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Interesting thought about cell....


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remember when cell was getting beat by son gohan, and then he started powering up and electricity was surging around him? did you ever think that maybe he was transforming into ssj2? he got a huge increase in power, and saiya-jins powers increase a lot when they have a near death experience, and as you all know, cell has saiya-jin cells surging through his body, I already know the answer to this, but did any of you actually stop to think about this....
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It is a possibility, but u would not get a change in hair color to tell. But no, he did not turn ssj2, if he had, he would hav been a match for Gohan. He was not. Atleast, when u saw sparks around him, he was powering up, in that round he was no match for Gohan. I m not sure about after he self destructed though. He might hav, but there is no proof. He probably didn't. What i think is that he should hav been stronger than all the z fighters combined because of the fact that he caries their cells in his boday, and knows their every move. What was ur answer Sephiroth?
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Guest Deranged Gerbil
No he didn't go SSJ2. The point of the whole Cell saga is to pit the heroes against a "Perfect" enemy: someone who has Perfect balance between Speed and Power. Thus, everyone is defeated by Cell and no one can stand up to him, even the 4 Super Saiyajin...

until Goku reveals who is the ONLY one who can defeat Cell:

"Omee no debandazo...Gohan!"

That young boy, thought to be the weakest is revealed to be the only one to be able to defeat Cell. Then that little SSJ boy tries to beat Cell but he can't do it. Cell is Perfect, but when Cell destroys #16, Gohan *breaks* the barrier. I can't place enough emphasis on the word *break*. He goes beyond what was thought to be legendary. He goes beyond SSJ...beyond Perfection. And then of course Cell is powerless to stop him. Bla bla bla...Cell explodes. Bla bla bla...Cell returns. He fights Gohan and the two are thought the be equal until Goku convinces Gohan of his power. And Gohan vanquishes Cell completely. The whole concept is to create a legendary boy who isn't convinced of his abilities and finally learns to believe in his own power and himself (like in most other manga/anime).
You wouldn't want to destroy that concept now, would you?

So even though there is electricity around Cell's body, he didn't become SSJ2, because Gohan was much stronger than him all along.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by stormwing [/i]
[B]but cell could have just have been a weaker form of ssj2... [/B][/QUOTE]

[SIZE=1]There is no weaker form of SSJ2. You're either SSJ2 or your not. Cell didnt becomes "SSJ2" because if he was already the equivelant of a SSJ and was stronger than SSJ Gohan.. than he would have been stronger than SSJ2 Gohan if Cell was the equivelant of SSJ2..[/SIZE]
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well now
as you may recall, cell did power himself up to a very beefy stage just before he self destructed. in cases with a ssj, the ussj is the very beefy stage which makes them slow. when he regenerated, he was charged up with electricity but i still say he didnt go to ssj2. if he did, it would have been game over
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Yeah, I noticed that too. I suppose it's possible, after all, he DOES have saiyan blood. Then again, did he ever really get mad?

I think that even if Cell 'had' been in SS2, Gohan's true power still would have overwhelmed him. Let's say tha........Waitaminute. Cell never was a Super Saiyan. It's obvious. So riduculusly obvious. HIS EYES! When a person goes SS, thier eyes turn a greenish blue. Cell's eyes were normal to the very end! That, too me settles the issue. He gets the normal Saiyan power-up after death..Okay, here's my final thoughts:

First, my view of how things were:

SSGohan VS Perfect Cell:
Perfect Cell had the advantage. He had the overall power level of a Super Saiyan with lots of experience, lots more than Gohan or Goku.

Next Round:

SS2 Gohan VS Perfect Cell:
Gohan's inner strength broke the barrier, and raged to the surface. Gohan holds the Advantage.

Next Round:

SS2 Gohan VS Perfect Cell Empowered:
Perfect Cell holds the Advantage. This is because he is at full health and Gohan is injured and drained of a sizable amount of his power.

Final Round: SS2 Gohan Enlightened VS Perfect Cell Empowered, in Kamehameha Combat.

Gohan obviously wins, through several factors;

One: His True Maximum is far higher than Cell's, and I think that should they both fight at full power and perfect health, Perfect Cell Empowered'd be dead very easily.

Second: Thanks to Goku's tutelage, Gohan realized that his powers were drained by his negative emotions (Or were they?), he could keep going to the end.

Three: Vegeta's interference at the end both threw Cell's attention off enough so he could get through, but it also gave Gohan the 'focus; he needed to throw everything he had at Cell.

The Lightning effect, SS2's signature trait, is not in actuallity caused by being SS2. It's caused because the user has SO much energy( which is accessed by SS2), that it begins to spark around him, getting rid of energy he can't control at that moment.

In the following Example I will use two terms: Ki, the usual Inner Strength we all know and love, and Chi, External Strength that the Z warriors generally tap into in order to prolong thier Ki life.
Ki is internal, and is relatively limited, though 'higher quality'.
Chi is External, very easy to access, not as powerful.

For example: Gohan, when he powers up, brings some of the Chi he has access to to his internal resivoir of Ki, and stores it up. When he powers up, his 'current maximum storage' level increases, up to his 'True Maximum Level', at which he cannot gain anymore untill he learns to harness it more. Sometimes, the amount of Chi/Ki that gathers around him exceeds his current maximum, and so is released around him in the form of the lightning.

The REASON Cell had the lightning was because he had the overall power level of a SS2, but technically was NOT one.

About Goku's tutelage: Was he right? What was draining his powers, the usage, or his doubt? I think it was REALLY the usage, BUT because Goku managed to bring Gohan's spirit up by saying it was his doubt, he managed to finish the job. Is Goku smart enough to think of that, focusing the blame on something else to pull his sone together?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Alexander [/i]
The REASON Cell had the lightning was because he had the overall power level of a SS2, but technically was NOT one.


I'd say the reason cell had the Lightning sround him was because... well

1st. Cell was created to be the ultimate power

2nd. Cell did have his limits but he didn't need to "extend" to them because he was more powerful than all the other z warriors

3rd. When gohan became ssj2 he had more power than cell so cell decided to power up so he'd have more power than gohan/

4th. Gohan was more powerful then cell so cell had powered up to his maximum but gohan was still stronger.

Does that make sence to you? I see what i mean but do you guys?
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