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[color=crimson][b]33 Miles south of the Mexican/American border, South of Texas.[/b]

Tejano music blasted over Juan's radio as he tapped his fingers along to it, blurting out the only part he knew- the chorus. He was driving his old, bummed up 92' Ford truck to his mother's house for a visit. It was around 7:20 PM, the Sun was nearly through the orange afterglow in the sky quickly fadeing to purple, then to black.

But that didnt matter to Juan, he just wanted to get to his mother's house before it got too late. He glanced down the road and into the mirror to be sure no cops were around, and he nodded satisfingly to himself and accelerated above the speed limit, seeing no harm at all in speeding up a bit.

Some lights were flickering to his right, he glanced over at them, and arched his eyebrow slightly, mouthing along to the music. They seemed to be a large number of bonfires of some sort, strone throughout a massive forest. He made a mental note of the oddity and glanced back to the road, his eyes quickly growing. [b][i]There was a person in the middle of the road!![/b][/i]

He slammed as hard on the brakes, lurching foreward as the tires screeched, piercing my ears. It was too little, too late- He felt the car run over the person with an odd "thumpthump". Soon after it ground to a halt, allowing him to jump out of the car. He hurriedly jogged back to where the person should have been- But oddly, the road was void of any sort of body in either direction.

An odd sound like a tornado suddenly captivated his senses, and he looked confusedly back and forth. A wall of flames slammed into his beloved truck, instantly setting it ablaze. The area suddenly was lit up from the flames, and Juan stepped back from his truck, shocked and dazed, he felt fear overtake him. He turned and ran, the seering heat from the flames beating down on his back.

A fireball expanded outwards and upwards a short distance as the truck exploded, the force sending Juan foreward into the ground with intense force, his head slamming into the asphault as he went down. Pain throbbed all through his forehead as he slowly regained his state of mind a few seconds later, a slow trickle of blood flowing from his forehead.

[b]????[/b]: He's yours, Amatros.

Juan rolled over, confused at the voice he had just heard. He opened his eyes slowly, and the giant head of a dragon was stareing down at him, hatred rageing in its eyes. He let out a girlish yelp, and scooted back a bit, stumbleing up and running away as fast as he could. He heard the same odd roar, and he looked back to see another fireball chaseing after him at twice the speed he was running.

His screams were stifled a half a minute later.

In the midst of the forest, all the Shades were sitting around bonfires partakeing of food, chatting amongst themselves about the invasion that was to occur the next day. Kenratu appeared out of the forest with an emotionless look on his face, but it quickly turned to an amused look as he remembered that human.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: ... At least this celebration is going well.

He glanced back through the forest at where Amatros was partakeing of Juan, ripping his burnt flesh clear off the skeleton, even chomping on the bones when he wanted to. With that matter taken care of, he carefully descend through the various bonfires and Shades to the center bonfire, a massive one that was sending fire danceing upwards at least 23 feet or more. Kenratu sat down and listened to the various conversations of his upper council, content that no more interferances would occur that night..[/color]
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[i]Amatros lumbered closer to the main and centralized fire. He got so close that he eventually had to crane his snakelike neck backwards. His left, reptilian claw was, like with all of his kind, was the joint to his wing; the outermost 'finger' extended to form the extra flap and half of his wing, and the same with the right side. That hand, if you will, with bladed meat hooks for claws, reached into the embers and grasped a clump of smoldering coals.

With a crunch, his paw crushed the embers, and soot fell like a waterfall of ash. Then, the demon's eyes, glistening and glowering daggers of amber, turned to Kenratu.[/i]

[b]Amatros:[/b] [i]"We had better attack the humans in isolated wars. While we hold the advantage in land and air, they simply have more numbers."[/i]

[b]Kenratu:[/b] "Which is why we're massing our forces first, my friend. You know these foolish humans. Independent until their selfish existence is threatened, and then they band together, but it's often too late for that. Dumb as rocks, they are. Just simple cattle."

[b]Amatros:[/b] [i]"I can't help but wonder, however, if the Three down below will be able to keep up converting the slaughtered with the pace of war."[/i]

[b]Kenratu:[/b] "They will. Don't falter on our hour of conquest."

[i]A chilling silence descended upon the camp, as the gentle whisper of the wind was talking to the crackling of the many fires...[/i]
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Guest cloricus
[b]Two days since failed deployment.[/b]

Jim was sitting near the small fire, Tony the other that survived the mission was sitting on the opposite side. Behind them fifty four men just like them walked around, practicing, fitting out kits and talking. Some getting pissed off and blowing up with anger.
So far they had had to kill six who couldn?t keep control.

After the failed mission the government released information to all the elite ?pyco? sections that they weren?t the only ones and then put them all under the control of Tony and Jim. All of which were shocked to find out that they were not the only ones doing the job.

?Jim, you saw how those freaks pounded our section. These fifty odd wouldn?t stand a chance.? Tony stared straight at Jim waiting for a reaction. ?We need an army you know.? Still nothing. ?We need to get a massive army that will rise up all over the world, not just here.?

?And how do you think we could do that, we only have enough weapons for about a thousand people. Even if we got an uprising how would they stand a chance. If eleven of use could only kill a few, normal people wouldn?t stand a chance.? Jim replied. No emotion in his voice.

?Well they have to have a weakness. The bases defences are ready, every one here is fitted out, we can catch and kill one. You saw we killed two in that last mission. Then we can send out some of the people here to assemble an army of some sort. Or at least if it?s only to defend us until we find a way to fight them.? Tony tried to push his case.

?Okay, you?re in charge of catching one, I?ll find out here who?s smart enough to study one. Don?t get yourself killed, Okay?? Jim ordered.[/color]

Eps - Mmm rpg.
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[color=darkred][i]The fires were gorgeous, dancing and weaving to their own special rhythm. Leila sat by herself, listening to the nearby conversations as she watched the flickers. The upcoming attacks were worrying. If they couldn't find enough reinforcements, they would have the disadvantage.

Leila slowly twirled the flames into a picture, amusing herself with stories. She was wasting herself and her strength, she knew, but at this moment, boredom was prevailing. Her picture was quickly discarded like yesterday's meat, and Leila ambled over to Kenratu and Amatros. [/i]

[b]Leila:[/b] We're in a fine mood tonight. Spirits are high. It's the perfect time to act.

There was a silent communication between the two. She waited for their opinions, ignoring the crackling and the sparks at the side of her vision. The fire could be ignored.

[b]Kenratu:[/b] We need more first. You know this.

