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  1. Ever since Clannad and Clannad After Story anime came out I've always had some form of interest in visual novels. See, anime like Air and Clannad were originally visual novels meaning a story expressed visually with voice acting and music. They are a lot of fun. Another type of game I like to play occasionally if the plot is intriguing enough are otome or dating simulator games. Anyone else out there that enjoy these games as much as I? I nearly finished Clannad until my laptop died. Besides that I did finish Go Go Nippon. Now I am working on Eden* which is about the end of the world.
  2. All right, guys and gals. Time for a thread about the WiiU's true killer app: Super Mario Maker. Sure, there have been romhack homebrew programs for this kind of thing for a while now, but this has that Nintendo Polish. If you haven't "played" this game yet, you need to rectify that immediately, because it is wonderful. It almost seamlessly blends together "new" and "old" Mario styles, characters, enemies, items, etc, and bundles it all up in a superb little package with tremendous production values, a sublime presentation (and one of the best justifications for the Gamepad+Stylus), and the whole game just oozes old-school Nintendo charm. In many ways, Super Mario Maker is quintessentially, classically Nintendo: game is easy to learn, but difficult to master. There are so many little nuances and tricks that you're going to constantly be finding new things to try in your levels and it never feels tired or stale. There's always something new to discover thanks to the game's brilliant use of the stylus. At a fundamental level, you pick objects and place them with the stylus. That's the core of most of the level-building. However, if you were to, say, grab the green Koopa Troopa and give it a shake with the stylus, that Koopa will transform into the red version, which behaves completely differently (green will walk off ledges; red will stop and turn around), which profoundly changes what you're able to do in your level; let's say you have a tall, thin mushroom platform and want to make the player's jump a bit more challenging. Just shake the green Koopa and place the red one on that mushroom. Now the player has to be very careful about getting there. Nearly every object in the game can be modified this way. Piranha plants become fire piranhas. Chain chomps become...unchain chomps. If you wonder "what would happen if..." then this is the game for you. Shake the stylus to modify enemies. Shake it again to remove power-ups from them. Yes, as you can probably tell in the banner up top, you can definitely give enemies super mushrooms. ;-) And a ton of other crazy tricks: Yes, Virginia, **** like that can happen in Super Mario Maker. I could go on and on about how marvelous this game is, but really, playing is believing. We're going to use this thread as a discussion about the game, sure, but we're also going to use it to share our level codes with each other. Charles and I are both super interested in what OB has and will come up with for these levels. Have at it, OB!
  3. CaNz

    Gaming Splatoon

      I Just got done preordering the best buy bundle for this game and a Wii U. (I usually play on my friends, but I need one of my own now to play this game with him)      So basicly the general concept of this game is its a 3rd person shooter where you can mark the map with your ammo, then quickly hide yourself in it and move faster/verticly and through some objects (fences, bars, vents)     The game types are usually a take on territories, but not all of them are released yet, and most have to do more with how much of the map you can coat in your ammo color than kills.    Anyways I will definitly talk more about this, but I am too hyped for an intro, so I will let you guys tell me your feelings on it first.  
  4. So my friend is playing GTA online, and he is exploiting a glitch where he duplicates really ugly cars and sells them fully upgraded to make money. He does this by parking by a dumpster, stealing another car, going to his garage with his cell phone up, and then shooting that car till it blows up, and teleporting to the car he parked.   That may seem like a lot of work, but it saves him about a week of normal play time by doing this. Glitches like this are in tons of games. Loot caves in destiny, MissingnoM in Pokemon R+B, ect. Doing these allows you to get big rewards without the in between time, However, some may argue it diminishes the reward for both the players who cheat and those that don't.   Creating Pokemon for instance and duplicating them allows for exceptionally good shiny Pokemon... that everyone can get, but the people who choose not to cheat have to work hard to compete with them, and may never legally get one. The cheaters also diminish the value of the Pokemon,  and any legitimate one found is worthless because so many fakes exist.   What is OBs stance on glitching in games for profit?
  5. So far I am 700 eggs in with another 300 to go before the odds say I should get my shiny pokemon. I have a 33% chance a crutial stat will get hit, rendering it unusable for battles, and I have to walk three miles to get the 4xO-Power bonus to speed up hatching. All this for an animation and a color swap.   Games make us want to do stupid things sometimes. The things you have to do aren't even fun or chalenging, but you do it anyways even though you know its pretty meaningless.   I payed for skins on LoL, got every heart piece in every zelda game (on basicly every play through), got every armor piece on Halo 3 (and unlocked all its achievements), I beat every optional boss in FFX, XII, XIII and now in XIII-2, I would reset the Fire Emblem Awakening save just to read all the different marriage texts, I collect every outfit in any game with a character creator so I can pick my favorite, and I overlevel every RPG character until fighting isn't even fun anymore.   What stupid stuff do you do in games?
