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.:Gundam Wing: The Second Sphere:.

Braidless Baka

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[i]The year is After Colony 314. The Gundams were destroyed over a hundred years ago, as well as peace being attained between Earth and the Colonies, mostly credited to the Cinq Kingdom. The Kingdom and it's neighbouring nations were blooming with prospering peace and harmony. Until about a year ago. During the year AC 313 [/i](Lucky for some ^_^) [i]a new power arose.
This power calls itself "The Second Sphere" and claims the Earth will regain dominance over the colonies. Continents on Earth and several colonies have been corrupted by this new movement and war has begun again.
The Cinq Kingdom and it's allies are lying in tatters, and are barely offering resistance to this new threat. And the Second Sphere are trying to reconstruct the Gundams...
The Battle has begun...[/i]


Okay, a few brief pointers...

-- There are [b][i]NO[/b][/i] Gundams in this rp, mobile suits, yes, gundams NO!!! The Second Sphere is still trying to rebuild them after Endless Waltz, when they were all blown up.
-- Nobody is allowed to be related to any character from the series. I want no [insert name] Yuys, or anyone else... Sure you can come from the colony and be the same nationality, but [i]no relatives please[/i]

There are lots of options for character creation, you could be part of a military organisation (remember, at least 100 years have gone by, no harm in making one up), perhaps a rebel group opposed to war. Anything, but NO GUNDAM PILOTS.... I cannot stress this enough...

So here's the basic character form ^_^

[b]Eye colour:[/b]
[b]Hair colour:[/b]
[b]Place of Birth:[/b] (Earth? Colonies? Which one?)
[b]Role:[/b] (like, rebel, army, innocent bystander ^_^ NO GUNDAM PILOTS!!)
[b]Physical appearance:[/b] (looks, clothing, weaponry etc)
[b]Bio:[/b] (just a basic history of who your character is, even if it's insanely boring, we wanna know ^_^)

And that's it ^_^ The basic storyline is somehow we're gonna save the world (and the colonies)!!


If you need a guide to filling out the character sheet, here's mine ^_^

[b]Name:[/b] Tamesu Kyo [i](Tamesu is the first name)[/i]
[b]Age:[/b] 13 [i](I'm expecting everyone else to be at least 15 so I have the "baby" character)[/i]
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Nationality:[/b] Japanese
[b]Eye colour:[/b] Dark brown
[b]Place of Birth:[/b] Japan, Earth
[b]Hair colour:[/b] Black with blonde highlights
[b]Role:[/b] Innocent bystander ^_^ [i](But there is a plan to get him involved - I think he's gonna become a rebel in time)[/i]
[b]Physical appearance:[/b] About 4 foot, give or take an inch. Carries a "paint pistol" - c'mon he's only 13... Slops around in jeans and a t-shirt, usually with an open overshirt over the top.
[b]Bio:[/b] Both his parents were laisons between Earth and the L1 colony (based on L1's obvious connections with Japan and Asia) and were assassinated before the rp starts. So, basically this little kid is an orphan! O_o *cries* Now he's out for revenge... even though he's only thirteen... He thinks he can manage! ^_^
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Ah! WHat this chara was orignally made for! ... just in series.

Name: Bremma Fallens
Age: 16
Gender: female
Nationality: German/American
Eye colour: Green to brown
Hair colour: Brown
Place of Birth: Colonly L6
Role: Rebel
Physical appearance: Bremma stands at 5' 5", usually dressed in army style (the cut, not the look of or an actual army uniform) clothing, wit her hair tired back, and a pair of goggle about her neck. She carries a dagger and pistol, for emergencies.
Bio: She used to live with her father on L6 until he was killed in an accident restuling form the rise of thr Second Sphere. Her mother and sister, who had been living on Earth, were also killed in a revolt. *possible added stuff here*. This compelled her to join with the rebel force in oppositon to the Second Sphere.
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[b]Name:Canbek Alakay
Eye colour:Green
Hair colour:Brown
Place of Birth:Ephesus,Turkey,Asia,Earth
Physical appearance:Alot like this dude [img]http://www.afsouth.nato.int/images/coopasbly6.jpg[/img]
Bio:A veteran soldier who tries avoiding anything dangerous at all costs.More of a pacifist, but only fights to end war, not to expand it.His father died in war and is looking for revenge, but stops and doesn't want revenge.A man who knows nothing of what to do and what to seek.[/b]
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well here's mine:

Name: Spares (Gauric in real life, but goes by his nickname)

Age: 22

Gender: Male (for once)

Nationality: Geordie, North East England (sorry couldn't resist)

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour:Brown

Place of Birth: Earth, England

Role: Mech and Assassin when he can be bothered

Physical appearance: stands 5'9, hair tied back in pony tail, ragged blue jenes and grey tank top. Often splattered with oil, greece or anything else you find in a workshop ^_^. Does have a denim jacket but always forgets it. Has a shot-gun (usually stored in workshop) and will use his tools as weapons as well

Bio: Spares has worked on Mecha's for many years and enjoys a challenge. He sends money to his family every month as his blood father deserted them a while ago and he works to keep them alive. He's very protective and can be a little naive at times, but he's true to his word on every matter.

