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For self inspired poets and those who dont rip off other ppl's stuf


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The silence is deafening
My soul no longer speaks to me
My family deserts me
My friends shun me
I am alone
My souls departs my broken body
I scream but my lips do not move
I am screaming inside
"I want to live, i want to feel pain, happiness, anger, sadness i want to be free of this cold lifeless void which i am trapped in"
Sins of a past life now haunt me
as I realize the shortcomings of my life
i see that I am doomed,
doomed to forever live in the haunted shadow of my past
and i am always longing for the day when death's cold
but welcome hand rests on my shoulder and takes me into eternity

By: Meiekl Howell aka: Zero
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Thanks any corrections are welcome, jus tell me where i need to make them if i miss any

Hey im intersted in other poems they can be about anything and when i get a little more time i'll write some happier ones or depending on what im feeling at the time and at the sametime u ppl can drop a few words if u like

[b]Please do not double post, use the "edit" button instead. --Elite.[/b]
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[size=1][color=darkred]Most of the poem I just don't like. I don't know if it's the freestyle or anything, but most of it I don't like. It sounds rather self-pitying to me. I do, however, particularly like the last line, [b]welcome hand rests on my shoulder and takes me into eternity[/b]. Otherwise, heh.[/size][/color]
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A blazing machine of destruction cold and ruthless
but, at the sametime burning with a magnificent intensity
It consumes all in its path
and grows stronger with ever life it takes
Screams fill the air , thicker than the smoke
It seems like all hope is lost but,
At the final moment the skies rumble and the clouds part
The sweet drops of rain take over the battle
And two old foes battle once more and this time the flames of old
lose the battle and the sun once again shines on the battleworn fields and the bring the rays of dawn to the fading night
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