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  1. happy birthdaaay!

    enjoy those 5 stars Timber!

  2. [COLOR=Green][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]My 2 cents on the "what does trainer mean exactly" discussion: Going by the games and its concept of ID numbers, everyone who plans to own pokemon, no matter what they plan on doing with them, needs to register and get some sort of license, kind of like how you need a dog license to own a dog in most of America, Canada, and some other countries. This is where the ID number comes from. (Little kids who have pokemon as pets probably use a parent's ID number until they're old enough to register for their own, which according to the anime is 10 years old.) Most people in the poke-world do train their pokemon to battle somewhat, since walking and biking seem to be the preferred ways of getting around the poke-world, and they leave you pretty unprotected from wild pokemon and other people. Since pokemon can double as pets and protectors and are readily available, a lot of people go with that. The trainer label, though, is for people who raise their pokemon with competitive battling in mind. You have to register with the league if you plan on taking a gym challenge (where the trainer card comes from), but the gyms are open to anyone who wants to use their facilities to train (but only give out badges to officially registered trainers). Since not everyone who battles competitively goes for gym badges, and I'm sure not all competitive battling tournaments are officially sanctioned by the local league, it's pretty much up to the individual whether they they think the trainer label fits them. But that's just my take on it. [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  3. [COLOR=Green][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]Sorry for being MIA for a while. I haven't really had many ideas, and real life sort of got in the way anyway. I'll get caught up on what I missed when I have time. I have a question, though. There are towns in both regions that have no gym (Pallet, Lavender, New Bark, Cherrygrove). Since they have no gym leader to determine affiliation with the league or the protesters, do the gym-less towns have an affiliation, or are they neutral by default? [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  4. [COLOR=Green][SIZE=1]The number one thing that I've ever been wrong about is every time I tell myself "I'm not sleepy." or "I can stay awake." Naps are glorious, amazing, wonderful things. (That I know I'm right about.) [/SIZE][/COLOR]
  5. [COLOR=Green][SIZE=1]...Does walking everywhere count? Though that's kind of out of necessity, since I have no car or license, and everything on campus and downtown is within perfectly reasonable walking distance of my residence hall... Plus, exercise = good (supposedly *shot*). I still rake leaves by hand, I use an actual broom when I sweep, and I use a push (...okay, not quite, since it's motorized, I just have to steer and walk behind it) lawn mower instead of a riding one... If they weren't banned in the residence halls for being a fire hazard, I'd probably light candles every once in a while in my dorm... Candlelight isn't fun to read by, but it's a lot cozier than the dorm fluorescents or my desk lamp. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
  6. [COLOR=Green][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]With regards to psychic abilities, all I've used so far (and all I plan to use) is telepathy. My reasoning for giving a Misdreavus telepathy is that I always thought that since ghost types are, well, ghosts, they can do and sense things that people and other pokemon can't. Also, Misdreavus can learn psychic-type moves through natural level-up (Psywave and Psybeam), and others through TMs, breeding, and move tutors (including Psychic). So, I figured it wasn't too much of a stretch to give it telepathy. However, I limited it to just being able to project its own thoughts; it can't read other people's thoughts (which is why Freya was physically speaking to hers- like most humans, she isn't capable of telepathy). Also, looking through its move list, the psychic attacks it can learn seem mostly to involve planting ideas (or mind-screwing) rather than mind probing, so it made sense to me. Since Misdreavus is a ghost-type, though, I think its telepathy doesn't work in quite the same way as an actual psychic-type's would (or pokemon that are stated to have psychic abilities in the canon, like Ninetales). I think most pokemon that are either kept as pets or battle under a trainer are capable of empathy to some extent, since they're portrayed as intelligent beings (well, most are, at least), and if you own a dog or a cat, you know that they can tell when you're not in a good mood. (They don't always care, but they can certainly tell...) [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  