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Digimon Masters - Fight for Friendship


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Game is on now. For any additional info, check out the recruitment thread. The rules are those of any rpg. Let's roll!


The humble Solarmon floated from the shadows as she heard her master's summon.
"Yes. Where's that no-good brother of yours? He was supposed to be back here to report me on the issue with the Reptilians."
"You'd better..."

Haku turned to watch the screens. They showed videos from every corner of the Digital World.
"This is it, Chip", he whispered to the Choromon he was petting in his arms. "This is my chance to show all of them! My pitiful parents, who never loved me for real! All the doctors and psychics... All of them will face the wrath of the DigiMage!!!" Haku turned on his heels so that the electric-blue cape swayed dramatically.

[i]DigiMage... That's not me... This is wrong... I need to get out of this shell! HELP!!![/i]
The voiceless call echoed trough the Digital World. None of the dgital monsters populating the world could hear it. But there weren't just digimons in the Digital World at the time...
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OOC: Sorry *points down*, I know he's been in the series loads.
Grey clouds hung in the sky over the tropical forests of the Digital World. Standing completely still, leaing against a tree, a tall boy was waiting in the shadows. A cool breeze ruffled his long orange and red hair. His trenchcoat swayed in the breeze.

He could see movement across the clearing. Slowly putting his fingers to his mouth, he gave a shrill whistle, piercing the eerie calm.

From the bushes over the other side of the clearing, a dark red Guilmon sprinted across towards him.

"What did you find out, Chase?" the boy asked. The Guilmon looked up at him apologetically.

"Nothing. I couldn't see anything. Is very quiet." Chase answered.

The boy looked up at the sky. It wasn't looking promising. He hadn't expected anything like this.
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OOC: I'll post my question here, too. Are we goind by appearance or by the cards for Digimon type?
(Dantu is on his computer)
Dantu: Not again. Mom!
Dantu'a mom: What?
Dantu: I need to go.
Dantu's mom: Again?
Dantu: Yes. There's a problem.
Dantu's mom: I wish problems didn't happen so often.
Dantu: I can't do anything about that. I'll be back as soon as I can.
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The wind blew carefully through the deserted park as a group of 3 guys surrounded a girl. Her watched beeped and she rolled her eyes. The first guy lunged at her and she did a small backflip backwards out of the way and then landed a pretty good punch to his face. The other 2 boystried too get her from the side. She realized she cant dodge to the side this time so she looks out her right eye at the guy coming from the right and she tripped him. She then turned so she can see the other boy who had a knife she did not know about. She did a high kick to his hand makeing him drop the knife and grab his hand in pain. She punched him a single tiem and he was on the ground.

GroupLeader: Stupid girl. . . we will get you for this

the group ran off.

Furora: I doubt that boys i doubt that.

She presses a button on her watch and appears an a totaly different world. She walks up to a cliff and whistles after putting her arm in the air. She heardthe noise of little wings flapping her way. Soon she heard 2 sets of wings. The 2 digimon landed next to her. One was a red and white color and had a feather come out the back of his head. The other was pink and also had a ankle braclet thing. It looked more like those things connected to the chanins that hold prisoners to the heavy balls.

Furora: Well?
Hawkmon: Unfortunatly No but biyomon did discover something else.
Furora: And that would be?
Biyomon: Yes actualy. Um i Noticed at the edge of the canyon border More and More of the Machine digimon are moving in on our territory.

Furora: Oh joy

Hawkmon: Thats not all furora Um It seems that Ryouka Has yet to contact us.

Furora: Send another message its somewhat important.

She looked at the sky as the 2 flew off. Her right i glimmered in the morning sky. Her left eye glazed over since she was born was dull, but being blind in that has never bothered her. It has never stoped her in the things that she does. The wind blew viciously atop the cliff but Furora enjoyed it.