[i]She accepted his answer, sitting down beside them and staring absently into the fire once again. The force of her mental nonattendance drowned any voices out.[/i][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Mykkael floated in pristine blackness. Perhaps floated was not the right word, but it seemed more to capture his situation. The detachment, the sense of being removed from existance, the curious sense of becoming a cosmic onlooker, upon this myriad entwinement of the threads of other's pitiful lives, until the collective strand was not so pitiful after all, but one of the many great seams, holding the multiverse together, keeping a tightknit sense of belonging that allowed them to traverse the adversity the frays in the string sometimes caused. Truly, Mykkael though, so much time on his hands had turned him into a creature of metaphor. But then, he thought such thoughts often, and was ambivalent towards any deeper meaning they may ever have had.

In reality, Mykkael hung, batlike, from the limb of some kind of tree. It was not a massive tree, and not a massive branch. But the tree had not yet reached its full height, and the branch was able to bear his weight.

It was dark around him, asiding the firelight set down by those he observed. Tiring of his odd position, he pulled himself up, wings agilely avoiding the branch as he slithered onto it. Folding those wings, he reclined against the tree broad, but less than imposing trunk.

Many below him did the same, one even to the very tree Mykkael sat in. But then, from what Mykkael had seen of such people before, they communed with nature, worshipped it even. Mykkael did not know the word for such men, having first encountered them in the grea stone circle on an island far from his current location, he was fairly certain of their identity.

What these people were doing in the jungle was beyond him. Why he was here was beyond him. He was closer to his people than he had been in centuries, and though it did not rankle, it did cause...curiousity. Curiousity as to whether he would be seen by the strange men. Curiousity as to whether he would be seen by his own people. Curiousity as to whether he really cared at this point. Curious as to what exactly the men were doing now...

...A stone block, basalt or some similar rock, had been dragged into the small clearing. As it did so, it brushed against the tree Mykkael perched in. Absently, he relaxed his mental restrictions, letting the images flow into his mind.

[b]The sound of a vast sea...no, merely the sap, and nutriets, running through vascular tissue... Heartbeats...seasons...not so many as those around it, those that choked the light, strangled the soil, spawned sharp branches that broke leaves...[/b]

Mykkael left of scanning the images for a second, surprised, as he always as, how hateful a tree could really be, when given the right circumstances. He wasn't sure what kind of tree he sat upon, but he knew it was not a serene oak, or melancholy willow, or capricious rowan, or stoic pine, or capricious cyprus... Or one of the many other personalities trees seemed to embody. Mykkael's thoughts spun off on a tangent, absently wondering whether the destruction of certain types of trees led to the dissolving of certain emotions in other creatures...

He sighed, and plunged back into the tree's world, skipping forward to the present.

[b]Stone, harsh, unyeilding stone, so much more abrasive and standoffish than its cousin the soil. Dark, tainted stone, nasty in thought and habit. It boasted of its superiority over the tree, conversing with that most simplest of coversations, directly imparted electrical signals, minute transmissions that most mortals were not even aware happened. Yet all existing things spoke to each other, in what would have been a great cacophony to deafen all with ears, save that it made no noise.

The stone was tinged with other beings, if you will. Other entities. Chief among these was the primal majick, the unsubisiding storm that only came with spilled blood. It was relentless, rapacious, yet somehow engorged with sadness, as if all the senselss destruction it sought to bring sprang only from its lingering dementia. After all, what is hate and insanity, but love left no outlet but to tear itself to death, on bars fashioned by the person impelled to feel love, but impelled not to express it? Or one who hides it, forces it down. The blood knew not of this, only sought to destroy, as it had been destroyed, leaving only this unclean residue with most were blessed enough not to be able to find.[/b]

The men were tearing off robes now, revealing strange designs. Other banner and signs sprang up, and a long, black ataghan now lay on the altar. A strange noise cut through the air, causing Mykkael to start.

A slight chinking noise, then some kind of bleating noise. A goat, led by a chain, was savagely pulled towards the altar...

Mykkael turned away, though he was no stranger to death. It was more that he didn't want the resonance to unman him.

He heard strange, guttural words, and one word he knew well. Satan. So, this was who these depraved maniacs sought to appease with their wanton killing.

Satan. A former Shade himself, merely one who chose to elevate himself to greathood through crass intimidation.

Well, these men would have their shade tonight. Mykkael leapt down from the tree, gliding silently into the clearing. He would not have been noticed, save that his silhouette momentarily obscured the moonlight, which reflected off the blood on the altar.

Strangely enough, they all bowed. Truly, they were devout. Many who peformed this ritual ran at the first sight of it actually having an effect.

As Mykkael lashed out, his left arm tearing the face off one man, his right sweeping over his shoulder to draw his ancient sword, and slice another, the knife weilder, the high priest, leapt over the altar, brandishing his infernal althame. Mykkael spun slightly, knocking the man's arm away with a spike tipped wing, before again facing him. As the man's momentum carried him forward, Mykkael slammed his head forward. There was a sharp crack, and the man died.

Around him, others ran. Save one foolish, eager young man, who died screaming as he waved a burning brand and called upon the Great Darkness to deliver him.

Mykkael, unthinking, sat down on the altar. He leapt up as if burned. He stared it a long moment, before closing his mind off, and leaving the clearing as hurriedly as he could.

[b]The altar itself endured, proud of its feared reputation among the existants around it. It endured long, until the blood-born maelstrom within it tore it apart, long out of sight and mind of any sentient being. Some small woodland creature stopped, and cocked its head, looking curiously at the exploding stone. Another shrieked, a high pitched yell of defiance, as a small stone splinter pierced the body of its mate, and leapt into the clearing, only to find dust.

The trees watched, but made no move to intervene, administered no criticism, lauded no praises.[/font][/color][/I][/b]
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Guest cloricus
[color=teal][b]A few hours later-[/b]

The power went down, that was the warning. Every thing shut down, comms, weapons, lights. Every thing except the projection on the side of the hill. It meant one thing; every one started to get down on the hands and knees and stared at the door waiting. Through they came, about a hundred heavily armed army personal. Most with shock batons. They hit a few of the men on the ground, they dropped.

?Where?s Finland,? No reply came to the army commanders yell. ?Now??

A few more men dropped in the mans impatience, the batons were effective.

?I?m here?? Jim yelled, trying to yell over the screams of one of the men that didn?t take a full shock from the baton. Being knocked out by the things was more favourable, because you weren?t around for the painful part.

?I have to talk to you, in privet.? He ordered.

Jim slowly stood up; he seemed to have gained a five man escort. All he hopped was one wasn?t to trigger happy. He was lead into one of the back rooms. A commander he hadn?t seen before was sitting in his chair.

?Where?s the usual commander?? Jim enquired.

?Dead, now let?s get down to business.? The man swivelled around a bit in the chair until he was comfortable then continued. ?You bunch of **** heads are the main resistance. You?ll be doing background operations while we mobilise the army.?

