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  1. [quote name='Hunter DX][COLOR=DarkGreen']I was a little dissapointed with the fight scenes in the movie.In X2 the best battle would have had to be between Wolverine and Deathstrike it would be hard to top that.[/COLOR][/quote] I'm inclined to disagree. I thought the Wolverine/Deathstrike fight was overblown, and far too long. I would've been very disappointed if this movie had given us another 50-minute* fight scene because the director fantasizes about Hugh Jackman at night. Besides, I think The Last Stand made up for it with the final [spoiler]X-Men/Brotherhood battle[/spoiler] scene. *Okay, so I'm being a tad hyperbolic.
  2. People who think the world is coming to an end are insane. Everyone knows the world already ended 2000 years ago, on June 6th in the year 6AD.
  3. [quote name='James][font=franklin gothic medium']I suppose my only disappointment isn't so much with the film itself...it's more with the idea that this might be the last X-Men film. Can anyone confirm that? Based on the events of the film and based on its title...I'd imagine so. I guess that disappoints me simply because there are so many fantastic X-Men plotlines that may simply never be shown in a film. And given how well this series has been handled in general in its film conversion, that's a disappointing thought.[/font][/quote] With the money this film is raking in ($107million on opening weekend), I'm counting on FOX producing one last X-Men film. Of course, it seems unlikely that some of the principle cast will return, so who knows? There is a Wolverine spin-off in the works, as well as a Magneto prequel. Zak Penn has been signed to script a third spin-off movie, but there's no word on what it'll be about. There are some rumors that it'll be about the students at the mansion.
  4. I won't be seeing this movie for another few days, but dag-nabbit, look at this avatar! If I don't start this thread, nobody will. For now, talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic... [size=5][b]X-MEN: THE LAST STAND[/b][/size] [b]Starring:[/b] Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry [b]Director:[/b] Brett Ratner ([i]Rush Hour, Red Dragon[/i]) [b]Written by:[/b] Zak Penn ([i]X2: X-Men United[/i]), Simon Kinberg ([i]Fantastic Four[/i]) [b]Premise:[/b] The X-Men are back in an all-new adventure! When a leading pharmaceutical company discovers a way to permanently suppress the mutation process, mutants around the world must decide whether or not they want to take this so-called "cure." Magneto, of course, has already made his decision, and will not have a repeat of the Holocaust. Things come to a boil when a certain X-Man returns to the fold, more powerful than ever. Watch how things conclude in the end of the [i]X-Men[/i] film trilogy. And... DISCUSS!
  5. [quote name='sakurasuka][size=1']I don't see why people made a big deal about that whole thing, anyway. Rap, Emo, Metal, Punk, etc. groups poke fun at/criticize/yell at the gonvernment all the time.[/size][/quote] "Somehow, bad-mouthing the President in a foreign land during a time of war doesn't seem to sit well with the NASCAR crowd." I can't remember which comedian said that, but it pretty much sums up why what they said was a big deal. The Dixie Chicks' target fanbase are Southerners who listen to Country music, which is typically a Conservative group of people. Imagine Timothy Leary speaking out against psychological drugs-- you're looking at one disappointed and betrayed fanbase. Also, [b]nobody[/b] likes it when singers, musicians, and actors speak out about politics. Your fans like you because you're pretty/funny, and you've got an entertaining talent; when we want to know what's on your mind, we'll ask. Now stop trying to use your fans for your own agenda.
  6. Manic Webb


    Disney knows that they have hit pay-dirt with Lost. Back during the first season, when Hurley's CD player ended every episode on a different song, there were people who went out of their way to find the paralells between the songs and the episodes. Small easter eggs that found their ways into the episodes were plastered all over the internet. That's when it became clear; the producers know that fans will follow everything on this show religiously. So they fabricated the Hanso Corp ads, and either used the show as a vehicle to promote someone's book, or they decided to cash in by writing a book loosely connected to the show.
  7. Manic Webb


    Just a note about tonight's episode, "Two For The Road." [spoiler]The actresses who play Libby and Ana Lucia were recently charged with a DUI in Hawaii. This has led many fans to speculate whether or not the actresses would be kicked off of the show. Here's our answer. "Two for the Road." Get it?[/spoiler]
  8. Manic Webb

    Gaming Wii

    For a while, I'd be debating with myself over whether I'd actually bother to buy the Nintendo Revolution. Would it really be worth it? Do I honestly want to deal with that silly looking controller? Then they announced that its official name is Wii. It's settled. I [b]must[/b] buy this console, if only so I can throw up my hands and shout [i]"wiiiiiii"[/i] whenever I play with it. It's far too funny to pass up. This is the greatest name for a console, [b]ever![/b]
  9. [quote name='indifference][COLOR=Indigo']The trick to celery is to cut in into short little pieces about 3 to 4 inches long and then place them in a jar or container of water in the fridge. Try it sometime, it totally changes how the celery tastes. It?s very, very good. [/COLOR][/quote] [B]OR[/B] you can cover them in peanut butter. I find that always improves the taste [i]drastically[/i].