Her black army boots and army camoflauge pants matched the forest behind her. Dark green and spooky. Her black shirt had flames going up it and her hair was unsuual as well. She ajusted the spiked collar around her neck and walked into the forest
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Dantu: Palmon, Mushroomon, we've got a problem. Code Delta 2.
Mushroomon: I [i]hate[/i] Delta 2s.
Palmon: So do I.
Dantu: Well, I don't like them either. Unfortunately, we don't have a choice. This looks important. (He grabs his backpack, looks through the contents to make sure he doesn't forget anything, and walks over to the computer) Portal's set for the coordinates. Let's go.
(The three of them dissapear. they appear right in front of Haku)
Haku: What the?!
Datsu: Who are you? And I want both identities.
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Ojji sits in the shallows waiting for for Zip the Gomamon to report on the status of the conflict in the sunken ship relm. He had divied up the sea by landmarks.
Zip: Ojji! They have sent in a squadren of ebidramon and we can't handle them with just Catch (a gizamon) and Flip (a otamamon).
Ojji: Im comming.
Ojji jumps inot a diver's suit and dons a breathing mask and jumps into the water following gomamon.
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Haku: What [i]are[/i] you talking about?
Datsu: I know what's happening. Basically, you have two personalities inside you. Normally, each personallity has a different name. I want both of yours.
Haku: I don't know what you mean, but I do have two names.
Datsu: And they are?
Haku: I'm Haku, the DigiMage.
Datsu: Classification 2.
Haku: What?
Datsu: Your current personality is likely in classification 2.
Haku: And what is classification 2?
Datsu: Classification 2 personalities feel a need to prove themselves. They are normally angered by something. [i]And they usually go by titles.[/i]
Haku: What makes you think that you can [i]classify[/i] me?!
Datsu: It's my job.
Haku: What?
Datsu: I go around sorting out problems in this world, from plots to destroy it to territorial disputes. You fall under the Delta 2 catagory: a split personality. Your other personallity probably called for help. The call was picked up by my monitering software, and I'm here to help.
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Takuya that was just a bit controling i think

Furora walks into the bare forest and sees Muchomon.

Furora: Well?

Muchomon: Just a second *knocks over a tree* Yes here it is...

Furora: Is that really the passage?

Muchomon: Yes it leads to the bottom of the cliff and if you keep going... to the bottom of the ocean into an air filled cavern.

Furora: If we went into the water area that would be trasspassing. I jsut want to get to the base of the cliff.

Penguinmon: Fine. . . Lets go..

Penguinmon and muchomon leap down the hole.

Furora: This is like one huge slide. . fun.... stupidity why not stairs... im not a little kid anymore... ugh... oh well

furora leaps in and slides downwards. They finaly velel out and she stands up. She walks through a rock door and reaches hawkmon and biyomon

Furora: Another message sent?
Hawkmon: Yes. . but the digimon keep coming. .
Furora: Let them come. . its nothing important.Our territory is on a clif that goes all the way around its like an island in the sky... they wont figure out how to scale the cliff for a while. unless they can fly. which does not bother me.

Biyomon: What ever you say furora. . hows home?

Furora: lets not talk about it right now. .

her blind eyes moved around a bit. she could move it and such she just ant see from it. Her right eye shifts as well. She glances at hawkmon and scratches the tattoo on her shoulder.

Furora: I . . need to get back Contact me when he replys please
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OoC: Sage I signed up a bit late.........sorry

IC: [i] Yami is sound asleep when he wakes up in a fast manner as if something scared him to death.[/i]

Yami: These visions what do they all mean first the digimon then the those other people then the digimon who look like cool fighters or battle warriors say that I'm there protector. Then my laptop goes carzy with that glow with the image pasted on it.

[i] Yami's father calls him in the next room[/i]

Yami's dad: Hey Yami could you come get me the remote, and a drink.
Yami: Sure. [i] Yami goes in the kitchen gets a glass and fills it with ice nad water. he goes to the living room gives his dad the drink and gets the remote.[/i]

Yami: I'll be on my laptop. [i] Says this while turning on the T.V and handing his father the remote[/i]
Yami's dad: Ok but remember we need to get some flowers for your mom this afternoon ok.
Yami: Got it.

[i] Goes into his room and locks the door and looks with his wide open eyes and his laptop which once again glowing a bright light with an odd shaped image on it.[/i]

Yami: Whoah!!! i wonder.....

[i] Yami moves the mosue over the image and clickes it. Then like a vacuum he gets sucked into his lapto and is free falling when he feels something flie into his hands.[/i]

Yami: Whats going on!!!!!!
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Furora appears back in the park. She glances around the guys were not around. Furora smirked and then walked down a dark street. She slouches and put her hands deep into her pocket as her boots pounded heavily on the wet cement street.

