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  1. I've always been rather fond of skiing and snowboarding. It's my favorite winter sport, even if I've never skiied, and I've only experienced snow once in my life. It's just so fun to watch.
  2. My advice: watch the movie [i]Save the Last Dance[/i]. :p Actually, I'm serious. When racial tensions abound, your best bet is to befriend someone who can vouch for you as a cool person. You have to prove to those girls that you belong there, and that you're more than just some white girl. Yes, you're white, and they're Black & Latina. So the F what? I know black people. I am one, in fact. Some people just like to make everything a racial issue, but if you can just move past that, things will get better. I know something from experience: when your own fear of being an outcast affects your behavior, you will become an outcast. I'm going to go out on a limb, and guess that you let being the only white girl in the class get to you on the first day. Also, let's get something clear. You have to let your Affirmative Action issues go. Some white people complain about AfirmAct all the time, because they're afraid they won't get a job or go to college because of it; some of us non-white folk worry about it being taken away because we're afraid we won't get a job or go to college because of it. It's a double-edged sword, and you're not going to win any arguments over it this decade. Also, unless you're trying to get into an Ivy League school, I wouldn't worry about it ruining your chances to get into college. By the way, there are scholarships you can get just for being a woman. Should I feel threatened? As for getting a job... you live in [b]El Paso![/b] You'd be a token white girl at any job you got. Chances are, anywhere you could get a job already has minority employees. Your chances of employment are at little risk because of you being white. I don't know where you got the idea that everything is handed to us non-whites on a silver platter just because we're not white. You need to stop playing the victim, and realize that we have to work just as hard as you to achieve anything. You think everything was given to Condoleeza Rice on a platter just because she's black? That woman has a PhD, speaks four languages, and is a qualified college professor. You don't hand place a black woman as 4th in line to succeed the title of President for the sake of giving a black person a bone. But I digress... Stop helping these girls make you feel racially uncomfortable. I know girls can find some obscure reasons for senselessly hating each other, but don't let race be one of them.
  3. [QUOTE=renayiiq]Hey you guys! I've got to do a paper on culture. Well, the only thing that I've had enough experiences with is being Pagan. Specifically, Wiccan. I'd like to hear some opinions (even if you're bashing me for not believing in a book), so I can have just a bit more insight about what people think about it. Am I going to "hell?" Do I just worship "satan" in disguise? Am I "evil?" Do you think that I should convert and believe in what you believe in? Etc. Those are things that I've had to deal with, so those are the main questions for all of the Christians out there, because Christians are the only ones who have ever told me that my religion is wrong. If you're not a Christian, I still expect you to answer. You guys can give some opinions on other topics to do with this. I need some stuff for this paper. It's due tomorrow, after lunch. Thanks![/QUOTE] I don't think you're going to hell, but I believe there's a slight chance you'll have to repeat one of your classes this summer. Here's a tip: Try not to wait until the last minute before writing a paper that requires you to make a poll of public opinion. As a Christian with somewhat Universalist values, I think God doesn't really care which religion you follow-- as long as you're a good person. I believe all religions are skewed interpretations of God trying to send the same message, and that we've all pretty much got enough right to know not to run around killing and stealing from each other. So are you going to hell? Hell if I know. I doubt it, though.
  4. One thing I love about this show is that the characters talk more like real people than most other comedies. Sometimes, someone will try to be clever and witty, pause slightly, and stumble on their own jokes. Nothing comes off as if it's being presented by performers; their lines are imperfect, which is exactly how most people I know talk. The comedic timing is off in a way that seems like a real, conversational joke, yet dead on enough for me to laugh. I'm also a fan of television shows where children behave too much like adults for their own good, but not in a "child genius that's smarter than every adult in the room" sort of way. Brendan, Melissa, and Jason are too dry to be 10 year olds, but too childish and unknowing to be on the same levels as their parents.
  5. *smokes a cigarette* Oooh, Macgyver! ...It's a Simpsons reference, folks. You gotta love Macgyver. Any man that can make a bomb out of a bar of chocolate, or start a car using only a paperclip is truly a legend. Mullet aside, this show was an 80's classic. It had action, comedy, and a concept of science (based on fact) that was just flimsy enough to be fantasy. Plus I had a bit of a man-crush of Richard Dean Anderson. Hott!
  6. We don't encourage the illegal sharing of music files on OtakuBoards. If you wish to find any music, I suggest you do so legally via any of the online outlets found in the "[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=45708]Where Can I Find...?[/url]" thread.
