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    I am a Christian, and I really like people, but I'm an introvert. I'm a sophomore in college majoring in studio art, but I don't really know what I want to do.
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  1. Octopus Royalty

    Crazy Dreams

    My recurring dreams are about the end of the world or secret passages. I've also always had nightmares about my dad. A while ago I dreamed that I killed him by pushing him out of a spaceship. When I was little I used to have what are called night terrors, which are like nightmares, but you can't remember them, and you just scream and cry and sometimes sleepwalk. Like Miss Anonymous, I've had weird dreams about being naked or topless too. Those were probably the weirdest ever. *shudder* I've also had dreams about the future that I don't remember until the event happens, commonly known as "deja vu".
  2. Octopus Royalty

    Gaming What Are You Playing?

    Indeed, Chrono Trigger never gets old. I want to play it right now actually. Especially after reading these: [URL="http://chronocompendium.com/Articles.html"]http://chronocompendium.com/Articles.html[/URL] I also never get tired of EYEZMAZE games. Right now, I'm playing Ragnarok Online: Lightside Legend (I'm not very good at this game) and Final Fantasy XII on the weekends. That's all I have time/money for. RAWRRR Stupid school and work getting in the way of my gaming.
  3. Octopus Royalty

    Anime Most twisted, disturbing character/event/whatever

    I haven't seen a lot of disturbing anime, because I generally don't watch that sort of thing, but I will say, it kind of freaked me out in Xam'd Lost Memories when Furuichi [spoiler]tore his own head off.[/spoiler]
  4. Octopus Royalty

    Anime Villains You Just Can't Help But Like

    Vicious from Bebop. Katana, hair, attitude, the whole shebang. He's always been my fav. Also, a lot of the Dragonball villains were pretty hilarious. The Ginyu force and their silly dance. Majin Buu turning people into candy. Etc.
  5. Octopus Royalty

    Anime Comfort Anime

    I like watching Miyazaki films when I am stressed or upset. They are always a total escape from reality, and they always have happy endings. I especially like Spirited Away for this. I just imagine taking a nice hot bath and eating some spirit food.
  6. Octopus Royalty

    The Thanksgiving Thread!

    [quote name='Lunox'][font=trebuchet ms] 1. Go home 2. Cry over my GPA 3. Drown my sorrows in television and food 4. Study [/font][/QUOTE] I am the same as you. :animedepr Except I am going to help my mom cook up a lovely roast, and maybe that will cheer me up.
  7. Octopus Royalty

    What are you The Best at?

    I am the best at not giving up. I've faced and failed at nearly everything, and I still keep going. I am the best at aggregating obscene amounts of anime wallpapers on my computer that I'll never use. I am the best at regulating my weight. My weight has not changed for about five years. Lastly, I am the best at keeping my hair neatly parted in the middle.
  8. Wow. An anime family. What an exciting life that would be... Mom: Zeniba from Spirited Away, because she can be very tough when she needs to be, but deep down she is very gentle and wise. I also like her house. I would want to live in that house; it's very peaceful. Dad: Jet from Cowboy Bebop. He is a very kind and nurturing person even though he acts all tough. He really loves his dog and his bonsai, which is shown by how much time he spends with them. He is also very generous to take Spike, Faye, and Ed under his roof and give them friendship and fatherly guidance. These are the reasons I think Jet would make a great dad. Uncle: Dr. Brief from Dragonball. He's a little old for the role, but I want him for an uncle, because that man is a genius. Sister: Agreed from an earlier post, I believe Lin from Spirited away would be an amazing sister. I totally fell in love with her character when I first saw that movie. She reminds me of my own big sister a lot, with her attitude covering up a sweet interior. Brothers: Kai from Blood+, because he is very protective of his younger siblings. Also, Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle, because even though he has a curse, he manages to be silly and funny, and the work he does keeps everything together. Nephews: Markl from Howl's Moving Castle and Jim from Outlaw Star. Both boys are very cute, yet still very intelligent for their age. Pet: Mao from Darker than Black, because he talks.
  9. Octopus Royalty