  6. Boo

    Gaming Terraria

        I like Terraria. Just found out I can apparently finally host servers on this new router I have so I wanted to suggest keeping one up a lot of the time if I can find enough people who play the game. Derp. Does anybody play? Has anyone played? What do you think of Terraria, etc. Discuss. Whatevz.    Oh yeah, I'm on Steam a lot anyway, with a bunch of games I play online, like CS:GO, Metal Slug 3 or whatever. Hit me up: neon_boo. 
  7. My roommate is playing Xenonauts so I decided to give XCOM another spin (so we can both b**** about highly trained soldiers missing point blank shots.)   I have a very particular style when it comes to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I think assault is just the best class by far, so my team is a 5 assault 1 medpac support deal. Half of them use shotguns, half use rifles, And I use mostly scopes to ensure point blank double shots. I also really like the stealth armor, so I can ambush people by placing the whole team right next to unsuspecting enemies.   What kind of teams do you like? Whats your favorite class?
  8. So DnDNext came out a while ago, and I have still yet to play it. I probably play dnd once a month, but I do have a lot of fun when I do. Its probably unlikely, but has anyone here tried it?
  9. Too many times I will have an amazing idea for a video game and just no chance of ever being able to play it because I don't have magic powers and no one is going to make the game for me.    Right now I'm dreaming about a Madoka Magica RPG. I know there are a couple Japanese games but I have no way to play or enjoy them. This Madoka game would probably be a lot like Final Fantasy as far as the battle system goes, since the skills and powers of the magical girls have such aesthetic potential. The anime also offers a pretty good gameplay idea in that you go around killing witches. There could be a custom character option where you build your own magical girl, and a co-op mode where you hunt witches with friends. I would pay good money to play a game like this.   There's also the Skyrim-Pokemon fusion idea that a lot of people drool over. It would pretty much be an open world, massively multiplayer Pokemon game, featuring every region and every Pokemon. I think that would be really cool on the Wii U, or even the 3DS.    Similarly, I think a Legend of Zelda mmo would be fun. No idea what kind of stuff you would do since Zelda has always been so singular in its gameplay, but there is enough lore and stuff to make an mmo fun.    Finally, I recently sank several days into the latest Tomb Raider and got the idea for a kind of hunting game. I've never played hunting games before so I'm not sure how similar this idea would be to them, but essentially you'd play a survivalist (like Lara Croft) hunting monsters in various locations. It might be a little bit like Monster Hunter but with guns--maybe 1st person optional. You'd have to collect resources like food, water, sticks, furs, etc., and utilize them to get by in the wilderness, and you could sell your haul in a town. It would probably be the most fun as an mmo, as well, but I feel like I would enjoy spending time playing by myself.
  10. Been playing Bungie's newest creation since it came out and to be honest I love the game as do most of my friends. So far I haven't seen anything really wrong with the game and the stuff I feel like needs to be changed Bungie has already announced that they will. I told one of my friends about it and he blew up on me saying it was the worst game ever invented and this and that. As the debate went on between us he even deleted me off of his friends list. (Thus in turn made me laugh so hard I cried) I have also had a few other people tell me the game is going to fail and it's a piece of **** game but they never actually spoke their point as to why. So this is my question cause I am dying to know. Do you like or hate Destiny and why
  11. Hey guys, I've found website introducing Japanese gaming app. The best part of the website is introducing in English.   Japanese gaming app lab http://doripote.blog.fc2.com   Website seems to be made thesedays, so has just a little content.   I am interested in "Monster Strike" introduced in the website.   Does anyone play it?
  12. I'm curious if anyone got their hands on the newer consoles, and what do you think about them? With the Xbox 1 having a version without the Kinect I'm thinking about getting one simply due to Halo: Master Chief Collection (Too bad Reach is not getting any love) and it's cheaper than a PS4 (which I still plan to get). Is there anything you do/don't like about the consoles? I'm very curious because I haven't heard any news on any of the consoles since E3 and now that games are finally starting to come out have opinions changed?
