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Buffy: The Slayer of Vampires

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[size=1]I thought that this was an unusual, but generally good episode of 'Angel'.

There was lots of Fred, which is a nice change of pace. This is the first time since "Supersymetry" that Fred had been featured so prominently. It is nice that the supporting cast gets a chance to have the spotlight, especially since most of the Scoobies on Buffy haven't done or said anything interesting in the past 10+ episodes.

I thought that this episode was a little unsettling. Seeing Conner and Angel get along is very unsettling, but it was nice to watch. It looked like the group was going to tear itself apart, but Jasmine has come to save the day. Was it just me, or was she very convincing? I wanted to believe what she said, and halfway through the episode I was beginning to think that she was the great savior that everyone needed.

But then Fred had to go insane and ruin it for everyone. Or maybe Fred is the only sane one left? Ack, it could work both ways!

Fred has really bad aim. I don¡¦t think that she has ever hit the person she was aiming for once this entire season. Jasmine¡¦s disciples seem to be really dumb, normally Angel would have been able to snatch the arrow. Conner should have been able to do it was well, hm. Jasmine let Fred get away, so it seems like Jasmine is a complete pacifist (except for the countless demons and vampires she has helped destroy.)

Skip is officially dead. Wesley and Gunn chopped him into little bits. :(

Cordy didn't say a single word, amazing.

Okay. Everyone loves Jasmine, check. Anyone who looks at her becomes her slave, check. The spell (or whatever) doesn't affect normal vampires, or demons, but it works on Lorne for some reason. I think it has something to do with souls, so maybe some types of demons just don't have souls. It also didn¡¦t affect that crazy guy, but was he crazy before or after he saw Jasmine?

What is Jasmine? Let me try out some random theories...

[b]Jasmine's Story:[/b] Jasmine is a former power (possibly a Goddess) who grew tired of seeing all of the fighting and hatred in the world, so she decided to give herself a mortal form. In order to be "born" she needed special circumstances: Angel and Darla had to pass special trials to give life to Conner, Cordelia needed to become implanted with Jasmine as a higher power, and Conner needed to *cough* Cordelia. Jasmine has returned to Earth, and is devoted to bringing peace and love to everyone.

But why did Cordelia turn evil when she had Jasmine inside of her? Skip was right when he said that everything had been planned from the beginning, but we can't be sure if Jasmine is really a being of pure good or not. Lorne's reading of Cordelia showed a terrifying, apocalyptic future, which is the exact opposite of what Jasmine has promised.

[b]My Theory:[/b] Jasmine is the First Good who has returned to Earth in order to save the world from the First Evil. People under Jasmine¡¦s control do not commit evil acts, and if there is no evil then the FE cannot exist (paraphrased from FE). In order to become a disciple of Jasmine, you have a to look at her. But do you know who [I]can't[/I] see her? Bringers!

The FE has always known that Jasmine was coming, and that¡¦s why it made Angel try to kill himself (or lose his soul so that he would not become a disciple of Jasmine). I still do not know if it was Jasmine, or FE who brought Angel back from the Hell dimension in Buffy s3, but FE claims to have done it, so let's give it the benefit of the doubt.

This also might mean that Darla's mysterious appearance last episode was realy FE pretending to be the PTB. Hmm.

Ok, I'm done now. *is embarassed*

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Lady Macaiodh [/i]
[B][color=darkblue]Okay, now I'm really damn confused. Are "Buffy" & "Angel" supposed to combine storylines for the end of the season, or what?[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]
I don't think any of us know that for sure, but we're all hoping it happens, because Buffy's on her last season.
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Tonights episode of Buffy was interesting but I do not think that I liked it very much.

The part about this episode that I did like was the part where they fought the big bad.
But I for one did not like the outcome of the fight either.

Never the less, it seemst that those horrible things that we have been promised have started to materialize.
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Well, it's about time The First did something. I was getting a little tired of it standing there like "Look at me! I'm very very evil and I can't touch anything, but I'll annoy the hell out of you by taking on the forms of every dead person you know."

Is it me, or am I more in love with Faith than I was when she was on Angel a few weeks ago?

Andrew is such a hilarious nitwit. It was funny when he told the story of how Faith fought a Vulcan. I was like "When the hell did this happen?! Is that Spock?!"

And don't get me started on Xander's fantasy at the beginning of the episode :D
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[QUOTE]Episode 19
[spoiler]Clem leaves town
Buffy is taking the latest defeat hard
Caleb tracks down Buffy at the school
Caleb kicks Buffy's butt, again
Xander did lose an eye in the last battle
The Scoobs research Caleb and his ring
The First and Caleb are guarding a vineyard
A local Mission has another seal
Spike and Andrew investigate the mission
Faith takes the SIT's to the Bronze
Faith and the SIT's have a run-in with the cops
Buffy feels they need to investigate the vineyard
The gang abandons Buffy and sides with Faith
The Scoobies want Faith to be their leader
Buffy is asked to leave, and does

