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  1. I knew long before I looked at the poll that you were going to skip at least one of the top 5 religions. You forgot Hinduism. It's the 4th largest religion on Earth, if you count Agnostic/Atheist. If you don't count Agnostic/Atheist, it's #3. You also missed Tao/Confucian/Chinese Traditional, which ranks right behind Hinduism. Buddhism ranks right behind that. An "Other" option would've been nice, is all I'm saying. I know it sounds like I'm being snippy, but it's a pet peeve of mine. I'm Christian, but I also happen to like certain things about Buddhism. Seeking enlightenment never hurt anybody... directly.
  2. This thread doesn't sit right with me. For one thing, OtakuBoards doesn't condone the sharing of copyrighted song files, and this thread is just going to be a breeding ground for them. I also don't see it sparking much conversation; it'd be mostly a thread full of guesses. It's not against the rules, but it's also unfair toward users with dial-up internet. Sorry, but this thread is closed.
  3. Well, I played this game, and I loved it. I'm not sure if it's better than the first X-Men Legends, but it was definitely a lot of fun to play. The game engine is the same, but they changed enough features to make the gameplay experience a little different from last time. For one thing, the graphics have improved. There are more cutscenes with graphics as seen in the TV commercials. The cutscenes with gameplay graphics are also sporting a little more detail; characters actually have mouths that move when they speak, and the large Rock'em Sock'em hands are gone. There are a lot more powers, boosts, and debuffs for players to choose from. Rather than Jean Grey simply using telekinesis, using a radial mental attack, and a group shield; Jean can now also deploy psychic entities to fight for her, launch a homing psionic energy bolt, and bring allies back from the dead. Characters level up more often on the field, so you even have a greater chance of increasing the power of your multiple attacks. The playable characters still aren't quite balanced, but they're a little closer to being equal. Wolverine takes a major nerf, as it's actually possible to kill him this time around. However, Gambit is now a worthwhile teammate to bring along on your missions. Missed an item in a previous mission? Save points now allow you to go back, power-level, and pick up those pesky hard-to-find danger room discs. You can also open a portal that will allow you to go back to your homebase anytime you want, mid-mission, and take care of new business. The levels are still as long as all get-out, but you could probably cut through it all by skipping the numerous side-missions. There's a New Game Plus feature, so you can take all of your unlockables with you on a new game. I beat the game on Normal, and I'm planning to take one of my lvl50 characters into a new Easy game, solo.
  4. I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you're saying. Could you please explain exactly what you want to do? Because if you just want people to list their favorite bands, I'll have to close this thread.
  5. You can thank Lost for the flood of sci-fi/fantasy genre shows hitting the airwaves this season. I'm sure Lost surprised a lot of network executives at ABC. I know Disney's Michael Eisner (remember, Disney owns ABC) thought it was totally flop. Yet another reason for me to think Eisner's decision-making skills have been lacking lately, but that's another story. Lost ended up being the highest rated show Wednesday nights, last year. It's been years since a genre show has been this popular. Even the past few Star Treks were mostly ignored. It spoke to network execs; people want hard-hitting, yet unreal drama. They want science fiction and fantasy. Thus, our current line-up of television shows was born. Of course, I watch Lost. I also watch The Night Stalker, which is a remake of a 1970s series called Kolchak: The Night Stalker. I guess you could call it "the original X-Files." It was about a news reporter named Carl Kolchak who kept finding supernatural answers to murder cases. "A serial killer is taking out local prostitutes? It must be the ghost of Jack The Ripper!" The new series is very good. It's a shame ABC isn't promoting it enough. It could be cursed to only last one season, just like the original. I finally saw Supernatural. I've noticed that most people seem to like comparing the show to X-Files, but I'm really getting more of a Hardy Boys vibe from it. Either way, it's good. I'll definitely try to keep up with it.
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    The Boondocks

    The Boondocks was a great comic prior to the Bush administration. It tackled celebrities, popular culture, bad movies, and the characters themselves were just absurdly funny. When G.W. Bush was elected president, Aaron McGruder gave writing responsibility to a staff of uncreative writers, and it's been nothing but lackluster political humor ever since. Since the animated series will have a much harder time being topical and keeping up with politics, I'm expecting some of the comic's old pop culture jokes and silly character interaction to return. Who else is looking forward to seeing Jasmine DuBois, Cindy Macphearson and the elementary school staff again?
  7. While most movies coming out of Hollywood appear to be nothing but remakes and sequels, I don't blame producers and writers. I blame the studio executives who greenlight these remakes, and ignore 90% of all original scripts that come to them. Studios want "the sure thing," and that appears to mean making a movie that has a pre-existing fanbase. Novels, comic books, older movies, and classic TV shows already have legions of fans; getting them into the threatre is going to be easier than challenging audiences to try something new.
