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RPG: Digimon: Light vs. Dark


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Digimon: Light vs. Dark is on! Plz see recuitment if you want to join!

Current Members:

Yami (GotenksSSJ343)- Veemon - Blue D-Tecter

Leon (silentdeath)- Tentomon - Green D-Tecter

Aiko (Kairi)- Kyokomon - Purple D-Tecter

Leigh (Blanko)- Wormmon - Black D-Tecter

Ok, all the good guys spots are taken. Now, we need people to play the Dark DigiDestined *thunder rolls, lightning flashes* :nervous:

Darigann (Solo Tremaine)- BlackGuilmon - Black/Silver D-Tecter

Rokas (rokas)- Choleramon - Swamp Yellow D-Tecter

David (Takuya)- BlackAgumon - Black/Purple D-Tecter

Sakhi (Mina Karusala)- ShadowRenamon - Dark Purple/Gold D-Tecter
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OOC: Sure


Zach turned into the gym of Jackson Middle School, his best friend beside him. (Thats you) He carried his books by his side. There was a drawing of a red creature on his trapper. He had drew many of these creatures: and had called them Digital Monsters, or Digimon for short.

Zach: Look, theres the goths.

He said, pointing to a group of four people dressed in black.
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Most people longed so much to be like them.You might even call them "popular".They hated beng called it though.As they walked down the hallway they had a sort of aur about them.An aura practically spewing with bad news.

Leon:"Zach,don't worry about them."


Leon:"Here",leon handed Zach a drawing of a digimon,"I drew it in study hall,it's my best one yet!"

Zach:"Cool what's his name?"

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OOC: Just a tip, but don't say what a another persons char does. ^_~


He nodded and preceeded to the locker room. There was steam already in there. He went to his locker and opened it to find a red device glowing brightly

Zach: What the fu--

He looked at Leon then looked back at te device.
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Tamer_Zach.... You can say and make other peoples charecters do things.. if you dont your rpg posts will be to short.. i have been told at least 6 lines or more.. the thing about adding nother persons charecter to your post is dont get to controling... and if its a mojor post pm the person... just having someone else talk in your post is not controling...

Leigh watched the guy dissapere from afar and she smiled...

Leigh: Heh... interesting..

Leigh walked to her locker and she had alredy discovered the devise.. she just kept it there. She never touches it.. It levitated there She made sure no one was around and she grabbed it... it did exactly what happened to the other guy she saw. She figured heh her life sucked anyways why not dissapere
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[color=darkblue][size=1]I just joined this RPG ^_^"
[i]Aiko sat there grasping the device in her hands she looked at it frustrated trying to swipe a Yu-Gi-Oh card on it's side.

"Must be defective........" Aiko said throwing the defice in her locker.she opened her backback and sat down to put her gym clothes away suddenly a loud frequency was heard Aiko turned to see that the small device was glowing light purple instead of maintaining it's natural purple color.

"Wha? what's going on!?" Aiko screamed and suddenly the small device sucked Aiko in and when she turned..she found herself ina a new world...........and in front...a small brown creature sat there......
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He had landed in a poof of dust, and, was surprised to see a red creature sitting on him.

Zach: El...El...Elecmon?

Elecmon: Yeperz. Thats me!

He looked at Elecmon, then to Aiko, sitting beside him

Zach: Aiko? You too? God, whats going on?

He looked on his other side

Zach: Leigh? Where are we?
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just then leon came falling from the sky,screaming.

Leon:"hey is it too late to drop in?"

leon took a good glimpse around then back to Zach,then h suddenly realized that something was flying above him,


Tentomon:"Your assumption is correct Leon."
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ooc: Tamer_Zach Your posts are not rpg meterial they need to be LONGER and have MUCH more DETAIL... just so ya know

Leigh looked around and heard something in a nearby tree. It slowly lowered from a piece of silk kind of meterial. Its green little boddy bounced a bit and he looked at leigh.

Leigh: Wormmon... Cool!

Wormmon: YOU..must be leigh.. i been waiting for you..your fall.. did you get hurt?

Leigh: No no im fine but thats for your concern
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Zach:The..the Digital World? Um, I'm not sure if you know this, but the Digital World isn't real.

Elecmon: Of course it is! Why would you be here if it wasn't?

Zach:Probably inhaled some of those goths' crack.

Elecmon laughed, along with the other digimon. The sky was blue and had weird strands of numbers flying around.

Elecmon: Wormmon, Kyokomon, Tentomon, want to take them to the Digi Cafe?

Wormmon: If I have assumed right, there is still one missing.