  13. Heyyy my name is kyle, and ive had a channel for about 4 months, and it hasnt really gone anywhere so i thought " dude, im just not reaching out to the right people " so hear i am, and feel free to add me on PSN or xbox or whatever haha new friends are always a good thing. my channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJXW05zQz-UKiZJK065thYQ and message me on facebook if you want https://www.facebook.com/kyle.riddering
  14.    Hey guys, I'm the Unusual Otaku. I hope I'm posting this to the right forum, the videos are something I "Create" after all...       Anyway, The channel is a gaming channel I've been working on for the past couple of months. I went from 5 to 19 subscribers over the past week and have been looking for places to help spread the word of my channel. However, I don't like Facebook or twitter and Tumblr confuses me so I was at a lose until I stumbled across this site. Fellow Otakus are my kind of people so I feel more comfortable posting on here asking for help. Here is a list of what my channel CURRENTLY entails(it will change as I find/think of more stuff to do on it):   The Stomping Land-        This is a Multiplayer series I'm doing with a few of my otaku friends. The game involves survival crafting elements with dinosaurs. Though based on how the series has been going I'd say that other players pose more of a threat.   The Walking Dead-        I know a lot of people have already done a let's play of this series, but my subs voted for it. So far I've been enjoying it but I think my commentary quality isn't that good in it as I'm mostly trying to focus on the story.   Otaku Says-        This one hasn't been made yet. Its a review show I'm planning on making where I will review different Anime, Manga, Movies, and other things should people request it. The reviews will be in-depth looks at the content so there will be spoilers and stuff.   That's about it for right now. As I said its a brand new channel so there is still a lot of growing to do. I still need to have a custom banner and profile pic made (right now I'm just using pics I googled a while back)            The channel's name is also Unusual Otaku if you wanna check it out. here is the Url: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLA22YSfmxMs-NUnx1hvjGQ
  15. Hey guys, I'm just curious: is anyone here playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? I have just started playing it and I am really, really enjoying it.   Part of my motivation to play is the fact that I just got a shiny new PS4, and also, I still feel very uncomfortable with the controls in Guild Wars 2; so much so that I really can't enjoy playing it, sadly.   FFXIV really scratches the itch though. It's so elegantly designed, and I love the way Square Enix have integrated the PS4 controller; very clever stuff.   But since I'm new to it (and I don't really know anyone on PSN or anything yet), I'm wondering if any fellow Otakuites are playing it. I am on the U.S. servers (got to check which world I'm on so I can tell you...).   Any takers?
  16. www.coupescorner.com   My gaming website are looking for writers to review video games old and new!   If interested, email me at lozzykinz1@gmail.com
  17. Hey allllll. Haven't been on here in ages. Been getting into streaming on Twitch.tv. I stream mostly Dota 2. But I've been starting to stream other games like League of Legends, Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, minecraft, and any other game I feel like playing. I provide insightful commentary, humor, rage, and good and bad plays! Sometimes I use my face cam, sometimes I don't. The max number of viewers I've gotten is probably 2.2k LOL. But it was thanks to Axel and a nice glitch on the website.   If you have nothing to do, check out my stream! I'm slowly making my way to my first goal of 500 followers and then my last goal is to become a partner with Twitch. <3 http://www.twitch.tv/lyndsieee
  18. Does anyone here play dc universe online for the ps3. I just got the game and was wondering if anyo e else played or knew some helpful advice
  19. So I have just finished Katawa shoujo VN, and this one was very enjoyable managed to complete all 5 routes and the hidden route with only a single fault at hanako   Now I have finished it I´d like to start a new VN but I cannot decide between little busters or fs night Anyone who had played either of those two could give me a feedback on how it is and or tell what they liked about it and what not   å®?ã?くã??ã?é¡?ã?ã?まã?ã??みã??ã?ã?ã??
  20. Hi there everyone! It's Pumpkin. I know a lot of you came over and played Guild Wars 2 which is one of the most popular games out right now for mmorpgs. But I was wondering how many of you are going to be buying or trying out ffxiv reborn? It's the old final fantasy mmorpg but it got completely remade. My friend is in the beta, and he claims it is AMAZING. I know the graphics are really top notch and supposedly the combat system is very addicting. I'm wondering for those roleplayers on the site if you are possibly going to play? If so what class/race will you choose?   Personally, I'm going to be going for the feline race as probably a white mage or summoner. If you haven't heard about this game I suggest you read up on it, because the changes they made are perfect for a social gamer such as myself. 
  21.     1up - A IGN - 8.9 Gamespot - 8.0 Gametrailers - 8.5   With that said, people are going ham over this (still going ham). I definitely think Capcom/Ninja Theory has succeeded in alienating their fan base. As for me, I don't have the game yet, and still undecided on if I'll get the game or not. On one hand, as far as gameplay I like what I'm seeing. I won't say it looks as good or as stylish as DMC3 or 4, but it looks good. On the other, the atmosphere of the game is really off-putting, not only that, but the environment and graphics. Don't get me wrong the game looks good, but everything moving around the way it does and then the bright colors, it really messes with my eyes. I don't wear glasses or anything, but looking at that stuff too long will make me feel dizzy.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRmD4RFDeq8   Anybody have the game yet? Thoughts?
