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Gundam: Evil Arises


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Kazumaki went out to check his mail. Everythnig was to him, and he started opening them. One was from the Gundam Battle Assocation. It said:

[COLOR=red]Dear Kazumaki:

A gundam has been reported attacknig various cities in Neo Japan. You are one of the people called to stop it. This is a powerful gundam, stronger than DG. The shuffle Alliance couldn't defeat it. You are to meet at the Statue of Liberty in Neo America. We tryed it's blast, but it failed. The rest will be filled in there.
Gundam Battle Association (GBA)[/COLOR]
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[color=silver][size=1][i]Xion was sitting down watching TV when it had happened.[/i]

Mailman: Maillll!!!

Xion: Yep, right here![/color][/size]

[color=darkred][i]Dear Xion Rai,

It comes to our concern that there is a reported gundam attack in various cities across Neo Japan and Neo China. These attacks are very powerful and are causing mass destruction among the people. If you could please meet at the Staue of Liberty in Neo America along with the other Gundam Fighters, it would greatly be appreciatted.

Gundam Battle Association[/i][/color]

[color=silver][size=1]Xion: Well, here we go again...

[i]Xion walked out the door towards his giant garage...[/i][/color][/size]
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Will still stood at the attention of his commander.

Commander: Will.

Will: Yes sir.

Commander: I have just gotten a letter about those recent attacks. They want me to send my best man to Neo America. Take Archangel and go Will. Make me proud.

Will: Yes sir...
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Kazumaki put the letter down and went up to the second floor of the 2-story house.

Kazumaki: Uhm, i was called to work with the Shuffle Alliance. They failed at fighting the gundam that was attacking Neo Japan and Neo China.

Kisha: Ok...you going in the Canume?

Kazumaki: Yea...I'll be back, hopefully...

Kazimaki kissed her, and goes towards the giat garage outside the house.
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ooc: I have a girlfriend, just to let you all know. I didn't put it in the bio. Sorry! :bluesweat


[color=darkblue][size=1][i]Xion enters the door towards the garage. He opened the door and saw the Deathscythe in all it's glory.[/i]

Amanda: Are you ... leaving?

Xion: I'm really sorry. I going to have to go at 10:30

[i]Amanda and Xion look towards the clock on the wall near the door. It read: 9:30[/i]

Amanda: So, you're leaving in an hour. I'm really going to miss you.

Xion: Yeah, me too.

Amanda: Jut don't go dieing on me just yet though. Ok?

Xion: Don't worry, I won't.

[i]They held hands the remainder of the hour. They talked about what would happen without Xion there. The clock finally ticked 10:15[/i]

Xion: I'm going to work on my gundam for a little while, ok?

Amanda: Yeah, ok.

[i]After the last fifteen minutes past by, Xion jumped off of his Gundam, doing the final adjustments.[/i]

Xion: Alright, I'm going to go. Don't forget me, I'll always love you.

Amanda: I love you too. Good luck!

Xion: Good luck?! I don't need good luck, all I need is this. *he showed her a locket that contained a picture of Amanda. She then smiles.*

[i]Xion Then walks up to her and gives her a kiss on the lips.[/i]

Xion I'll never forget you!

[i]He then hoped on to the Gundam Deathscythe. He turned on the system and began to walk towards the giant door leaving out the garage. He then turned on the flying system and flew towards Neo America, leaving his love behind...[/i][/size][/color]
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Kazumaki got up on the gundam and attached all the weapons. After he's done, he looks at the clock and sees it's about 10:15. He dropped down off of the Gundam, and landed next to Kisha.

Kisha: There are betters..

Kazumaki: Yea, but they have 1 weapon a peice. This is the only Gundam i have that can use those weapons.

Kisha: Be careful..and, don't kill yourself out there...

Kazumaki: I know, i won't..but if i do....you know that i always loved you.....And i died protecting you....

Kazumaki leans over and kisses her for a minute. Then, he gets up in the Gundam, and turns on the systems. He takes 2 steps, and the door opens from a sensor. He takes a few more steps, and activates the jet flight system and started for Neo America. He turned back and looked at Kisha as he flew off, then looked at a picture of her placed in the cock-pit.
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Castle Butler:"Sir Heartbound we have recieved a letter stating that we need to send you to the statue of liberty in neo america on business with the shuffle alliance."

