the mixing of the three disciples with some eggnog for my holiday wastle. but I'm a rather muscular gentleman and in the winter I tend to be lean toward being portly, especially during football season with the parties and stuff. I have to put down some serious alch before I get red faced and lazy eyed. But I like something I can just sit and sip on all night. intsead of sneak attacking my body with large amounts of fire water.
  12. DarkFactor

    Arranged Marriages?

    My girl friend whom I've spent the past year with is very confusing on the issue. She's an increasingly independent person. She works and she's going to college full time. She's so busy, somehow we spend alot of time together. Allready I play the roll of Mr. Domestic. I'm the one cooking, cleaning, ironing. She pays for things. It's just an understood relationship. I worry about the future of it because I don't know how it will be for our children. Our kids deserve to have two stable opposite gender parents who love eachother and model classic wholsome gender rolls for them. That's exceedingly rare, and I want them to have that. I also don't want them raising themselves like so many families where both parents work often. I'm not trying to be negative about anyone's life style. This is very much the type of world my g/f and I grew up in. But I see her being so much like her mother (who is definately not the nurturing one in their home) and I just want my kids to have a mother who loves them. And I want to have kids for sure. I am very devoted to this girl. Getting back on topic, arranged marriages make sure that gender rolls are defined. I dont know that its so much about the gender, its just that children need different roll models with different traits, who both love and care for them. I think two people should be married if they love eachother no matter who or what gender, ethnicity, or race they are. I think people should also think of their cildren if their going to do anything that might cause them to have one. Children are not a disease they are a gift.
  13. DarkFactor

    Arranged Marriages?

    I hate the concept of arranged marriage. Though someitmes it would make things more clear...Just because you know you'll be taken care of because your parents picked someone for you, doesn't meat the relationship works. The subjective experience of life is as important as the objective, because the joining of the two modes of existence are what complete us. To have a husband or a wife is good. But it is better to be one. That makes little sense. It is perfectly acceptable in many cultures for marriages to be arranged. Marrying of your own will is only a few hundred years old. I think people are far too intelligent for monogomy. How can any two people ever agree enough to get along? it seems dismal. But if you care for someone enough, and you have enough attachment you are more willing to compromise and make things work. Marriage is comprimise and communication. apparently most of us on this board were born out of we lock... tehe, we're little b-- oh you know. anyways, I think that women's rights are very important. The rights of the youth are very important. And it will be a new world in this century as people become more cultured, connected, and educated younger because of technology and communication. The world will be so liberal it will soon be a mute subject, every major religion and culture is about to experience a new resurgence in pure existence. Just stand up for what you want and what you believe.
  14. DarkFactor

    How do you get paid?

    My dad and I do freelance painting jobs. We contract our own work. Its fun, mindless, and financially rewarding. since my old man is kind of- sort of my boss, not that there is really much supervision to it since we just do what the consumer wants, I just get paid in cash money, he handles taxes. Its awsome.
  15. DarkFactor


    Hey! what do you have against people with brown hair The13thMan!??!?!? HUH!?!??! (Just kidding of course) When is it okay to censor? never. Why do they censor? For ratings, the less people are offended the more will watch/listen. What can we do about it? Keep being originaly and uncensored to every degree possible, as it suits us. Freedom of speech is a protected and special thing. I'm lucky to live in a place where it is maintained to some degree. It is ultimately okay to say or display ANYTHING and it should be, however, it is not permissable. People's varrying degrees of irresponsabilty brings on stricter cenorship. It is the job of the person expressing themselves to consider their audiance and deal with the consequences accordingly... It is not the job of wealthy private orginazations to monitor espression, or enforce and develop new laws and special interest groups to promote cencorship. That is why I say screw you clear channel and FCC! lol but essentialy most of us are not under some sick gustapo. So we should mostly just be thankful. :D