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  1. I think some public displays are okay, but others need to be done in private. It's okay to kiss, hug, and all that stuff in public, but nobody wants to see you reach second base. That's just awkward to see. Go home for that stuff, or at least find a nearby bathroom.
  2. It's weird enough that my name has "Senior Member" under it, as if I'm some old retiree who only started showing up again because he's collecting his social security/pension. Now everyone can see I have--- God Only Knows How Many posts. --EDIT-- 1,700+ posts? Really?
  3. I imagine the term "Fresh Water Sea Kittens" being used, which would be a term just stupid enough for PETA to actually use.
  4. [quote name='Tophel']Well, actually, if you're talking modern day lifespans of 80+ yrs, meat is actually not good for you. Certainly not on a daily basis. Humans can eat meat yes but we were never really carnivores. If you look at our digestive system and especially our teeth we are more vegetarian than carnivore. Meat, in particular, red meat is a booster. So when we had lifespans of 40+ yrs (which was only until a couple of centuries ago), the protein in meat provided easy and quick energy. It also helps a little with brain development. But as you age the consequences of eating meat build up and the negative begins to outweigh the positive. Which is why nutritionists normally recommend eating red meat only about 3 times a week. Anyway, the short of it is that meat, in this modern urban age does not really have 'health benefits'. Generally speaking, provided you do it reasonably and sensibly, being a vegetarian is better for you than being a steak-a-day or even 3-steaks-a-week carnivore. But all of this is moot because most people separate fish meat from red meat. The most unhealthy is red meat followed by fowl followed by fish. Sea kittens are actually good for you. :animesmil[/QUOTE] I'm not going to sit here and deny that we need vegetables, could survive on veggies alone, or we'd die if we tried to eat meat alone. I know all that stuff. Thing is, you're presenting your argument as if I'm saying there are benefits to eating [i]only[/i] red meat everyday. Nobody does that. Everybody eats vegetables. People eat meats other than steak. There [i]are[/i] health benefits to eating meat. They provide the body with plenty of protein, and chicken is an excellent source of niacin. That's my whole point. Meat has health benefits. All you did was tell me that it's bad to eat steak too many times a week. I know that. Now find me the nutritionist who says it's dangerous to eat chicken more than 3 times a week (by the way, niacin is known to regulate insulin levels and cholesterol) as well as any & all other meats, and you'll have proven me wrong.
  5. [quote name='Nerdsy'][color=deeppink]a Jay Leno/Crispen Glover vampire lovechild![/color][/QUOTE] Throw David Bowie into that mix. ;)
  6. A Doctor with a weird face isn't a bad thing. We're talking about a role once played by Tom Baker, and while his smooth English voice could turn a straight man gay, he was far from a pretty boy like Tennant. Heck, Eccleston was far from a pretty boy like Tenant.
  7. But you don't understand! Everyone on Earth should be a vegan, all milk should be soy, and we should get all of our proteins from peanuts and sunflower seeds! Nevermind the natural order! Eating fish is [i]mean[/i]. By the way, I was being totally facetious. Look, there are some fish out there that are getting overfished into "endangered" territory, and I agree that we should all ease up on the anchovies and certain kinds of tuna. And if you're a vegan or vegetarian, all the power to you. However, I'm not going to deny my natural instinct to eat meats and fishes (especially considering their health benefits) just because killing animals for the purpose of ingestion is less than kind. Furthermore, "sea kittens"? [i]Really?[/i]
  8. I already eat [i]catfish[/i]. "Sea kitten" isn't going to deter me in the least.
  9. Like Chris Rock said, "What happened to crazy?" There was a time when a kid would snap and kill his whole family, and they'd say the kid was simply off his rocker, then lock him up. Now they want to blame the heavy metal music, the violent video games, the action movies, and the boobs on the Super Bowl. The ironic part here is that he killed his mom because supposedly his parents [i]wouldn't let him play[/i] the violent video game.
  10. [quote name='Vicky'][size=1]...'cause we already got one? =p hehe.[/size][/QUOTE] Don't mind me. I've gotten senile in my old age. I like Auditorium, but that's just as bad as Amphitheater, isn't it? :animedepr
  11. One year later, and Chrono Trigger has been rereleased on the DS! I just got the game this Christmas as a gift for myself, and have been playing it in my spare time. I haven't played Chrono Trigger is [i]years[/i], and I'm glad to see the Playstation's animated cutscenes have also been ported over. I played the classic SNES version, so I'd never seen the videos before. This game is just as fun as I remember it, but I still found myself making the exact same mistake I made back then: I couldn't save Lucca's mom from the lab accident. Once again, that's a mistake I'll have to rectify during New Game +.
  12. *returns from obscurity* Any name is better than its old 'Music, Movies & TV' name. If Amphitheater is too much (and after typing it just now, I agree), why not just The Theatre?
