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  1. [quote]eRepublik is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game, web browser game developed by eRepublik Labs which launched on October 21, 2008 and is accessible via the Internet. The game is set in a mirror world (called the New World) where players, referred to as citizens, join in local and national politics where they can help formulate national economic and social policies as well as initiating wars with their neighbours and/or tread the path of a private citizen working, fighting and voting for their state. It was developed by Alexis Bonte and George Lemnaru. eRepublik is programmed in PHP using Symfony framework,[1] and runs in most modern browsers. eRepublik has spawned a number of similar games due to the commercial success.[/quote] The game has most if not all of the countries of nowadays, including eJapan. The thing is, the eJapan population has been decreasing a lot lately and, in a game with 232464 players, we have only a handful of active players. We've tried getting Japanese to play the game but since English is the dominant language in eJapan, they lost interest. So now we're looking at any anime community we can find since that was the first foundation of eJapan. If you have patience for these kind of games and want to help eJapan who are supressed daily by eChina then click this [url=http://www.erepublik.com/en/referrer/Squibeel]link[/url] (remove the referrer if you want but if you end up giving up you will be helping the country by using the referrer) and join us. My in-game name is Squibeel, so if you do join eJapan, send me a PM. PS: I hope im not braking any forum rules. \o/
  2. [quote]So I saw this in a Kotaku comment, thought it would make a fun thread: â??First game you ever played on each console you've ever played.. GO! (exclude games played on display consoles like at Wal-Mart, Target, Gamestop, etc..)â?[/quote] You gotta go digging through your memory on this one. For the most part I got most of my consoles fairly late. Never got anything on release or the year they came out. [b]NES[/b] Super Mario Bros 1 Till this day I still haven't beaten this game (any Mario game for that matter). Probably won't either since I have no interest in the series anymore. [b]SNES[/b] Super Mario World Like Mario 1, haven't beaten it. [b]Gameboy[/b] Tetris Don't really need to say much about this do I? It was fun and that's that. [b]Genesis[/b] Sonic 2 This was at my cousin's house. I saw him do Super Sonic trick, but could never get it to work for me so I stopped playing it a long time ago lol. [b]Sega CD[/b] Sewer Shark This was the only game I actually played on the thing and I hated it. Well, this harsh so I'll say I couldn't get into it. Around this time I was into the fighting games. [b]Sega Saturn[/b] Virtua Fighter 2 / Virtua Cop 2 Can't remember which one we got first but me and my brother (forget that "my brother and I" crap) had a blast with both games. We had some epic battles when it came to VF2 though. He would always pick either Kage or Wolf and my characters were Lion (I think that's his name... The youngest male) and Jacky [b]Gameboy Color[/b] Pokemon Red Red, Yellow and Silver were the only games I actually had on GBC and even then I was pretty much done after Silver. I'm no Pokemon fan (can't stand it to be honest with you) by any means but even I have to admit that they were some addicting games. [b]Playstation 1[/b] Crash Bandicoot It was more of a demo disc actually. That was the last actual platformer I played before I stopped playing games like that. I want to say the first game I actually bought was either Tekken 3 or Spider-man though. [b]Dreamcast[/b] Shenmue Pfft. I don't care what anyone says. That's one of the greatest games ever. [b]Nintendo 64[/b] Goldeneye007 A game I think I can hang with anyone in. [b]Xbox[/b] Halo / Ninja Gaiden Can't remember if my brother bought Halo or I rented Ninja Gaiden 1st. Regardless, both games are a blast. We never got into multiplayer but we did do coop though. [b]Playstation 2[/b] Metal Gear Solid 2 This was where I got started with my MGS addiction. Great game, but now I'm sorely disappointed in this title. I beat it on normal for the first time last year only to find out you don't get anything worth the effort outside of the stupid camera. Going through that torture dealing with Emma and swimming, ARGH!!!!!!!! [b]Gamecube[/b] Dragonball Z Budokai / Tales of Symphonia I think my brother rented DBZ first, can't remember. (I didn't play this console much) [b]Xbox 360[/b] Gears of War 2 At my brother-in-law house. We got right into the multiplayer and at that time it was a turn-off. Get me in front of that game now, I'll love every minute of it (Single-Player Campaign only) [b]Nintendo DS[/b] Phoenix Wright Justice For All Fun game but once it's beaten that's pretty much it. And that's been my keep me from checking out the rest of the games. [b]Playstation 3[/b] Metal Gear Solid 4 Seeing how I basically got my PS3 along with this game (and the rest of my ps3 games) last month I haven't really played much of the game. I've been rotating between so many games now.