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    My theories on the Monster changed dramatically when I witnessed [spoiler]the Black Smoke of Doom in the last few episodes. I always thought it was strange that-- whatever the monster was-- there was never a clear view of what was uprooting the trees. Then, sure enough, we see nothing but a puff of black smoke travelling all on its own. Whatever the monster is, it's very much mechanical, and it appears to live underground.[/spoiler] From the moment I saw The Others, I knew [spoiler]the woman among them was Alex. The Crazy French Lady's daughter disappeared, what, 16 years ago? And there's a young woman on the other side of the island?[/spoiler] Speaking of "the other side of the island"... [spoiler]I was amazed at how utterly huge that island was when Michael, Walt, Jin, and Sawyer were sailing away from it. You expect me to believe they drifted off to see for probably [b]hours[/b], and the island is still adjacent to them? That island must be huge. This ain't Gilligan's Island, here. It'd be completely impossible for something that big to not get mapped at some point. This adds to a theory I heard that the island might be moving. It's a massive land mass, but it's unmapped. The tide came in by several feet one day, forcing everyone to move farther up the beach and inland. It's in the South Pacific, but there's a population of both boars and polar bears. Then again, Walt was creating the polar bears, so you never know.[/spoiler] I was quite surprised to see [spoiler]Michelle Rodriguez show up in Jack's final flaskbacks as some woman named Ana-Lucia. Ana-Lucia said she was sitting toward the back of the plane... where Rose's husband was during the crash. Remember how Rose was so convinced that her husband the the tail-end of the plane survived in the first few episodes? Notice how Sawyer, Jin, and Michael are now stranded in waters on the other side of this huge island? Uh huh. We're gonna meet new people next season-- I know it.[/spoiler]
  9. [QUOTE=Retribution][SIZE=1]I'm about 75% African American, and so it bugs me [i]deeply[/i] when I see people succumb to the racial stereotypes. Loud, ignorant, disrespectful, drives either an SUV they can't afford or a trashy car, and plays loud, belligerent rap music with the bass cranked. Really, I'm pretty much the opposite of it, and I'm tired of people asking me why I "talk white" or "act white." Jeez, people, it's like we're building ourselves into a box, where black people [i]can't[/i] be smart or successful! Heaven forbid use correct grammar. And the 'n-word' kills me a little inside every time I hear it. People don't understand that their ancestors fought hard to get rid of that word, and here we go again, bringing it back it. Actually, it's so bad that this n-word is now a casual term with which black people greet, dismiss, and generally address one another with. It's sickening.[/SIZE][/QUOTE] What Retribution said, but with one exception: I play loud music with the bass cranked up. It's not rap, though. It's usually R&B. Sometimes rock. I love turning my radio up when a disco song comes on the Oldies station, just to see the looks on people's faces. "Is that a 20-something year old black guy blasting the BeeGees?" Why, yes it is. :) I'd also like to add that spinners are the bane of all civilization. Anybody who puts them on their car deserves to be ritualistically slapped in public. Especially if your car is over 30 years old. On one hand, I simple refuse to associate myself with people who blindly follow African-American stereotypes as if they were the written law. On the other hand, you have to differenciate blind stereotype-followers with people who coincidentally follow stereotypes. I like fried chicken and grape soda, but that's a pure coincidence. Fried chicken tastes good, as does grape soda. I also enjoy potatoes and strawberry soda.
  10. There's only one thing I don't like about some fortune cookies, and that's when they don't tell you your fortune. "You enjoy the finer things in life, and have an old soul." That's not a fortune. That's a freaking insight! You might as well start calling them Insightful Cookies, if that's all they're going to give me. "You will become aroused by a shampoo commercial." -Fortune cookie written by Homer Simpson. Best. Fortune. Ever.
  11. I say stick Intelligent Design in the Social Studies classes, and keep Evolution in the Science classes. Both get taught and receive equal time in different courses. Wam, bam, mission accomplished. It doesn't get any simpler than that.
  12. Chistianity is a classic "do as I say, not as I do" religion. God hath laid His wrath upon mankind many-a-times. The Bible is filled with cases of God's will causing the deaths of plenty of people. There are also multiple instances of completely normal humans killing in the name of God, or for whatever reason. What religious extemists tend to forget is that somewhere between God laying His wrath and man making war, God told mankind to not kill. Pat Robertson is one of those delightful people who forget key passages and Commandments at a moment's notice simply to get his sinful points across. The fact that the man urges his crazy followers to pray for the destruction of [b]The Happiest Mutha-Luvin' Place on Earth[/b] and encites potential terrorist activity by saying a world leader should be assassinated is just ridiculous. The Freedom is Speech in this country has limits. I say if you can't yell "fire" in a theatre, you can't call for the blood of a world leader on national television. I'd like to say that it's common sense, but it clearly isn't.