7. [COLOR=Green][SIZE=1]As it stands, Michigan has 3 annual anime conventions right now. The oldest, [B]JAFAX[/B], is held in late June at Grand Valley State University in Allendale (near Grand Rapids). JAFAX is free to attend. The largest, [B]Youmacon[/B], used to be held at the Hilton in Troy, but outgrew it and is now held at the Hyatt-Regency in Dearborn. Its biggest claim is the Cosplay Shougi game (think Wizard Chess from the end of Harry Potter 1). It's the first weekend in November. The newest, [B]Anime Detroit[/B], is held in October at the Hilton in Troy. This was its first year. I've been to Youmacon twice, it was a good time. I'm not going this year, though, for various reasons (the most obvious being I'm now attending college over 500 miles away, in the opposite corner of the state...) I'd really like to go to JAFAX sometime. Maybe next summer... [/SIZE][/COLOR]
  8. [COLOR=Green][SIZE=1]Hm... I didn't think of it last night, and I'm not entirely sure how useful it is, but if the east (Mahogany Town side) exist of Ecruteak isn't blocked off, there's the Mt. Mortar cave, which is just east of the city, which could potentially be used to shelter any civilians that could be evacuated.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  9. [COLOR=Green][SIZE=1]Posted, sorry that it's a bit wall-ish. I know Misdreavus is a ghost type, but it can learn psychic attacks in the games. I hope it's not a problem that I made Freya's able to speak telepathically to her. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
  10. [COLOR=Green][SIZE=1]Violet City was surprisingly peaceful. Freya wandered the city, Emmi at her feet, taking in the sights. It had been years since she'd been back home. Ever since Falkner took over the city gym, Violet City had taken on a completely different mindset. When she was younger and had gone out walking with Emmi, people would always stop to pet the small Eevee, or ask how she was doing. Not anymore. Now, walking around with a pokemon outside its pokeball got nothing but shady glances and people turning away to mutter something to each other in hushed voices. Freya's parents had been more than happy to let her (and Emmi) stay with them, so for the past couple nights, Freya had slept on the couch in the office that was once her room. It wasn't the most comfortable place to sleep, but she couldn't afford to stay at a hotel for who knew how long, and Oberon wouldn't pay for it either. It was either stay with her parents or sleep outside, and since most of the clothing she had brought with her was expensive business suits, it was an easy decision to make. And, as an added bonus, her parents allowed her to use the office, and Oberon was willing to let her work remotely for a while. [B]"Well, Emmi, I don't really like it either, but we don't have much of a choice."[/B] She sighed. [B]"Even if Mahogany Town were safe right now, we'd have no way to get there. The ice path is apparently off limits, and it seems like Ecruteak's about to turn into a battlefield. The world is collapsing around our feet..." [/B] [B]"Well, we've got somewhere to sleep at night. Sometimes, that's all you can really hope for."[/B] She crouched down to scratch Emmi behind the ear, and the little Eevee squealed in delight. [B]"Who knows how much longer we'll have that, even... Anyway, I've got a mountain of paperwork waiting for me, so we should probably head back."[/B] Freya sighed. Freya was about to turn around, when Emmi tensed, and started growling at a rustling bush. The young woman blinked at it a couple times, and decided it would be best if she didn't investigate it herself. Instead, she released her Misdreavus. [B]"Ven, would you mind checking that out?"[/B] [I][B]"Sure thing, Miss Freya."[/B][/I] [B]"...Ven, you don't need to call me Miss."[/B] [I][B]"But why wouldn't I want to, Miss Freya?"[/B][/I] [B]"Ugh, I don't have time for this... Ven, just see what's in that bush, okay?"[/B] [I][B]"Certainly, Miss Freya."[/B][/I] Ven smiled, and floated around the back of the bush, peering in. [I][B]"Hm, there's a Gloom back here. It looks hurt..."[/B][/I] [/SIZE][/COLOR][SIZE=1][COLOR=Green] [B]"Hurt? Come on out..."[/B] Freya crouched, trying to lure out the hiding pokemon. [B]"I'm not scary, I promise... Emmi, Ven, see if you can get it to come out." --[/B] After a lot of squeaking and cooing sounds, eventually Emmi emerged from the bush, followed by a Gloom that looked like it had taken more than its share of hits. Ven floated overhead, a slightly worried look on his face. [I][B]"She's not doing very well, Miss Freya. We should get her help quickly."[/B][/I] [B]"Okay. You two, stick by me. It's easy to get seperated in Violet, and I don't want to think about what might happen to either of you if the wrong person finds you wandering around alone."