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Inuyasha- Distant Chaos


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  1. 1. What do you think of this idea?

    • Your insane Flora... Insane
    • Umm whats inuyasha?
    • Looks ok
    • Good idea.. wonder where it will go

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[i][COLOR=orangered]Many years later[/COLOR][/i] (later then the last episode of inuyasha that is) [i] [COLOR=orangered]times have changed dramticly and not exactly for the best. Times have gotten worse. The land is slowly dieing and no one is sure of the cause. More and more demons are emerging and brining chaos upon the villages. With many people dead no hope for this era is in sight. That is untill some people get determined and go out to find the cause. With no maps, no leads, and no idea whats in store for them they are willing to risk their life to try and change the unfortunatly happenings. Only armed with fighting skills and knowledge they set out to figure out the source and hopefully eliminate it. For their sake...and the lands. They have no idea about a guy who tried to remake himself a copy of the Shikon no tama. Failing he accidently created 3 seperate stones. Each had an evil vibe. The man realizing his error split each stone in half. Creating 6 pieces. He hid the 6 halves all over the land. Before his passing he painfully swallowed the 6th piece hopeing when they buried his body that no one would find it there. Unfortunatly this back fired and after he died the half piece of the orange stone corrupted his lifeless body. Now he seeks to bring distruction to the land. He brings distruction for he in his almost mindless lifeless body cant remember where he Hid the other pieces. He searches for them. And some demons have caught wing of this information and also seek the hard colored rocks.[/COLOR] [/i]


Ok.. this sucks as you can see.... but i decided to take a whack at it... doubt this will work but if there are inuyasha fans out there. . please feel free to join... i could use members...

Name: (make it. . .japanese like alright... you dont see a guy named BOB walking around that era on the show do you? i dont think so.)

Race: (Human or Demon or Hanyo[hanyo- half demon half human] )

Age: (depends on your race i guess no 8 year olds anything above 16)

Weapon: ( does your charecter have a weapon.. no guns remember this is the past... swords and hiratsu's)

Skill: (special things they can do)

Bio: (short summery about charecters life)

Discription: (whats yoru charecter look like... dress like?)

Side: (are you a good or evil *grin*)

Demon Form: (if your full demon or a hanyo you can chose also another form... normaly hanyos cant do this take inuyasha for example but im bending this a little..)


Name: Li- Nung

Race: Hanyo

Age: 23

Weapon: A long sword with electrical powers.

Skill: Flight & Create illusions

Bio: She has no remembrance of her past. No one else does. All she remembers is wakeing up in a village one day. She was taken care of for a year.. now she is free to do what she pleases

Long blue hair. Yellow eyes. She wears all black clothes of sorts. In a way she looks like sango but is far from sango. She carries the sword on her back. Looks human completely

Side: Good

Demon form: Purple colored skin. Pointy ears. Long pointy whip like tail. same clothes. Redish eyes and long long fingernails. Clawed feet. Long wings

Ok. . .this really is an experint of mine.. i want to see if this will go anywhere... if not ill forget about it.. but if at least 4 people join i will start and see how it goes from there.
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Good idea

Name: Shiro

Race: Hanyo

Age: Appears to be 21

Weapon: A long sword that glows black.

Skill: Can turn into shadows,thus hiding him self.

Bio: Orphaned at a young age,Shiro knows nothing about his parents or any of his family.He has heard stories of Inu-Yasha,who is told to be his Father.Shiro sets out to learn the truth.Along the way,he is treated like a freak.He fights only when needed.

Discription: Has blue hair,green eyes.Has long ears like Inu-Yasha.He were the same outfit as Inu-Yasha,only his is black and silver.

Side: good

Demon Form: Has yet to be revealed.
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Yay someone signed up!!! thank you thank you thank you


Few rules i forgot to put up. Some are simple and well known.

1: No godmodding
2: No almighty pwers
3: Try not to get overly controling but if you have an idea that involves another charecter dramaticly pm the member first.
4: Pm if you have any questions...

these are well known simple to follow rules
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Im going beserk on rpgs, whee!!
Name: Krian

Race: uh ancient bladians i guess are considered Demons

Age: 20

Weapon(S): a pair of Long blades that extend on his forehand, and a pair of blades jutting out of his back.

Skill: abnormal speed and walks up walls.

Bio: A part of an anchient race of bladians and the ancestor of everyone's favorite...XRA!!! He trained in the art of war since he was 6. Now the world has entered a time of chaos and evil demons. Krian is a full grown bladian and now chooses to stop this evil...with a little help that is...

Description: Ok imagine Xra without the hat(and the funny sashes), more scars, longers blades on forehands, taller and bigger, and blades jutting out of his back. Dresses like a Samurai.