  13. [quote name='Ilium][COLOR=DarkRed']BTW, this has nothing to do with the US other than Bush (And the rest of them) is the one doing it. It's the WORLD Wide Web. What happens on the internet is none of Bush's, or anyone elses, buisness and I don't feel anyone should even be alowed to try to restrict it. As I said, like placing restrictions in International Waters.[/color][/quote] That's one thing I'll never understand when it comes to people who want to censor the internet on some level; the internet is an international domain. One country shouldn't have the power to impose laws, taxes, or restrictions in "international waters." [quote][color=darkred]Am I the only one tired of somone peddling their Puritan wares to make sure no one has any fun?[/COLOR][/QUOTE] That's what happens when your country is founded by Puritans-- Puritans who were kicked out of their original country, mind you.
  14. I've noticed that my threads about CDs tend to be long-winded, so I'll abridge this as much as I possibly can... I recently picked up the debut album by an R&B singer named Lyfe Jennings. Some of you might know his current hit single, "Must Be Nice." Others might know him from his 5-time winning stint at the famed Apollo theatre. Lyfe's singing style is reminiscent of Sam Cook or Al Green, which is a breath of fresh air. He is also a skilled guitarist, and employs the accoustic guitar in several songs. The lyrics to his songs tell an interesting story. See, the reason "Lyfe 268-192" is the title of his album is because 268-192 were his prison numbers. Jennings bears his soul with a series of songs that explain his journey in love, crime, prison, and how he pulled his life together. [b][u]Track Highlights[/u][/b] [b]"Must Be Nice"[/b] - The beginning of the album. This is a song where Lyfe describes his ideal mate; how it must be nice to come home to someone to understands him. This is, of course, just him imagining it. [b]"She Got Kids"[/b] - Lyfe's new girlfriend has kids from a previous relationship. He loves her, but is he ready to be the father of her children? Why did their real father leave? If this lady has any children through Jennings himself, would it be okay for him to play favorites? I love this song because it asks questions that I've never heard anybody ask in a song. [b]"Hypothetically[/b]" - In this song, Lyfe asks the mother of his children-- what if he cheated on her? Hypothetically, of course. This represents the downfall of their relationship, and the downfall of Lyfe's... uh... life. [b]"Cry"[/b] - With his baby's mother asking for child support, bills stacking up, no job, and after being reduced to robbing stores to make money, Jennings reaches the absolute lowest ebb in his life. In this song, all that's left to do is cry. It really shows off Lyfe's singing ability, and his incredible singing range. [b]"My Life"[/b] - This is where the album begins to wrap up, and Jennings reminisces about his life as a whole-- the good and the bad. Curiously, Jennings makes a dedication to the late great *Christopher Reeve in the song. In the chorus. It was just unexpected. So if you haven't heard this album yet, and you like [b]good[/b] R&B, give this a listen. If you hear any talking at the beginning or ends of the songs, that's most likely just Jennings carrying on about what his songs are about. He does that in the actual album, so don't delete any [legally] downloaded files over it. *[i]While we're reminiscing Christopher Reeve you're still Superman to me[/i]
  15. I'm actually an avid user of Slow-As-Hell Exposition?. Everything's a little scattered at the moment, but it should (hopefully) all fit together in the final act. Also, a good portion of this script won't make sense if you never saw [i]X2: X-Men United[/i], which is why I noted this as a continuation/spin-off at the beginning. A part of me doesn't want to write up biographies for the characters, as it would kinda give away one of the upcoming key plot points of my script. However, avid X-Men fans already know who these people are, so what's the harm? [center][b]EXCALIBUR CHARACTERS[/b] In order of appearance in my script[/center] [b]SHADOWCAT[/b] Real name: Katherine "Kitty" Pryde Born and raised in Chicago, Kitty is a teenaged genius-level computer technician and hacker. She also has the power to pass through solid matter (ie. walking through walls). She was a student at Professor X's school. Kitty was briefly seen walking through a wall in the first [i]X-Men[/i] movie, and made another brief appearance in [i]X2: X-Men United[/i]. In [i]X2[/i], Kitty was seen running through several walls to escape Colonel William Stryker's raid in Professor X's mansion. At the very end of the movie, Professor X told the president that he attained documents of William Stryker's illegal activites with the help of a girl who can walk through walls-- implying Kitty Pryde. [b]DRIVER[/b] Some guy who gave Kitty a ride on a rainy evening. [b]TV JOURNALIST[/b] Exactly