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  1. We still need a militia. Have you ever heard of the generational theory on war? Basically, it states that every generation has a war, and depending on the deathcount, who won, and what was gotten approximately determines when the next war will happen in a 15-30 year span. Given that this theory has proven true for the most part (just look at a timeline of all the wars in American history with the three factors), we will always need a militia. Since the military consists of private citizens who volunteer (for the most part), why not have them prepared before they even start basic training?
  2. Crap. I forgot the word not. See the edit. Anyway, since the movie castaway was only a movie, I'm not sure where that gets me, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say there's paperwork involved.
  3. what happens to your life insurance policy? Seeing as this has not happened to me, I have no idea what would happen. Would your beneficiary get the money? Would nothing happen at all, even though you technically died? Would your premium go up (assuming you could get another policy or something)? Do you have to put death on the part of applications where it asks if you have ever been hopitalized for anything serious? Edit: whoops, that one word changes everything
  4. The law is hardly outdated. The 3/5 compromise was just something to have the Constitution ratified, back when slaves weren't considered people , but property. And the Convention didn't even want democracy for fear of the uneducated, non-elite majority taking control, much less give women the right to vote. America was already in a fragile state when the Consitution was being drafted, and the members were trying to get along, even though not everyone in the convention signed it. But back on track, yeah shootings are easy, but back before guns were so widespread, people carried knives with
  5. [QUOTE] I don't think people understand that the Constitution says that we have the right to bear arms to MAINTAIN A MILITIA. Not for personal on-the-street protection. Not for guarding your home for a robber. This is why I don't see any room for debate. If you disarm guns, yes, people will still have them, but after a few years, they'll disappear. Take Japan, for example. They're not allowed to have guns, and people don't obtain them through the black market -- they have a very low homicide rate (so I understand). What's the difference between us and them? I say that if we ban guns, th
  6. Uh, I saw the ending of s-CRY-ed and I probably would have ended the season about two episodes earlier if that counts. Oh, and I would have made Paranoia Agent and .hack//sign more understandable and still followable if you miss an episode.
  7. Unpredictable/Irregular Weather Mesquitos, Bees, Flies, Wasps, Gnats Ants, poisonous crawling things Cats, Dogs Alergies (now the above line makes more sense) Motion Sickness Alligators, Crocodiles, Sharks, Jellyfish That's about it. Not allergic (to all at least) or afraid of them or suffer from them, but the fact that they're there at all just bothers me.
  8. Random, thanks for your imput, especially on the struggle "coming out" so to speak. And while I know that this isn't really something America has had, but some older civilizations glorified homosexuality, but I'm not sure if that was because they thought it was okay or women were so low, why not do another guy (I apologize for the crude layman language) What I was trying to say was "separate but equal", which is how they used to justify segregation. There were bathrooms, waterfountains, entrances, schools, etc. for "coloreds" and "whites". So while not in the same place, they supposedly got
  9. School is great. Seeing all the awesome people, leaving and going to parties, leaving and going on vacation, leaving and uh, leaving for the weekend. School makes me appreciate breaks. Oh, except there's that learning thing. Those teachers keep talking when I'm trying to hold a conversation and get mad about it, so that's a bummer. And that homework crap. And tests. And AP tests. SATs. ACT. Crap, school sucks. If it weren't for the people, school would probably be unbearable.
  10. My oppostion the gay movement right now primarily focuses around how it's being hyped and dramatized into the next Civil Rights Movement, which I find to be offensive. There aren't "gays only" places in town, no one can refuse you service, gays never had to struggle to get the right to vote, no gay only/straight only schools, no segregation, no "separate but equal". Discrimination, yes. And to top it of, the gay movement right now is focusing around gay marriage. That's not quite what you want to be associated with "The Next Civil Rights Movement". It makes it seem kind of petty and I fee
  11. Whoa, yeah wikipedia. I try to get info from people instead of an online encyclopedia that anyone can update (if that makes sense to anyone). I'm weird like that. Anyway, so if citizen's arrests are just for felonies (for the most part), then I can understand why they aren't so common. Also, I don't think the article covered this, but if a private citizen was making the arrest while posing as an authority figure, how would that work out? Say it was for a misdemeanor (class b or something) and you pretend you're a cop and you arrest someone. While not a felony (and let's say that'
  12. I don't really understand how a citizen's arrest works, although I've tried to learn, that darn legal jargon gets me everytime. So, could someone explain it to me in layman's terms and I was also wondering if anyone has/knows anyone who has made one before.