?Sir, with all respect we?ll be slaughtered in seconds??? Jim replied.

?That?s why we are giving you these new gadgets and any supplies you need.? He got up and walked over to a man in the corner that was holding a briefcase and opened it. ?These little ?watches? have been in development for about twenty years now, after we noticed an increase in ?supernatural? powers in normally people. These new ?freaks? as you are calling them seem to have accelerated powers, so these watches not only tell the time they contain all our research for the last twenty years, all over powered. So it should cut down 75% of the supernatural power of what ever is attacking for the wearer. It only works with humans. It should allow you to fight them for short amounts of time with out their powers affecting you to much. We?ll get back to you with better designs.?

?Thank you si?? Jim was cut off thanks a baton to the head.

[i]Three hours later-[/i]

Jim woke up, the lights were back online. Every thing had been cleared up. The base was full of supplies, every thing from rats to weapons to medical. Others were starting to wake up.

?Is Tony?s section back yet?? He enquired to one of the few people up and walking.

?No, sir we had a brief encoded radio transmission a few minutes ago to drop the defences.? He recapped.

Behind the man a door slammed open, the smell of blood and charred skin came with it. Only five men that walked in, two dragged a freak and the other three dragged body bags. They came to a stop and one of the returning men fell down, dead.

The few people that were up rushed over grabbing medical supplies on the way.

As Jim walked calmly up he saw Tony.

?We got one? We need chewing gum?? He reported.

?You need what? What the hell happened?? Jim asked.

?Well they pounded us, there are tons out there, we are safe here though.?

Jim walked up to the freak, it had bullet holes in it, but on closer inspection this is not what killed it.

?I guess that?s what you mean by chewing gum.? Jim said pointing down to a big hole that seemed to have just burnt itself into the beast.

?If we tip all our bullets with it, it?ll have an extremely increased effect. We found their weakness?? He said before falling over on the floor in a pool of blood.

[i]About an hour later-[/i]

Every one was now back on their feet. They had found one of the freaks and their weakness all in one attempt. They also had partial defence from their attacks that weren?t physical.

After fitting a semi-automatic machine gun with pre-chewed gum on its bullet tips, and waiting for a long while, while they waited for some one to volunteer to go out and test it.
The volunteer brought back ten trophy heads for his troubles.

All the base defences had been adapted.
Groups were working on finding out more ways to attack and kill the freaks. They had also come to the conclusion that the freaks would not adapt to the gum. Though they had still not found _how_ it was affecting them so badly.
The army had sent more ?psycho? sections to fill numbers; they now had about a hundred and fifty troops.

The base was safe, they were safe and they were fighting back.

Eps ? Oh don?t posts like this make you feel all good inside!
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[color=royalblue][i]Rayne sat in the shadows, away from the festivities going on. She was in one of her moods again. Everyone in the tribe knew not to try to come close to her, as they'd get a good, vicious slash to an appendage for their trouble.

As often was the case, Rayne didn't know why she was so sad and angry during this particular occasion. It just overcame her as she was joining the party. Perhaps because of the fact that she had seen all the others with their friends and family, and she had none of her own. The only "friend" she had was Kenratu, and that was somewhat shaky, at least in her mind. She just knew that she wanted to be alone in the dark with her thoughts.[/i]

[b]Rayne:[/b] The humans are fools. They think they can rally against our strength. The pitiful idiots. Such a waste of life. Though it shall be somewhat sad to see them die. They are interesting in their own little way...

[i]Rayne thought back to a day when she had seen a pair of young humans in the jungle when she was on her own. They weren't children, just teenagers. A boy and a girl. They were most obviously tourists who had become lost in the vastness of the entangled vegetation while exploring the place. They looked so frightened. Every sound was odd to them, and every moment they spent in that same spot, the more their terror grew. She watched them from afar for a while, tracking them to see what would happen. The girl took the lead and gave encouragment to the boy, even though she was just as scared as he was, if not even more so. Rayne somewhat admired that about the human. She didn't know why, but she just did. After a time, Rayne grew tired of her "human-watching" as she dubbed it, and decided to put an end to their wimperng and fear. The stench of it gave her a headache.

She moved in fast. They barely had time to hear the rustle in the bushes before she was upon them. She took the boy out first, killing him with a simple swipe to the neck. Blood spurted forth, spilling onto the girl's arms. Rayne thought back to the look that came onto her face as what had just happened hit her full force. She slowly looked to her arm and screamed as Rayne looked on. The pitch she rendered made Rayne's head feel like it would split. She quickly put a stop to it by plunging her claws into the girl's chest.[/i]

[b]Rayne:[/b] Reminds me of some animal's mating season....

[i]She didn't eat the humans, only sat there for a time after she'd killed them and looked at them. Their faces were still contorted in masks of horror. It amazed her how they looked. Their mouths shaped in silent screams, their eyes fogged over in death. Sort of poetic, in a way.

She left them to be found by other humans, but she never forgot how they looked when she left them. Like little dolls, broken during a playtime romp and colored over with a bright red crayon....

Rayne came out of her memories and looked up at the starry night sky.[/i]

[b]Rayne:[/b] I guess that's what I can expect to see once everything kicks into high gear....[/color]
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[color=crimson][b]Kenratu[/b]: Alright.. Its almost midnight. My friends, what time do you think it best to strike them in the morning?

[b]Shade[/b]: As soon as daybreak hits, some will still be in their beds, others will be on the road. We can use Amatros to clear the highways and such out, while we storm through the houses and various buildings. It'll be a clean sweep, quite easy too.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: .. Hmm. That sounds like it woudnt leave us alot of human flesh, as most everyone would be in those cars. I guess Amatros would eat well.

[b]Amatros[/b]: [i]Which is why I like that plan[/i]..

[b]Kenratu[/b]: Lets have Amatros block off an exits from the town, destroying roads, etc. We can purge the town of humans and come back with plenty of meat for our journey. Amatros would also have his chance to destroy parts of the town.. if he wanted.

Kenratu glanced over at the people around the bonfire, each of them nodding or in thought. He glanced at Amatros, whom he considered his top advisor, and waited for some sort of response. Not getting one, he turned back and stared at the fire.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: What do you think, Amatros?[/color]
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[b]Amatros:[/b] [i]"I was thinking of hitting their power genorators first. End communications. Start a few wildfires on the outskirts and then circle overhead. I can feed off the ash of the fires, which serves the dual purpose of making me stronger and killing off humans."[/i]

[b]Shade:[/b] "But what about if stray flames hit occupied buildings? That could start a bit of chaos in our ranks, not to mention endanger out cause."