  7. Manic Webb


    A few notes: -Halle Berry finally has a decent wig on, this time. The wig in X2 was pretty good, but they added these touches of yellow/blonde to it that I just didn't like. Also, it's nice to see her do some real flying, for a change. -Kelsey Grammer looks great as Beast. He's blue as all get-out, and Grammer himself has the perfect voice for the character. -Juggernaut is a mixed bag for me. Vinnie Jones' muscle suit is a little jarring, but I'm so glad they didn't use his wok-helmet. [quote name='Outlaw']Just read Phoenix: End Song, and you'll find out just how well it worked. The Phoenix being a cosmic entity is the essense of the character, if you take that out, it just means that Jean herself has cosmic powers which defy death and require the eating of suns to sustain, which I think is far less compelling than her battle with the Phoenix entity for control of her life.[/quote] Actually, I like the explanation given in Phoenix: End Song. The idea that Jean simply has cosmic powers and that the Phoenix [b]isn't[/b] a separate entity is pretty clever. It means Jean isn't simply a tool of some higher power, and explains why the Phoenix Force always comes to her. Of course, it also means that Emma Frost and Mastermind gave Jean a split personality when they tried to control her, and the Dark Phoenix was Jean being driven insane. It makes sense, and it finally gives a reason for Jean to accept the blame for the Dark Phoenix's actions-- something she's been doing ever since her clone died. And with that said, I like the direction they're taking the Phoenix in this movie. I'm not quite sure what'll drive her mad, but based on the trailer, it looks like [spoiler]Jean levels an entire city[/spoiler].
  8. My name is [b]Kevin Webb[/b]. I come from Northern California, in the San Francisco Bay Area (or as the hip-hop folk like to say, the "Yay Area"). I'm 21 years old, and I barely drink. I'm currently muddling my way through Community College, with plans to transfer to a state college. I'm studying Radio & TV Broadcasting, which basically means I know way too much about television. I'm the second youngest of 4 children from 4 different parents. I have a full-blooded older brother, an older step-brother, and a younger half-sister. My parents' divorce didn't give me a broken home; it gave me an extended family. Currently, I live sans-siblings with my grandparents in the suburbs. I used to live with my mom and brother in 'da hood', but I wasn't quite black enough to take it. :p I'm currently semi-employed. This means that I interviewed for a job at an electronics store last week, got hired, and start work this Monday. I like animation, comic books, science fiction, action movies, television drama, and all-around comedy. I'm an open fanboy of the X-Men, and my favorite character is Beast. He's the ultimate contradiction: smart, well-read, multiple phDs... and a super-strong acrobat who looks like a scary blue ape (or lion).
  9. I'm going to break my image as Mr. Perfect, and admit that I am somewhat uncomfortable when a gay guy hits on me. It happened once, and I was taken aback. Of course, I use humor as a defense mechanism, so my response was "I'm sorry, but you're not exactly my type." Nobody gets hurt, we shared a laugh, and I walked away knowing that there's at least one person out there who finds my fat arse attractive... even if that person doesn't have my preferred sexual organs. Is it wrong that I was uncomfortable? I don't think so. After all, I'd feel just as uncomfortable if an ugly girl tried to hit on me. Actually, I'd probably be more uncomfortable with an ugly girl than a pretty guy. [b]Somebody[/b] who hits on me has to look good.
  10. We usually go over to my aunt's house for a massive dinner with the family, but this year my step-mom is cooking. :eek: I'm leaving for their house today. I really hate being in the house where the dinner is being served, [b]while[/b] the dinner is being cooked. The cook is always stressed, and gives me that mean look, like I should be doing something to help. My mom, my grandma, my step-mom. It drives me crazy, because I know there's nothing I can do.
  11. [quote name='renayiiq']All's Mike does is rap over the rock. THAT'S IT. I mean, if they were putting a little more into it besides someone just rapping over the rock, then it could be considered a real element from hip-hop. And have you noticed that all Joe really does is turntables? I mean, besides samples and pressing buttons on that little keypad thing. I used to be a hardcore fan, and now I'm just mediocre because I woke up and realized that they were just like Limp Bizkit, except there's Chester. And their lyrics are almost all the same in content.[/quote] So you're saying that rapping and scratching turnables doesn't count as a hip-hop influence? That is so cute. By that logic, there's no hip-hop influence in hip-hop. All they do is rap and use turntables, right? I also suppose "Walk This Way" by Run DMC and Aerosmith doesn't count as containing hip-hop. I know this is going to be hard for you to accept, but Mike Shinoda and Mr. Hahn use hip-hop elements in Linkin Park songs.
  12. I find it so funny when rock fans who dislike rap and claim to be Linkin Park fans claim that the band has no hip-hop influences. Sure, I suppose you could say Linkin Park is completely devoid of hip-hop... once you get rid of the turntables and MC. An MC who, by the way, is releasing a hip-hop album this week. :rolleyes: As a fan of both hip-hop and rock, I've been a Linkin Park fan since Hybrid Theory. I loved Meteora, and their compilation with Jay-Z had only one bad song. It does get easy to get tired of them, however, as the subject matter & lyrics of their songs get quite redundant.