what it sounds like. [b]NIGHTCRAWLER[/b] Real name: Kurt Wagner A blue mutant with a prehensile tail and the ability to teleport himself (and anyone he's holding) anywhere within a range of a few miles. After his birth, his mother dumped him in a river. He survived, as was raised by a group of gypsies in a German Circus/Carnival. Despite his gypsy upbringing, Kurt is a devout Catholic. While being raised in the circus, Kurt used his natural athletic ability to become a star acrobat. [i]X2: X-Men United[/i] introduced Kurt as a mutant who attacked the president while under mind-control. He soon joined the X-Men, and helped them sneak into the president's Oval Office to show him documents regarding the illegal actions of an anti-mutant paramilitary group led by a Colonel William Stryker. [b]KATE PRYDE[/b] Kitty Pryde, 20 years in the future. [b]KELLER, NORIKO, BOHUSK, AND RAMSEY[/b] A group of mutants led by Kate Pryde in the future. Honestly, the characters have very minor roles in the comics, and I picked them almost randomly for the scene they were featured in, above. You honestly don't have to know who they are. Just remember them for later on in the story. Oops! Was that a spoiler? [b]RACHEL[/b] Rachel Summers, the future daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey. In the comic books, she accidentally tapped into the Phoenix Force, and the Phoenix powers hurled her back in time to when the Dark Phoenix Saga ended. She was somewhat raised by Kate Pryde in a post-apocalyptic future where all mutants are held in concentration camps throughout their whole lives. In my script, I won't explicitly be using the Phoenix Force, but it's the same idea. She'll be coming back in time. [b]AVALANCHE[/b] Real name: Dominic Petros A mutant with the power to cause vibrations in inorganic matter. In other words, he causes earthquakes. I'm more-or-less using him as cannon fodder to introduce... [b]CAPTAIN BRITAIN[/b] Real name: Brian Braddock An English superhero with super-strength and the power to fly. Twin brother of the X-Men's Psylocke. He's not so much an outcast, as he is the UK's #1 superhero in the Marvel Universe. In the comics, his powers are mystical, not a mutation. For the sake of my script, let's just say he's a mutant. [b]MEGGAN[/b] An empathic metamorph. Meggan has the ability to slightly alter her appearance based upon what other people think of her, and her natural surroundings. She can also tap into the energies of the Earth to slightly increase her natural strength, endurance, and to give her flight. Some people theorize she might be a combination of a mutant and a fairy. Until her adulthood, Meggan had no control of her morphing ability. [B]EXCALIBUR AS A WHOLE[/b] In the comics, Excalibur formed when Nightcrawler and Shadowcat were in Europe to get help when Shadowcat's powers went out of control. Before they could return to New York to rejoin the X-Men, there was a television broadcast of the X-Men all sacrificing their lives to close a portal to another dimension. While the X-Men were secretly hiding out in Australia (having faked their own deaths), Nightcrawler and Shadowcat teamed up with Captain Britain and Meggan to rescue Rachel Summers, who was being chased by interdimensional beings called warwolves. The five of them joined together to form the new super-team, Excalibur.
  16. GPhoria is voted for online by the fans. I was a little disappointed to see Halo 2 beat the likes of a game like Half-Life 2 or Resident Evil 4. However, that's G4's fanbase at work. I did enjoy the Kratos/Oprah sketch. That was probably the highlight of the entire show. Oh, and Wilmer coming out attached to a katamari. The sugar-glass bottles were a terrible gimmick, by the way.
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    toboeFan, please hold back on the all-CAPS words. It's very distracting, and might actually cause some members to ignore you.
  18. [font=Courier New]INT. TRASK WEAPONS FACILITY, 20 YEARS LATER - NIGHT SUPER - TRASK Weapons Facility. 20 years from now. A much older KATE PRYDE secretly leads a team of FIVE OTHER MUTANTS into the facility. As a GUARD walks by, Kate grabs her companions, drags them through a wall, and into the next room. This room is DARK, small, and empty. Among the team are KELLER, a dark-haired man; BOHUSK, a teenaged boy with feathered arms and a steel baseball bat in hand; NORIKO, a woman with large, metal gauntlets on her arms; RAMSEY, a blonde man roughly Kate?s age; and RACHEL, a red-headed young woman. KATE PRYDE Ramsey, you and Keller go search for Ahab?s office, but don?t engage in battle if you see him. He?s no doubt guarded. Rachel, you?re with me. Noriko and Bohusk, watch our backs and make sure we get through. Check? They all nod in agreement. KATE PRYDE Good. Let?s move out. Kate grabs her companions, and they walk back through the wall. RAMSEY and KELLER run in one direction, while the others proceed forward. While running, BOHUSK trips a laser sensor