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AIM and the such....

Dark Wish

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Dragonballzman and I where wondering if people could post there chat handels/identites here...cause my brother is a talk-a-holic ^_^ and I've just download AIM but have no1 to talk to. We thought it would be easier than searching all the members and getting people who didn't like us ;)

DBZman has:
MSN - spud_boy9 (hotmail)
Yahoo - dragonballzman10
AIM - Otaku Dbzman[/COLOR]

but I only have:
[COLOR=red]MSN - miss_asmodeus (hotmail)
AIM - Staticfire Fairy[/COLOR]

I'm online now for the next 2 hours or so but my bro wont be on again until 2moro..

C u guys! Take care and swop many identites with each other :D
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I only use AIM and MsN

[COLOR=blue]MsN: [email]hawkeater@hotmail.com[/email] (so what if its a wierd name i refuse to use under scores or numbers)[/COLOR]


[COLOR=red]AIM: The Warrior Zash[/COLOR]
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