  13. People who like to flaunt their intelligence and needlessly shove it in people's faces are usually under the illusion that their so-called "brilliance" will make up for their total lack of personality. This behavior isn't restricted to smart people, as evidenced by total idiots who misuse sarcasm. In case you can't tell, I've known quite a few jerks in my short 21 years. I once spent a semester hanging out with my friend Alex at lunch, only to discover his friends were intellectual snobs. But that's a topic for a different day. I'm a heavy-set black guy who dresses in hip-hopish clothing. I attended public schools in a predominantly Asian-American suburban neighborhood. More than once, I've had classmates who assumed I was a complete idiot. While this may have been the case in my math classes, I was typically an A-B student in most other subjects. There's nothing more frustrating than someone looking over your shoulder during group assignments, and telling you how to spell everything. There was this kid named Joey who used to do that all the time back in 5th grade. I wanted to punch him in the face and tell him to spell 'encyclopedia,' but I'm only evil on the inside. Oftentimes, people are shocked when I tell them I used to live in 'da hood.' I guess I don't come off as the type of guy who used to sleep on the floor at night because he heard rumors about a drive-by coming through his street later that night. In other words, I'm not very "street" (unless I find myself in 'da hood' again, in which case I can shift the tone of my voice and facial expression at the drop of a dime). I really hated meeting my Asian friends' parents for the first time. A few of them don't like black people, so it was up to me (Super-Blackie) to represent my entire race quite a few times. I like to think I've moved past that whole mentality, now that I'm no longer a kid.
  14. Manic Webb


    [quote name='Outlaw']Ok, so, first off, not a huge Tailies fan, but maybe thats just because I don't know them aswell. Actually, its not so much the tailies, but Anna Lucia in general. I just don't find her all that beleivable, considering how she acted when talking with Jack and all. I feel like her sudden bad-assness is just to forced.[/quote] Well, considering what happened to the Tailenders, I can believe it. The first group of survivors had it easy. On the first night, they heard the Security System, saw it snatch up the pilot, and dealt with nothing but internal problems for the next few weeks. Sayid had to go out of his way to find Danielle Rousseau, and it took a while for Ethan to show up and attack them. (If that was a spoiler for you, then I'm sorry. Those episodes aired in the US in 2004, and most international showings should've made it that far by now.) On the other hand, [spoiler]the Tailenders got attacked by the Others on the first night. Ana-Lucia might not have been a very violent person at first, but watching her fellow survivors get plucked off one-by-one at night, plus figuring out one of the men she trusted (Goodwyn) was a traitor, must've hardened her up. We're looking at 48 straight days of her fighting for her life.[/spoiler] [quote]because I love Saeede when he's on a mission[/quote] Sayid, not Saeede. Just thought you'd like to know.
  15. Manic Webb


    [quote name='Outlaw']So, when you say the others, do you mean the other survivors, or the little evil children of the corn kids, whom I still don't understand.[/quote] The evil people. They're not necessarily children, since we saw a group of adults [spoiler]kidnap Walt at the beginning of the seasons[/spoiler]. You know, I never for a moment knew that [spoiler]Shannon[/spoiler] was going to be the one to die. Then again, I avoid Lost spoilers like the plague. The death really upset me, since their flashbacks throughout the episode made them a much more interesting character. The backstory has such potential, and it seems like a waste to just drop them like that. Then again, who says they're really dead? We only saw [spoiler]her get shot on the abdomen and fall down.[/spoiler] There's a chance Jack (with a little help from everybody's favorite nurse, Sun) could save both dying people in a coming episode. Sure, the previews hyped one of the crash survivors dying in this episode, but that could've easily been [spoiler]Cindy, the girl who was part of Ana-Lucia's group that disappeared while they were bringing Sawyer up the hill. Of course, I don't even remember what this Cindy girls looks like...[/spoiler]
  16. [b]Endymion[/b] - I was a fan of both Sailor Moon and Greek mythology, so I choce the name Endymion. In Sailor Moon, Endymion was Mamoru/Darien/Tuxedo Mask's name in a past life. In Greek mythology, Endymion was a man who slept forever. [b]Manic[/b] - What most people know me as. I actually got this name from the cartoon Sonic Underground, where Sonic the Hedgehog had a brother and sister named Manic and Sonia. Manic was a green hedgehog with fast hands who played the drums. He was also a pick-pocket. [b]Manic Webb[/b] - Because Webb is my real last name.
  17. My friend is/was a member. Some of you might remember RicoTranzriq; he was a mod back in the days when there were half a dozen different videogame forums. I found out he was a member, and I trust his taste in message boards. I joined back in June 2002 (good lord, I've been here forever), and I've been chatting it up here ever since.