[b]Amatros:[/b] [i]"Very well. I'll hit the power plant, end their means of information, and spray napalm over the roads. Prevention of incoming/outgoing help is our key to success. I can also run a circle around the first town and we can move on from then."[/i]

[b]Shade2:[/b] "Yes, but what about us getting out? If you do make a ring of flames around the town, we can't move ahead."

[b]Amatros:[/b] [i]"Then I leave a space of thirty feet open directly northwest from the power plant. We repeat the process through the rest of the day. What say you all?"[/i]

[i]Most of the Shade nodded in semi-deep thought, and silence grabbed the camp once more. That is, until a single female voice spoke up.[/i]

[b]Rayne:[/b] "Why not just burn the entire city to the ground and move in on the refugees? They will try to escape a household hell and have extremely little chance to gather arms and protect themselves."

[i]Somewhere about 500 eyes turned to the dragon, and then to Kenratu.[/i]

[b]Kenratu:[/b] "Well. Seems as if we have our battle plan."
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[color=crimson][b]Kenratu[/b]: Alright. Then that is what we will do. Thank you all for your input. Now, this is supposed to be a celebration- Get back to celebrateing before I get pissed off.

Various Shades let out ethusiastic agreements, each one going back to their respective conversations, drinking their seperate drinks, and all enjoying themselves around the fires. Kenratu himself took a long sip of wine, enjoying its taste on his tongue- It relaxed his frayed nerves a bit.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: I wonder if we're attracting too much attention.

[b]Shade 5[/b]: Would it matter? We're attacking a world power tomorrow.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: I suppose so.. No reason to be worried now, its too late to slow down our amibitions.

[b]Shade 2[/b]: But for now, Kenratu, lets just relax and have a good time..

[b]Kenratu[/b]: Good enough.

Kenratu tossed a few sticks into the fire and continued drinking, Amatros keeping a close inspection on the surronding areas from his sitting spot. Around 20 minutes later, Kenratu stood and walked from the celebration, which seemed to be getting louder and more lively without any serious interuptions.

He walked into the forest, going deeper within it intill he was finally alone, sitting on a rock, a lone beam of moonlight shining through the branches. Silently, he thought to himself about the things that might happen, the outcomes that might occur, the sort of things a leader would worry about the night before a major step in the evolution of his nation.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: I just hope that they..

He paused and looked to the sky, an emotionless look on his face, his mind raceing with the possibilities, before he conitnued.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: .. dont get involved in our affairs.

A star twinkled as he said that, and he smirked to himself, standing up and melding in with the black shadows that resided in the trees, coming out back at the bonfire celebration. It was now around 1:15 AM,
the eagerness in his eyes slowly beginning to shine out as he approached the central fire, grabbing another cup of wine and drinking it quickly.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: I cannot wait for this to start, heh heh heh. This is going to be the best day in our history.. The slaughter of the pigs.[/color]
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[I]Sauros sat by his two closest friends, Kenratu and Amatros, as he gulped down another mug of what the human's called Lager. Ofcourse, a mug by his standars held roughly six pints. He chugged from the mug until it was stone dry, and then placed it on the floor next to his giant sabre. Kenratu looked at Sauros, somewhat amused... Sauros was a Shade who enjoyed to drink.[/I]

[B]Sauros:[/B] You know, these humans stuff isn't half bad. Perhaps we could keep a few humans alive to run the beer factories?

[I]The company around the fire fell silent, as they stared at the giant Sauros. He looked blankly around, as a smile broke across the face of Kenratu, and he began to laugh. Amatros followed, and then Sauros himself broke into laughter. Any jokes Sauros made were usually very out of character... and possesed a very dry, almost black humour, one that Kanratu and Amatros had grown to enjoy. The others present chuckled lightly, finding themselves suddenly in a situation unfamiliar to them.[/I]

[B]Amatros:[/B] Oh, and I suppose that means I have to spare the glazier's so you have something to drink out of?

[I]Another burst of laughter came from the three, but Sauros suddenly smelt a new level of perspiration in the air... people were beginning to get anxious. Filling his mug, he glanced across at his comrade Amatros, the only Shade present taller than he was. He, as usual, was constantly inspecting the area... something Sauros thought he did to keep himself from getting bored. He knew that, like himself, Amatros was desperate to start fighting, and was beginning to get impatient. Sauros raised the mug to his lips, and took a long gulp.[/I]

[B]Kenratu:[/B] Only a simpleton like you Sauros, could drink like that.

[I]As Kenratu said that, he raised his wine to his lips and took a short sip, raising his pinky as he did so. Immediately Sauros broke into laughter once more, and Amatros let out a quiet snigger, which was cut short as he suddenly turned to Sauros, who had risen to his feet. The mammoth Shade was looking Easterly, and sniffing. Both Amatros and Kenratu knew what this meant... sunrise was approaching, and the invasion was about to begin![/I]
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[i]Magma dripped slowly out of the beast's mouth, at the left corner. It met with the Earth and burned a divot the size of a basketball into it. Amatros' hunger was growing with every minute. It was true then. His potential would never cease. As long as he was in this world, he would always have the need for death.

-- -- --

A fireball, smoking with unbearable heat, soared from the sky, seemingly from nowhere. It collided with the power plant's generator, with an explosion that ensued and resembled a mushroom cloud, only of pure fire. The napalmic lava-like fire spread over nearby houses and buildings, catching the dry sheetrock and wood as if they were simple matches to a blow torch.

The plan would indeed work. With no power, no early warning would be issued. With the snapping of electricity dying out from the severed power lines, Amatros dove down into the city, fire reaching out from his mouth in a jet stream that seemed liquid in movement. Through the black smoke he flew like the world's biggest bird of prey.

He burst through the cloud of soot so quickly that only until he had left the mass of ash half a second later did the wind catch up with the smoke and push it over. In a very ominous display which lasted a few seconds, the sun was blocked out from the city.

He went lower this time on his path, spewing flames once more. Business buildings erupted in fire, as did schools, as did restaurants, as did homes. A total of six passes, and the launching of fireballs to destroy the elevated highways. Hell had been unleashed in under four minutes.

As part two of this grand folly, the dragon swept just north of the town, creating a half circle to the North, to flood the residents south, where the Shade lay in wait.

'Humans, prepare yourselves. Your unjust reign over this world has met it's end!'. That was the single sentence that echoed through every Shade's mind, as Amatros cried out with every fiber of his mind, casting the call of Death upon all humans...[/i]
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[I]Sauros could bear it no longer. He was in wait, with all but one of his comrades at the edge of the woodland. With one great arm he thrust his Scimitar into the air as he let out a fierce ululutation, his free hand beating against his chest like a furious ape. Kenratu watched, and with the slightest nod of his head, the Juggernaut was released from his authoratative cage, and he charged with all his fury.

