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Well, this shall be where I dump all my crap, and crap it certainly is. --;

Nah, I'm joking. If I thought my stuff was THAT bad, I wouldn't post it here, would I? :P

Seriously though. Here's my first piece I have to show off, "Khagrash the Faceless".


Yes, that is a mask. Yes, he does have a large Axe.

Secondly, an RPG character for Juuthena that [i]she hasn't even seen yet![/i] Shock! Horror! I dunno what her name is, that's up to Juu.


I feel I drew her face a bit off in the full-body picture, so I decided to draw a close up to the right. I think it came out alot better.

And last but not least, here's a random picture I drew. I was watching the video to 'Androgyny' by Garbage, and at one point, the lead singer (Shirley Manson, or am I way off?) was wearing an outfit /remotely/ similar to this. I thought, hey cool, I'll draw that. Then I decided it sucked, so I butchered it, heh.


That's all for now. I guess I'll post more as I make it.

Yeah, comment if you want.
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1. if you look to his stumach and then to the right, you see that his body suddenly becomes thinner. Also his middle is almost as big as his chest. Other than that... Its pretty nice ;)

2. the only thing I see is that her hair hangs in the fullboddy pic and in the one behind her it does less. So... it also is nice ;) (maybe add a lil more shoulder... but thats just me)

3. The hands could be a little better... and her neck is a lil long. But this one also is realy nice. (maybe add some shoulders here too... Again its just me :p)
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