Leon:"Very well then,prepare paladin for immediate departure,an don't forget to recharge the sword!"

Castle Butler:"Yes sir!"

Leon walked toward his mother and father,

Leon:"Dear parents i have recieved notice that i must go to america to assist the shuffle alliance."

King Heartbound:"Very well my son."

Queen Heartbound:"Do be careful son."

Leon:"I will mama,i'll make you proud!"

Leon walked slowly to the gundam hanger and stepped up to paladin,

Leon:"This is are turn to rid the world of evil!"
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Sakura stood on the shoulders of her Gundam. She looked out to the sea. She got into her Gundam and transformed it into the jet. Flying in the sky, she looked below to see children and a castle and mobile suits practicing combat.

Sakura: Please. As if you will all go into battle and expect to win. *scoffs* You wouldn't even last a minute.

Sakura flew towards where she was recently staying. It was a small village. As she set her gundam down, a teenage boy came up to her. He was 5'5, with Heero's hair, but it was streaked with blonde. He wore a black shirt with long black pants. His gundam was the re-designed Shenlong with some additions. His name was Ryo.

Ryo: My father asks for you.
Sakura: Is he alright?
Ryo: He wants to tell us his final words.

Sakura entered a cabin that was dim-litted. An old man was lying in bed.
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Kyjoi stood in front of Shining gundam. They were late as usual, Koyji slumped against the railing opposite to the gundam and looked at its face. It loked like it was ready for combat. Just then Koyji was snapped back to reality by the sudden appearence of his father's face in front of him.[/i]

Domon: What are you still doing here?

Kyoji: Just waiting to say good-bye to you.

Domon: Okay. I hope Shining Gundam serves you well.

Kyoji: Where's mom?

Rain: Just making some final preperations with Hoi and Min. They'll be your crew.

Kyoj: Sweet!

Domon: Well, I'll see you...

[i]Just then a mailman came bolting down the catwalk. He handed a letter to Domon who then handed it to Kyoji. It was a letter summoning him to Neo America's Statue of Liberty. It was about the Devil Gundam. Kyoji's face twisted.[/i]

Kyjoi: Is this about this new Gundam that is an offspring of the Devil Gundam?

Domon: Probably. Just go.

Kyoji: But dad! I know that I can beat..

Domon: GO!!

Kyoji: Fine. I'll go.

[i]Kyoji entered the ship that would be carrying him, Hoi, Min, and Shining Gundam to and around Earth. After a few Pre-flight checks the ship took off and entered Earth's atmosphere, Hoi made the couse corrections and the ship landed in Neo America. Kyoji stepped out of the ship and saw a few other gundams landing. He climbed into Shining Gundam and walked out to greet the other fighters.[/i][/COLOR]
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As leon in paladin gundam touched down he noticed that there were other gundams around...

Leon:"Which gundams are here paladin?"

Computer:"They appear to be the Deathscthe Hell,the Archangel,the Shining Gundam and the Wing Hell Custom.

Leon:"Ok then."

the paladin gundam's hatch opened and leon walked out...

Leon:"America has such dusty air!"
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Koyji looked at a few gundams. He managed to bring up info on all of the gundams, thankfully the gundam's databases had been continually updated. Kyoji decided to flex his muscles a little bit. He walked over to a gundam that was named Paladin Gundam.[/i]

Kyoji: Pilot of Paladin Gundam, I challange you!!!

Leon: I accept.

[i]Kyoji assumed a fighting stance and drew his beam saber. He wanted to see how good he would fair against this guy. The fight started and Paladin gundam rushed, Kyoji sidestepped and elbowed the gundam in the back. It fell and got back up, the two continued to exchange blows until Kyoji felt like [b]really[/b] flexing his muscles. He decided to activate his Hyper Mode. Shining Gundam went very still and Kyoji focused his energy. Suddenly the cockpit turned resilliant gold and then Shining Gundam's face plates opened and the fins shot outwards, the gundam transformed into its Golden Hued Hyper Mode.[/i]

Leon: Looks like things are gonna get interesting.[/COLOR]
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leon though,knowing that being a paladin a nothing could defeat him took out a shield and beam sword...