  3. I've hopped back into gaming in a huge way this year, and I've definitely had a lot of fun doing it. And there are plenty of you fine folks who still game, so let's talk about our favorite games of the year! Because I've been out of the loop for a while, I've spent a lot of my time catching up with great games of years past -- the [b]Mass Effect[/b] games, [b]Red Dead Redemption[/b]. [b]Portal[/b], and so on. But I have played a few games from the current year. First in my heart is definitely [b]Portal 2[/b]. It is basically my ideal of storytelling in gaming: Real time, totally immersive world, sharp writing, memorable characters. When I played [b]Portal 2[/b] I really felt as if I were [i]someplace[/i] rather than playing as a character in some world. The subtle tweaks in gameplay from the original and the new puzzle wrinkles are perfectly executed. I really wish the game could have gone on forever. A close second is [b]Saints Row: The Third[/b]. It's possibly the most ridiculous video game I've ever played, and I love it so very much. It's just a big, stupid pile of fun. I'm actually tempted to play through the game with the other character voices just to hear the subtle differences ... Other standout games I've played this year: [b]Ghost Trick[/b] is awesome. Good story, and the puzzles are interesting and well-executed. [b]Radiant Historia[/b] is a solid DS RPG. Playing through [b]Bastion[/b] and [b]Skyward Sword[/b] right now -- both are definitely fun.
  4. [color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]The Skyward Sword thread's current discussion on the music has got me realizing how much I listen to video game music outside of the games themselves. About a year ago I started getting into this a lot, looking up music from old games for nostalgic purposes. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA_VeKxyfiU&list=FL9drqggjLa7G-d-7iP3aDRQ&index=391&feature=plpp_video[/media] After a while of playing old games (ones I'd played before and ones I'd not) I started becoming much more aware of music in not only video games but movies and television. And this is what really started my... "soundtrack" binge. While I did get into a little bit of movie and television show music, I've mostly been interested in video game music. I find it to be much more interesting and compelling to listen to. Not to mention there is so much more of it out there. I thought it'd be fun to have a thread where we can share and listen to songs from games we all love. To start off here's a classic nostalgic song for me from Super Mario Land 2. It's the Star Maze theme. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmD9WnLYR5I&feature=BFa&list=FL9drqggjLa7G-d-7iP3aDRQ&lf=plpp_video[/media] I played this game a lot as a kid on the road, when I stumbled upon this song during one of my many video game music binges I got instant nostalgia goosebumps. If you played this game before you'll probably feel the same way and if not you may still find it good. Bonus song: :) [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp7-0x6vZjw[/media] Little Big Planet has a fantastic soundtrack, this song is only one of many great tracks. So what about you guys? Any favourite video game songs? How important do you think music is for a video game? What are your thoughts on the ones I've posted? ^^[/font][/color]
  5. After finishing[b] "Portal 2"[/b] (it took me waaay longer then it should have) I was out of a game to play over the summer and was browsing the Steam site to find another. There I saw that [b]"Team Fortress 2"[/b] was now free to play. I had no idea what this game was other then the fact that you go around shooting people, and I'm not into those kind of games. But, I decided I would try it just for kicks and now I've been playing it non-stop for the first part of my summer. I mean, it's such a well rounded game! I'm pretty much addicted. So, I was wondering is anyone else playing [b]TF2[/b]? What class do you play as the most? I play as Scout and Engie most of the time. :D
  6. [size=1]Hideo Kojima is working on another game and, well.... There's a countdown that keeps on resetting. I'm kind of guessing that it's going to keep doing that until E3. And then there's: I don't know who ore what that is suppose to be, but people are speculating something about Lord of Shadow (whatever that is) [url=http://kotaku.com/5267167/is-kojima-working-on-lords-of-shadow][u]Sneak Peek[/u][/url] Yeah.... I still need to play MGS4 (If that's MGS5)[/size] _____________________________________ Edit: So the name of this new MGS game is called Metal Gear Solid: Rising. It's Raiden's game and it's exclusively on the Xbox 360. No news about what the story is going to be about, nor is there any gameplay footage. "shrugs" We can only get so much at a time. I'm still happy for this though. Would someone change the name of the topic to Metal Gear Solid: Rising please? Edit: Removed image since it was the image of the new Castlevania game.