The rain was coming down hard now. Almost like hail but to moist to be hail. She sighed to herself. Water dropletts quickly dripped from the pits of her hair and the tip of her nose. She blew a drop away and wiped off her soaking face. She sat on a bench on the side of the street and just stared at the old pawn shaops flikering light.

The rain kept on pouring down. Furora just leaned her head back and closed her eyes. The water fell upon her lightly at first but got harder. She had no where to go for the moment soshe just relaxed. Her black shirt was soaked and her pants were heavy. She had no real care. Untill her watch beeped again. She pressed a button and dissaperes.
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Chase looked up at the boy. "What should we do, Ryouka?"

Ryouka shook his head. "I'm not sure. If that Digi-Mage keeps bothering us we may have to confront him baout it."

Chase smiled slightly. She liked listening to Ryouka speak. He was valiant and bold, although there was a slight edge to it that she couldn't place. "Why are you here, Ryouka? We've always protected ourselves from things."

The boy flicked some of his hair out of the way of his face and looked at Chase, a slight wave of anger flashing across his face. It disappeared in a instant. "I'm here to protect the Digimon." he said calmly, taking a digivice from his pocket.

"But.. I don't understand. What does that do that makes it special?" Chase asked as they started walking back towards the rocky mountainside, where a small settlement of reptile digimon lived.

Ryouka didn't actually know. He thought he'd best say something convincing. He didn't want to be rejected. "It's... very powerful. You'll see it's power soon enough." he said nervously, looking up at the sky. It was beginning to rain.
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offgame: Takuya, Blanko's right: you can't just know where DigiMage dwelles, and for the gameplay, it isn't very clever either... Why don't you just concentrate on your own character in the beginning, okay?

And Gotenks, your welcome to join us. This is the final player list:
[color=silver]Sage- Haku (Mechanic)[/color]
[color=orange]Solo- Ryouka (Reptile)[/color]
[color=blue]Ginny- Keio (Animal)[/color]
[color=teal]Darncoolguy- Ojji (Marine)[/color]
Kairi- Kima (Dark)
[color=yellow]N'adou- Nadoka (Mythical)[/color]
[color=red]Blanko- Furora (Bird)[/color]
[color=purple]Rokas- Yuji (Insectoid)[/color]
[color=green]Takuya- Dantu (Vegetation)[/color]
[color=gold]Gotenks- Yami (Warrior)[/color]
[color=brown]Circeus- Kensuke (Elemental)[/color]

There's still one place to fill ([color=deeppink]Master of Magical Digimons[/color]), but Ben is apparently considering to join, so I'll wait for his reply.

Let us continue the game:

Haku stared the boy who appeared out of nowhere furiously.
Haku: "How DARE you! I am the DigiMage, and I'm above your kind! You're just a mere human, while I hold the powers of this world in these very hands!"
Dantu: "Listen, I know you're just one of us..."
Haku: "SHUT UP! Platine, come here!"
Platine: "At-your-service-sir!"

The humble Solarmon seemed to materialize from the shadows. Haku lifted his silvery Digivice [offgame: you all have digivices with own colors - you can check your color from the list above], and a ray of digital light shooted out of it, surrounding the digimon.
Platine: "Solarmon digivolves to... Guardromon!"

Haku: "Now, bug off, or Platine will have to show your way THROUGH the door!"
Dantu: "Alright, but don't expect that I won't be back!"
Haku: "I dare you..."

The boy vanished to a pilar of light, leaving the caped boy staring at the wall of his metallic fortress. Slowly he moved to one of the few windows of the structure to gaze at the Thunder Plateau. Bolt of lightning bombed the plateau. Haku had thought that this place was unreachable by the other Masters, but apparently he had been wrong.
Haku: "Cursed..."
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OOC: The problem with going by appearance for me is that nearly ALL Digimon look like animals to me. >.< The list I made was accepted by sage; any Digimon in parathesis can be used by the Master listed, it's just that there are multiple Masters that can control that specific Digimon (ie--Devidramon, the Dark Dragon. Kairi can control one because it's a Dark, N'adou can control one because it's a Dragon, which falls under the Mythical category.).

