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    Im a 13 year old guy, and im an ubernerd.
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  1. Identity

    Anime Naruto!

    Yes it is [I]that bad[/I]. It is an unholy curse from the beast we call the desolate one *Cue King Diamond song*. But, in all seriousness, I really just cant stand the English dub, Naruto isn't the only character that sounds annoying. It doesn't make the show unwatchable or anything like that, but why even bother with the English dub when the Japanese version is clearly the superior of the two?
  2. Identity

    Music What Are You Listening To?

    [FONT="Arial Black"]Lately I've been totally addicted to [B]Burzum[/B], particularly stuff from the Filosofem and Burzum/Aske albums. I've also been listening to alot of [B]Moonsorrow[/B], [B]Finntroll[/B], and [B]Gogoroth[/B]. Basically, just black metal in general. And a ton of [B]SOAD[/B].[/FONT]
  3. Identity

    Korn's Untitled New Album

    [COLOR="Magenta"]I bought the CD. I never buy CDs, but since I love Korn so much I decide to buy this one. It's very meh, not bad, but there's better music to listen to. The only songs I really liked were [B]Evolution[/B] and [B]Hold On[/B]. The rest is just OK. In my opinion, the debut album/[B]Follow The Leader[/B] were the best ever. But the untitled album was just kind of disappointing, not really worth the buy.[/COLOR]
  4. Identity

    Gaming Favorite Video Game Villains

    [COLOR="Magenta"][B]Jack of Blades[/B] (Fable)- Extremey evil and powerful, and a legendary hero, er, villian, used to scare children into obeying their parents. When you first encounter him, he seems non-threatening and charming, yet despicable at the same time, you dont really know what to make of him. Plus his mask was uber kewl. [B]Krauser[/B] (RE4)- BEST. ANTAGONIST. EVAR. The part of the game when you fight him was the most fun part of RE4. The knife fight scene was easily one of the best cutscenes Ive ever seen, if you can call it a cutscene.[/COLOR]
  5. Identity

    Gaming Most Anticipated Game

    [COLOR="Magenta"]There are a ton of games I want to to get, but the only ones I'd chryogenically freeze myself in order to get sooner are Halo 3, Fable 2, and Warhammer Online.[/COLOR]
  6. Identity

    Anime Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

    [quote name='2007DigitalBoy'][COLOR="DarkOrange"]I'd also like to loose my virginity to the closing. Or maybe I can find some kind of way to have sex with the show itself. Or I could pecome Shinbo's personal whore. Or something. [/COLOR][/QUOTE] What you say both entertains me and disturbs me, DB. But yes, the show is [B]METAL[/B], [B]METAL[/B] being the only word fit to describe the pure awsomeness that is Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei. Itsoshiki's obsession with suicide (lol @ his tavel kit), the hikkikomori girl, Fuura's extreme optimism contrasted by Itsoshiki's extreme pessimism, The cencorship, the random crap on the blackboard. All gold. And the paradies! Death note, The [B]FUSION DANCE[/B], ect. Oh and, is it just me, or does Maria bear a striking resemblance to Ed from Cowboy Bebop?
  7. Identity

    How Long Did You Believe?

    The tooth fairy I never believed in, The easter bunny, till I was about 5. But Santa Claus, of course he is real, hope all you nonbelievers enjoy your hickory sticks :animedepr(Southern version of getting coal). As for believing in a higher power, not really, I think theres no real way of knowing whether or not a higher power or powers exist, I guess you could call me an agnostic, whatever:animesigh. Aliens are a possibility, Espers, time travellers, evil conspiracies (NHK, fool), ect. I would like to believe are real, but they're pretty doubtful. Maybe we're reincarnated into something when we die, maybe I am God, and the universe is a product of my doing (Muhahaha), Maybe the universe is a false reality which is perpetuated by the ACTUAL dominant species of the universe in order to keep humans ignorant of the truth. I really dont know, nor it is it possible for me to know.
  8. Identity

    Favorite genre. And does your family like it?