Sauros' wings extended upon his back, his mouth watering with the sweet thought of man-flesh. With one great downward flap with his wings, he shot upwards into the air. The humans, so focused with Amatros, had failed to see the behemoth that was leading the poison of the Shades. He flew with great grace, only metres from the floor, his sabre held out before him... his mace sheathed to his large belt. He landed with a cheer as Amatros passed overhead, and know the humans knew of him...

He had already targetted his first group, all young for their species, roughly 25, and all male. They attempted to turn again and flee, but the hand of Sauros was already upon them. He brought his Sabre downwards, cleaving the straying male in two. Blood, flesh and bone fell apart limply, no longer a balanced, living system. His claws wretched outwards into the open air, and he drove them through a car next to him. Then, with his vice-like grip he lifted the car above his head, and he yelled once more. He thrust the car forward, and it crashed into the fleeing group like a bowling ball to the skittle. Their legs collapsing, they were paralised to the floor in agony, now completely helpless, even more so that before.

Hungry now from the stench of fresh flesh, Sauros drove the point of his Scimitar into the ground, allowing it to stand on it's own. It was time for him to feast on his prize... and after a light breakfast he would have much more to do.[/I]
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[i]Willie MacDonald arose from his bed and slammed on his alarm clock. He religiously set it for 6AM every morning, not for work, just for his well being. Willie was very wierd that way...he was almost non-human like, with some of the stupid things he did. As he shuffled over to the fridge he grabbed the first things present as he muttered to himself.[/i]

Willie: I geuss it's going to be suasage and cheeze today for Breakfast.

[i]He threw both the sausages and cheeze in the grill and set it for 2 minutes. As his "breakfast" cooked, he grabbed his usual clothes and pulled them on. When his eadables were ready, he plundged down on his couch and switched on the Television. He was flicking through the channels after watching a small bit of Sesame Street he decided to walk down to the local pub. Like a true Scotsman, he couldn't go through a day without a pint. As he pulled on his shoes he stumbled smashing into a cabinet in the hallway were the Manuscript he found, many years ago when he lived back in Scotland, floated down and landed beside him. He picked it up and pocketed it but before he did he read off the symbols for the almost 1000th time. He knew them off by heart and was once again intrieged by them, so he decided to go to the library and find out more. As he reached the library, he walked in the door, it was almost deserted, excluding the usual 14 year old boy, who sat up the back everyday before and after school. Willie was in no mood to waste him, so he decided to confront the Librarian herself and ask her about them.[/i]

Willie: Hello Margret, I was wondering, remember that Manuscript i have told you about...

Margret: Yes Willie, about a million times...

Willie: Well, i finaly brought it in for you to have a look.

[i]As she scanned over it her eyes screwed up as a puzzled look swarmed her face....[/i]

Margret: Looks like a load of Jibberish to me!

[i]Willie snatched it off her angrily, well i'm going to find out, i think it is Latin or something. As he walked up the back he grabbed as many books on Latin as he could and sat down near the small boy. The cleared his throat and approached Willie.[/i]

Boy: Hello Mister, my name is Paul, i couldn't help over hearing your discusion with the Librarian, um....may i please see that piece of paper?

Willie: Hello there, my names Willie by the way, just call me McD. And, Aye, sure you can, here you go.

[i]As McD handed it over he thought to himself, how inteligent this boy was, his vocabulary was excellent and i think he has read every book in here. As Paul nodded his head he touched his chin with his fingers.[/i]

Paul: Hmmmm, that's pretty freaky stuff, i don't think it even looks human!

[i]McD burst out laughing, saying to himself, I Geuss I Was Wrong![/i]

McD: Nah son, it is, probably some old language forgoten about in the mist of time.

Paul: I'm not sure Mr McD, alot of freaky stuff has been happening lately...like supernatural stuff. There has been a 10% rise in Extraterrestial Sightiings the last 6 months than in the past 4 years! You can;t mistake the facts Mr McD. Especially out down near the Texan Border, loads of stuff happening there, lots of missing persons...like LOADS! That has also rose by 30% in the last 6 months in one certain area!

[i]This intriged McD, maybe this little kid may be onto something, any other "normal" human would just think this was one brainy, obsest child, yet McD begged to differ.[/i]

McD: Were did you get all this info little man?

Paul: *shrugs* Research, News, From mouth to mouth....alot really.

[i]McD was so intreged he decided to go a little Road Trip, he need a break anyway...a LONG break...[/i]
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[i]...Deamon, that didn't even begin to explain the creature that hunched, captive in the bowels of hell. A vile, hulking beast, void of words such as 'peace' and 'love', Its purpose was destruction, pain, death, to satisfy its lust for blood. Hellfire eyes, track his prey, studies its helpless atempt at escape. Massive nostrils flared sensing a slight hint of fear, muscles ripple under velvet skin, pitch as night. Claws tear, ripping tendants spreading crimson about in-[/i]

Fayne stopped typing, she stood walking to the front door of her small yet cozy appartment. She looked out at the dim hallway, looking torwards the metalic stairs as if she were waiting for something. Moments later a small calico came prancing up the stairs as cats do, Fayne only watched it as it struted into the appartment tail swishing in the air. She closed the door, listening to the mewls of her unwamted gift. Her brother had always inflicted animals upon her wether she wanted them or not, he always complained how she was alone and not having any kind of living contact was bad for her. So now she was stuck with the fussy cat she had named 'Unther', Thinking if she named it she must have cared some. She sighed looking at her desk, eclectic with notes, piles of papers, books, notebnooks and a small moldel of a creature called an incubus that preyed upon young women entranced by his false charms. To any other person it would look a mess, to Fayne, it was her own personal space, her world, her certain form of Feng-shui. A TV in the background was tuned to a news station, talking of a few reaserchers who had gone missing, Fayne dissmissed it, she had no sympathy for people who couldn't keep themselves out of trouble, besides, these accounts weren't good material for horror novels. She shut the news off and walked back to her computer desk continuing her latest work about a deamon released from hell upon civilization. She began to type when an all too familiar sensation came on, one of something about to happen, her ever trusty precog. But this wasn't normal like the others, such as knowing that Unther was comming up the stairs, no, this was something big. Her fingers began to move on the keyboard, typing out the things going on in her head.


she snapped back to reality looking at the screen,
"pigs?" She asked herself curiously, something deadly was happening, she had to find out what it was.
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[color=crimson][b]Kenratu[/b]: The town isnt that large, is it?