on the floor and sets off an ALARM. BOHUSK Oops. NORIKO Great job, Bohusk. BOHUSK I?m sorry. KATE PRYDE This isn?t the time. Just get ready to cover our asses. Rachel, let?s go. A small group of ARMED GUARDS approach them from behind. Bohusk and Noriko begin to fight them, with Noriko releasing electrical bolts from her arms. KATE and RACHEL leave them behind and continue. RACHEL eventually stops in her tracks. KATE PRYDE Rachel? RACHEL They?re here. I can sense them. KATE PRYDE We?re almost there. We can do this. We just have to move quickly. Now. Kate Pryde grabs Rachel, and pulls her through a door marked ?CONTROL CENTER.? Kate begins to type commands on a control panel. RACHEL Can?t you just phase through it? KATE PRYDE If I just wanted the systems to malfunction and reboot, yes. But I tried that once. This is a bit more permanent. CLOSE ON MONITOR The blueprints of a SENTINEL appear on the screen. BACK TO SCENE Another ALARM sounds. Rachel looks at the monitors. RACHEL What did you do? KATE PRYDE Vented and shut off the coolant system in the factory. This place is gonna blow. RACHEL turns around in fear, and looks at the door. RACHEL We have to go. They?ve found us. KATE PRYDE grabs Rachel by the arm, and pulls her through a wall. They run down the corridors of the facility, with an unseen foe in pursuit. The walls behind them begin to explode. Rachel and Kate stop next to a room that says ?ACCESS RESTRICTED.? CLOSE ON DOOR BACK TO SCENE KATE PRYDE Go. I?ll take care of them. RACHEL But Kate... KATE PRYDE Just go! Kate pushes Rachel through the door. CLOSE UP on Kate Pryde, ready to fight. A bright light engulfs her. CUT TO: CLOSE UP on Rachel in the next room. She stares at the room in awe.[/font] [font=courier new] EXT. STREETS OF LONDON, PRESENT - DAY A tremor moves through the streets, eventually causing a fissure in the ground. PAN TO: AVALANCHE stomps his foot on the ground, causing a fissure to open beneath the wheels of a police car. MAN?S VOICE Stop right there! Avalanche turns around to reveal... CAPTAIN BRITAIN (continuing) Not in my London. Captain Britain runs toward Avalanche, who is holding his ground. Avalanche creates a concentrated quake, which causes Captain Britain to lose balance and fall. Captain Britain leaps toward Avalanche from a long distance, and tackles him to the ground. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Are you finished yet? AVALANCHE Let me go. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Sorry, don?t see that happening. Captain Britain stands up, lifts Avalanche to his feet, and tosses him to a nearby POLICE OFFICER. POLICE OFFICER Thank you, Captain Britain. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Just doing what I can. Captain Britain takes to the sky and flies away. PULL BACK TO REVEAL: INT. BRADDOCK MANOR, SITTING ROOM - SAME DAY A television set receives brief static. MEGGAN, a blonde woman, sits on a sofa and watches. Only the back of Meggan?s head can be seen. BRITISH TV JOURNALIST Once again, the disaster was averted by the mutant vigilante Captain Britain, whom many are beginning to call the Champion of the UK. MEGGAN Brian, come see what they?re saying about you on the telly. CAPTAIN BRITAIN (from the next room) I can hear it from here. I really don?t like how the media glorifies everything. MEGGAN You?re too modest. You?re a hero, you know. You should enjoy it. CAPTAIN BRITAIN I?m not a hero. I?m a prat who dresses up in a Union Jack ?cause he?s too afraid to show his real face. MEGGAN I think you?re preaching to the choir, Brian. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Right. Sorry. A loud BELL RINGS. MEGGAN Someone at the gate? CAPTAIN BRITAIN I wonder who that is... EXT./INT. BRADDOCK MANOR Shadowcat and Nightcrawler are standing outside of the gate of Braddock Manor. Each is carrying a bag of clothing. Nightcrawler is wearing heavy make-up to make his face appear a normal color, a long coat, and a hat. His back is turned to the gate, while Shadowcat faces forward. SHADOWCAT So the professor told you about this Braddock guy? NIGHTCRAWLER Ja. When I told the professor I was thinking of returning to Germany, he told me of a former student of his named Brian Braddock. His home is one of few safe-havens for mutants in Europe. Some of the students at the school were referred by this man. SHADOWCAT Well if he can?t help us, I just hope he knows where to find the professor?s other friend in Scotland. NIGHTCRAWLER Are you okay, Kitty? You seem distracted or ill. SHADOWCAT What? Oh, I?m fine. Probably just jet-lag. Shadowcat presses a button next to the gate. Captain Britain?s voice speaks through the intercom. CAPTAIN BRITAIN (V.O.) Braddock Manor. Can I help you? SHADOWCAT Is this Brian Braddock? Shadowcat presses another button on the gate?s intercom. Intercut with... INT. BRADDOCK MANOR, DOORWAY CAPTAIN BRITAIN Yes. May I ask who this is? SHADOWCAT I?m a student from Charles Xavier?s School for the Gifted in New York. CAPTAIN BRITAIN I see... SHADOWCAT Professor Xavier told us that you were interested in meeting fellow alumni from the school. My friend and I are visiting England, and we were wondering if you had any suggestions for tourist spots... hotels to take sanctuary at... The gates to the manor open, and Nightcrawler and Shadowcat begin to walk toward the door. NIGHTCRAWLER (whispering) Nice use of the word sanctuary. SHADOWCAT (whispering) Thank you. I hope he caught it. Captain Britain, dressed in normal clothes, is waiting for them with the door open. He stops them. CAPTAIN BRITAIN How do I know you really went to Xavier?s school? Shadowcat reaches into her bag and pulls out a school ID badge. She hands it to Captain Britain. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Mutants? Nightcrawler takes off his hat, to reveal his pointy ears. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Come in. Shadowcat and Nightcrawler enter. Captain Britain closes the door behind them. SHADOWCAT Thank you. We heard you could help us. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Anything for a kid in need. SHADOWCAT I?m not a kid, Mr. Braddock. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Then anything for a lady. NIGHTCRAWLER I want to thank you, as well, Herr Braddock. My name is Kurt Wagner, but when I was a star in the Munich?- SHADOWCAT -?His name is Nightcrawler. I?m Kitty Pryde. CAPTAIN BRITAIN It?s a pleasure, Ms. Pryde, Mr. Wagner. NIGHTCRAWLER Kurt. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Kurt. By the way, you can take off your make-up. I can see it peeling off. Blue skin, is it? NIGHTCRAWLER Ja. Nightcrawler takes a towel from his bag and begins to wipe his face. CAPTAIN BRITAIN I heard about the mansion. NIGHTCRAWLER Have you heard from the professor? CAPTAIN BRITAIN Sorry, no. I was hoping you could tell me. SHADOWCAT Sorry. All we know is that the mansion was raided, which seems to be a trend lately, and the X-Men are missing. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Did you really attack your president? NIGHTCRAWLER No! Well, I did once, but I was under the control of a madman. SHADOWCAT The X-Men broke into the White House to give the president documents about the illegal activities of a man named William Stryker. I know, because I got the documents myself. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Did you have to break in? NIGHTCRAWLER It was urgent. CAPTAIN BRITAIN And now you?re exiled from your own country. NIGHTCRAWLER Are you going to help us or not? Because we can leave. SHADOWCAT We know the professor has a friend in Scotland. Maybe you could just point us-- CAPTAIN BRITAIN ?-No. I?m sorry. You?re guests in my home. Times are tough for mutants everywhere. I don?t know why I thought you?d have it any easier. Stay. Please. NIGHTCRAWLER I?m sorry for losing my temper as well. CAPTAIN BRITAIN I can take you to Muir Island tomorrow. Right now, I want you to just rest a spell. SHADOWCAT Rest would be good. NIGHTCRAWLER She hasn?t been feeling well. SHADOWCAT It?s nothing. They begin to walk through the main corridor of the manor, approaching the SITTING ROOM. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Well, I have a few empty rooms upstairs. First I want to give you the two quid tour, in case you need anything. It?s also a good idea if you meet my current houseguest. NIGHTCRAWLER I won?t frighten her, will I? CAPTAIN BRITAIN Doubtful. They walk into the sitting room, where Meggan is watching television intently. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Megs, meet our new visitors. Meggan turns around, revealing her to be a beast-like woman with greenish skin, fin-like ears, sharp teeth, and bushy eyebrows. MEGGAN Hello. It?s always good to meet friends of Brian?s. I?m Meggan. Nightcrawler stares at her, in awe of her appearance. NIGHTCRAWLER Hello. I? I?m Kurt. SHADOWCAT Hi, I?m Kitty. MEGGAN Pleasure to meet you both. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Kitty and Kurt will staying for the night. I?m taking them to Muir Island in the morning. MEGGAN Ooh, you?ll like Moira. NIGHTCRAWLER I?m beginning to like it here. CAPTAIN BRITAIN Right. On with the tour, then? [font=Verdana][size=1][color=Red]Manic, you know better than to double post. Just edit the post with the appropriate information. ^.^ -- Asphy[/color][/size][/font] [/font]
  19. [quote name='Ilium][COLOR=DarkRed']I would like to see Keanu Reeves as Bond beacause I think it would give the franchise a much-needed air of seriousness, and get away from the less-than-serious, a tad comical movie series that it's become.[/COLOR][/quote] I can just see it, now... Woman: "My name is Pillows. Filma Pillows." Keanu Bond: "Whoa." And then I'd die a little inside. I heard Pierce wasn't interested in playing James Bond anymore, anyway. I think I heard somewhere that he said the franchise has become a parody of its former self. Also, I heard Hugh Jackman turned the role down.