  10. There is only one food I've eaten that has instantly made me vomit: oysters. Also, I can't stand when someone in my family cooks chitterlings/chitlins. For those of you not in the know, chitlins are pig intestines. It is the most disgusting, foul smelling food ever prepared. I absolutely love italian food. If it involves oregano, tomato sauce, or a form of pasta, I'm there. [quote name='The Boss']Other than Broccoli[/quote] Broccoli gets such a bad rap, sometimes. It's actually one of the vegetables I enjoy eating the most. The stem is just terrible to bite into, but the flowery part on top carries so much flavor. It's especially good when you cook it into something else, like a stir fry.
  11. All of my friends are thinner than me, and drive much better cars. But I'm F'ing [b]Manic Webb![/b] So as you can see, it all works out.
  12. *watches the trailer* The movie has a DOA volleyball scene! I'm there! :D No, seriously, I can't tell if this movie is going to be unbelivably unfaithful to the game, or if the trailer was just edited to make it look like "A Handful of Hot Chicks vs. Everyone." I'll probably still see it, if only for the eye candy and potential humor. They can't all be deep.
  13. [quote name='The13thMan][FONT=Century Gothic] [COLOR=DarkOrange]Hah, like Steven Colbert. Has anybody ever seen that picture of him with the black guy? That's hilarious, i crack up every time i see it. The dude looks so miserable and steven is just living it up, oh man that's funny.[/COLOR'] [/FONT][/quote] "People tell me I'm white; I take their word for it." --Stephen Colbert on being racially color-blind. It's not about being color-blind, though. We shouldn't ignore one another's races. We have to be accepting, or at the very least, tolerant.
  14. On one hand, I want to say "people against interracial couples still exist?!" But I'm a black guy who went to a predominantly Asian-American high school, so I know that the most racist groups of people you'll ever meet are black women and Asian parents. Especially black women. If I ever brought a white girl to the family reunion, the women of my family would all have to be hospitalized for blowing a collective gasket-- except for my half-white step-mom, of course. :p Seriously, I'm all for interracial couples. I don't know how, and I don't know why, but mixed-race people almost always absorb the best facial features of both parents. Even if both parents are pug-fugly, that child is going to be comparitively less ugly than either one. It's like God wants us to intermix. So remember, it's God's will that we all mate with someone of a different race. Atheist? Then stop stiffling evolution, and hook up with the nearest person of another race. ;)
  15. I [i]want[/i] to say stealing from the Five would be wrong, but the revolutionary in me (and it will be televised, folks) wants the Fifty to overthrow the Five. It's just like when I was studying the French Revolution in high school; I knew killing the Noble Class was wrong, but life was only getting worse for the people in the Third Estate. If the people didn't take France for themselves, they would've collapsed onto themselves and died. A revolution was in order, and the impoverished Third Estate got bloody vengeance. Of course, things then got [b]way[/b] out of hand, and it reached the point where a man could accidentally send his own son-in-law to the guillotine ([u]A Tale of Two Cities[/u]). When you fight the power and win, you become the power. And it's at that point that you must beware of the power going to your head.
  16. I stand corrected. You have to admit, it's confusing as hell that Mystique was part of a Brotherhood entirely separate from Magneto's Brotherhood. I always assumed she worked for him at some point. I'd continue to defend Daredevil, but what's the point? I thought the story was good.
  17. [quote name='DracoGuardian']personaly I am not a big fan of the mutant cure/vaccine plot or that Mystique is working for Magneto I have hated that since the first movie. It is as big a greivance to me as Daredevil was in it's entirity but that is a rant for a different thread that I may make at some point for fun.[/quote] If you don't like the cure plot, fine. However, Mystique has a long history of working for the Brotherhood in the comics. She's worked for Mageto, and has done things in his honor while he was absent. She also has a history of double-crossing him, but hey, Mystique is the type of woman who'll double-cross her own children. And you should watch Daredevil: The Director's Cut. Unlike the theatrical version, the Director's Cut actually has 3 Acts.
