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  1. bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy
  2. Noir

    Soul Caliber V

    I hope there's story this time fight after meaningless fight got kinda boring in 4 :/
  3. [b]Single or Multiplayer? [/b] [b] Single What's the favourite structure you've built? (Pictures if you have them!) [/b] [b] Tower in the middle of the sea that reach towards the sky What's your best minecraft story? [/b] [b] Just the other day I managed to bury myself in the middle of the sea, deep down and sorrounded by sand, died Dx If you're on a server, which one, and what mods do they have? (Not that I'm constantly on the lookout for cool mods or anything...)[/b] [b] Do you use a texture pack, and if so, which?[/b] [b] Too hard to install W
  4. Noir

    Sure sure :3

  5. Lilt

    Okay, good to know. =P

    Well, enjoy the OB boards. ^^ I hope you make a lot of friends. I have to run but I'll see you around. Have fun.

  6. Noir

    The color and the character :P

  7. Lilt

    You're welcome. ^^

    And I almost forgot. xD I'm Lilt. ^^ OB is a fun place.

    Also, did you get your username from the color or from the anime?

  8. Noir

    Thank you ^^

  9. Lilt

    Hey, welcome to OB! ^^

  10. Chicken, A whole chicken only costs like 5 bucks thankfully :3
  11. Noir

    Game of Thrones

    I recently started reading it myself, The beginning seemed a little slow to me but it picks up really quick.
  12. Playing Fallout New Vegas, trying an Energy weapons build so I can finish Dead money and be ready for Honest Hearts
  13. ^Yay! Hope you get your TV back ...what are the odds your ps3 gets stolen right after? xD
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