    Most of what I listen to can be defined as metal. Black, Death, Doom, Folk, Industrial, Thrash, Ect. I like a few bands defined as Hardcore/metalcore/deathcore like Job for A Cowboy (The early stuff), Underoath, Lamb of God, and Waking the Cadaver (apparently everyone but me and "HxC" kids think they suck). Recently I've also been listening to alot of grindcore/goregrind like Napalm Death (Early), Carcass (Early), Pig Destroyer,and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. I also like Prog rock/metal, Punk (The Misfits are gods), A little bit of indy, some emo, and other random crap. The only rap I like is this one horrorcore rapper called Necro. I like a LITTLE BIT of pop, namely t.A.T.u and Utada Hikaru.
  9. Identity

    Your Location

    :animesmil[quote name='2007DigitalBoy'][COLOR="DarkOrange"]Meh. In my city, there's so many people who either are or think they are bisexual it's hard to take yourself seriously if you question your sexuality. My community actually made me feel I must be straight simply because I feel like I can't be bisexual without being a douche. Meh, fake gay kids are annoying. The day one of these guys actually asks me out, I'l believe them XD Some people are so rediculous, though. My best friend said that he once knew a girl who claimed to 'only date bisexual or gay guys'. He told me how he'd thought he'd 'go gay for her' REALITY CHECK, PEOPLE![/COLOR][/QUOTE] Hmmmm, pretending to be gay to get a girl, eh? *Loses faith in humanity and becomes a hermit:animedepr*. Well, back to the topic at hand, I live in a town called Asheboro, North Carolina. Everyone here sucks, well maybe thats a bit harsh, 90% of the people here suck. It's not a terribly small town, but not a very large one either. Everyone here, excuse me, NINETY PECENT of the people here are all closed minded morons who go around rejecting anythig different. Just about everyones blatantly homophobic and hardcore "Christian". I've actually heard someone say "I'll beat the **** out of anyone who dosent believe in God" real Christian thing to say there man....... I think maybe this year at school I'll be openly atheist and freak everyone out:animesmil. I'll bet money I'd be called "Devil Worshipper" at least 8 times.
  10. Identity

    Homosexuality: Discussion of

    Well I [I]was[/I] gonna tell you were I got those verses, but I'd rather you go and read the book of Leviticus yourself and find out. And besides, were I got them is beside the the point, I was just saying, Christians shouldn't condemn Homosexuality because of the statement made in Leviticus 18:22, because they don't follow anything else in Leviticus. And, like KingEarthEater said, Christians aren't even supposed to follow what was said in the old testament. Now, damn all of you to hell for making an atheist read the bible. :)
  11. Identity

    Self Harm/ Cutting

    The release of enorphins arent the only reason it makes you feel better. The act of cutting helps you forget about emotional pain and replace it with phsical pain, for some people, it helps to see the blood. I dont think it's the best way to deal with problems, and yes, dealing with the sources of your problems is always a better way, but self harm is by far not the most dangerous way of coping. Some people binge drink, some develop eating disorders, some take it out on others, dont you think self harm is a safer way than any of those?
  12. Identity

    Self Harm/ Cutting

    Self harm is defined as any behavior that injures oneself without the intent of suicide. A person who self harms is not usually seeking to end his or her life, but rather as a way to cope with stress, pain, or anxiety. A common misconception is that self harmers/ cutters self harm to draw attention to themselves, that is usually not the case, most self harmers go to great lengths to hide their injuries, or the source of the injuries from others. I used to self harm, and have recently started again, I dont think it's a dangerous way to deal with pain, I think that, as long as your safe with it, use a proper cutting instrument, and are clean with it, then you're ok. I want to know everyone's general opinion of self harm, whether they think it's a safe way to cope or not, and whether anyone has practiced/does practice self harm.
  13. Identity

    Cosmetic Surgery? Yay or Nay?

    I think that, as long as it makes you feel better about yourself, or, improves your physical well-being, as with Japan_86's Breast reduction, or if you really, really need it, such as the cyst thing, then it's completely cool. However, if the only reason you get it is too fit into soceital norms or to be more attractive to other people, and it dosent acually improve your general opinion of yourself, then, it's completely [I]not[/I] cool. As for the toe shortening thing, is it really [B]THAT[/B] necessary? I mean wtf....:animesigh
  14. Identity

    Homosexuality: Discussion of

    [quote name='ChibiHorsewoman'][color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]Hey, you forgot the verses about menstrating women and not touching the skin of a pig. So that means that all (American) football players are sinners... not just that one who was arrested for dog fighting.[/color][/font][/QUOTE] Well, I would've included those verses, but I actually believe that part of leviticus, everyone knows natural bodily functions and emissions such as menstration are disgusting and unclean. :laugh:
  15. Well, Im an atheist albeit not a strong one, I believe a creator COULD exist, but I'd rather go with the idea that has some science backing it up rather than the idea that just has faith backing it up. And, like Semjaza said, Intelligent design is just a way to push the Christian agenda without mentioning Christianity. It's not science, it's religious psuedoscience disguised as science, it needs to be taught in school about a much as other psuedosciences, such as Astrology, Cryptozoolology, and Alternative Medicine should be taught.