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  1. [QUOTE=satan665]I've actually been to Harajuku and its a pretty cool place. Its basically an outdoor mall with tons of shops (mostly clothes) and teens decked out to try and impress people. A lot of extreme American punk/goth style stuff mixed in with expensive fancy rich people clothes. The younger, teen part is cool but the upscale part is just high fashion crap. I think that Gwen thinks she's so very cool and stylish, but is basically just exploiting that Japanese subculture. The six or so girls she has in all of her videos are under contract so that they can't speak english and are basically dolls. Its like some retarded form of slavery where you just throw money around and get people to do what you want. Stefani is an idiot (have you ever heard her talk in an interview?) who has the brain of a 14 year old. Its weird if people here start having "Harajuku style" which is just an extreme copy of American style in the first place.[/QUOTE] Free The Gwenihana Four!! I [i]want[/i] to believe us Americans aren't crazy enough to buy into the Harajuku style, especially since our version of it (or something similar) went out of style around the turn of the century in the hip-hop community.
  2. Nothing new? A topic that can easily be discussed in one of the pre-existing threads in the first few pages? A website plug? Sorry, but I'm forced to close this thread. Please discuss your favorite music genre in another thread.
  3. Actually, I'm of the belief that there's a difference between n00bs and newbies. Newbies are those young (and sometimes old), confused newcomers who might need a guide every once in a while, but eventually gain their barrings and fit in with the older members. n00bs R t3h sux0rz!!!11!1eleven I have nothing against newbs. It's the n00bs you have to look out for.
  4. If OB is being n00bed now, I'd like to know why none of these n00bs watch TV or many movies. Have you [i]seen[/i] my forum, lately? It's in a slow season like no other. Once upon a time, I'd get 12 separate threads once a Star Wars movie comes out, and I'd have to merge a new one everyday. I don't know how the Anime Lounge or Adventure Square are doing, but I'd say things have really mellowed around here lately.
  5. I thought it was worth mentioning... Activision has opened the website to X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse at [url]www.XMenLegends2.com[/url] This game will cut down the number of playable X-Men to 8, allowing you to also play as 8 Brotherhood members in your quest to stop the fiendish Apocalypse. So far, screenshots and gameplay videos are available for 4 characters.
  6. Jake, I'm going to have to ask you not to reply in threads that are more than a few months old. In this case, it's almost 3 years old. [color=navy]Closed[/color]
  7. I don't have an answer. I just wanted to comment on my last quote. That line was first said in "History of the World, Part 1" in the scene where the King of France (as played by Mel Brooks himself) proceeds to hump random female subjects. The women can't oppose him because he's king. Hence, "it's good to be the king." Years later, Mel Brooks used that same joke again in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" as a reference to "History of the World." "Robin Hood: MiT" also took the music of it's theme song from the 'Jews in Space' segment in "History of the World."
  8. I think Legend of Zorro looks like a great sequel. There's a chance the inclusion of a little kid could kill any chances of taking the movie seriously, but that's a chance I'm willing to take. Besides, I've yet to see a Zorro movie I didn't enjoy on some level.
  9. Spaceballs! As said by Lord Helmut. Here's a super-easy one... "It's good to be the king."
  10. Please don't bring back threads that haven't been active for nearly a year and a half. [color=navy]Closed[/color]
  11. I was just waiting for confirmation before posting my quote. It's a pretty easy one, though... Person #1: What are your qualifications? Person #2: Ah. Well, I attended Juilliard. I'm a graduate of the Harvard Business school. I travel quite extensively. I lived through the Black Plague, and had a pretty good time during that. I've seen 'The Exorcist' about a hundred and sixty-seven times, and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it! Not to mention the fact that you're talking to a dead guy!
  12. As soon as I pressed the 'Back' button to leave this page after giving up, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Big Trouble in Little China. I think Kurt Russel played Jack Burton. I think he was saying it to one of those magical bodyguard guys. I can only assume it was the guy in the hat who shot electricity out of his body. Am I right?
  13. I've noticed that this song is far below par for the Black Eyed Peas. I've never been so disappointed in a song as I was with this one. Yes, even more disappointed than Gwen Stefani's first single. It's just so far below typical BEP quality. Anyway, I've only heard the song with "funk" in the lyrics. Then again, I've only heard it on MTV and VH1 during those wee hours of the night when they play music videos.
  14. The first thing I'd do is get off of the plane and check for my passport. Seriously, I'd find some place to eat. I'd try my hardest to taste (almost) everything the island has to offer.
  15. Better call 'em quick, because this thread is about to be closed. Kagami'sAngel, please don't reply in threads more than a few months old. Just start a new one instead.
  16. American Dad [i]is[/i] funny, but it's somewhat drier than Family Guy, and a lot slower. Plus it replies more heavily on topical/political satire. All this, and a few predictable characters we don't know much about, pretty much means this show has a few tweaks to make if it wants to be as funny as its sister-show. I'll still watch it, though. MacFarlane probably just needs to hit his stride.
  17. Seth MacFarlane's still got it. ;) It's sad how many shows FOX has cancelled prematurely over the past few years. And I [i]do[/i] believe that he only named shows from the past few years. That episode was simply beautiful. I knew they wouldn't let us down.
  18. [quote name='Dragonboym2][COLOR=Blue']Bruce Willis can act?[/COLOR][/quote] You'd be surprised what the guy is capable of when he's actually in a [b]good[/b] movie.
  19. Actually, original author Douglas Adam wrote the script shortly before passing away, with touch-ups done by another person. He added quite a few extra scenes, characters, and subplots, himself. Changes from the book are pretty much expected, as Mr. Adams made a habit of changing the story everytime he wrote it. The book was different from the original radio show, which was different from the TV series, ect.
