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Dragons of a Summer Flame

Rhys Mayiessen

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[color=skyblue]Okay I've decided to start another RPG cause I've got all these ideas for RPGs right now. This one is based on a novel from the series Dragonlance but if you've never read it, it doesn't matter its not an obligation.

[i]25 years have passed since the the War of the Lance and many of the heroes of the Lance are old. Their childern have grown up and have gone in different directions in life.

This is the year that Queen Takhisis and her dark knights plan to invade Ansalon and take over. The summer is unusally hot, the sun sears the world with light and heat and even the darkness of night brings little relief.

It is said that the gods are uneasy and every day they become more and more distant from the peoples of Krynn. The Idra planning to protect their own home from invation crack open the Greygem, a very powerful and destructive magical item that is said to have the essence of Chaos, Father of All and Nothing.

Little did they know that Reorx, the god that had made the gem, actually sealed Chaos inside the Greygem. When at last the Greygem was cracked, Chaos brust forth and sweared revenge on his childern that had sealed him in the gem.

The only way he thought he could punish them was to destroy their little play toy, Krynn itself. Now it is up to the Heroes of the Lance's childern to decide the fate of Krynn.[/i]

You actually don't have to be one of the childern of the Heroes of the Lance (ie Palin son of Caramon) but if you want to here are the choices.
Tanis-yes he's still alive basically because he is part elf
Taken by Deedlit (instead of Palin its Elysan)[strike]Palin-Son of Caramon and Tika[/strike]
Taken by Draagul [strike]Steel-Son of Strum[/strike]
Taken by The Harlequin [strike]Dalamar-Lord of the Tower of high Sorcery in Palanthas[/strike]
Taselehoff-he's still alive as well
Tanin-Son of Caramon and Tika
Strum-Son of Caramon and Tika
Jenna-Red-Robe Wizardess
Gilthas-Tanis and Laurana's son

Here's what you have to put...
Weapon(s): (max of 2)
Spells: (only mages are allowed to have spells)

Yeah that's I think all I'll post mine later I'm being someone else that is in the story. Remember you don't have to be the one's above. I just noticed...they're almost all guys^^;[/color]
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[color=009966]w00t! Bring on Chaos!! ^___^ :D

[b]Name:[/b] Elsyan Majere (heehee I take Palin's place! :p Just pretend that Palin doesn't exist. ;))

[b]Age:[/b] 21

[b]Race:[/b] human (haven't been a human in a while...)

[b]Weapons:[/b] the Staff of Magius, a dagger, and her spell components

[b]Spells:[/b] Simple ones such as [i]shirak[/i] since her parents won't let her practice strong ones.

[b]Apperance:[/b] Elsyan wears the white robes that all mages of the Light must wear. She has long red hair, green eyes, wears a green cape, and has a small pouch at her belt. She always carries the Staff of Magius with her. The staff itself is wooden, and at the top it has a golden disembodied dragon claw clutching a blue crystal. I might post a pic of her later.

[b]Bio:[/b] While Elsyan's brothers Sturm and Tanin wanted to become knights, she dreamed of becoming a mage. Her father Caramon was very troubled at this since his twin Raistlin Majere, Elsyan's uncle, turned from the Light into Darkness because of the magic. After much begging, they agreed she could go to school for a while--as long as Elsyan wore the White Robes. Elsyan was so happy that she didn't care what color her robes were. When her parents saw that she was really serious about magic, they became very worried.

It was a year ago that Elsyan took the Test in the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas, even though she was still too young. In fact, Caramon would never have let her take the Test if Dalamar hadn't tricked them into coming. Despite her father's fears, Elsyan completed the Test and recieved the Staff of Magius. Finally she is able to become an apprentice, but no one will take up the offer because of her uncle Raistlin--the most powerful archmage to ever set foot on Ansalon. Therefore, Elsyan is forced to teach herself all the magical spells.

DragonLance rules all!! :D:D:D[/color]
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[COLOR=green]YAAAAAAAAAYYY! I'm diffinently joining! I love Dragonlance!

Here's my stats:

Name: Tasamer (hehe I was going to be Taselhoff, but I decided not to, instead I'll be one of Taselhoff's long lost nephew or something like that, hope it's O.K. that way someone else can be Taselhoff.^_^)

Age: 28

Race: Kender (this will be something different)

Weapons: A Hoopak, a knife/dirk he keeps in his boot, and a black crossbow.

Spells: uhh..

Apperance: short for other races yet, tall for his kind atanding at 4'7, he is also very strong, really has the heart of a warrior. He is skinny weighing about 70 to 75. But anyways he wears leather boots, black leggings held up by a leather belt which is covered with hanging pockets. Wears a sandy colored shirt under rabbit fur vest which has numerous built in pockets. On top off all that goes his crossbow that is strapped diagonle ways so that the crossbow stays on his back, keeps arrows in a pack that also hangs on his belt. Carries Hoopak like a walking stick.