  7. [COLOR="Indigo"]yes, this idea branched off the"Worst Video Game ever Made" thread. anyway, have you every played any freakishly scary video games? maybe some that kept you up at night? two freaked me out. constintine, which i couldn't even finish. and devil may cry 3, i almost beat it. [I]almost[/I].[/COLOR]
  8. Guest

    Gaming Trouble with L4D

    [color=#333333][font=arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif][size=2]Alright, I did a scan or something to see if my computer could run L4D 2. I already got it, and it was running just a little slowly with some lag. I turned down all the settings to low and things like that, but it still had lag when there was a lot of zombies.. The scan told me I had everything needed except for a 3.0 GHZ. I had 2.8GHZ I can't upgrade because I don't have enough money, does anyone know a way for me to reduce lag and make it more smooth?[/size][/font][/color]
  9. With E3 ending I figured we'd get another one of these threads started, granted I don't know if E3 really mattered since most of if not all the games that were shown we already knew about since 2010, which also made E3 look rather weak this year but that's another topic for another day. From what I've seen there were a few games that I've seen that had a release date for the holiday months (Are there any games worth mentioning that're suppose to be released this season? Usually there are a couple of hitters that're released during the summer months but I don't recall hearing about or seeing any. Come to think of it I don't think we had any last year either) and next year. Anyway, instead of posting a list I'm going to post some videos of what I'm anticipating. First up: [center][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJJOTeZcAzQ[/media][/center] [center][b]Asura's Wrath[/b][/center] When I first seen this trailer (and others) I was blown away. I guess part of that is because I'm a sucker for QTE's and then the graphics in this game is just top notch. I think I heard or read that the game is a mixture of gameplay and cinema's.. (I want to say somewhat like Heavy Rain, or at least that's what came to mind when I first heard that) For me the game just look too epic to pass by. [center][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJvrN6JijuU[/media][/center] [center][b]Mass Effect 3[/b][/center] I only beat Mass Effect 1 so far and thought that game was really epic. I've yet to really dive into Mass Effect 2 and I hear that game is even more epic than ME1. And going by the trailer alone I can only hope that this one will be more epic than both 1 and 2. I saw some bits added to melee. I don't know how much I'll use that since I was still unfamiliar with using melee in ME1 (or was that ME2?). I will say that the game looks even more impressive, visually speaking (you'll probably see that a lot lol) [center][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHHcM6aHPnE[/media][/center] [center][b]Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception[/b][/center] Like Mass Effect, I've only played Uncharted 1 and I haven't beaten that yet either (I do own Uncharted 2 as well) but from what I've played of it I enjoyed it thoroughly. At this point I don't think I want to see anything new from Uncharted though. I'm hoping that everything they've been showing was multiplayer because I don't want to be spoiled from the single-player campaign (it just seem like I've been seeing nothing but bits of the campaign). Definately a must buy for me. I may even get it on day 1. [center][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC2yMKMENdg[/media][/center] [center][b]Halo 4[/b][/center] I think we all know by now that I don't do multiplayer so I'm basically in it for the campaign and I dig Halo's campaign. (I'm getting ready to start playing ODST and Reach for the first time) That's it's for now. I'm a little tired so I don't feel like doing any more typing.
  10. [center][left] So, I have started a clan on xbox live and we are called Lucifers Jesters. How this clan works is all new members will start off with the enlisted rank of private, unless I decide otherwise, and you will work your way up to higher ranks as I and my two high ranking officers see fit.[s] although we are currently fixing our ranking system[/s]. We will not always be playing as a team group obviously but you can play in a team with other clan members if you wish and we do have our own website as well as a world on theO, a link to the main site will be posted, and every now 'n' then I will be giving out occasional MS points and possibly some gold time :) Some of the games we play online are COD: Black Ops and Halo: Reach, you don't have to be a crash hot hardcore gamer to join, you can just be an average gamer to join, hell i'm an average gamer and I started this clan lol. Anyway if you are an average gamer then we can help train you up to be a better gamer like Canz who is very good at Halo: Reach. As a way to kinda of get us known within theO, OB and possible youtube community we have started a podcast, and in a few weeks/possibly days there are going to be gameplay commentary videos on youtube as well. We are still in the early stages of the clan and we are looking for recruits so if anyone is interested please let me know. [/left][left] [/left][left] [/left][left] [/left][url="http://soundcloud.com/hypermidgetninja/fjk-ep1"] FJK ep1[/url] [url="http://firejadeknightsclan.webs.com/"]Website[/url] [/center]