  20. I've had this crazy Marvin avatar for the past few months, so it sort of goes without saying that I saw this movie on opening day. I walked into the theatre with my towel wrapped around my neck and everything (read the book to find out the significance of towels). My expectations were fairly low, so I wouldn't let myself be disappointed by looking for the greatest movie ever created. Don't get me wrong; the books made me giggle, but I wasn't rolling on the floor with each page I turned. I was disappointed that I was the only person there with a towel. Then a family of four (a father, 3 daughters) came in covered with towels, and I was happy. It wasn't the funniest movie I'd ever seen, but it was good enough for me to enjoy myself. It was a great mix of comedy and fantasy. By that, I mean the visuals were fantastic, and the end of the movie was just such a nice thing to watch. I'd seen the [spoiler]opening dolphin[/spoiler] sequence online last week, and I thought it was terrible. However, when they ran the credits through it, it felt more like an opening sequence, and was quite enjoyable. Ah, I never enjoy online clips as much as I enjoy the same scene when I see it in context. It was a good, fun movie. Nothing mind-blowing, but enjoyable. There are more moments that'll have you smiling and chuckling than cackling like a crazy person. I don't feel like I wasted my money, if that counts for anything. I've been hearing complaints that Zaphod Beeblebrox (President of the Galaxy) parallels with G.W. Bush. It didn't bother me at all. Not because I'm anti-Bush ('cause I was a big fan of Clinton, and I loved seeing him get made fun of). I just think we need to stop taking politics so seriously in places where we shouldn't be taking them seriously at all. It's a movie that takes place in outerspace. To quote Trillian, "we're on a spaceship, Arthur!"
  21. 1989 Honda Accord. I rather like driving a sedan. I'm less likely to get pulled over for speeding, insurance is lower than a coupe, and I never have any problems fitting my friends in the back seat.
  22. I'm either 5'7" or 5'8". I know that sounds about average for most people here, but that's [i]very[/i] short in my family. In my generation (those of us in our teens and 20s), I'm probably the shortest guy in my family. My oldest brother is taller than me, as well as my step-brother, cousins, step-cousins, ect. My father is nearly 6' tall, and my mom is 5' exactly (she often tells me she made sure she married a man who was taller than her so we would be tall). I'm 20 (turning 21 this June), and no one believes me because I'm so short, and I'm incapable of growing much facial hair (my dad and his "I didn't shave until I was 20" genes). I find it amazing that so many people make fun of celebrities like Tom Cruise and Stephen Dorff for being short, yet they're my height.
  23. Manic Webb


    [quote name='Zenju][size=1]And I'm waiting for whatever that monster thing is on the island to be revealed, [spoiler] is it just the polar bears? What connection, based on Micael's backstory (just aired in NZ), does his son have to do with it? after all, he was reading a polar bear comic before one attacked him, and polar bears aren't exactly normal on a tropical island.[/spoiler'][/size][/quote] I doubt the monster is [spoiler]a polar bear. In fact, I was under the assumption Walt was creating the polar bears himself. If you pay attention to the flashback, Walt was reading a book about the birds of Australia right before one flew head-first into the glass door of his house.[/spoiler] I want to know why Claire [spoiler]lost her memory after escaping from Ethan. The guy hanged and killed Charlie and can take out Jack with no problem. The idea that a pregnant woman can escape from him and lose her memory of ever meeting him? Plus he had scratches on his face, which means she probably put up a fight, but he didn't come after her until a day or two later. And let's not forget her flashback where the psychic told her there was something "blurry" about her baby.[/spoiler]
  24. Manic Webb


    Wow. If there's anything in the 'Music, Movies, & TV' forum dying faster than the movie threads, it's the TV threads that basically go ignored. "Lost" is currently one of the highest rated, most talked about, and most watched shows on television. If this thread doesn't go anywhere, then we're definitely in one heck of a slow season. So who watches "Lost"? What do you think of the show? Got any theories on the mysterious island? Remember to use spoiler tags.
  25. [quote name='Bloodseeker']And it seems like every other young black guy in the big city next to our little town is a wannabe gang banger. Its really annoying to have to listen to some decked out black guy talk loudly about how he cut up some other guy the night before every time that I go to see a movie. That's literally happened the last three times that I've gone to a movie theatre.[/quote] You want annoying? I run into those people all the time, and I live in the suburbs. I lived in 'da hood' with my mom until I was about 13. We used my grandparents' home address for me to go to school in the suburbs, so I used to travel back and forth between a rough neighborhood and nice neighborhood everyday. The only thing worse than a thug in the hood is a wannabe thug in the suburbs. It's one thing to 'mean mug' everybody when cocaine is being sold around the corner from your house and you occasionally have to sleep on the floor to avoid drive-bys, but holding onto your balls when you live in a town where you're not afraid to walk through the toughest neighborhood at night? That's ridiculous. I'm not saying the suburbs are a perfect haven, but the police don't raid the house around the corner every week. Point is, I lived in an area where there really were thugs and [i]real[/i] gangs, and I decided I never wanted to be like that. It's the glorifying of these images in the media that bring black youth down to that level. Really, it sickens me. If you want to live that kind of lifestyle (and trust me, the people who live it don't even want it), then leave behind your Toyota Camry and $200 shoes [i]and go live that life[/i]. It's not a glorious life. Anyone who thinks it does and tries to perpetuate that image is really just bringing the rest of us down. Being a gangsta shouldn't have to be a staple in African-American culture. At all. The fact that it's coming to that is counter-productive to everything that happened over 40 years ago.
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