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  1. Should we really be all that concerned with the dubbing, if we're so worried about it? I mean, chances are the DVDs will come with subtitled tracks.
  2. Tenchi Muyo is filled with lots of different characters with different powers. Based on what you've seen, who do you think is more powerful (out of the good guys)? I'm voting for Achika. Sure, she knocked a few decades off of her life, but she's the only person who I've ever seen transform the Sword of Tenchi. No one else even came close to beating Kain.
  3. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ShadowTrunks [/i] [B]Well, I don't think she meant that she actually wanted that to happen in the series, she was just pointing out what she though was worth pointing out. :p [/B][/QUOTE] "She"? Um, I don't know how to break this to you, but I'm what modern science classifies as "male." Okay, making a wish outside of the room first won't work. After a wish has been made, the balls fly away and turn to stone. The dragon ball radar can't track them down while they're stone, so the wish would have to be made [i]inside[/i] of the room. After they make a wish inside of the room, the balls will scatter around the room, but they won't disappear. I don't see how they could disappear. Just because the room of spirit and time goes on forever, that doesn't mean the balls will scatter forever. If anything, the balls should only scatter a few hundred or thousand miles away, like they usually do outside of the room. If they make the wish right next to the door, then the balls should only scatter a few hundred miles away from the door.
  4. Lina Inverse (from Slayers) and Goku (from DBZ) are both tough fighters with ultimate attacks, but they tend to act really goofy. Key (from Key: The Metal Idol) and Lain (from Serial Experiments Lain) are practically the same person. Trunks (from DBZ) and Pluto (from Sailormoon) are time-hoppers who don't seem to talk much Ten (from Urusei Yatsura) and Chibi-Usa (from Sailormoon) are troublesome brats that the adults love. Ren (from Please Save My Earth) and Trunks (from DBZ) look exactly alike. Amelia (from Slayers) and Mihoshi (from Tenchi Muyo) have no idea what they're doing. Eisha (from Outlaw Star) and Ryoko (from Tenchi Muyo) are wild, uncontrolable fighters.
  5. Oops. So Yuki was the popular one and not Kyo? My bad :o Yeah, the idea of FUNimation handling this show doesn't exactly comfort me, either. But they've improved a lot since 1996, so maybe they'll surprise us. Yu Yu Hakusho was dubbed pretty well (when compared to some other Yu Yu dubs). And we can only pray that they do hire some new voice actors (a teenaged girl who sounds like Vegeta just doesn't seem right)
  6. It takes a full year for the dragon balls to recharge. Big deal! If they wanted, the Z-Crew could make a wish every day. Think about it... They grab the dragon ball radar and gather all of the dragon balls. Before they make a wish, they go into this little room called Spirit and Time (maybe you've heard of it) :) They make a wish in the Room of Spirit and Time and the dragonballs scatter all around the room. They leave, come back the next day, and gather all of the dragonballs again. But what if they get lost in the Room of Spirit and Time? Simple! Send Goku to look for the dragon balls and leave someone at the door. When Goku finds all of the balls, he can just teleport to the guy standing at the door. Piece of cake!
  7. Immortality sounds fine and dandy until the world comes to an end... then what're you gonna do? I'd wish for something good, pure, and would benefit all of mankind... The world's largest bowl of Jello. It would never ever run out of Jello and it would cure world hunger and everyone would always have room for it.
  8. I heard reports that FUNimation (the beloved company that dubbed Yu Yu Hakusho and behated company that dubbed Dragonball Z) has taken hold of a fresh, new hit series in Japan. It's called [i]Fruits Basket[/i] and it's still in its first 26 episodes and it's like the #3 overall anime right now (#1 among girls, but guys seem to like it a lot, too). The story is about a teenaged girl named Toru Honda whose mother died and left her an orphan. To keep from being a burden in the world, Toru bought a tent and moved out to the forrest to live alone, while still finishing high school in town. One day, she finds out that the land she pitched her tent on belongs to the Soma family. The all-male Soma family invites Toru to live with them in their house (let the scandelous adventures pursue!) That's when Toru discovers the Somas' awful secret... they all turn into animals (literally) when "embraced by the opposite sex." If that wasn't enough, Kyo Soma is a very popular boy at Toru's school who has girls falling on him left and right. Can Toru Honda help the Soma family keep their secret? So the way I hear it, this is a comedy-packed anime that everyone in Japan loves. I might just save up a few bucks and buy it when it comes out in the U.S.
  9. So I'm the only one who thinks Tenchi should go with Tsunami? :p Seriously, I think Ryoko is the only one who really loves Tenchi, anyway. (In the OVA...) Ayeka hated Tenchi when she first met him and didn't fall in love with him until she found out he had Royal blood. So yeah, Ryoko all the way.
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