Leon:"Activate Excaliber and Knight's Shield!"

the huge beam sword glowed with a holy light blinding to most,but the shield was where it all was,a huge beam [i]shield[/i].the light coming out of it blinded Kyoji long enough to slash of one of the shining gundam's legs.

Leon:"No one can match my swordsmanship!"
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Kyoji grunted, he knew that paladins were known for their expert swordsmanship but this would definetly surprise him. Kyoji managed to stand up long enough for one his his most devestating attacks.[/i]

Kyoji: Here goes!!! School Of the Undeafeated of the East! Ultimate Attack!!! SEKIHA TENKYOKEN!!!!!!!!

[i]The energy blast shot out of Shining Gundam's hands and out at Paladin gundam, he may have a shield but nothing could stop the Sekiha Tenkyoken. The energy shield shattered and it nailed Paladin full force in the chest, before Leon knew it he was on the ground with severe damage. Kyoji tried to gloat but transforming into the Hyper Mode and using the Sekiha Tenkyoken had drained him. Both gundams had tied. Kyjoi climbed out of Shining gundam and walked over to Paladin gundam, the pilot Leon was already out.[/i]

Kyoji: Great fight. [i]sticks his hand out.[/i]

Leon: Same to you. [i]shakes hand.[/i]

Kyoji: So, what colony are you from??

Leon: I think we should save that for later, the officals are here now.[/COLOR]
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Sakura looked to the male pilots. She smirked. She advantaged forward to greet them.

Sakura: Well, well, well. Paladin Gundam, Shining Gundam, ArchAngel, and Death Scythe Hell. All your gundams are very extraordinary.
Leon: Yeah, well. We made them this way.
Kyoji: What's your story?
Sakura: My story? I found this gundam and... well, let's just say i gave it some additions.
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]The Deathscythe Gundam lands on the landing platform in Neo America, only to be greeted by the dust that had come up from the flying system.[/i]

Xion: Dang, this- *[i]cough[/i]* place sure- *[i]cough[/i]* is dusty!!! *[i]cough cough cough[/i]*

[i]He starts to walk towards the other gundam battlers circled around the Statue of Liberty, talking about Gundams and other related stories. A man, about the age of him, walks up to him.[/i]

Kazumaki: Well, hello there! Ny name's Kazumaki. And your's is ...

Xion: Er, my names Xion Rai, nice to meet you!

Kazumaki: Yeah, so I wonder. Is this new Gundam strong?

Xion: If it's anything like the last gundam we had here, it probably very fast and re-designed.

[i]They kept talking...[/i][/color][/size]
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Leon:"Hey can we get these repaired soon?,i mean is everyone here because i personally oversee the repairs on my gundam."

Kyoji:"Yeah i mean we're a little beat up!"

leon and kyoji looked at each other then smiled,they could tell that they would work well together...
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Hoi and Min came out with a flatbed truck and hauled Shining gundam into the transport. While this was going on Kyoji was in his quarters getting cleaned up. After cleaning up he slipped into his normal attire, which consisted of the same type of clothes his father wore during the gundam fight, he even wore the bright red cape. He walked out the ship, on the way to the building everyone was meeting in a gust kicked up and Kyoji's cape billowed about him. Leon walked up next to him. Kyoji turned and nodded at him.[/i]

Leon: So are you Domon Kasshu's ....

Kyoji: Son? Yes, I am. He is alive so don't think he is dead, none of the shuffle alliance members are. I just hope that we are able to destroy this newer version of the Devil Gundam.

Leon: Me too.

[i]The two continued to talk on the way to the building.[/i][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue]OOC: Uhhhhh....Silentdeath, i think that a gundam's repair time would take quite awhile, especially if the leg were cut off.
[i]Kyoji looked at Leon, a quizzical look passed on Kyoji's face.[/i]

Kyoji: The leg hasn't been re-attatched. So it'll take awhile to repair. You're a great fighter.

Leon: I thought that attack you used on me was supposed to be stronger.

Kyoji: It is, i just took it down, otherwise I would have taken your gundam's head unit off.

Leon: Cocky aren't we?

