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  1. maximum the hormone nightmare acid orange range the pillows ali project on/off girugamesh sexmachineguns gallhammer flow sunset swish jinn ..........
  2. my tonsils almost fell off when i was watching this. sooo funy. but i think i'll buy the dvd, i want to hear the original dub.
  3. i'm currently watching it... it's so funny!
  4. they dont watch anime, but they dont care if i watch it. they dont care even if i watch animes with a lot of ecchi and gore...
  5. i just noticed a lot of differences between the manga and the anime....in the manga lucy has more vectors, and her horns are longer and pointier...and her eyes aren't pink...
  6. i love elfen lied! i love blood and flying body parts.... and i almost cried at the last episode.. but read the manga if you want more.... 13 episodes definitely isn't enough!
  7. anime has taught me how to speak japanese. (even just a little)
  8. well, the term "otaku" has a negative connotation in japan. it doesnt just mean "anime fan", it's a general term for anyome absolutely addicted to anything to the point of almost not having a social life. it's like being told you're a nerd/geek. but in other countries, it simply means an anime fan.
  9. i almost cried when [spoiler] L died in death note[/spoiler] and when [spoiler]lelouch died in code geass.[/spoiler][COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"][INDENT]Next time, use spoilers so you don't ruin it for someone who has yet to see the show. Thanks. ~Indi[/INDENT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  10. death note is probably my most favorite ever. everything from the plot, character design, animation and soundtrack is awesome. especially L.:animesmil
  11. i just watched tikyo majin gakuen kenpuchou, anf i'm gonna watch vampire knight next!
  12. i prefer watching anime in its original language with english subs. tagalog and english dubs sound weird.
  13. i really love the death note soundtrack... nightmare an maximum the hormone kicks ***, and yoshihisa hirano's instrumental scores sets the dark mood of the anime... tokyo majin in also great, ACID is awesome, too bad they're disbanded.. also... code geass vampire knight toradora
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