  11. [center][img]http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/7017/logocopypo.png[/img] [center][font="Century Gothic"][b]Come one, come all! The OtakuBoards Gym Leader Tournament is coming in May! [/b][/font][left][font="Century Gothic"] [b]What is the OtakuBoards Gym Leader Tournament?[/b] The OBGLT is a tournament for Pokémon trainers here at OtakuBoards. Any and everyone is welcome to participate. [b]What are the rules for this tournament? What makes it special? [/b]The special part of this tournament is the fact that all Trainers involved [b]must specialize in one type of Pokémon.[/b] This means that all Pokémon on a person's team must share a type (i.e. Fire, Water, Grass, etc.). Dual-typed Pokémon are acceptable, as long as they fit the Trainer's overall theme. [b]Only one species of any Pokémon can be used in any given team.[/b] Using two gender variations of a Pokémon is not allowed. [b]Use of Legendary, pseudo-Legendary, and Uber Pokémon is allowed, but is limited to one per team, and only so long as that Pokémon follows the Trainer's type theme.[/b] All participants must have [b]Pokémon Black or White [/b]to participate. In regards to tournament style and play, battles will be [b]6-on-6[/b], and [b]all Pokémon on a team must be Lv. 60. [/b]Hold Items are allowed, though [b]repeat items are not [/b](that means no two Pokémon can be Holding the same item). Trainers will compete in a single round-robin style tournament. The Trainer with the most wins at the end of the tournament will be crowned Champion. [b]How do I sign up for the tournament? [/b][/font][font="Century Gothic"]To claim your stake, simply post in this thread with the type you would like to claim. Once you have decided on your team, please edit your post to include that team and your Friend Code. This post will be edited with open and closed positions during the sign-up process, and with standings once the tournament begins. [/font][font="Century Gothic"]Sign-ups for the May tournament are currently[/font][font="Century Gothic"][color="#00ff00"] [b][color="#8b0000"]closed[/color][/b][/color][/font][font="Century Gothic"]. Trainers will have until [b][color="#ff0000"]May 14[/color] [/b]to register their teams (meaning the team list must be posted; movesets and Hold Items do not have to be listed). The actual tournament will begin on [b][color="#ff0000"]May 28[/color]. [/b] Presently, the determination of whether or not prizes (other than the title of Champion) will be given after the tournament is currently under evaluation. [b]Is this a one-time event? [/b]Ideally, no. If there is enough response, there will be another tournament taking place one in-game year from the start date (i.e. the tournament will happen every Spring, or, every four months). [/font] [center][font="Century Gothic"][b][size="3"][color="#ff0000"]Standings [/color][/size][/b] [color="#000000"]In the battle between [b]CaNz [/b]and [b]Morbo[/b], the Dragon trainer swept the field, earning an absolute 6-0 victory against the Normal-type trainer. Dialga and Haxorous tore through ranks to clench a final impressive victory for Morbo, securing his standing in the rankings. Fortune stayed with [b]Lawliet[/b] through his match, as he managed to beat [b]Kei [/b]four Pokémon strong. His Starmie managed to deliver the final blow to the Flying team, dashing hopes for a chance to move up in the ranks. [b]Ace [/b]managed to win his match by default and the match between [b]White [/b]and [b]Lilly [/b]ended with a draw-loss due to technical difficulties. We've finally come to the end. After eight long weeks, the battles have been fought and the dust has settled. Here are your final rankings! [img]http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/5418/rankingscopy.png[/img] I would like to thank and congratulate all the participants. All of you helped to make the first OtakuBoards Gym Leader Tournament a success. I would also like to send a special congratulations to our first Champion, [b]Lawliet![/b] Please look forward to the next tournament, which will be launching in the OB Event forum. See you next Spring! [/color][/font][/center][/left][/center] [/center]
  12. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9EpHRdlI3M&feature=player_embedded[/media] There are 2 versions of the game coming out. Street Fighter vs Tekken and Tekken vs Street Fighter. Street Fighter vs Tekken seems like it's going to be like the Street Fighter games while Tekken vs Street Fighter will be like the Tekken games. http://www.hadoken.net/?p=1886&cpage=1 I never saw this one coming, and personally I'm not thrilled about it either mainly because I'm not a fan of the Tekken series (anymore), but if the SF vs T will be similar to that of the Street Fighter games (mainly 4) then I will definately be onboard with that version. Edit: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3180566 (Has gameplay footage) I WANT IT
  13. [img]http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/1402/tumblrl0lrn8u7xl1qa6wva.png[/img] okok, in all seriousness; [url=http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/45775585.html#cutid1]Info and Japanese movie trailer here[/url] with screenshots [url=http://www.serebii.net/index2.shtml]here[/url]. Pretty sure I jizzed in my pants. [B]ETA #1[/B]: [img]http://images.plurk.com/5064043_1fc8b20ead4e9879282546cc2b6859a9.jpg[/img] new alleged pogeygirl [B]ETA #2[/B]: [img]http://i39.tinypic.com/wkajb.jpg[/img] more speculated designs. none of these are official. [B]ETA #3[/B]: [img]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y52/Cubed316/1271097144428.png[/img] this is official looking. too bad it's not official. [b]ETA #4[/b]: [url=http://pokebeach.com/2010/04/clearer-game-screenshots-of-pokemon-black-and-white]Cleaner screen shots[/url].