Veemon popped its head out of out of a hole in the ground

Veemon: Yes, mine! Where is Yami...

Zach looked at Leon and whispered

Zach: Just wait till I turn those goths in for possession....
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(ooc: Wormmon is the one who is always concerned and careing.... tento mon is the one who tries to use big words and is an intelegent talker.)

Leigh: Actualy this is possible... i have made worlds on my computer... if the data is done just right and technology better then earths... its possible to travel between different worlds... i am not surprised about this digital world being read.

Wormmon: Nice... Sooo arey ou sure your not hurt...

Leigh: No im fine

Wormmon: oh good

worm mon leaps up on leighs head and looks down at her. She smiled and wormmon smiled with his eyes right back. Leigh liked htis.. it was cool... she never had friends and yet wormmon seemed to care... this was new to her and she liked it
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(David walks out of the gym to the lockers. He sees that some of them are open, but nobody is in sight. He walks back into the gym)
Darigann: Did that doofus Leon fall for it?
Sakhi: What did you do? You never told me.
Darigann: It was David's idea. We put fish in his locker.
David: And the result is very strange. No fish at all. No signs that there ever were any fish. And no mess at all. It's like the fish all dissapeared.
Sakhi: What?!
David: That's not all. A few lockers, including Leon's, were left open, but there's nobody in sight.
Sakhi: Do you think that Leon...
David: I can't see why he would go, but we can't ignore the possibility. We need to get busy. We'll go from my house like we always do.
Sakhi: Got it. Let's go.
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Leon:"Wow this place rocks,hey tentomon what do you say we go exploring?"
"Wanna come Zach?"

Tentomon:"no Leon strange things have been occouring lately,if i let you go out you may be injured."

leon looked at tentomon with that sad look in his face.

Leon"Ok,i'll wait"
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Leigh looked around and noticed something in the bushes. It was large but well hidden. She stood up and walked over to the bushes just as the digimon leaped out at her. It was chameleonmon... perfect blending in digimon. He looked ticked off.

Leigh: Lord! ah... what do you want

he mummbled the word "die" before charging.

Leigh: Not to nice ... how about you rookies work together hes only a champion.. between rookie and champion actualy you guys can take him without even digivolving
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Elecmon grinned. Time to have fun. A surprised Zach stood up.

Zach: You're attack is Slamming Thunder, right?

Elecmon smirked

Elecmon: Oh yeah....

Zach: Lets do it.

Elecmon: Slamming Thunder!

Elecmon was surrounded by Lightning and he started to run towards the Chamelemon. He jumped into the air and slammed into it, paralyzing it.

Zach: Wow! Just how I drew it!
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wormmon grinned and bounced off her head

out of his mouth he shot a long thread which tied the mon up.


he balled up and the spike on his rear glowed red and he circled like a when and slashed its face wormmon bounced backwards back to leigh as he was tied up.

Leigh: Sweet


ooc: Electmons attack is super thunder strike on the show.. just so you know
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(David, Darigann, Sahki, and Rokas arrive at David's house. David opens the door, and the four of them go to David's room. they are the only ones in the house. David sits down at his computer, and begins to activate a program he wrote)
Rokas: Hurry up, already.
David: I'm going as fast as I can. (He uses the program to open a portal to the Digital World) We'll emerge in sector 2, where our digimon were left with our supplies. Let's do it. (The four of them hold out their Digivices, and are sucked into the portal)
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Sakhi flew into the digital world in a blinding whirl of light.
She soon found herself in a arid desert area with a warm wind whirling around. Digital tumbleweed rolled and disappeared.

Her clothes had been trnsformed to fit the colors of her digital self. She now wore a lot of purple and gold.
David,Drannigan and Rokas also landes next to her.
Sakhi turned to a shimmer in the air. A lithe and beautiful fox digimon glided slowly out of a self made portal.

"Greetings, Miss Sakhiren." said the digimon in a silky voice.
"Shadow." Sakhi acknowledged her digimon, ShadowRenamon.
"The others are on their way." said Shadow. "Till then, I must report of some other humans besides yourself that have entered our world."
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David: Others? When?
Shadow: Just recently.
David: How recently?
Shadow: About half an hour ago.
David: That Leon kid walked into the locker area at school about half an hour ago, didn't he?
Rokas: I think so.
David: And he wasn't there. His locker was open, almost like... almost like he dissapeared.
Rokas: If he dissapeared about half an hour ago, and new people appeared here about half an hour ago, then...
David: Then it's likely that he's one of the people that are here.
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