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    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by GinnyLyn [/i] [B]People don't [i]plan[/i] to fall in love, period. (Unless they are really really weird--stalker types.) ^^; Love, like, friendship, whathaveyou--it all happens when it happens. I have to agree with the physical aspect, though--if you [i]never[/i] meet, then there really is no point, is there? [/B][/QUOTE] yup yup...it just happens, and you can't prepare for it. :D
  2. I think that [COLOR=skyblue]for every action there is a reason[/COLOR]. I also think that people just do think for reward or a prize that they receive after. Of course, this sounds sort of strange because sometime people just do things because they like it. If you consider emotion is also a type of reward, therefore, I think that even when people do something good, they do it for a reward. Do you think that even when people do something good, they just do it for reward? Sometimes, people just don't notice that they just do it for reward, because for every action there is a reason.
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    At first, I think everyone online are liar, never tell the truth. They only make up beautiful stories and tell you what you like to hear. However, now I realize that there're nice people on the net. The one that I can trust and share my secret with that I don't have to worry about that person will tell someone I knew.:D I find that it's easier to talk to someone you don't know how they look like or who they really are then to the one you know. For the E-date stuff, it's just too complicated. I've tried once, it doesn't work well, it's better to be friend and have fun then get to the
  4. Well, I don't have a chance to watch all of DBZ episodes yet...due to my busy schedule. :( Vegeta character is very original, it's one of the best character in Anime, or in any story that I've read before. His character is well develop through the series.
  5. I mean it. For some strange reason, the date of birth in my birth certificait wasn't my real birthday. I think it's pointless to celebrate if I don't even know my real date of birth.
  6. from 1-20, 4 years apart is quite a gap from 90-100, 4 years different is nothing
  7. [b]Little Sister[/b] Nothing is worser Than my little sister Take over my food Bring me into bad-mood If I speak too loud Mother thought I shout At her poor little baby So kind and lovely Sister, sister, sister Wouldn?t it be better If you weren?t around Or the earth wasn?t so round And we never met I wouldn?t be upset Little sister, you?re horrible Like to make me feel terrible Your appear in my nightmare Pulling off my hair You like to make me scare Chasing me up the stair When we?re playing a messy-game You let me take the blame Mother ang
  8. [b]Wake Up in the Middle of the Night[/b] Wake up in the middle of the night Look through the window, see the moon See the white shadow flowing in the air Very creepy, very scary The white shadow has white hair Moving closer toward the window Is it a ghost or an illusion? Close the blind, hide under the blanket Persuading myself that it?s only an illusion Screech fingernails on the glass Very creepy, very scary Under the blanket, skin shivers Body sweating from the fear Is it a ghost or an illusion? Light beams shine through the window Throw off the bla
  9. I'm very easy. :D -taller than me -Not too scary looking
  10. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by JCBaggee [/i] [B][color=red][font=arial]Well, if you want something of theres so badly that it jeopardizes a friendship or whatever with them, you're probably pretty jealous. Basically, you hate them for material possessions/friends/etc. --Chris[/color][/font] [/B][/QUOTE] After reading your post, I just remember something. I know some people mistaken love and possession. If you love someone, that doesn't mean you own or possess them. When a person get jealous, could it be that he/she thinks that he/she possesses or owns the other?
  11. One of my brother friend, he's over 50 and his wife is only 26. They get along very well, and he loved his wife very much.
  12. This is kind of hard. How do you know when you're overly jealous of someone?
  13. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by vegeta rocker [/i] [B]Maybe i should write a love story about a depressed football................... [/B][/QUOTE] Don't do that. :D
  14. What do you think of jealousy? For example, if you loved someone, and you're jealous when that person is with someone else. Is that love or a sign of untrustworthy? Personally, I think if you loved someone, you must trust that person. You shouldn't be jealous. Also, someone told me that, if that person doesn't jealous, that mean he/she doesn't love you. Is that true?
  15. I see, they just don't like to accept something different.
  16. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by vegeta rocker [/i] [B]After turning this in in english class i was told i need therapy. [/B][/QUOTE] It's dark and fill with madness. But I don't think it's that serious yet. Strange though, why would they told you that.
  17. Sorry, but I think this show is very lame. It's like a degrading in marriage.
  18. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Forest_Pixie [/i] [B]I'm reading Hamlet right now.... I think it's one of my favorites so far... Kinda sad how Ophelia dies... and then everyone just follows her... But the thing is did Hamlet really love her? He said he did, but he never really acted like it. I mean he told her to join a convent... [/B][/QUOTE] I think he loves her, but he's sort of insane himself.
  19. When I was 16, I thinking the same too. I thought I might want to be a bi. Strange though, but I got over it couple months later. I'm confused that time, I think you're confuse right now too. Take TN advice.
  20. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Deus Ex Machina [/i] [B]I mean no offence when I say this, but I see that as the same kind of attitude as the stereotypical religious "Your bad circumstances are a result of your sins" attitude.. which I don't really agree with at all, cos it kind of says "there are no circumstances that you couldn't avoid, had you been a better person" [/B][/QUOTE] I agree with you. I think people just used that as an excuse. You're who you are, and you have a choice of being bad or good (there's always exception in special cases). YOu just can't blame everything t
  21. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by James [/i] [B][color=#808080]I think part of the reason the site matures over time is because of our rules and the way we enforce them. Over time, if someone makes silly threads constantly...they'll either be banned or leave...or they will remain here and try to improve. It is those members who end up representing the more mature aspects of our community, I think. Sometimes you'll notice that lots of threads get closed in a short space of time. When this happens, I think it reminds people of the quality we expect to see. So, it's how things evolve
  22. Keep it longer for enough time. How long? What it takes forever?
  23. Good anime character: The eyes, I always attracted to the eyes of the character. I don't know why. Good drawing eyes. :D
  24. I hope I can see it. I stop watching Tenchi after couple episodes of Tenchi in Tokyo. It's so boring.
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