Kyoji: Nope, just telling you what would have happened. Sorry if I came off as arrogant.

Leon: Meh, its okay. So, how come you aren't piloting your father's gundam?

Kyoji: Me? Pilot God Gundam? That's funny! He'd rather hack off his arms than give me that gundam, its like his second kid.

Leon: Ah, I see. But I thought he would favor his Shining Gundam more and Give you God Gundam.

Kyoji: Nah, I begged him to let me have Shining Gundam, he finally caved on my 10th birthday.

Leon: So have you been training with your gundam for 6 years?

Kyoji: Nah, just 5 years. My mom said I was still too young to pilot the gundam. I managed to activate the Hyper Mode when I was 13, my dad kept kicking my but and then one day I snapped and the Hyper Mode kicked in and I transformed into the Hyper Mode and kicked my dad's but.

Leon: Impressive.

[i]The two came to a stop in front of a large building.[/i]

Kyoji: Looks like we're here.

Leon: So it would seem. Shall we enter?

Kyoji: Lets.

[i]The two entered the building. Back at the Transport, Neo-Japan's repair crew was working extremly hard to repair the Shining Gundam, while they were doing this some mechanics were handing some datapads to Hoi who was looking over them and nodding his head. He was somewhat glad that the leg was still intact, at least they didn't have to rebuild a second leg. Hoi placed his hands on the catwalk and watched the repair crews do their magic. Hopefully it would be fast and efficient.[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]Xion and Kazumaki were starting to walk to the spot where all the commotion had been, only to see to kinda' screwed up gundams.[/i]

Xion: Dang, what happened?

Kazumaki: Don't know.

Xion: Hey, lets go ask those two over there.

[i]They continued to walk over to the men who had previously been fighting.[/i]

Xion: Hey, what happened here?

Kyoji: Well, we were just in a little Gundam battle, why?

Kazumaki: Oh, we were just wondering.

Xion: Oops, we didn't even introduce ourselves! my names Xion...

Kazumaki: And my names Kazumaki. Nice to meet you!

Xion: Yeah, nice to meet you!

Kyoji: Oh, well, my name's Kyoji.

Leon: And my names Leon.

Xion: Well, how did it go Leon?

Leon: It was ... a tie!

Kazumaki: Cool!

Kyoji: So, where you guys called to this place too?

Xion: Yep.

[i]They kept on talking...[/i][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue]OOC: Silentdeath, you must not have read my post clearly. Your gundam's head is still attached and everything I just had my character state that if the attack he used were at its full strength [i]then your gundam's head would be destroyed.[/i]
[i]Kyoji had walked off from the rest of t he group, he had decided to go on ahead and see who would be briefing them. As he entered the building he was greeted by a nice blast of cool air. The building looked like any nromal building, hard stone flooring, white walls, and dark hardwood doors. As Kyoji walked down the hallway he felt like he was being followed, he whipped around and saw group of offical people right behind him.[/i]

Man: Kyoji Kasshu right? I'm the head chariman of the Gundam Battle Association. Please follow us to the briefing room.

Kyoji: What about the others?

Man: They will be informed as well.

[i]Kyoji was lead to a large room with a huge circular table in the center of it. He took a seat and waited for the others to arrive. Slowly all of them entered the room with puzzled looks on their faces.[/i][/COLOR]
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Leon, Xion, and Kazukami were talking about how they battled. Sakura was not interested. All her life it was always, Hey look at what i found. its better than yours.

Sakura: *thinking* Great, once again I'm found with a bunch of guys who think their gundams are better when in reality they're always the same. Can't anyone find something better to do?

Sakura got up and jumped into the Wing Hell Custom. She transformed it into a jet and flew off. The others looked up and stared at eachother and went back to arguing who's Gundam was better.
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[OOC] We wern't talking about who's gundam was better.


[color=darkblue][size=1]Xion: Hey, Kyoji, where were you?

Kyoji: Just hanging out here.

Kazunaki: Well, what are we here for?

Man: That's what we're here to learn about. Please welcome the President of GBA, Mr. Wao.

[i]Everyone clapped when he entered the door.[/i]

Mr. Wao: Well, the reason we are all here is this...

[i]He began to tell everyone why they had all come...[/i][/size][/color]
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