[color=royal blue]Keio rolled around in the overly enormous, overly ornate throne. The thing itself was beautiful: velvet red cushions, mahogany wood, golden trimmings. There were even life like animals carved into the wood.
It was just too much for her though.
Keio propped herself up on one elbow. [i]How'd this happen, anyway? One minute I'm at home in my dress and fuzzy slippers, and then--[/i]
"Princess Keio!"
She sighed and forced herself to sit up. The intial pronouncement of that title had brought all her fantasies to life, but now...
The burden of a crown was a heavy one.
The Labramon bowed nervously, and Keio nodded. "What's wrong?"
"Well," the Labramon started, but before it could get further--
"Don't listen to him, Princess!" a Bokomon shrieked as it pounded its feet on the floor, racing to her. "It's not what you think at all!"
The two Rookies instantly began to argue, which quickly turned into a shouting match. Keio, no, [i]Princess[/i] Keio sighed miserably and sagged in her chair.[/color]
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The man was sitting by the computer playng spider solitaire. suddenly a message appeared on the screen with a litle beep

"Yuji, where are you? Could you help me with this"- Yujis dad thought that the message on the screen was simply part of some new Yujis game or from one of his friends as it had his name on it. He hesitated, becouse message might be important. Yujis dad looked at his watch.-"Oh. He's gone. And so should I be!"

He quickly left computer with message still on screen and grabbed his coat .

"I should clean up here someday."- He said seeing a pile of clothes on the floor of the closet.

The man locked the door of the room and then the main ones when he left the house.

Some time after he left, the pile in the closet started moving. A small boy wigled out from undreneath the clothes pile. Yuji was supposed to be at one of his after-school classes and if his mother knew that he was missing them for couple of days now, she would be furious.

Yuji sat down in front of the computer. Message was still on the screen. It couldn't have been from one of his friends becouse he had none. He maximaized it, so it filled the screen. First thing he noticed was pictures of diferent insects. They filled the message, all different from each other, but bright coloing made them all different from simple beetles in this earth. Yuji just started reading the text when screen started to glow...
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OOC: Dantu does know what he's doing. He's been at this for two years. The rest will be explained in the story.
One thing I'm confused about: Sage said that we would go by appearance, but now we're going by GinnyLyn's list, which was made based ot the cards. Which are we [i]really[/i] going by?
(Dantu, Mushroomon, and Palmon appear in Dantu's room)
Dantu: That didn't go as planned.
Mushroomon: Obviously.
Dantu: I'm not sure what classification that personality is. He was a little more careful that ordinary classification 2s.
Palmon: What should we do?
Dantu: We need to monitor him. this may be difficult, though. My monitering software can't get a lock. We'll have to do it ourselves. (He turns to the computer) What the?
Palmon: What?
Dantu: I've lost his location!
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Ojji and Zip swam quickly through the clear water and heard the sounds of battle. Zip digivolve now! Ojji pulls out his green bue digivice and it glowed as Zip digivolved to Ikkakumon!
Zip: Ojji Ill hold them off until you get there and solve this.
Ojji: Right
Zip swam off as Ojji tried to think of what to do.
He doesn't hit anyone but he does get thier attention.
Ebidramon 1,3,5: Twin Scissors
#2,4: Lobster Step!
Ojji: Catch, Flip Digivolve!
Catch Digivolved into Coelamon.
Flip Digivolved to Seadramon.
Catch: Fossil Bite!
Flip:Ice Blast!
Zip: Harpoon Torpedo!
They hit the Ebidramon hard and they leave as soon as they recover.
Catch Flip and Zip all dedigivolve and all four of them swim back towards shore each happy in one way or another.
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You'll forgive me for having an Ultimate already, but either I'll de-digivolve her or something later, or keep her as she is. She IS a royal guard, after all.