[b]Shade Advisor[/b]: It depends on how you veiw large, sir. But we estimate there to be aproxamentally 458,254 people within the limits of this town. This is but a small morsel of the cities that lay on the surface, Kenratu.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: I'm not a stupid jackass. I know that. Well, make sure everyone sticks to our plan or else someone might get hit by Amatros. What a good ally he is.

[b]Shade Advisor[/b]: And of you, sir?

[b]Kenratu[/b]: I'm going to go massacre the suburb.

Kenratu pointed through the bellowing smoke, to a small outlaying community, various people standing about in shock at, from what they saw, was a massive explosion and fire. Reaching back, he took ahold of his sword and silently unsheathed it. The advisor glanced around, takeing note that there were several of those suburbs surronding the town.

[b]Shade Advisor[/b]: I could form a party for you, just to ensure safety.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: From what? Thats not needed, keep all neccesary individuals within the main city, i'm not going to devert attention from the main attack. Its not like this is all going to take long.

He braced himself for a second, before dissapearing from veiw, sprinting as fast as he could through the chaos that was formerly a quiet community. It was a massive mix of screams, bloodsplatter, flames, and the sounds of confusion- The sound of confusion causeing him to smile the most, his surface appearance that of a brooding, silent warrior, inside he was enjoy this to the maximum, the time he had waited- the blood he had wished to spill, all for his people.

He was fast approaching the first building, a quaint redbrick house with a chimney, a yard with several childrens toys strone about messily, the grass being a bit long, a lone tree blowing quietly in the wind, its leaves letting out a sad noise it seemed. Leaping into the air, he soared for a few seconds before slamming through the roof, landing amongst the debries on the carpeted floor.

His hand braceing his fall, he glanced up, noteing the odd paintings of different settings, a man standing infront of a river, flowers, a portrait of the family. Snarling, Kenratu unleashed his claws and slammed them into the wall, ripping through into the bedroom where all of them were together, scared of the explosions and listening to a weather radio- Nothing odd coming out of it at all.

But with the arrival of the unknown invader, they all gasped, the father stepping foreward instinctively to defend, stupidly and vailiantly, his family. The Sword blasted through his chest, the father's arms outstretched like Jesus on the cross, blood slowly dripping down the blades edge.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: The butcher to the lambs, to sacrifice their needy hands...

He twisted the blade around in the man's chest a few times, before ripping it out in an arch upward, sliceing through his shoulder balde and ripping his ear off, droplets of crimson blood splattering onto the floor, his eyes glazeing over the same color as the blood he had shed. With one massive punch, the man was sent flying back and into the wall, with a resounding thud he slammed back-first into it, his face contorting into one full of pain, blood filling his lungs and dripping out of his mouth.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: All it takes is the power of one nation to bring the reigns of all under their control..

His claws snapped out, fully extended- The wife running at him with a vase, which caused him to chuckle a bit as the wife's intestines spilled out of the new hole in her abdomen. She huntched over onto the floor, holding her intestines inside as best she could, shakeing with shock, but it didnt last long. Her curtailed head rolled to the side, her hair mesily covering her last moments of pain that were locked on her face.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: The reigns of the world never belonged to you..

[b]Father[/b]: W-..W-..Who.. are.. yo..u..

The sword slammed through the fathers head, splitting the skull into various pieces. His eyes rolled back into his head as he fell over onto the bed, blood staining through the sheets. Kenratu turned and looked straight at a little girl, a scarred little girl. She was cowering and shakeing, stareing at her dead parents.

[b]Teenage Boy[/b]: **** this! Who the hell do you think you are, freak? You're gonna die, *******!

With a quick flick of the wrist, Kenratu's sword was vertically straight up, blade faceing the young man. The Young man ran at Kenratu, in a football-esque way, aiming to tackle him to the ground. The Shade grabbed hold of the human by the throat, useing his momentum to swing his head over and into the sword, sliceing it clear in half and stopped at the neck, a new flow of blood streaming down the blade.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: You ****ing fools. You stupid ****ing fools. What do you think you can do?

[b]Little Girl[/b]: Am I g-g-gonna die?

[b]Kenratu[/b]: Stupid goddamn question. Of course you are.

Kenratu picked the little girl up and slammed her headfirst into a wall several times, before finally throwing her to the floor and ripping her legs clear off at the knee, throwing them behind him. He raised his foot and mouthed "I hate kids" her scared, tearful face instantly bursting out in a sob before he started bashing her head in with his foot, the blood that now stained the room explodeing over everything in the direct area.

Not wasteing anytime, he slammed through the wall and continued through the suburb in the same fashion, his intenseitiy and violence growing more and more with each person he slayed.[/color]
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[i]Amatros swooped down, deep downtown. A screaming mother, locked in mourn for the dead child in her arms, shrouded in the black, choking smoke. Her hair was matted down, fringed on the ends. Her skin was a tomato red, and she was drenched in sweat. She did not see the beast come flying in from above.

His clawed, raptor-like feet came down like a striking rattlesnake, and pierced the woman's shoulders. Her crying for her child, did not cease. Amatros squeezed harder, but she still cried her baby's name. The beast climbed in altitude for a second, but turned around to eradicate the street, as planned.

The dragon let out a throaty roar, driblets of charring magma flying from his mouth, as flames clashed with the cement below. The stone buildings and brick apartments melted like wax, and all below was ablaze.

The woman's scream turned to one of rage, and she gleamed with a pure white. The light, stinging to touch, forced the shocked Amatros to drop his prey. The woman plummeted, still glowing, into the flames where she was incinerated in a split second.

Amatros flipped around to watch this, hovering above. His animal face showed disbelief, as his snout whipped to point at his lower claws. Strands of smoke trailed off of his toes, and blackened cloth stuck to his nails. He knew what this meant. Awakening.

His face darted to the spot where the woman's grave was, to his feet...and back to where the woman 'landed'. His face twisted in an uncontrollable snarl, as a fireball exploded from his roaring mouth, where it shot like a missile downwards, and utterly destroyed the block in a flash of napalm.[/i]
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[size=1]Gah. I typed out a long post, and then my PC messed up on me..
(*doesn't know whether to blame dictionary.com and the word 'rhythmically', or KaZaA*)
Anyway, retyped...

[i]Yulaw dropped his hard stare from the man in front of him, and sighed. He knew that the man was instilled with fear, not knowing what would happen next.[/i]

[b]'You lying bastard'[/b]

[i]He suddenly swung at the man with a right hook, knocking the man from his feet, and down the short flight of steps, and into the subway terminal below. The man rolled into a ball at the foot of the staircase, and covered the part of his bloody face that was showing with an arm. Yulaw knew everyone in the subway was watching in silent horror. He casually walked down the stairs, and stood, towering threateningly over the man.