  20. It started as a graphics design theme at a superhero message board. The general idea was to create an iPod advertisement using the likeness of a superhero and no more than 3 colors. Here are some of the ones I made... [img]http://dmoon.animationhq.net/chamber-ipod.jpg[/img] [img]http://dmoon.animationhq.net/cyclops-ipod.jpg[/img] [img]http://dmoon.animationhq.net/phoenix-ipod.jpg[/img] [img]http://dmoon.animationhq.net/robin-ipod.jpg[/img]
  21. Note: This is based on the Marvel Comics X-Men splinter group named Excalibur, not the mythical sword of King Arthur. As a fan of the X-Men films, I've often wondered what a movie based on the Britain-based mutant team, Excalibur, would be like. This is a fan-script I'm in the process of writing. It is based on the previous two X-Men films released by 20th Century FOX. Basically, it's a spin-off. The story picks up where [i]X2: X-Men United[/i] left off, and ignores any & all [i]X-Men 3[/i] plot rumors currently floating around the internet. With that said, let the fanscript begin... [font=Courier New][center][b]EXCALIBUR[/b] by Kevin Webb[/center] FADE IN: EXT. XAVIER?S SCHOOL - SUNSET The school is completely abandoned. The garden and fields grow unchecked, and the front gate is chained up. WOMAN?S VOICE (V.O.) Mutation. It is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species of the planet. This process is slow and normally takes thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward. Standing alone in the COURTYARD is a girl in her late teens. She is revealed to be... SHADOWCAT (V.O.) This was Charles Xavier?s School for the Gifted, a safe haven for young mutants to learn to control their abilities without the risk of harming ordinary people. My name is Katherine Pryde, and I used to be a student here. Those days are over. It begins to rain. Shadowcat turns toward the main gate, and walks through it as if it wasn?t there. She looks down both sides of the empty road, then begins to walk along the edge of the street. A car eventually slows down and drives alongside her. The DRIVER roles down the passenger-side window. DRIVER Hey. You need a ride? She looks a him, ponders a moment, and walks closer to the car. She talks to the driver while inspecting the car. SHADOWCAT It?s just a couple of miles. DRIVER Well you?d better get in. It?s not safe for a girl like yourself to be this far out at night. The rain don?t help none. SHADOWCAT gets in the car. They drive off. SHADOWCAT Thank you. And I?m sorry if I get your seats wet. DRIVER Don?t worry about it. What?s a girl like you doing in the middle of the woods, anyway? SHADOWCAT I was visiting someone. My cab sort of drove off without me. DRIVER Who were you visiting? She doesn?t answer, and looks straight forward. DRIVER (continuing) A kid like you... I?m guessing you used to go to that mutant school, right? Xavier?s? She looks at the driver. DRIVER (continuing) You don?t got to be scared of me. I got nothing against mutants. I got a nephew back home who?s a mutant... turns his hair a different color, is all. For every one of you that can blow up a building, there?s another with really big ears. You don?t deserve the bad rap. SHADOWCAT Thank you. EXT./INT. MOTEL - NIGHT It is no longer raining. SHADOWCAT, holding a bucket of ice and two canned soft drinks, walks toward her room. UNKNOWN POV SOMEONE watches her reach into her pocket for her key, unlock the door, and walk into her room. BACK TO SCENE SHADOWCAT places the bucket of ice and drinks on a dresser, sits on the bed, and turns on the TELEVISION. The NEWS is on. TV JOURNALIST In recent news, the private prep school, Charles Xavier?s School for the Gifted, has been closed down for its staff?s alleged involvement in a recent mutant terrorist attack against not only the white house, but possibly the general American population. As many viewers may remember, several weeks ago, countless people across the world instantly fell ill with unexplained migraines, which placed thousands of people in intensive care in the United States alone. UNKNOWN POV SOMEONE approaches the window to SHADOWCAT?S motel room, and silently watches her. TV JOURNALIST (continuing) As a result, Congress is in the midst of writing several new bills to create more restrictive laws toward the use of mutant powers by mutant members of the general public. SHADOWCAT hears a BRUSHING outside her window, and gets up to check. BACK TO SCENE Shadowcat looks through the window. No one is there. TV JOURNALIST (continuing) The president has been quoted as saying, ?This is not about war between mutants and humans. This is about the safety of all Americans.? There is a loud BAMF. Shadowcat turns around to see NIGHTCRAWLER standing in the corner of her room. SHADOWCAT Kurt! Nightcrawler, you?re alive. NIGHTCRAWLER I?m surprised to say the same, Katzchen. They hug. SHADOWCAT Where were you? Do you know where the X-Men are? Can you take me? NIGHTCRAWLER Calm down, Kitty. I lost the staff when I was evacuating the students. I don?t know if the Professor and the others were captured... or if they?re still alive. Why did they raid your mansion again? SHADOWCAT I don?t know. Didn?t you guys go to Washington to convince the president to take an alternative? I got all of Stryker?s documents and everything. NIGHTCRAWLER Ja. And Stryker?s operation was ended. Shadowcat and Nightcrawler turn to the television after briefly hearing Xavier?s name. TV JOURNALIST When we return, we?ll cover the recent disappearance of Charles Xavier, and his mutant paramilitary terrorist group known as the X-Men. SHADOWCAT ?Paramilitary?? NIGHTCRAWLER ?Terrorist?? SHADOWCAT Kurt, they?re talking about anti-mutant laws. It?s not safe. And if we can?t find the X-Men?