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  1. AkikotATu76

    Manga Yotsubato

    [quote name='Latharix_sama']This is for all you Azumanga Daioh fans out there! In case you haven't heard, Azuma-sensei's new manga, [I]Yotsubato![/I], or, [I]Yatsuba&![/I] , as it is published in the states, has recently started selling in stores! Yotsubato! is a cute little manga about a little green-haired girl named Yotsuba and her crazy escapades! [QUOTE: Yotsuba&! 1]School's out for summer, and Yotsuba's out of her mind! She's new in town-she could very well be new to the planet Earth-and with no knowledge of the world around her along with an unnatural fear of air conditioners, this green-haired gal has her neighborhood spinning out of control![/QUOTE] Please feel free to discuss whatever you'd like to about this manga here. Whether it be how you feel about it, what made you laugh, news (I'd really appreciate that!), or,ya know, whatever! :animesmil[/QUOTE] I LOVE Yotsuba! She is soo cute! I've only purchased the first one so far though. :'( It's so funny, but I like how it can get serious occasionally too. My kind of manga.
  2. AkikotATu76

    Anime What kind of Anime do you prefer?

    I heart magical girl. I'm your Sailor Moon/Tokyo Mew Mew/Mermaid Melody/Full Moon fangirl right here. I also like the cute comedies, like Yotsuba&!. It's childish, I know, but still so adoreable!! I've also started getting myself into Inuysha (due to being pummeled by fangirls when I said I didn't watch it.) Oh, and Hare+Guu kicks ***.:catgirl:
  3. AkikotATu76

    What are your interests/hobbies?

    Uhhhh.. I like singing. I am a pretty good singer, considering I have a pure voice and can go from baritone to first soprano. My fave bands are ICP, Evanescence, and Tatu. I obviously like anime, if I'm here. And I like writing and drawing, and of course my awesome boyfriend. :animesmil What I DON'T like, now that's a bit more interesting. I don't like being told what to do, and when I'm tld what to do, chances are I'm not going to do it. I hate chatspeak. (Unless it's the occasional lol or omg.. OCCASIONALLY) And I hate intolerance. HATE HATE HATE.
  4. AkikotATu76

    Homosexuality: Discussion of

    [quote name='AzureWolf'][COLOR=maroon]I don't think anyone argues that is it a choice (although it hasn't been proven if it's psychological, environmental, or genetic, or a mix, but that's another argument altogether). At the same time, people should realize that things that are not your choice do not validate it. The world is unfair: people are born into poverty. Should we just let that be allowed because it's not a choice? Is that ok? Just because something is out of your control doesn't give it an inherent value of right or wrong. On the aside, I think bisexuals are awesome: they are the epitome of indiscrimination![/COLOR][/QUOTE] I've herad it argued alot that it's a choice. I can't tell one of my grandparents because of a car ride we had one day where he was telling me that if I ever chose to be "a dyke" as he called it (I hate that word...), then he was going to cease communication with me. A lot of my family is completely against me (this is the family that my mom made the mistake of telling) and now they're all saying, "You've made a terrible choice for yourself being different is not cool!". It gets on my nerves, but hey, I've learned that I'm just going to have to get used to that. It's all part of the package. ^-^ And about the bisexuals are awesome.. thank you!! ^-^ *gives you a donut*
  5. AkikotATu76

    Homosexuality: Discussion of

    Wow.. um.. yeah... :animeswea Would I get in trouble if I said I am Bisexual? Alot of people are against it.. 0_0 I have always been OK with it, even before I came out. I think we should be allowed to love whoever we feel it's right to love. Gay marriage=totally needs to be legal. And to anyone who says it's a choice..... it's not. I promise you I didn't choose to lose friends because they didn't want me to hit on them. Now coming out, THAT is a choice, but you could easily become miserable, even suicidal, if you live in denial. So it is so highly reccomended you do. Yes i know this from expirience. I almost killed myself I was so confused. It's NOT FUN.
  6. AkikotATu76

    Pro Life or Pro Choice? Mature discussions please

    I'm very pro-life. I mean, I can see both sides of the arguement, but I don't think that a child should have to die because of what happened before it was concieved. I am religious as well, only helping what I think. And before I hear these common arguements: "What if I was raped? Should I just have the baby?" If you were raped, that really is terrible, but think about it, it's not the baby's fault. NOR IS IT YOURS, but the baby shouldn't die for it. As hard as it may be, adoption would be a wiser choice. The baby gets to go to a loving family who wants it, and though it might be hard to say goodbye, at least you got to see your baby, and at least you know it's alive. "So a woman shouldn't be allowed to choose what she does with her body?" Of course a woman should be allowed to choose what she does with ehr own body. But a baby has a body of it's own. Is the baby's litle beating heart HER heart? No. So the baby isn't HER body. And I'm a woman, in case anyone's wondering. Well, teen, but still a female able to get pregnant. "What if you're just not ready?" Well you should have thought of that before you opened your legs! If you know birth control doesn't always work, then either take the risk and raise the baby if you screw up (no pun intended) or keep your legs shut. It might be hard but there's a life at stake. "What if I'm only 15 or 16 and I get pregnant?" Like I said, you shouldn't have screwed up in the first place!! You messed up, people shouldn't die for it. If I sound mean, I'm sorry. That wasn't my intention. But listen to what I said. It makes sense.
  7. AkikotATu76

    Anime How did YOU start watching anime?

    (first post btw) I got into anime when I was 10. One of my best friends was into Tokyo Mew Mew, and he asked me to start tryin to get into it. I loved it!! We'd get together during recess to pretend to be Tokyo Mew Mew charactars. He was Pudding, I was first Dasina (a made up charactar) and switched to Zakuro, another one of our friends was Mint, and another Lettuce. We did this every recess, and then we got into Sailor Moon. It was all we watched. I remember being Sailor Jupiter, alongside Venus, Mercury, and Neptune. It was awesome. Then we started watching Mermaid Melody, and even though I'm not as close friends with the person that got me started, I still love these three animes dearly. Now that I'm a bit older, I have spent my entire summer watching anime, hanging out on gaia, using dA, and now this. But at 15, I still like to pretend to be Zakuro, Sailor Jupiter, and Sara/Rina/Luchia. ^-^