  14. [COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]I should be playing Dragon Quest 8, but I just don't feel like it. [strike]I only have a PS2 and Gamecube at the moment. (My mom has a DS, but she won't let me buy anything for it, so "shrugs") And I don't think I'll have any of the newer consoles before the year is up so if we can keep those games crossed off for the time being.[/strike] I tend to stay away from [b]ALL[/b] musical games, so please don't waste your time suggesting Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Heroes. [strike]I'll probably end up deleting your post by accident or something[/strike] I also stay away from the GTA series as well as Mario games. (Picky indeed.) S/T RPGs are another variety of games I stay away from. I suck at em, and I don't be up to thinking so much. And then I tend to stay away the Soul Caliburs and Tekkens. You can probably suggest some racing and sports games, but chances are I won't play them. Rare gems that has the same price of an used PS2 (Marvel vs Capcom 2, Shin Megami Tensei) don't need to be mentioned. Don't be afraid to shout out some PS games.... My brother has Zelda: Wind Waker. Chances are that I'll end up remembering if I played this or that when the games are mentioned. So, fire away. [size=1]Seems like I'm leaving something out.[/size] Edit 2: So this can help people out... [b]Games I've played[/b] (I'll edit this regularly) Final Fantasy 7 & Final Fantasy 8 Onimusha 3 & Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams Devil May Cry 1 & Devil May Cry 3 (and SE) Metal Gear Solid 2 & Metal Gear Solid 3 (and SS) God of War Genji [i]Resident Evil 2 Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Prince of Persia: Two Thrones Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore Soul Calibur 2 Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 5 Indigo Prophecy Chrono Cross Final Fantasy Chronicles Virtua Fighter 4[/i] [b]Games I have[/b] Devil May Cry 3 Rogue Galaxy Final Fantasy 7 Kingdom Hearts 2 Genji Dragon Quest 8 Street Fighter Alpha Antholgy Guilty Gear X2[/COLOR] [size=3]Ignore this post[/size]
  15. I was reading an article at IGN talking about remakes, and I'm curious about how everyone feel about them. I mean there's been quite a few remakes that've been released or announced. From Zelda to Metal Gear Solid, it seems like everything is being ported to something else. I have no issues with remakes. Being the graphic freak that I am, I'd like to see some of those old titles get a visual upgrade (Chrono Trigger would do nicely). Also, just an observation, but people seem to jump for joy about Zelda and Star Fox remakes, but when Final Fantasy 7 always come up there tend to be a lot of mixed opinions.
  16. Magus

    Gaming E3 2011

    Surprised no one made a thread. Truth be told I wasn't going to make one since I thought I wouldn't be able to catch it (started working 11-hour shifts and don't get off till 5:30am) Anyway, I decided to skip the console conferences since last years were so boring and no one showed anything that piqued my interest, so someone will probably have to update me on that. However I did manage to catch a bit of Nintendo's and like always I'm not fond of it, although I will admit that some of their games on the Wii U (really?) looked mighty impressive in terms of graphic quality. Anywho, this is what I'm excited about so far: [b]Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition[/b] - I was trying to hold on from buying my copy of SS4 for the PS3 but couldn't make it [b]Uncharted: Golden Abyss[/b] - I'm not much of a fan when it comes to portables but I'm fairly curious about this one. [b]Assassin's Creed: Revelation[/b] - I'm not even done with AC2 but this game looks awesome. I mean it still looks like it's doing the same thing I've seen in AC2 (from what I've played of AC2) but I don't mind that one bit, which is kind of ironic since I was just talking to a friend of mine about how I wanted something new to JRPGs when it comes to gameplay instead of pushing 1 button all the time. [b]Mass Effect 3[/b] - Epic [b]Halo 4[/b] - I'm not real big on FPSs but I'm a fan of Halo. [b]Gears of War 3[/b] - Again not big on shooters but I'm a fan of this. (both Gears and Halo got a nice single player campaign for me) [b]Uncharted: Drake's Deception[/b] - Epic to the fullest Street Fighter x Tekken I'm iffy about [b]Ninja Gaiden 3[/b] and [b]Batman: Arkham City[/b]. I didn't really enjoy Arkham Asylum that much and it's made me real skeptical about AC.