[color=royal blue]The shouting match between Labramon and Bokomon had reached unbearable proportions, and Keio suddenly screamed in frustration. The two Rookies paused and stared at her, wide-eyed.
When Kyukimon landed in front of them, it was their turn to scream.
The large Ultimate stood in front of Keio's throne and leaned toward them, her long, sharp dagger arms waving dangerously in front of them. "Are they bothering you, Princess?" she asked.
"Not anymore!" the terrified Rookies chorused together.
"We can share!" Bokomon squeaked.
"Me first, though," Labramon told Bokomon as they walked off.
"No, me first!" Bokomon shouted back.
They both turned back to Keio. "Priiiincess!" they whined.
Kyukimon snarled at them, and the two instantly disappeared.
"Are you all right, Princess?" Kyukimon asked, bowing to Keio.
"Yes, and please don't do that," Keio answered.
Kyukimon regarded her carefully. "If you'll pardon me for saying so, you [i]are[/i] the leader here, and you need to be respected."
"Yeah, but..." Keio looked past Kyukimon, to the bustling town surrounding the castle. "Kyukimon, do you ever wonder if you are somewhere that you don't really belong?"
Kyukimon didn't look surprised, and if she did, she hid it quickly. "I am a Royal [i]Kynt[/i]. My job is to protect you. My strength backs up my ability to perform my job. Therefore, I do not feel that I in the wrong place. Why do you ask?"
Kyukimon twitched her golden whiskers. Princess Keio saved that pet name only when she was truly distressed about something. "Princess?"
"Sometimes...sometimes I don't think that I have the strength to back up my ability to do my job here."
The powerful Ultimate stood in front of Keio, then performed a majestic bow, her striped head nearly touching the ground. "As long as I have breath in my body, and strength to do my job, I shall help you to do the same. This I swear."
Keio smiled genuinely. "Thank you, Kyu."

The pair were startled from their quiet moment when they heard an explosion thunder in the busier part of the town.
"Already on it!" the Guard roared as she vaulted out of the castle.[/color]
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Ojji, Flip, Zip, and Catch all decided to check out the big island cliff place for fun. As they swam towards it they noticed to they weren't gonna make it up there so they decided to go to the coaral reefs and frolic around there until Ojji felt like it. (Note: Ojji will not travel back and forth from the real world to the Digital world) As they didved they noticed that they water color got darker as they descended. When they got to the reefs they saw they were empty and knew something was up.
Ojji: Flip, Catch, Zip be ready to digivolve.
All Three: Right.
The three all floated silently for a second and then something grabbed Zip and pulled him under.
Ojji's digivice glowed as he yelled DIGIVOLVE ZIP! Zip digivolved to Gomamon?
Ojji: Oh no! I forgot to let you guys rest.
Catch Flip you guys try!
Catch Digivolved to Coelamon
Flip digivolved to Octomon!
Ojji: HUH? Flip? Oh well Attack and free Zip!
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His head hurted, it hurted as if an Elephamon stepped on it.


Make that an horde of Elephamon.

"I'm here!" Kensuke called. [i]But... [/i]Where[i] is "here"?[/i]

He looked around. Leaves... Branches... A forest.

[i]The Zuichi forest... Great...[/i]

"Candlemon, over here!" [i]Gotsumon...[/i]

Is stomach hurted almost as much as his head. He was sprawled across a branch about seventeen feet above the ground. [i]How am I getting down now?[/i]
The rocky digimon looked at him worriedly, than turned at his companion.

"How are we getting him down now?" he asked.

[i]Oh great...[/i]

He fumbled in the pouch attached to his belt and finally extracted his digivice.

"Maybe the best idea is to digivolve!"

"Yeah, right, I don't see myself climbing that thing..." Candlemon mumbled.

--Digivolution sequence--

Gotsumon, digivolve to... Golemon!

**5 minutes later**

"Thank you guys. I don't know what I'd have done without you." Kensuke thanked his friends. He gulped some juice.

"It was nothing. We know you're not an adept climber." Candlemon replied from his left.

"By the way, what were you doing in the Zuichi Forest?" Kensuke asked. This time, gotsumon, who was trottling on his right, replied.

"We received an urgent message from Datsu concerning a... What was that again, Candlemon?"

"A Delta 2 code. You really must have sand in that thick head of yours." he shrugged. "I have absolutely no idea what a Delta 2 code is, though."

[i]Delta 2... Urgh, I wish my head didn't hurt that much. Maybe I could remember what it is...[/i]


"Argh, damn printer!"

Kensuke hit his head on the keyborad, cursing. He had been trying to print a picture of Gotsumon and Candlemon he had taken with his digital camera, but the printer would always manage to misprint the whole thing.