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfclgYT7h-A   So they just announced Generation 6!!!   And you'll be glad to know that the reign of Fire/Fighting may have finally been brought to an end. The new Fire starter seems to be Fire/Psychic.   I've also heard rumors that the game's going to get a worldwide release in October, but I still need to find a source for that.
  23. Well time for some imagination people :) You were working for SONY and they need ideas from you about what new technologies to add for PS4 to make it the best console compare to Next gen XBOX and WII. Be realistic :)))
  24. I have a few DotA 2 keys that I'm wanting to give away. I probably around six keys left. If you, or anyone you know, wants a DotA 2 key, just let me know, and I'll be glad to give you a key (you need a Steam account). Here's a video of gameplay of player submitted clips with some pretty good plays [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fszmrPru6zI&feature=relmfu[/media] Also, someone actually made their own animation combining DotA 2 and My Little Pony, which I found pretty cute (using the DotA 2 Gamescom trailer audio). [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E5FFFYRUgI[/media]
  25. [font=palatino linotype]I haven't posted a topic in this forum in [i]forever[/i], so I thought I'd post about a game I just bought yesterday. The game is [b]XCOM: Enemy Unknown[/b] (hereafter just referred to as XCOM), which is essentially a re-imagining of an older title (which I have never actually played, but am now keen to try). This is really my first new Xbox 360 title for a while. I have to admit that XCOM was really not on my radar as far as new games go, but I had read a few reviews of this game over the last week and they really convinced me to give it a try. [center][img]http://timenerdworld.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/xcom-enemy-unknown.jpg?w=600&h=400&crop=1[/img][/center] If you're unfamiliar with XCOM in general, then the best way to describe it is probably to say that it's a bit like Civilization mixed with Final Fantasy Tactics. That is to say, you have a team of units (a squad) and your battles are turn-based. At the same time, you have a home base that you expand and you also have a research tree associated with this (so you can research new upgrades and technologies, which you can then manufacture). Whilst all this is happening, you have to manage the needs of the nations that are funding the XCOM program (e.g. if you neglect, say, China for too long while it is being continuously attacked by aliens, it will eventually withdraw from the program entirely). I've only had a day with this game so far, but I'm finding it to be incredibly addictive. Although turn-based, the action moves pretty quickly. Also, interestingly, I've found that my squad are not simply canon-fodder - or at least, I don't view them that way as I play. Maybe it is because each squad member is individually-designed, or maybe it is because each squad member essentially has a "career" where they continually build up skills and specialities. Either way, losing a squad member (which has real permanency in XCOM) never ceases to bring about a genuine emotional sting. The actual gameplay is pretty straightforward, especially if you've played Civilization before. Each squad member has two moves per turn, and it's up to you how you "spend" those moves. You might use one move to get behind an object for cover, and then use the other move to fire at an enemy. Within that context there are numerous speciality skills that can be utilised - one of my favourites is "Overwatch", which basically means that your squad member stands sentry and if an enemy moves within their line of sight, they will automatically fire upon said enemy (without taking up a move). One of my favourite aspects of the game is the fact that the environment itself has a major impact on the a squad member's percentage likelihood to successfully hit an alien target. When you go to fire at a target, you'll see both a percentage chance to strike the target plus a percentage chance to achieve critical damage. These percentages are heavily influenced by things like relative height to the target, distance, and the kind and number of objects between yourself and the target (firing through a glass window is different than trying to fire through a wall, for example). The strategy shifts significantly as you play, both because the environments themselves are highly destructible and because the game gradually introduces new enemies with unique (and horrifying) capabilities. You often feel that the odds are against you, but clever strategy and patience usually gets you through. So far I would say that my biggest issue with the game is probably the actual "base mode" part of it. I love the idea of the high strategy that underpins the core ground missions, but sometimes it feels a bit loose and ambiguous. As the game progresses, you end up managing a ton of aspects of your base and its peripheral activities - personally, this can sometimes feel like too much. And because there are so many interdependencies between your research and what you construct (whether it is facilities or weapons/objects for your squad), I found myself getting a little lost here and there. It can feel like a lot to wade through. Having said that, I'm still really enjoying the game and it's definitely very addictive. I highly recommend it. I haven't yet tried multiplayer and I'm not really sure about the structure of that...but if anyone here has both XCOM and Xbox Live, let me know your GamerTag if I don't have it already. If multiplayer is anywhere near as good as the single player mode, then I'm sure I'll love that too.[/font]
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