  17. So I've been giving a bit of thought to buying an Xbox 360. Not totally decided yet, but I'm leaning toward buying ... just wanted some thoughts from those who have the console, particularly about what some of the better games for the system are. Some of the games I'm definitely interested in: The [b]Portal[/b] games, [b]Marvel vs. Capcom 3[/b], [b]Red Dead Redemption[/b] (playing through a badass western sounds SO cool to me), [b]Mass Effect 2[/b] (maybe the first, too, but I heard it plays similarly to [b]Knights of the Old Republic[/b], which honestly bored the hell out of me), and the upcoming [b]L.A. Noire[/b] (much like RDR, playing through a badass film noir sounds like the coolest thing ever; I am so down for this). Maybe [b]BioShock[/b], too, but I'm not really big on first-person shooters these days. We'll see. What has been everyone else's experience with the 360? What games would you recommend?
  18. I know I haven't been on the forums for a long time, but I figured I'd check in here to see if anyone else is playing this timesuck of a game? I am absolutely addicted to it. I started off on singleplayer and then moved to an SMP server we've got with some friends, and now I can't go back! Singleplayer just seems so damn boring now. Plus the whole co-op building and living thing is wonderful. And the mods! Oh, the mods. So here is my little questionnaire for minecraft: [b]Single or Multiplayer? [/b] [b]What's the favourite structure you've built? (Pictures if you have them!) [/b] [b]What's your best minecraft story? [/b] [b]If you're on a server, which one, and what mods do they have? (Not that I'm constantly on the lookout for cool mods or anything...)[/b] [b]Do you use a texture pack, and if so, which?[/b] [b]What is your favourite mob?[/b] [b]Do you have enough diamonds? :p[/b] Me: [b]Single or Multiplayer? [/b] Multi. As I've already stated. To put it in crass terms, going back to single player is like going back to masturbation after having sex. I'll do it if I feel like it, but I'll always take the option to do multiplayer over single. [b]What's the favourite structure you've built? (Pictures if you have them!) [/b] I have no pictures (angry face) because we had to overwrite the server, but I made a giant snow castle with a snowflake pattern built into the walls. It was made out of glass and snow, and it looked awesome! [b] [/b] [b]What's your best minecraft story? [/b] Uhm...I spawned a zombie pigman out of a zombie. [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smirk.gif[/img] We have a mod on our server where if you've donated then you enter the game on a thunderbolt. I went to bed to skip night, but for some reason a zombie spawned in my well-lit room. It was attacking me and killed me a couple of times, so I teleported back to my house. There's a glitch where, if you teleport you can't see mobs sometimes, so I logged out of the game and then back in, but because the zombie had been attacking me, he was standing exactly where I was, got hit by lightning, and turned into a pigman! Then he glitched so neither of us could hurt each other. So I kept him until he despawned. He was called Mr. Grunty Shambles, and I luffed him. [b] [/b] [b]If you're on a server, which one, and what mods do they have? (Not that I'm constantly on the lookout for cool mods or anything...*shifty*)[/b] I'm on the boh server at boh.lambent.net.au, which you're welcome to check out if you guys want... I kind of love it because we have such cool stuff built on it. And we have mods installed so you can be a builder or a survivalist. Builders get kits so they can create amazing structures, while survivalists have skills and can level up. Then we have some crazy mods, especially if you're a VIP (for donation) -- you have a portal stick and you can use it like it's from Portal, which is SO COOL. And a flying mod, and a hat mod and...yeah. I just sort of love it. [b]Do you use a texture pack, and if so, which?[/b] I don't! I kind of love the way the original looks, to be honest. And fancy graphics are just [i]fancy. [/i] [b] [/b] [b]What is your favourite mob?[/b] Pink sheep. I tried to keep one called Mr. Fluffikins, but he despawned. :< [b] [/b] [b]Do you have enough diamonds? :p[/b] Never enough! [b] [/b] [b] [/b]
  19. Haven't had this kind of thread pop up in a while. A straight-forward question. Whether it's the story or gameplay, heck it can even be for looking at the pretty graphics, what is it that you're looking for in your games? I'll come back with mine in a bit.