Well there you go. Oh and Baka LOOK OUT SMELLY'S BEHIND YOU!!! ^_^
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Name: Alucard Lucilin

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Nationality: German

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Jet Black

Place of Birth: Earth,Germany

Role: Bounty Hunter,Hitman,Moibile Pilot

Physical Appearance: He is about 5'11,he usually wears black cargo pants with a grey tank top under a leather jacket and black timberland boots.He has a silver chain with a diamond cross on it.He keeps a Desert Eagle under his jacket.He has alot of scars that cover his body.He has a large tattoo of a dragon on his back.

Bio: Alucard is a jack of all trades.He does just about everything a man can do to make a living.He is an exceptional pilot considering mobile suits haven't been used for to much lately.He has grown up on earth just about all his life.He hates to use weapons but if he is forced to he will.

I hope this is enough.:)
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I'm in.

[b]Name:[/b]Orien Zel




[b]Eye Color:[/b]Green

[b]Hair Color:[/b]Black

[b]Place Of Birth:[/b]San Francisco

[b]Role:[/b]MS pilot/officer for a military org.

[b]Physical Appearance:[/b]Tall, about 5'9" and muscular. very compact, with dark hair and high cheekbones. usually wears a uniform and carrys a 9mm pistol.

[b]Bio:[/b] A Lt. in the WSA. (Western Sphere Alliance, made up of America and some European countries) He is devoted to stopping the Second Sphere. He pilots a MS and is fairly loyal. He will follow orders, unless unethical.
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[b]Name:[/b] Omi Motokazu(Omi=first name)




[b]Eye color:[/b]brown

[b]Hair Color:[/b]Black


[b]Role:[/b]MS pilot

[b]Physical appearence:[/b]5'8", typical looking japanese young man.

[b]Bio:[/b] A recent recruit in the Japanese MS compliment, he is young and eager to prove himself. emulates samurai.
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Name: Zed Kieler
Age: 17
Gender: male
Nationality: American
Eye color: brown
hair color: light brown
Place of Birth: Mid-west America, Earth
Role: Mercenary for hire, but dislikes the brutal ways of the Second Sphere.
Physical appearence: 5'9 Always dresses in dark baggy clothes, His brown hair is pretty long and forms clumpy spikes about his forhead and shoulders.
Bio: Raised in a more rural setting, his family knew or care for war and battles. His boring life however drew him close to thoughts of one day being a soldier. However when the Second Sphere took over all of his family was killed in an intense MS battle as bystanders. Some friends and himself hijacked a few Mobile suits and started a resistance. Soon after his rebel force was crushed and only he remains, hireing himself out as a soldier of fortune.
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Well, that's a great response! Thanks guys!

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=21741]The rp has started here![/URL]

And if anyone else feels they wanna join, just pm me! The more the merrier! *cheers*

EDIT: Yeah, and Kouberei's in too, just the post came up after I'd written this, so yeah! Woohooo! :D
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[B]Name:[/B] Geist Hattori

[B]Age:[/B] 14

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Nationality:[/B] Earth, Japan

[B]Eye color:[/B] Red

[B]Place of Birth:[/B] 316 "Mercury" Colony (Just making up a colony here.)

[B]Role:[/B] Rebel

[B]Hair color:[/B] Blue

[B]Physical appearance:[/B]

[URL=http://bigsplat.net/personal/bluefactor72/vba2163.jpg]This is what his face looks like.[/URL]

about 5' 4", blue hair, blue and red flightsuit, (when he's piloting,) black shirt, tan pants, and green jacket, (when he's not,) red eyes, wears his father's necklace of a shoe with two wings, the symbol of his colony. Usually carries his father's knife and pistol.

[B]Bio:[/B] When Geist was just a child, his father, Tomo, was forced to bring his damaged construction mobile suit to Earth. They crashlanded and were found by a group of mountain people, who took them in as family. Tomo taught his son all about piloting until soldiers from the Second Sphere came and claimed that he was a spy. Without further explanation, he was shot on the spot. They searched for Geist but were unable to find him because the villagers had hidden him; they then got angry and executed four more people. Seven years later, Geist signed up with Oz to fight for the colonies and for his father.
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