  18. I'd make sure I had on clean underwear, and clear all of the porn off of my harddrive. :p Seriously, though. I'd make sure I had on clean underwear.
  19. [quote name='Harry']Are you seriously blaming 13 year old girls that were homeschooled (and most likely sheltered from everyone else) for not thinking for themselves? I also have no idea why you think they're going to be killed.[/quote] The whole thing about them being killed is my own morbid sense of humor at work. I'm weird like that. While the parents are the ones who likely sheltered these girls and instilled these ideals into them, I refuse to leave the girls themselves blameless. Everytime someone racist shows up these days, people always say "Well, it's not their fault. They're only ignorant because their parents raised them that way." There's plenty of blame to go around, in my opinion. Their parents taught them about white supremacy, and [i]they[/i] (the twins) are the ones carrying the tradition. You simply can't place all of the fault on the parents, because they went through the same thing with their own parents. So who's to blame, now? The grandparents? Well, who did [i]they[/i] get it from? Their own parents? The Third Reich? This stuff doesn't just spawn from nowhere. The source of information shouldn't take all of the blame. These girls are White Supremacists/Neo-Nazis, and they have only my distaste and pity. They'll earn my respect if they ever change their ideals to something I don't find totally repugnant, and not a day sooner.
  20. [quote name='Gavin][SIZE=1']and the view held by a number of you here who believe they should die for their beliefs, however misguided they are.[/SIZE][/quote] I don't think they [b]should[/b] die. I'm just saying they're making themselves targets. I'm sure Strom Thurman would've been taken out by somebody, were he not already old as dirt. Rest his soul, and may it find redemption from the fires of hell.
  21. [quote name='Pumpkin][SIZE=1']Do not hate the girls, hate the parents for they are the ones that taught the girls such hate.[/SIZE][/quote] "Boohoo, blame the parents." Their parents are no more or less guilty of being ignorant racists than they are. Their parents instilled racism them, too. And their parents easily fell for flimsily-reasoned propaganda written by a self-hating Jewish failed artist with daddy issues. These girls are [b]just as bad[/b] as their parents, and if they live long enough to have children, they'll teach their kids the exact same thing.
  22. Awww. It's too bad those little girls will never live to see 18. As I was reading the article, I kept thinking to myself "how the hell did these girls grow up racist in Bakersfield, California?" Then as I read further, I found out they were home-schooled. Anyone else notice that the racist kids are almost always home-schooled? The nerve of these girls. "...we want to keep being white. We want our people to stay white." You know what? To a certain extent, I agree; nobody as ignorant as them should be allowed to reproduce. Let the rest of us "muddled" breeders fill up the gene pool with our race-transcending ideals and mixed-race relationships. You know what these girls need? A big, black... listing. They should be blacklisted from record stores across the country. And to think they call themselves Prussian Blue. Bob Ross and his goofy afro must be spinning in his grave.
  23. This is a great movie, if underrated. It seems to be a hit with the critics and movie-goers-- that is, the movie-goers who've actually seen the movie. Its promotion has been terrible, and nobody has seen it. It ranks right up there as one of the best movies I've seen this year. As a fan of the Firefly TV series, there were a few things done in this film that really shocked the living bejebus out of me. Seeing [spoiler]Book and Wash (but especially Wash) die gave this movie an excellent "anything can happen" vibe during the climax.[/spoiler] I loved it. I laughed, I cried. I nearly jumped up and shouted "yes!" a few times.
  24. Manic Webb

    The Gorillaz

    Welcome to OtakuBoards. I'd like to ask you to please put a little more effort into your posts. You know, say more about what you like about the Gorillaz. Don't be afraid to say it all. Also, please refrain from using all CAPS for entire sentences. Give [b][url="http://www.otakuboards.com/rules.php?"]The Rules[/url][/b] a once-over, and enjoy your stay at OtakuBoards. [font=Verdana][color=blue]I figured I'd just add this to your post as it is regarding this thread but wasn't worth making another post for. I edited the thread's title to make it a bit more readable and easier for others to understand.[/color][/font] [font=Verdana][color=blue]- Petie[/color][/font]
  25. Once every blue moon, I start a thread about a new artist or band I'm listening to. However, since these new artists are typically Neo-Soul singers, and because R&B and Soul go largely ignored on OtakuBoards, my threads are typically ignored. However, if experience has taught me anything, it's that Linkin Park will never die on this board. With that said... Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda is releasing a hip-hop album. If that doesn't stir up conversation, I don't know what will. Shinoda is releasing the album under the name Fort Minor-- named because of the extensive list of featured artists who will be appearing on it. Among those guests are Style of Beyond, Holly Brook, Common, John Legend, and The Roots. The title of the album will be "The Rising Tied," and is set to be released this November. Link: [url=http://www.fortminor.com/]Fort Minor Official Website[/url] Discuss.
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