  20. [img]http://i619.photobucket.com/albums/tt278/PandasQ/scV.jpg[/img] Soul Calibur V [spoiler]I still don't know why they have to spell caliber wrong[/spoiler] has been confirmed not too long ago, and I happen to be a decent fan of this fighting game series. I loved the character creation (which is still by far the best in video games in my opinion) and the gameplay is pretty different compared to the big names. As for the details that have been released, there isn't much. We know it will be released in 2012, (if I ever announce a game, it would be in May, since you can get away with a whole year of ambiguity) the games story takes place 17 years in the future, and the leading protagonist is Sophitia's son: Patroklos. There have been little talk about which characters will be returning. I know Sigfried, Sophitia, and her kid are there, and I know Shura is NOT going to be there (and probably not any of the other half-assed new characters that were tossed into IV at what seemed like the last minute.) There is a trailer out as well though it is really short and doesn't show much of anything. That being said here it is. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbIjwEHgtbc[/media] Anyways I am excited at the chance of having a good SC sequel coming to the Xbox 360 ( IV was really 'Meh' for me) And I hope it is something that will gain more fans for the franchise.
  21. [quote]The successor to the PlayStation 3 is currently in development, Sony confirmed during the company's investor meeting today. Executive vice president and chief financial officer Masaru Kato was asked to explain the rising research and development costs for the company's fiscal year. "In the game segment, we have the NGP to launch later this year. So we have development expenses to be incurred for this product," he explained. "For the home console, the PS3 still has a product life, but this is a platform business, so for the future platform - when we will introduce the product I cannot discuss - but development work is underway, so the costs are incurred there." [/quote] Courtesy of IGN. Do we really need a new console from sony right now?
  22. [center][img]http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/919BqzsyPDL._AA1500_.jpg[/img][/center] [quote] Amazon.com Product Description L.A. Noire is a gritty, single player detective game set on the infamous streets and in the smoke-filled back rooms of post-war Los Angeles. Designed and developed with a nod to the classic film noire movie genre, L.A. Noire blends crystal clear graphics that bring the iconic look and feel of the era to life, with a combination of innovative technology and unique gameplay that allow you to solve crimes through interrogations and investigation. Additional features include: five LAPD based crime desks to work, the ability to analyze the case as well as suspects for clues, an accurate block-by-block recreation of eight sq miles of 1947 Los Angeles, multiple difficulty settings and more. Synopsis Amid the postwar boom of Hollywood's Golden Age, newly minted detective Cole Phelps is thrown headfirst into a city drowning in violence and corruption. Utilizing groundbreaking new technology that captures an actor's facial performance in astonishing detail, L.A. Noire is a violent crime thriller that blends breathtaking action with true detective work to deliver an unprecedented interactive experience. Interrogate witnesses, search for clues and chase down suspects as you struggle to find the truth in a city where everyone has something to hide. Against an overarching plot of violence and betrayal, L.A. Noire challenges players to solve a series of self-contained cases as they work their way through the ranks of the LAPD. Each case features a distinct storyline with a beginning, middle and end, and each successfully solved case brings new challenges and leads Cole closer to the true story at the dark heart of the Los Angeles criminal underworld. Key Game Features -Solve a variety of cases across the crime desks of: Patrol, Traffic, Homicide, Vice and Arson -Search crime scenes for clues, question witnesses and interrogate suspects as you search for the truth in each case -Use your wits to analyze suspect's behavior and separate the truth from the lies -Experience a stunningly accurate block-by-block recreation of 8 sq miles of 1947 Los Angeles -Rise up through the ranks of the LAPD from a beat cop to other positions as LAPD detective Cole Phelps -Solve brutal crimes, plots and conspiracies inspired by famous crimes from 1947 Los Angeles, one of the most corrupt and violent times in the City of Angels' history -Multiple difficulty settings give players of all abilities the chance to step into the shoes of a detective in postwar L.A. [/quote] Gotta say I've never been interested in any of Rockstar's games (although I've taken a sudden interest in Red Dead Redemption) which is why I usually stay away from. Here with L.A. Noire, though, I find myself very curious and interested in the game. I'm actually surprised a topic hasn't been made already. Anybody else anticipating this game?