- NIGHTCRAWLER Kitty, my devices no longer work. SHADOWCAT What? NIGHTCRAWLER The communicator they gave me- it no longer works. SHADOWCAT Is it broken? Because if it is, I-- NIGHTCRAWLER It?s not broken. They?re just not answering. Where ever the X-Men are, they do not want to be found. You were right, Katzchen. It?s not safe. You have to run. Find some place to live. Can you stay with your family? SHADOWCAT The school had my name and powers on file. They say us students can go free, but I?m not getting my family involved in this. What about you? NIGHTCRAWLER I have no family. I can still manage. SHADOWCAT. No. You have to come with me. NIGHTCRAWLER Where? SHADOWCAT The United Kingdom. England or Scotland, I don?t know. Professor Xavier said he had friends there?- sanctuaries like the school. The only problem is getting you on a transatlantic plane. NIGHTCRAWLER Do not worry about me, Kitty. I was born in Europe, remember? I have ways of sneaking around.[/font]
  22. Speaking as the funniest member of OtakuBoards, which I clearly am not, I cannot stress enough how important it is to find the distinction between "conversationally funny" and "stand-up funny." I know people who are hilarious when you talk to them in person, but I wouldn't put them on stage for the sake of protecting their pride. Plus bad stand-up routines make baby Jesus cry. On the other hand, if your stand-up sucks, you might luck-out like Sinbad and Ellen Degeneres and still get famous for God-only-knows what reason. If you really want to do stand-up comedy, go for it. Do your best, and see if you have the chops for it. Don't be like me. Don't make baby Jesus cry.
  23. [b]Real Name:[/b] Kevin Deshun Webb I don't know [i]where[/i] my mother got the name Deshun from, but she says she picked it because she wanted me to have a French name. I got the name Kevin because my father (Ken) wanted all of his kids to have names that start with a 'K'. My other two siblings (not counting my step-brother, of course) have K-names. [b]Nicknames:[/b] Kev, Kevo, Kevi-Kevi, Webster, Kevster, Sisqo I hate being called Kevo and Kevi-Kev, but I'm only called those by my older relatives and my mom's ex-boyfriend. My closest friends just call me Kev, and my classmates throughout high school and college made a habit of calling me Webster. One day in high school, when the drama teacher was demonstrating how to use make-up to make someone look old, I somehow found myself with grey/silver hair for a full day. Since then, this one guy started calling me Sisqo-- like the R&B singer who dyes his hair silver.
  24. I like to tell people I'm a mix of Black and Blacker. Really, I'm descended from African slaves imported to the Southern-most part of the United States (a long, fancy way of saying African-American), Native Americans from the South-East, and Creole Southerners. Since I usually end of having to explain it anyway, let me just break down what a Creole is. When you find yourself somewhere in the South like, say, New Orleans, you're going to meet a Southerner who's part French. These people are usually either Creole or Cajun. The Cajuns are descended from French-Canadian settlers who migrated into the Louisiana Territory, while Creoles are descended from the French settlers who founded the Louisiana Territory. The term "Creole" sometimes also refers to Spanish settlers who lived in the same area, although I doubt I'm part Spanish. I'm 5'8", which makes me one of the shortest people in my family, at least in my generation. My mother is under 5', so I came out as one of the shortest kids among my cousins. My height is all legs, so when I sit or lay down with my legs stretched out, people think I'm much taller than I really am. My skintone is kind of two-toned, due to frequent sun exposure in some places, and constantly wearing clothing over others. While, say, my face and arms are a chocolate candy bar color, my legs and torso are a golden brown sugary color. Everyone thinks my hair is black, but it's actually a very dark shade of brown. Like my mom, my hair has patches of uneven color (she sometimes dyes her hair all one color to fix it). The hair near my right temple has sort of a greyish hue to it (especially when it gets wet). It's really annoying.
  25. [quote name='Sage Kaley']I'm not expecting much from that awards show either, it will probably end up like the Spike TV ones. Ugh.[/quote] G4's award show is slightly less commercial than SpikeTV's VGAs. For example: While SpikeTV will announce the committee-selected winner of an award without so much as naming the other nominees (god, it felt like a massive pay-off fest), G4's winners are all fan-selected (they had a voting website up) and we know that there actually [i]were[/i] nominees. [quote name='Dragonboym2'] but then I find out Wilmer Valdamira (Fez from "That '70's Show"), is hosting. I don't even think he's a gamer. That makes me sad.[/quote] It's Valderrama. And you never know who is/isn't a gamer, these days. Is [i]Player$[/i] still on the air? Because that show could throw you a curve ball or two by showing you just how many celebrities play games. Still, I think Hal Sparks and/or Aisha Tyler should've hosted. Admit it. You know they would rock.
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