    High School Lunch Food

    At my high school, yes, the food was nasty. Moldy cordon bleu, ground beef that tasted like horse, and all other manner of culinary abominations. However, please do not blame the lunch ladies. They are probably even more disgruntled than you are. They are doing the best they can with what they are given. If you have a complaint, it would be best to speak to the higher-ups. I would approach the kitchen manager, and if one is not available, call the principal's office or the district office. Also, it is always best to use courteous tones if you want something done. For example, do not call your lunch ladies "fat and lazy" or else you will probably get something even worse in your lunch than what you already have. ;)
  10. Octopus Royalty

    Breakfast Anyone?

    Ahh, breakfast. A meal often missed. I love food, so whenever I have enough time to eat between waking up late and getting to class late, I snack on whatever's in my cupboard. I do enjoy a big farm breakfast every now and again, but I'd be perfectly content with a bowl or two of cereal every morning, preferably with fruit inside.
  11. Octopus Royalty

    ... What's in your wallet?

    Here are the contents of my wallet. Get ready. 1. Student ID 2. Debit Card 3. Expired credit card 4. Hastings card 5. VALNet card 6. Receipts 7. Target giftcard for $10 (there's no Target where I live) 8. 2007 Disney Calendar (lol, guess I can take that out now) 9. Business cards 10. $5 and some cents 11. Rosauer's coupons 12. A decorative design to fill the spot where my driver's license should be. :(
  12. Octopus Royalty

    What's in your purse?

    Hmm, my purse is missing a lot of things right now... This is what's in there: 1. Passport 2. Checkbook 3. Sketch for a logo 4. Crossword puzzle from some past Sunday newspaper 5. Cherry chapstick 6. Pens and pencils 7. Garbage 8. A prayer card that I forgot to fill out 9. A knife 10. ooo! a quarter! I normally put my wallet, phone, and keys in there too.
  13. Octopus Royalty

    TV What Are You Watching?

    Right now, at this moment, I am watching American Idol. Music is delicious, and since I sing I like to listen to other people sing too. Simon. Damn he is mean. I bet he and Gordon Ramsay are going to get in a fight. XD As for what I am watching in general: Lost (and Life on Mars since it comes on right after Lost and has to do with time travel), Xam'd Lost Memories (streaming), Star Ocean EX (streaming), and that's it I think.
  14. Octopus Royalty

    Gaming Scariest Video Game you ever played

    [quote name='red tigress']I thought LoZ: Ocarina of Time was super scary. Those undead things? Scared me to death. I couldn't beat the whole undead dungeon until I was 19 (am 22 now) because it was pretty terrible. If I got stuck in Hyrule field when the sun went down, I would hide in the river next to the castle all night (until I had the Sun's Song) so the skeleton dog things wouldn't get me.[/QUOTE] oooo *shudder* those things frighten me too. Even the ones from cartoony Wind Waker scare the crap out of me with their eerie screams. Another game that scared me is Resident Evil. Those games have always bothered me, ever since I saw the opening cinematic to...one of the playstation ones, where the woman goes into the diner and the guy is just crouching there and he turns around and he's a ZOMBIE!!!!!!! ALSO---Doom for the Super Nintendo, for obvious reasons. That thing gave me nightmares.
  15. Octopus Royalty

    What's your ringtone?

    [quote name='Ezekiel'][SIZE="1"]Ufufu, my text message ringtone is the[B] FFXII Victory fanfare[/B]! I wish I had the FF7 one, but I'd feel like a fake seeing as I haven't completed it. Also, the XII version is more orchestral and dramatic. My phone call ringtone is [B]Returns a King[/B] from, yes, [I]the 300[/I]. Because I am so damn epic I simply can't have anything else.[/SIZE][/QUOTE] :animedeprI have the ff7 one and I have hardly played that. Are you calling me fake? I also have some Elton John song for my best friend. (God knows why she picked that, she doesn't even listen to him. ) I have a rap song about Yoshi from Super Mario for my other best buddy. And my default ringer is the Chocobo theme from Final Fantasy, not sure which one.