The man stared in fear from under his arm. His nose was horribly bent and bloody; mishapen and broken out of form. Yulaw stomped at his ribs repeatedly; sometimes connecting with the man's back or stomach, as he tried to roll out of place and into some protecting corner. Yulaw tired after a minute and stopped.[/i]


'Don't [i]"please"[/i] me, you ****..'[/b]

[i]He forcefully kicked at the man's face. His nose specifically. If you could still call it a nose. The bloody stump was deeply lodged into the immediately dead man's head; the bridge of it broken. Yulaw pulled a handgun out from under his hoodie, and held it at an angle to the corpse's head. Two shots rang throughout the subway, and everybody continued to watch in horror and awe. The man's head rhythmically bounced to the tune, and bobbed onto the bottom-most step of the staircase; bloodying it a deep crimson tint.[/i]

[b]'Even in death, you look as ****ing ugly as before'[/b]

[i]A white trainer jumped onto the side of the dead man's jaw, separating it from the rest of the head with a satisfying click. Yulaw sighed.[/i]

Long live the Pack...[/size]
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[color=darkred][i]She advanced slowly, her eyes glinted with pure malice. The child she had her gaze on whimpered, clutching a little doll to her chest. There was fire pouring around them, and the girl was smeared with the blood of her parents.

There was terror in her eyes, pure and simple. Ragged clothes, bloody feet, and a horror in her expression that would never be erased showed exactly what this human pig had been through. It wasn't enough, but it would have to do.

She quite simply slashed the child's throat with her katana. While not very creative, it was, she thought with a pang of amusement, quite effective. The girl dropped to the ground, dead, and Leila picked up her doll, taking it with her on her journey.[/i][/color]
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[color=ff00cc] [size=1]Lithil's grip tightened as the vehicle slowed to a halt. Her stomach turned, and her head ached. It was the first time she had ever rode, or seen anything like it. The clothes other people were wearing seemed rather strange, and awkward. She watched in bewilderment as they passed through towering buildings, and sidewalks. The buildings seemed to actually touch the sky.

"Where are we going again?" Lithil asked.

"The Hotel. It's only a few more miles." Jaron reminded, a sense of relief in his voice.

Lithil nodded, and sat back in her seat. She wasn't very used to sitting down while something was moving. Her tribe didn't use any horses back in Egypt. Though, that was about 3000 miles from where they were now.

"Wait, what's that?" Lithil asked, leaning over next to Jaron.

"What's what?"

Lithil peered out the window, as a dark, winged figure approached from the sky. The figure seemed to be flying closer.

"That. Up in the sky." Lithil pointed out.

"Just a bird. Or a plane."

Lithil's eyes narrowed.

"It can't be... It's flying towards us."

Just then, the figure swooped down from above, shattering the windows with great impact. Lithil screamed, and quickly moved back in her seat. A tatoo was visible on his forehead, as it slammed its head through the window.

"Ikrantu..." Lithil whispered, her eyes widening with fear.

The Ikrantu's eyes quickly fixed on her, as the words left her lips. Lithil gasped, and opened the door in a panic. The demon snarled, and swept after her as she left the vehicle. Lithil began running, heading for the closest building as the creature swiftly followed behind. A crowd had now gathered around the broken vehicle, standing in a circle, half anxious, half terrified.

Lithil turned around, only to see the creature gaining on her at each step. It was less than a few feet behind her, its claws extended.
I hate Writer's Block. --; [/color] [/size]
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Guest cloricus
[color=teal][b]Day break-[/b]

A radio in one of the back rooms chirped up.
"All people in the area that can hear this uhf transmission arm yourselves." It then repeated, and again.

"What the hell?" Jim though as he rushed back to the room that now seemed to be filled with radios all on different frequencies. Two men that were watching over them were now looking at this one radio.

"What is it?" Jim asked.

"It's an army transmission sir, on the emergency frequency, I can't trace it..." He was cut off.

Suddenly all the radio's started to repeat the same message, on all frequencies.

Quickly Jim ran back to his office, they had one sat phone that they could contact army command with. Picking it up and putting in his clearance he proceed to find out what was happening.

"They have destroyed a city, we don't have much information, only a brief sat fly over picts. But it's gone." The voice in the phone reported. "We are excepting them to destroy the following cities in succession... They'll be near you guys in about a day, if they stay at this rate. We'll be sending out troops, they won?t do much, but they may slow them down."

"Remember the chewie..." Jim suggested.

"Yes we have adapted the bullets. Also we will be sending you a portable force field for your base; it should keep them out if they find were your hiding." The voice continued.

"A what?" A confused look came over Jims face.

"Don't worry we'll send a techie with it to run it, don't kill him." The voice said. "Until they get there you are to prepare, and then mount counter attacks on their camps while they are attacking. Any sat data we get we will relay. We are working on getting the army more structured. Command out."

The phone died, batteries would take five hours to recharge.

Sections were sent out to gather as many battle capable people as they could. If the base could cater for a few thousand it would. As long as the existing troops didn?t kill the new ones, they would have to find a way around this.

The plans for counter attacks started.
OOC: Well I had to give the humans some way of defending themselves, or you guys would just slaughter the planet. Now most of them are armed. :P Also I did not say the base was a day away, I just said it would take them a day to get there if destroying all the towns on the way. And if any of the humans want to join us just write in a bit about being found by one of the sections and them bringing you back. Sorry for the dodgy post, bio assignment calls...

Eps ? American Gun Control, what an oxymoron? :P
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[color=crimson][i]Reports in South Texas of various strange demonlike figure add to the concern over the sudden blackout of a community near the border with Mexico. These pictures from a satilette in orbit, and as of now it is unconfirmed exactly what could have caused this.[/i]

It was raining. The clouds mixeing with the pitch black bellows of smoke, lightning arching throughout the clouds, stray bolts descending downwards and lighting up the sky. Silently, a mixed droplet of blood and water dripped from Kenratu's sword as he walked away from the last suburb, each house completely obliterated as if a tornado had passed through it.

Glanceing up, he saw a small group of people stareing at him silently, emotionless. They were drenched as he was, droplets of the rain slowly streaming down their face. Finally, a single older man broke the silence.

[b]Old Man[/b]: Why are you doing this? What does it accomplish?

[b]Kenratu[/b]: ...

[b]Old Man[/b]: I'm sure that whatever reason you have, it doesnt give you the right to destroy half a million people. Why? Thats all we want to know.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: Solve Et Coagula.

An odd silence fell, before Kenratu slowly walked twards the group, fear and tension eminating throughout the air. He raised his sword up, pauseing briefly, his eyes delveing into the old man's. Kenratu closed his eyes..

[b]Kenratu[/b]: Solve Et Coagula..

[b]Young Woman[/b]: What does that mean?