Side: Good(but looks make people think he's evil)

Demon form: Picture Xra's demon form(in sig) with silver hair, more scars, no hat, more bangs, and in a ripped up samurai outfit.
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I think I`ll try it out. I love Inuyasha.
Name: Ryoko
Age:looks 18 but is much older
Weapond:A katana with special powers,bow and arrows
Skill: Could travel through walls and teleport.(like Ryoko)
Bio: As a child, Ryoko was abandond by her mother who went after anything that would give her great power like the jewels. She was on always on her own. She doesn`t have any friends. Many people fear her because of her bad attitude but she is a really kind person. She doesn`t really like talking about her past much,and is quiet unless she is mad or fighting.
Discription: She has a silver like hair color ,yellow eyes,she has long pointy ears(like Sesshomaru)and pointy teeth,she has long hair that she wears in a ponytail. She wears a blue and white kimono and does sandle things(forget what they are called).
Demon Form: She turns into a giant wolf-dog demon and has glowing red eyes, sharp claws, and bone crushing teeth.

I hope I did not do anything wrong. Tell me if I should change anything.
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so far so good nothing needing to be changed... .JUST ONE more and i will start
and if by tomorrow night no one else has poped in and signed up i wil lstart it with this small group we have
lets hope we get that few.. *wonders*
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Name: Shinobi (real origional, hey Flora?)

Age: 25

Race: Human

Bio: You should know. Shinobi started off as a regular person, but later learned hgow to use the Hiratsu by his girlfriend, Hope. After this, he started to protect areas around Japan by using the Hiratsu and his sword.

Skill: Fly, can dash at amazing speeds.

Weapons: Sword, Hiratsau

Description: White hair, blue eyes, red lips. Wears red color contacts sometimes. Wears something kinda like Inyu Yasha(sp, can't remember at the time)

Side: Good.
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the trainer = shinobi player as always . . ummmmmmmm helllooooo

inuyasha is not connected to pokemon. . . dude this story takes place in fudal japan.... way far back in the past

could ya edit that a little... just to go along with the storyline... mainly "used to be pokemon trainer" part
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another problem.. this is the past.. your clothes arent right to fit the rpg setting..

we are in fudal japan.. thats the past by a long shot...and another things.... you defend PLANETS?

there are no ships and other planets...only thing there is is earth and we are in the past japan.. nothing futuristing like.... saggy pants with tons of pockets... or shirts like that... clothes kinda have to be like on the show.. want a few examples.. ill show you.

dresses or battle clothes and such for females

robes and such like the monk in the middle or big clothes like inuyashas full robe like pants thing.. take sesshoumaru for another example..or koga...
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Name: Takyote (TaKa-YoTeh)

Race: Human

Age: 15

Weapon: Baseyote [Bas-eh-yo-te](Sword)

Weapon Description: Completely black blade, it has silver engravings running up the blade. The handel is made of a white leather.

Skill: (if its ok) Telekenesis. (minor) Ex: Pushing enemy back..

Bio: Takyote was always a fighter. He would get in fights with school boys at young ages, and didn't agree with anyone. He became short and cold to everyone. The one thing he felt connected with was nature. One day while walking in the forest he ran across an old women.

He treated her like any other person. Only talking when needed. A wolf attacked and he defended the old women. To thank him, she gave him a location. She told him to go there. After he went there he found Baseyote. His sword. He continued to work with his sword and practiced with it.

It soon gave him control over a looming power he had. Telekensis. This sword helped him concentrate his power and use it to his advantage. He soon became very attached to the sword, and never went out with out it.

Discription: He wears an entirely black suit that covers his whole body. He wears his sheath under his garment but allows the sword handel to stick out just enough for him to grab it at any time.

Side: Good (he will act like a jerk sometimes but he's a good guy)
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ooc: if ya don't mind going to pull a tip outta FF for once...




weapon:the Kali-Yuga (a staff)and the famous Dvapara-Yuga(soul mirror)

weapon description: The Kali-Yuga long red staff with golden ends and strange letters on it. The Dvapara-Yuga can reflect magical attack that would make them do there bidding or kill them.

skill:healer ( althrough he still has much to learn int he ways of healing....

bio:a son to the mighty warrior trell 'ka ug'ets kredion soleing devots him slef to his art of healing althrough the ways of nature are rumored to run in his viens he prefers to heal over a fight with so called natural magical powers..... the only way kredion can defend his self is by his staff and the soul mirror witch can tell if a person is true to there word or a lier....

descripion: kredion is dress like kilik form the dreamcast game soul calibur in other words a pair of red pant wraped on one side with a ribbon a frayed piece of cloth off the back and a pair of soft grey leather boots... kredions has brown hair that is cut raggedly ear long and teal eyes he is somewhat musclar and has a scar on his right arm from when the demons attacked his village.

side:( hmmm i guess good....)
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