  13. I agree about the sexism thing. There's still a whole lot. Same with racism. If Condi ran, a lot of people wouldn't vote for her because she'a a woman and/or she's black. Sad but true. I'm not seeing someone besides a white male president for the next 20 to 30 years at least. It's really different and we don't like "really different" here in America, despite what the "majority of people" say.
  14. As for what makes us human, in psychology, I believe that it's the cerebral cortex (the top 1/4 inch of the brain) that's what separates us from animals. The rest underneath is the more "animalistic stuff" and basic survival instincts. Also, our brains are pretty big when folded out, bigger than a monkey's (general term there), though I doubt brain size is the deciding factor. Oh, and some consider language to be a determinant as well, as humans are the only beings deemed to have language (not just a system of communication). Not to mention that whole "DNA" thing, but I'm sure we
  15. My top qualities would be 1. Genius 2. Apathy 3. Not too much talking 4. Actually getting rid of the hero (no leaving while the hero "dies", Austin Powers and Bond come to mind) Aside from anime/manga, in comics (sort of the same meduim) Mr. Sinister and Dr. Doom are two of the best villians (I mean, just look at the names! oh, and the destruction). But the homunculi are some of the best villians. Always present, but not always on your mind. Their influence is so great for such a small group of rejects.
  16. I'm looking for a book to read outside of school and the whole anime scene, more of a New York Times bestseller type of book. I heard that Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt was pretty good, but I would like to hear what (more) other people think of it before I go out and buy it. Would anyone recommend this or any other book for me to go out and read?
  17. Have any of you guys played X-Men Legends II? The most annoying enemy was Mikhail because both times I played the game and had to play him twice because the first time through I killed him but it wouldn't let me move on. :mad: Oh, and those kids at the arcade games at Lazer Quest. You beat them when they come and play on your game, then they beat you and run off claiming to be undefeated. Unfortunately, society frowns upon one kid laying out another kid that everyone hates anyway.
  18. Oh, that last post reminded me of something else pretty weird. Where I live, you can't get married, but you're not allowed to legally consent until you're seventeen. Oh, people say freedom of speech all the time, but get all up in arms if their offended, and in today's society maybe even sue if it's "bad enough" (exluding slander and libel). Speaking of lawsuits, criminals who win because someone fought back and they got hurt, people who sneak into clubs and chip teeth and successfully sue the club, obesity lawsuits, and the McDonalds coffee lady lawsuit. Oh, and a spouse w
  19. As long as you watch the show and consider yourself and fan, then I don't really see why you should let anyone else tell you if you're a fan or not. It doesn't really matter if you can get your hands on subbed or not. What next? You need to speak fluent Japanese and watch the original episodes the day they come out?
  20. I really like FullMetal Alchemist. I like how it has the whole modern yet antique-ish feel to it. The show also didn't create too many characters as to allow character development to occur (while there are some "pointless" characters, they are comic relief). Also, it doesn't have some rotating door of villians. In addition to all this, it kills off a main character, goes into religion and government corruption, and everything doesn't always turn out okay. It's a smart anime, unlike most of the stuff that's been pouring in lately, and that's why I like it.
  21. Old People definately. You can't punish an old person. Hitting an old person is evil in itself, so what can you do to stop an old person? On top of that, there's the "old people" smell and the check pinching.... :animestun
  22. This isn't gonna sound a little weird, but bear with me. I don't want my game graphics to look realistic (well, maybe war games and splinter cell), but I still want their quality to improve. I want to know that I'm playing a game and clearly be able to see it. That's one of the great things about games. You know they aren't real and the graphics help to emphasize that. It just kind of adds to the overall experience, at least for me.
  23. What do you consider to be some absurdities in life? I'll give some examples so you guys will have at least some idea of what I'm talking about. -There are many schools that give out suspensions for skipping school -People like people who failed before succeeding although not failing should be more desirable -People wanting to see the successful fail, despite our society valuing hard work and determination to succeed
  24. Isn't Microsoft also losing money for every X-Box 360 they sell? So if their "X-Boy" or whatever was released, wouldn't it more likely than not just lose them money (based on how things are going at the moment)?
  25. Paranoia Agent Fooly Cooly That Hide and Seek thing that was on Adult Swim one time or something The last two episodes of s-CRY-ed [color=#ff6600]Please expand on your choices. A post that is nothing but a list is not enough to encourage discussion. -Lore[/color]
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