Bio: Just like all kender he is a exceptionally good thief though he doesn't think so himself, makes up excuses that he actually believes like "I was just holding it, incase a theif came along and decided to steal it." Or something like that. Also his curiousity gets the better of him always even in life and death situations. Tasamer is excellent at all this and with his aim with the crossbow, he also can see better than most when in the dark.

Hope this is O.K. ^_^!

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[color=skyblue]Yes Raiye your post is fine! I'm glad we're actually going to have a kender!

Okay here's my Info!

Name: Usha Majere

Age: 21

Race: Human

Weapons: Short sword, bow and arrows

Spells: None

Appearance: She has long silvery blond hair and liquid gold eyes. She usually wears silk clothing, mainly a silk tunic and silk trousers given to her by the Idra. She considers her features plain and "homely looking" because she has been living among the beautiful Irda. Anyone that sees her immediatly thinks otherwise.

Bio: She was found by a very powerful and beautiful race called the Irda as a child and has been brought up by them ever since. She lives with one of the Irda called the Protector. When the Irda decided to crack open the Greygem the Decider (head of the Irda) decided it was best that Usha be sent away for she might get tempted by the gem. The Protector told her that she would be travelling to Palanthas where she would be safe.

When some of the mages first set eyes upon her they noticed her liquid gold eyes the exact same eyes the infamous black-robed mage, Raistlin had. They immediatly assume that she is Raistlin's daugther and she very well may be. Though she is still not certain of her past, Tasslehoff is certain she is Raistlin's daugther.

That's it for me...I really hope some other people sign up![/color]
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coolies, sounds fun. I've never read the books unfortunatly but I love fantasy style things and especially Dragons!!!! I just love them ^_^. Anyway my sign up...

Name: T'ill Saago

Age: 29

Race: Human (cause I don't know the cultures)

Weapons: Sword and lots of throwing daggers

Spells: none

Appearance: Tall and dark of skin, long silver hair which is usually tied up so that it looks short and also has quartz coloured eyes. Wears plain brown leather trousers, a blue tunic and chainmail hiden under the tunic. Has several long scars going down her arms which appear to be fresh but are from battles long ago.

Bio: A wanderer by nature, T'ill has seen many strange sighs over her years and has a good sense of basic knowledge. She did used to travel with her rather large family, containing her mother, father, seven brothers and two sisters, but left to travel on her own at the age of fifteen. She keeps a eye out for her family but has not seen them since.
Okay hope that's okay. If it's not just tell and I'll sort.
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[B]Name:[/B] Steel Brightblade

[B]Age:[/B] 21 (help?)

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] Brightlbade

[B]Appearance:[/B] Imagine Kitiara and Sturm mixed together, but in a males body (i'll try to find a pic)

[B]Bio:[/B] Son of Kitiara Uth-Matar and Sturm Brightblade, Steel joined the Knights of Takhisis at a young age. He carries his fathers Starjewel with him where ever he goes. He keeps it because it saved him from the Dark Queen. He is now a knight, in his mind anyways, but he doesn't belong to the Solamnian Knights or the Knights of Takhisis.
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Nice RPG Rhys. I can't sign up now, but later I wonder if I could sign up as a later character?

Here it is:

Name: Xra(why not)

Age: 27

Race: Royal Bladian(is this accepted, if not I will change)

Weapon: A pair of blades jutting out on each forehand

Appearance: See Avatar

Bio: Long ago he was left in a grass field with no knowledge of his past. Then he embarked on a quest and found out he is from royal blood of the bladians and heir to the throne. He was always out and had experienced many adventures over the years and grew up to be a fine man(or er Bladian). Now Krynn has sent out a distress signal and Xra is ready to help them out, he just needs time to get there...(i can change that last line also)
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[COLOR=green]Kender are the coolest!:D How could anybody not want to be one? I'm a little surprised nobody has picked Taselhoff.:eek: But that's just me....This sounds like it's coming along great.;) [/COLOR]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Nice to know I'm appreciated. It's also nice to know that I'm god, but that's different.

Anyway, it's been a while, so bear with the mistakes.

Age: 200 something, I think
Race: "Dark" Silvanesti
Weapon(s): Ahem.
Spells: Soul Drain, Eldritch Darkness, Barren Heart, Festering Bite, assorted others. I'm a bloody archmage, after all.
Apperance:Tall, thin, and typically elvish. Black hair, pale skin, dark eyes. Wears a black robe. Only real distinguishing feature in the scar on his chest. Five long, taloned fingers, and it still pulsates. Put their by Raistlin Majere.
Bio: Born in Silvanesti, kicked out for practicing his arts, and basically for choosing the black robe. Ended up in the Wayreth (I think?) Tower. Currently the head of the Black Robe order. Or something. Fill me in on what I missed.[/font][/color]
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