  23. well, its still a while away, but there is plenty of info about it [IMG]http://i619.photobucket.com/albums/tt278/PandasQ/gears-of-war-3-.jpg[/IMG] Gears of War 3 has been delayed until Fall 2011 its supposed to be competing with big brands like Call of Duty (which may even get to five by then... who knows) in the holiday season of next year. The third and supposedly final game in this best selling third person, cooperative shooter is attempting to push both graphics and gameplay to the limits, with all the lovable gears feel. [Media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Red3cp3iHQY&feature=player_embedded[/media] this is the most recent multilayer footage i have seen. [quote name='Official gears website'] You read that rightâ??a multiplayer beta is in the works for [i]Gears 3[/i], giving you and scores of other Gearheads an opportunity to test-drive 2011â??s biggest game before release. â??What modes will the beta include?â? you bellow, shaking your fist at the sky. â??What new weapons will I employ in my tyrannical march toward competitive online domination?â? Easy, friends! All will be revealed in due time. Sit back, speculate with your fellow fans on the official Gears forums, and keep your eyes on gearsofwar.com for more details.[/quote] so yeah.. beta will be out soon. not sure how you get in yet but i will update when i do. your best bet is like they say in the quote gearsofwar.com also there is this [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9t-IM7YTCw[/media]
  24. [center][font=trebuchet ms][size=6][b]Nintendo 3DS[/b][/size][/font] [img]http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/8292/aqua3ds.jpg[/img] [hr=teal]80[/hr][/center] [font=palatino linotype]I picked up an aqua 3DS last night (kind of randomly actually - somehow they managed to sell the thing around A$50 cheaper than EB Games). The last DS I bought was a DS Lite, so I completely skipped the DSi and the DS XL. I figured I'd wait until a full hardware refresh before buying another DS. So far I have not actually bought any games. I think the only launch game I'd have bothered buying would be Pilotwings Resort or Ridge Racer 3D. But neither of those games were available at the stores I was in and the rest of the launch lineup really does nothing for me. I guess I'll just wait for now. :) Anyway, before even buying this thing, I actually read quite a few reviews (Engadget, IGN and others). And I was kind of surprised to find that opinion is so split about whether or not the 3DS is actually a good platform. Some reviews were pretty harsh about the 3D effect and others really whinged about battery life. So I was pretty interested to actually get my hands on one and see for myself. For all the detailed stuff you can pretty much view any of the million reviews out there. I thought I'd just cover the main points that really stick out when I use the system. I'll add more detail to these as I play a little more. :) [list] [*][b]Hardware:[/b] Very well-built and solid, with fantastic controls (the thumb disc just slightly edges out the PSP version). The physical design of the system is actually pretty ugly, I think. It doesn't look far off from a prototype, honestly. The glossy photos you've seen on the Internet are quite different to the real thing. It's nowhere near as unattractive as the original DS, but I view it as a big step down from the DS Lite and DS XL. I'm assuming that a 3DS Lite will arrive eventually. [*][b]Hardware Features:[/b] The screens are a big improvement - particularly the top screen - and I am really pleased that Nintendo incorporated an SD card feature. You even get a 2GB SD card included, which is pretty nice. I also really like the concept behind the Notification Light; I think that will end up being a pretty cool little feature. [*][b]Interface:[/b] Really fantastic menu system that incorporates some ideas from Wii and then adds a number of really strong features. The whole notifications system looks great and the ability to "multi-task" by pausing apps and going back to the Home screen is a very big step forward for Nintendo. Generally everything is very clean and easy to understand, without feeling stripped back. I think Nintendo are really moving in a good direction here - I'd love to see a Wii system update that introduces some of these ideas, too. [*][b]3D Effect:[/b] It's as good as you can imagine, really. The 3D effect is every bit as good as you'll get when watching a 3D film at the theater. Viewing angle can be an issue, bit it's really not a huge concern unless someone else is watching your screen. The ability to adjust the "depth" of the effect is very welcome, because I don't think you'll want the full depth activated all the time. So far I'm really impressed with the effect and I think Nintendo is really signalling where 3D should be going in the future, for all devices (including TVs). [*][b]Software:[/b] I haven't yet bought any games, but the pack-in software is pretty great. Face Raiders is heaps of fun and the AR Games are pretty outstanding in terms of technology. When you see the middle of your coffee table literally open up in front of you before releasing a dragon into the room...you will no doubt be impressed. I also loved the fact that as you move around, the objects remain in place - it feels like the game is literally in the real world. I can really see a lot of applications for this beyond the pack-in AR Games. [/list] I'll leave it there for now - no doubt I will add more detail to the above points as I go. But I thought it'd be a good idea to get this topic going so that all you other early adopters can share your thoughts (and your Friend Codes, too, which we can also put in the Hardwired Online topic eventually). By the way, my 3DS Friend Code is [b]1719-3201-9906[/b].[/font]
  25. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/04/26/update-on-playstation-network-and-qriocity/ [color=deeppink]So somebody stole a bunch of vital information off of PSN. If you have a PS3, I imagine that this is something you'd like to be aware of.[/color]
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