  18. You've already posted this question in the Anime Lounge, and you got your answer there. Closed.
  19. I'm sorry, but are you basing your entire argument around the fact that your speech is limited at school? Let's be glad you don't attend a private school, or you'd start supporting the idea of the general public wearing identical clothing. You're in high school. [b]Of course[/b] they're limiting your speech. They don't want to offend the student body or faculty, as that could interrupt the learning process. And in the end, that's what it always boils down to; schools make rules to prevent the learning process from being disrupted. My high school wouldn't allow us to wear hats. I don't want to limit everyone's freedom of expression through dress. My point is this: Don't make decisions about how you want society to be simply because you don't like your school's policies on speech. Yes, they'll fine you for saying something wrong. So what? Anywhere else, and you'd be allowed to say whatever you wanted so long as it wasn't slanderous or endangering to others. You're lashing out. If you were suddenly thrust into a totalitarian society with no form of free speech, you'd probably hate it because you wouldn't be allowed to complain about [b]anything[/b] without penalty.
  20. I believe a comedian once said that California's four seasons are Wind, Fire, Rain, and Mud. First it gets really windy, and everything drys out. Then some a-hole throws their cigarette out the car window, and lights half of the state on fire. Then it rains, which finally takes out the state-wide inferno. But then that causes massive mudslides, where houses all over the state slide downhill. Sadly, it's kinda accurate. I think there's a huge fire every year.
  21. I'm almost positive there's already a Fullmetal Alchemist thread in the Anime Lounge that you could join. Try searching in that forum, and joining any existing FMA threads. [color=navy]Thread Closed[/color]
  22. [quote name='Starwind']Not California, there are still Hurricanes there.[/quote] Actually, California doesn't get hurricanes [b]at all[/b]. It has to do with the fact that hurricanes spin either clockwise or counter-clockwise (I forget which way) in the Northern Hemisphere. Because our ocean is on a different side (West), and there's nothing but more land to the East (Nevada & Arizona), we don't get hurricanes. We get Earthquakes. Stupid Ring of Fire and San Andreas Fault. Anyway, I'm currently experiencing a California winter (yay!)... in Northern California, not too far from San Francisco (boo!). That means our weather is in a state of flux like you wouldn't believe. Sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy and grey as hell, light rain, sunny, heavy rain. That's pretty much the average week around here, and you still have to wear a jacket outside on the sunny days. The weather also has a habit of changing throughout the day. Every morning starts out either rainy or foggy. After that, it's a coin toss. We'll get everything except snow. Yes, even hail (rarely). The weather here isn't tragic or joyful. It's just depressing.
  23. Yikes. First of all, if you're going to start a topic, stick with it. You brought up in Vader Zim, so stick to Invader Zim. There are other Green Day threads for you to join. Second, please write more than just a single, uninspired sentence to start off your threads. Try showing a little more effort. For now, I'm closing this thread.
  24. [quote name='Tracer Bullet][COLOR=Green][FONT=Comic Sans MS]CGI is awesome, but the beauty that is hand-drawn cartoons is something much more beautiful, and it seems that with this purchase, the Disney board has decided to no longer dedicate time to this timeless art, but rather let Pixar make all of its future blockbuster kids movies.[/FONT'][/COLOR][/quote] Disney made the decision to give up traditional animation long before they purchased Pixar. We're talking 2004 (at least), here. When [i]Home on the Range[/i] and [i]Brother Bear[/i] bombed, then-CEO Michael Eisner lost hold of all of his senses, and came to the conclusion that those movies failed because people want CGI-animated films. Heaven forbid either movie failed because they were just bad. Anyway, Eisner then shut down all of Disney's major animation studios. I'm talking Japan, Florida, Burbank-- all of them. This was then followed by several Disney board members walking out on the company (but keeping their stock shares, of course), and protesting against Eisner himself. Eventually, the rest of the board caved in, and Iger is the current CEO. The studios are still shut down, though. Disney built a new studio in Burbank made exclusively for CGI-animated films ([i]Chicken Little[/i] being the first), and I can't remember whether or not the made-for-television animation studio is still up & running in Australia. Anyway, I'm fed up with Disney. They haven't seen a dime from me in a while-- not including the Miramax films I've seen.
  25. Check it out, folks. The UPN and WB television networks are planning to cease operations this Autumn, paving the way for a new network founded by both companies. LINK: [url]http://money.cnn.com/2006/01/24/news/companies/cbs_warner/index.htm[/url] [quote]Warner Brothers and CBS Corp. announced plans Tuesday for the creation of a new broadcast television network, called CW, that would replace the WB and UPN networks in the fall of this year.[/quote] [quote]The new network will broadcast such UPN shows as "America's Next Top Model" and "Veronica Mars," as well as WB programs "Beauty and the Geek" and "Smallville."[/quote] [quote]UPN and the WB have struggled to attract viewers from the four established networks since they were launched in the mid-1990s. But each has its strengths.[/quote] [quote]Both networks will cease operations in September, broadcasting their respective network schedules independently until then.[/quote] I did [b]not[/b] see that coming.
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