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    I'm 15.. and I live in Florida, theres really nothing else you need to know. ^_^
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    Student.... ^_^;
  1. Please tell me what you guys think. ^_^;;; None of the art work used in the layout is offical... just fan art. [url]http://www.livejournal.com/users/black_cat125[/url]
  2. [B]Blog/Journal Address[/B]: [url]http://www.livejournal.com[/url] [b]Journal name:[/b] If I named my journal; it would probably be 'Obsession' and name after my webpage(Live a Dream); usually I name my journal after the layouts I create for it. [b]Reasons for Creating it:[/b] I needed some thing personal, at the time I created my journal, I didn't have my own room, my own computer, and my brother would go through all the other journals I would buy, so my sister gave me a code for live journal. BTW; my journal is friends only, so only a few people who post here on my friends li
  3. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by MillieFan [/i] [B]Don't get me started on dubbed songs! >_< There's no better way to wreck the music then to try translating it to English :sigh: [/B][/QUOTE] Not all dubed songs are bad. ^_^ The Fruits Basket dubed opening was done really well IMO, they kept most of the original lyrics, and the singer did a good job.
  4. >_> I forgot the Escaflowne dubed theme song... dubed songs almost always turn out pretty bad though. ^_^; Does the Yu-Gi-Oh opening count as a vocal song? 0.o; Unless your talking about the japaese version.
  5. Whats an anime song you can't stand? If your going to post just the name of the song, please post the lyrics with it. (Go to [url]www.animelyrics.com[/url] for your lyrics) IMO; Strawberry Kiss Kiss(Tokyo Babylon) is the worst song I've ever heard; the guy whoes sings it sings it in english, he sounds drunk, you can't understand a word that's sung, and the lyrics look like it took no thought to write the song. The lyrics are; I'm gonna believe in your eyes So please don't say love is blind I wanna be reading your mind In secret communication. Do you like toffee and le
  6. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by mirai_torankusu [/i] [B]I can download it? Please tell me where, because I would really appreciate it! [/B][/QUOTE] If you have Kazaa; you can download a lot of anime from that... if you don't have Kazaa, download Kazaa Lite; ir's the same program, only it's made by different people; and it doesn't come with spyware(and you can avoid getting viruses easier), just go to kazaa.com to download it(I don't remeber where I downloaded Kazaa Lite). ^_~
  7. ..I forgot to post the resized banner... :blush: Sorry. ^^;;;
  8. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by mirai_torankusu [/i] [B]15 minutes? Now that's a minor character! Poor Kaworu...I haven't seen Evangelion and I feel sorry for him already... [/B][/QUOTE] Theres a reason for that.. *cough* Any ways, I know this is a little off topic, but I highly recomend downloading Evangelion, it's not my favorite anime series, but you can't really call yourself an Otaku unless you've seen it. :)
  9. Kaworu from Evangelion... he's probably the only character in the show that doesn't annoy me in some way. (Though the fan girls/fan boys are annoying) But... he's only in the series for about 15 minutes. :(
  10. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Hataki Vash [/i] [B]Oh, I missed the Fifth one. That ones nice too. I like the facial expression and her hair. You have some good art skills. I wish I could draw like that... [/B][/QUOTE] >_>; The fith on is a picture of a guy... I have a lot of trouble drawing guys.. so they always come out looking like girls. ^.^; I don't think any of my drawings are good .. but I guess a lot of people who draw are like that.
  11. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Hataki Vash [/i] [B]Other than that they are awesome. [/B][/QUOTE] Thank you. ^_^ I'm always nervous about showing other people my drawings. -__-
  12. These take a while to load if you have a 56k modem... -.-; First pic:Digi Charat Second pic; Narue no Sekai Third pic;Elli(Xenogears) Fourth pic;Kohaku(Wish) Fith pic; Setsuna(Angel Sanctuary)
  13. I only heard about the name (Chrono Break), I found it on an unoffical Chrono webpage, so it maybe just a rumor.
  14. I thought all of the Final Fantasys where doing really well until Square came out with VIII... I liked the game, but it was lacking in action, and they started to change a lot after they made VIII, but with the online game comming out, and FFX-2(I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY DECIDED TO MAKE A SEQUEL TO A FINAL FANTASY GAME, AND MAKE YUNA INTO A WHORE!), theres going to be a lot more changes, for instance, Yuna's going to use 2 guns, they'll change the battle system a lot, and only three female characters will join you.
  15. "Son of a submariner!" "..Ahem! Theres Sand on my boots!" - Kefka(FF6) I can't help but laugh at that part...
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