[/B] Emmi and Ven nodded, and followed their trainer to the pokemon center as she carried the injured Gloom. Pokemon centers were interesting places nowadays. You never knew what you might find. Some were still fully operational, some were running on borrowed time, and others still had just shut down completely. Fortunately, the one in Violet City was still running smoothly. The League may not have cared much for pokemon, but they couldn't fight without them. Freya was seated in a rough plastic chair that had clearly seen better days, stroking Emmi nervously, Ven floating around her head. [I][B]"She told me her name was Dori, Miss Freya. But if she has a name, then doesn't that mean she has an owner?"[/B][/I] [B]"Etheridge?"[/B] The nurse called, carrying the Gloom, now in much better shape. [B]"Yes?"[/B] Freya stood up, carrying Emmi, who snuggled into her arms. [B]"Your Gloom is going to be fine. She must've run into a Pidgeotto. She'll need a little rest, but she's doing much better. Although, I found something interesting..."[/B] The nurse gently stroked the leaves on the Gloom's head, as she settled down onto the countertop. [B]"That being...?"[/B] [B]"Her ID number doesn't match yours."[/B] [B]"Oh. I was expecting something bad. That's because she isn't mine, we found her. So she's registered?"[/B] [B]"Yes, but it appears the registration number has been cancelled... She must've been somebody's pet. It used to happen every now and then that a spoiled child would get a cute pokemon as a pet, and when the pokemon would evolve, the child wouldn't want it any more. It didn't happen often, because most kids become attached to their pets, but nowadays, with the League's ideals spreading, it's happening a lot more. That was probably the case with this one. Many children have Oddish as pets, but Gloom are a bit harder to care for, and aren't seen as being as cute. Anyway, this one's going to need somebody to watch her, and we're already operating beyond our capacity, I'm afraid... Would you mind taking her?"[/B] [B]"Well, one more traveling companion won't hurt, will it?"[/B] Freya asked Emmi and Ven. Ven floated down, making lazy circles around the Gloom. [I][B]"Of course not, Miss Freya."[/B][/I] [B]"Why not?"[/B] Freya got out a pokeball. She'd request a custom one from Oberon later, but for now, she just needed an inconspicuous way to get the Gloom home. [B]"Dori, would you like to come with us? I'm busy all the time, but I promise I won't forget to take care of you."[/B] The Gloom smiled, and happily allowed herself to be called into a pokeball by her new trainer. Freya sighed as she called Ven back into his pokeball. [B]"And now, it's paperwork time..."[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  11. [COLOR=Green][SIZE=1]Most games I've played with real-world mythology have just used mythology (usually Norse) as theme naming. Although Sting used Norse mythology pretty well in Riviera and Yggdra Union, though. Also, I haven't played any of the Persona games yet, but I've heard that one or more of them use tarot themes, and actually did the research to find out what cards usually mean what... [/SIZE][/COLOR]
  12. [quote name='Shinmaru']Naruto should team up with Donald and Goofy to beat the **** out of Sasuke. I would watch that. I'd vomit profusely afterward, but I'd watch it ...[/quote][COLOR=Green][SIZE=1] THIS. Anyway, I've already poured my brain out about this topic, and I don't really feel like doing it again. You can read what I said in the comment box [URL="http://www.theotaku.com/news/view/982/naruto%2C_meet_spider-man_and_his%7Cyour_boss"]here[/URL]. You have to scroll down a bit, but the gigantic wall of green text is hard to miss.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  13. [COLOR=Green][SIZE=1]While I have yet to play the game itself, I've played the game it's a remake of, I've watched all the fully-animated cutscenes, and I've spoilered myself silly over the changes. The video game moment that made me cry the most was [SPOILER]Leon's death[/SPOILER] in Tales of Destiny PS2. His entire character was pretty pathetic in the original, and they really went all-out fixing it for the remake. His [SPOILER]death[/SPOILER] alone was sad enough; the background music they used just made it that much sadder. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
  14. [SIZE=1][COLOR=Green]Well, I wouldn't be able to go, since I live in the opposite corner of the country, but the artists I'd be most interested in seeing live are KOKIA, Garnet Crow, and T.M. Revolution.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  15. [COLOR=Green][SIZE=1]AVG has a free version, and seems to work pretty well. I used McAfee on my desktop, and my laptop came with a free trial of Norton when I got it, but that ran out a couple days ago. I downloaded AVG when it ran out, and nothing's gone wrong yet... [/SIZE][/COLOR][SIZE=1][URL]http://free.avg.com/[/URL][/SIZE]
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