The computer suddenly produced a screech, causing Kensuke to fall off his chair and run like a scared chinchilla. [i]why, WHY does Akane absolutely needs those friggin' loudspeaker?![/i] In his phobic teror, he ended up running into the wall and crashed to the ground, little biyoon fluttering aound his head.

Just as the screeching faded out, the screen transformed into some random numbers falling as rain. He sighed. [i]Oh no...[/i]

A second later, he had disappeared in a flash of light.
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The exhausted Hagurumon approached his master's floating throne, followed by his sister's disapproving glare.

Haku: "Steel, you're back. What did you bring me?"
Steel: "The-mission-was-a-failure,-sir"
Haku: "What? WHAT?! Don't tell me..."
Steel: "I-could-not-pass-the-guards,-sir. The-Reptilian-base-is-too-well-guarded."
Haku: "They are posing the biggest threat to my plans! Those fools... Why can't they understand that I'm not trying to destroy THEM? I just need that accursed Code that is hidden to their turf! You, Steel... Go punish yourself!"
Steel: "Yes-sir!"

Haku leaned back on his throne, constantly petting the mettalic skin of his Choromon.
Haku: "Platine, come here."
Platine: "Yes-sir?"
Haku: "Time for plan B. We will have to do this the hard way, then. Prepair the vessel - we're heading towards the Desert of Invalid Action!"
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OOC: *loves Kyuukimon ^___^*
Chase watched Ryouka climb the steep and narrow valley path towards their stronghold. A Pteramon scout flew overhead- a signal that they were near.

It had been a few months since his arrival. He hadn't left after that. She wanted to know why. Humans didn't usually belong in this world. But he seemed to fit in perfectly- he certainly didn't mind it. She looked up to him as they climbed higher up the rocky slope. The large village was spread around the mountainous valley to one side of the CiPU mountains, and many different reptile and dinosaur digimon lived there, as well as Ryouka. She sped up to walk next to him.


"Yeah?" he grunted, seeing the large wooden gates in sight, They were wedged in a gap inbetween two mountains peaks, with two fierce-looking Tortomon standing guard. They straightened themselves on his approah.

"Why do you stay with us?" Chase asked inquisitively, cocking her head to one side.

"You aren't complaining, are you?" Although amused, his voice masked a slightly darker element to it. Chase shied back slightly and smiled nervously.

"No, just wondering. We don't see many humans."

The two Tortomon bowed their heads as he neared the gates.

"Anything to report?" Ryouka barked.

"Some Hagurumon tried to get enter through the West Gate, but he was shown the forest floor by Triceramon." The first Tortomon boomed proudly.

Ryouka snorted. "Hah! That'll teach him. What did he want?"

"Wouldn't say. Said he had an urgent message to convey. We figured any kind of Machine digimon would be bad news." the second Tortomon growled.

"Thanks, guys." Ryouka said firmly. He nodded to them, and they pulled open the gates for him. He turned to Chase as they passed into the valley.

"He's getting more determined every day..." he said gravely.
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Flip: Spurting Ink
Ojji: Catch go get Zip!
Catch flies in and is knocked back by a tentacle.
????: This isn't any of your buisness
Ojji: Zip is my friend and you can't have him!
Flip:Octopus Trap!
Flip grabs ???? and pulls him into the light where he is discovered as a Gesomon.
Catch: Ice Fist!
He freezes the tentacle with Zip in it and he breaks free.
He bites through his skin and he disapears into digital dust.
Ojji: That was too close. We need to get to HQ and establish contact with the Master if Bird Digimon on the island and warn her of the dangers comming.
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The two of them entered the valley stronghold. It was surprisingly warm for such a high altitude. Wooden huts and caves stretched down the mountain range, and small gulleys ran behind and beside the housing leading down into a larger river-like formation in the centre.

This was Ryouka. He'd brought this to the valley. Before they'd bene divided and disorgaised. When he arrived, he'd made sure they would be ready for the DigiMage. Chase admired him for everything he'd done, but she was still wary. Humans couldn't always be trusted.

The two of them walked down the slope to a large hut on one side of the valley. A prim-looking Chameleomon was waiting for them.

"Sir." he said curtly. "I have news."
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