It was faster than most of them could see, the slash going right through the old man from the right shoulder down diagonally to the left thigh. Most of them gasped and stepped back as he fall onto two opposite heaps on the floor, organs seeping onto the ground.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: Destroy to create.

In an instant outburst, the young woman emited some sort of sudden white aura, Kenratu raising his arms to shield his eyes. After the intial brightness died down, he lowered his hand slowly and watched. Her hair was flowing upwards into the air, tendrils of energy reaching out twards the Shade, each one wisping about like a poisonous snake.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: I see. I had thought I felt a human awaken, but it died soon after..

The young woman's brilliant aura suddenly faded as she fell to the ground, beads of sweat dropping over her forehead. A shadow overcast her, her heavy breathing escalting even more. Kenratu placed his foot firmly on the womans back and crushed her into the ground, gasps of pain eminating outwards, each getting louder than the first.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: This war is only beginning.. and Mages will not be tolerated at all..

He thrust his sword through her back and into her chest, impaleing her upon it instantly. Slowly he lifted the sword into the air, her barely-breathing body slung upon it like a coat. The sound of an offroad truck entered within earshot, and Kenratu silently slid his sword out of the woman, his foot acting as a brace.

The pickup truck had several humans in it, a few armed with guns. They approached at high speed, whipping around the tailgate as close to the small group of refugees as possible.

[b]Kenratu[/b]: I must discuss this with Amatros.. And I must strengthen our numbers.

Silently, he grasped the small rune that had started it all- It hung around his neck as a prize, the moment when he would use it he eagerly anticipated. As the pickup truck sped off with its refugees, Kenratu lept into the air, his wings beating furiously as he headed straight for the downtown area of the town..[/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Mykkael slumped against a tree, flicking his talons, sluicing excess blood off his gloves. On other parts of his body, the blood tinged his dark skin a strange, ethereal purple.

The moonlight streamed down over him, bringing with it a measure of peace. Photons bouncing around in the air struck him, but he ignored their miniscule histories.

He looked back, trying to pierce the gloom and the foliage, almost willing himself to see the clearing, almost willing himself to turn and run.

He chose something inbetween the two, turning and slowly walking away. The clearing was far behind him, but the slaughter was not, floating along, sticking to him, writhing all over him. The blood that had been spilled, covering his skin, hissed and tried to get inside. He knew that if he took his gloves off, he'd be unconscious in half a second.

He stumbled along aimlessly, not trusting his self control enough to take to the trees. Eventually, the woodland thinned, and he found himself on one of those long stretches of black stone the humans called roads, in their barbaric degeneration of a language.[/I]

OOC: Eh, pressed for time.[/font][/color]
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[center][b]9:34 A.M.
New Ikrantu Base; Just South of First Attacked City[/b][/center]

[i]Surviving humans were rounded up, striped of all possesions and clothing. Those carrying weapons - knives, guns, sticks; anything that could be used as a tool - were killed on the spot. Flames still burnt, but not with the furious and fiery pace as the had when first sparked. Napalmic in nature, these fires would have to burn themselves out.

The town was quiet, save for the sound of the whimpers of humans and the soft hum of fires. The Shade were mostly silent, hunger taking them over. A makeshift paddock was created with debris - such as building support beams, burnt-out shells of cars, and even bodies stacked upon one another - and the humans placed inside. A narrow opening had led them one or two at a time to be killed, and then placed in a pile for the forces brunch. Haha. So twisted, this day would turn out to be.

Kenratu, taking his time to oversee the process of herding his cattle, soared overhead, through the grey smoke that billowed upwards from the isolated fires. Everything was going to plan.

Then he noticed the absense of all life which abruptly introduced him to the tattered downtown area, where the plan was for Amatros to disable. He apparently did a good job.

The Shade General saw movement out of the corner of his eye, and saw a lighter shade of black than the ash down below. Of course, it was Amatros. He was making a buffet out of this area. Chunks of buldings were gone, soot was licked off the walls, and burnt bodies were devoured. Kenratu could literally see the difference in size in the best. He had grown three feet longer, and his wings [each one] had expanded four feet. The club-like knot on the end of his tail was thicker and heavier looking.

Kenratu called the beast's name, and descended. Amatros looked up at him, a mental laugh ringing out over the city.[/i]

[b]Amatros:[/b] [i]"I think we could call this a success."[/i]

[b]Kenratu:[/b] "Yes, well. We had the advantage. But like you said, we must pace ourselves. Wait until the Three can send support. Also... ... ..."

[b]Amatros:[/b] [i]"What is it, old friend?"[/i]

[b]Kenratu:[/b] "The Three were right. Our movement into this plain of existance has caused awakenings. I encounted a white--"

[i]The dragon sat upwards, pushing off of his foreclaws. His right foot came up, the blackened material on his claws from before, still charred onto his nail.[/i]

[b]Amatros:[/b] [i]"As have I. We must watch out from now on. Especially if we bring more into our battle. The more we bring in, the more we will affect this world."[/i]

[b]Kenratu:[/b] "Yes, of course. But for now...the slaughter of the pigs of this pathetic town must be carried out. Care to join us?"

[i]Kenratu turned back to the paddock, and took flight. For a few seconds, he was a bit disappointed that Amatros did not follow, but the sound of a tornato and the force of wind being oushed out as dust whipped about made him smile. Maybe, just maybe, the show of the full force of the Ikrantu would install the fact that these humans have met their time...[/i]
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Fayne's car gave a groan lurching a bit on the highway heading south.

"just a bit furthur..." she coaxed it, patting the dashboard as if it actualy could hear her. She winced through her sunglasses accrss the barron highway and the rising smoke ahead. Something wasn't settling right inside, yet turning tail and running didn't make much sense either.

As Fayne passed a few farms, small homes laying on the outskirts of the small city, a few were on fire, others lay eerily still and dead. She eventualy reached the suburbs not taking note to look around her but keeing eye on her brothers home, wich looked fine for the most part. The front dor was open and a wall knocked out, Fayne walked through the house calling her brother's name, stepping in between the shingles and insulation that had fallen in fron a hole in the roof. Eventualy, Fayne came to her neice's room, gaging at what she saw, her brother, sister in law, nephew and neice were completely massacered. The gentle humm of flies hovered in the air and on the corpses,meddling with the stech of blood rising in the warm morning. fayen backed out of the room dry heaving, a hand pressed to her mouth, tears pricking the corners of her eyes.

"what the hell is happening?!" She screamed into the empty street, finaly noting the genocide around her.

Fayne stood still in the road, listening for cries of help, or even a noise of anything that had caused this. nothing. yet she could see something comming torwards her, something dark and something she predicted would be the last thing she ever saw.
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