  13. Oh, this website is just too hilarious. Their quotes from "real people" in the [i]Your Children Are Lying To You[/i] section are pure gold. [quote]"There was a Goth kid in my class, and there was this story going around school that he raped a cat. I'm not sure if it was true, but after what you just told me I’d imagine it probably was. These Goths are sick!" – Brandon Winchester, 17[/quote] [quote]"It's like Sodom and Gomorrah all over again, but with drugs. I heard that they sacrifice babies on the dance floor, and that's why they wear "PVC", because the blood wipes off more easily." – Janet Majors, 19[/quote] [quote]"I dated a Goth chick once. Her vagina stank of rotten garbage. It was awful. Do all Goths have bad personal hygiene? It was disgusting. I wore 100 condoms but she still gave me AIDS!" – Charles Munroe, 21[/quote]
  14. [quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]Actually, no, because she refuses to believe in [I]anything[/I], as she's told me several times herself. If I remember correctly, she does so because she sees blatant hypocrisy and arrogance in any and all courts, and wants none of it. Close enough, Vic? Been awhile since the last time we chatted about that subject.[/FONT][/QUOTE] Right, that's good, except I didn't ask if she believed in [i]anything[/i]. I asked if it was ironic to not believe in anything, yet still liken those lack of beliefs to symbols of belief. Maybe we're just not understanding each other.
  15. [quote name='Vicky'][size=1]I have not read all that has already been said but... ...I wear my Atheism like a cross. So kudos to these guys, and a lot more, at that. The slogans on my shirt cause uproar and silly little comments. But like I said, I were my atheism like a cross. And everyone else like me should wear it as such.[/size][/QUOTE] Isn't presenting your lack of religious beliefs in a manner akin to a religious symbol a bit... ironic?
  16. Matt Smith may be the youngest Doctor yet, but it looks like they're going back to Doctors with unconventional looks. With his pale skin and lack of eyebrows, he kinda creeps me out.
  17. Atheists, continue doing what you do. If you're right, then none of us will care when we die. If you're wrong, then I seriously doubt a loving God would punish you just because you refused to be scared by "You're Going to Hell" Website #734,466.
  18. [quote name='Shy'][size=1]You're alive!?[/size][/QUOTE] I recently got an email that brought me back from the dead.
  19. You'd think with a name like The Greatest Fan Film of All Time, they wouldn't be able to live up to their own hype. But they pulled it off. It was one of the few fan films I enjoyed the whole way through, and calling it "The Greatest" doesn't feel like a stretch at all.
  20. Hello. My name is Manic, and this is my first time logging on since November 15, 2006.
  21. Rock on! I almost wish I didn't know every intimate detail about how the story progresses. The training session went by a lot quicker than I thought it would, but all is fair when you're working your way up to the good stuff.
  22. [quote name='Aaryanna][COLOR=SeaGreen']Even more surprising is I actually liked how they did Lois Lane! I really liked how they kept certain aspects of her character and yet did away with the more annoying selfish, whiney bratty aspect of her personality. It was like they took the essence of what she was suppose to be like and left the other stuff behind. Though I suppose that?s just personal opinion. ^_~ I just found her extremely annoying in the other movies.[/COLOR][/quote] It probably helps that Lois wasn't played by Margot Kidder, this time around. I know most fans have a romanticized view of the old Superman films, but Margot Kidder is honestly the most annoying actress to ever play Lois Lane. It's not just the way she was written, either. It was the attitude, and that grating voice of her's.
  23. [quote name='Rapture Ruckus][color=#c00000]Though, for a movie that is supposed to sequelise the first two movies, I wans a little dissapointed in the fact that [spoiler] Clark Kent reveals to Lois in Superman 2 that he is the mant of steel himself, yet in "Returns" She has either conveniently ignored this or it has been forgotten completely. Her reactions to the return of Kent and Superman are starkly contrasted, this made for a good sequence in these scenes, but was still, at the same time, annoying.[/spoiler'][/color][/quote] Well, if you remember the end of Superman 2, [spoiler]Clark gave Lois what I like to call "The Amnesia Kiss." He met her in her office one morning, kissed her, and she suddenly started acting like Clark and Superman were two different people again.[/spoiler]
  24. [QUOTE=The Boss][color=navy][size=1] Hyphie is a form of high energy rap/beat making emerging out of L.A. Similar to Crunk music, but less about bass and more about fast paced beats. [b]E-40[/b] and [b]Keaf da Freak[/b] are the two most popular representatives of this form as of now.[/color][/size][/QUOTE] I'm sorry, but I simply [b]must[/b] correct this. Hyphie started in the San Francisco Bay Area. E-40 is from Vallejo, which is in that area. In his song "Tell Me When To Go," he mentions Oakland and says (and I quote) "I'm from the bay, where we hyphie and go dumb / from the soil where them rappers be getting their lingo from." The entire hyphie movement belongs to the Bay Area (aka The Yay). This includes The City (San Francisco), The Town (Oakland), and San Jose. I live in the Yay. I just couldn't let that one go.
  25. [quote name='Hunter DX][COLOR=DarkGreen']Wow someone complaining about a fight scene being to long thats the first I heard of it. Im usually complaning that fights are way to short.It seems these days fights dont last longer than 2 minutes. I prefer my fight scenes long and brutal. [/COLOR][/quote] Well, it just felt a little... gratuitous. Aside from the fact that Yuriko stood there and intimidated the audience for the first 2 hours, there was really nothing building up to their battle. Granted, it was a good fight. However, I felt that subtracting a minute out of that fight and adding to Jean & Scott's fight would've been nice. Cyclops disappeared in the first act, and what do we get when he returns? Three zaps. Plus, I'm a regular comic book reader, and I (like most Marvel readers) am tired of Wolverine getting overexposed. There was actually a point in the comics where Wolverine was on Cyclops' team, Storm's team, Havok's team, the Avengers, had his own solo comic, and was making frequent cameos in Spider-Man's books. At the same time. So whenever I watch X2 again, I actually die a little inside when I remember just how much that movie centers around Wolverine.
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