Faith takes command of the Scoobs
Kennedy seems to want to have some control as well
The Scoobs come up with a plan to capture a Bringer
Buffy kicks someone out of their home
Spike is furious that the Scoobs kicked out Buffy
Spike and Faith go at it
Spike goes off to find Buffy
The Scoobs learn from a Bringer about their plans
The First visits Faith as the Mayor
Faith and Wood have sex
So do Willow\Kennedy and Xander\Anya
Buffy leaves Spike to find a mystical weapon
Faith and the SITs follow the info from the Bringer
Buffy encounters Caleb and finds the Scythe
Faith encounters Bringers and finds a bomb
Spike finds Buffy and spends the night
Buffy and Spike do not have sex

Faith and the Potentials are lured into a trap
Buffy has recovered a weapon of great power
Ubervamps are back in the picture
Buffy asks Xander to get Dawn out of town
Dawn doesn't go along with Buffy's plan
Buffy meets a mysterious woman
Caleb kills the woman and attacks Buffy
Angel arrives in Sunnydale
Buffy and Angel kiss
Spike witnesses Buffy and Angel's reunion
Buffy seems to succeed in killing Caleb

Spike sacrifices himself to save the world
Buffy tells Spike that she loves him
Angel brings Buffy a mystical amulet
Spike uses the amulet to apparently seal the Hellmouth
Buffy sends Angel back to LA
Buffy wonders if she can have a future with Angel
Buffy kills Caleb for good Spoiler Zone Likely
The final battle takes place near the seal
Anya and Amanda(Dawns friend from school a potential) die in the finale
Willow's hair turns white (might not be permanent)
The Hellmouth is closed for good
Sunnydale is destroyed in the process
Willow activates all the potentials
Buffy decides to open the Hellmouth
The First is apparently defeated


[color=green]Please put a spoiler tag on your spoilers. You have no idea how hard it was to edit this post without reading any of that. :p
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Yeah, tuesday's was new. What pretty much happened was the return of Faith, the first fight against The First Evil (sorta), and the usual random humor you have to watch to understand.

On to this week's Angel!
I've got to hand it to Fred, she is very quick. She figured everything out; how to snap everyone out of it, and the exact time and place to do it. Everyone's back together... except for Connor, but what else is new?

I understand what Jasmine needs the people for, but what's with making everybody feel the love? Is she otherwise powerless to attack people (ie. Dracula had to put Buffy under his "thrall" instead of just attacking her)?

Interesting how Cordy's blood didn't fix Connor. I assume it's because he's Jasmine's father. He might even be acting under his own will.
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[color=darkblue]Tuesday's "Buffy" was okay, but when the evil priest stuck his thumb in Xander's eye & poked it out, I could've killed the writers. How could they do that to Xander?!

"Shiny Happy People" aired this morning at 2:30 AM, which was not very good considering I didn't expect to suddenly see a nasty, maggot-ridden face with blood dripping from the eye. Gah, that freaked me out. I'm so glad I was watching my black & white TV, so I didn't see the full horror. [/color]
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Geez, I really didn't know how much I had missed. I saw last tuesday's episode but it was the first that I had seen in awhile. As long as they show me some more of "dark Willow" I 'll be happy. I want Faith to survive, Dawn to survive,Willow, and maybe Kennedy. (yeah, I kinda like her) I guess that I'm just unhappy with the guys on the show. I actually like some of the twists that they've provided, like Xander losing his eye and the death of some of the potentials. Hopefully, Faith will get a spin-off or something.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i]
[B]I've been reading that Holly Valance is getting set to replace the current Buffy. Who knows if that's true, but UPN doesn't want to ditch the show... even if Sarah isn't going into another season.

If everyone knows this, I am stupid. [/B][/QUOTE]
[size=1]That is just a rumor that her agent made up to gain some free publicity. Buffy's creator, Joss Whedon, has said on several occasions that he would never get new actors to take over the roles of [i]any[/i] of his characters. Unless everyone has been lying for the past few months, it seems highly unlike (if not impossible) that there will be an 8th season of 'Buffy'.

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Interesting point about how the blood of Cordy didnt effect Connor Endymion. I had thought that Connor might have been acting under his own free will all along. It would make sence that Connor has just always seen Jasmine for what she really is.

only read this if you have seen Indigo.(the latest buffy episode)

Xander loosing his eye did suck, but tonights episode was very interesting. Faith took the girls out for some partying and Buffy scolded her. And she even hit Faith!!!! How dare she? Eventually the PS's decided that they would in fact rather have Faith as their leader because of Buffys current bad streak of decisions.

Word on the street is that next week or the week after [spoiler]Angel will apear on Buffy and they will kiss.[/spoiler] If this information has been provided earlier in a spoiler I am sorry, but I dont read spoilers because they are just not cool.

[size=1][b][color=darkblue]Please use spoiler tags when posting spoilers!! -Shy[/color][/b][/size]
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Ok, the world's coming to an end and Anya continues to change her hair color. It's a new type of blond every episode (if blonde at all).

Anyway, it was good to see everybody get in Buffy's face like that. There's a thin line between tough and b***h, and Buffy's been crossing it quite a few times this season. I don't care what people say about Kennedy, she's always made a good point when she stands up to Buffy. And Buffy has been making everything about Spike, like that's all anybody thinks about.

There was a time when Buffy went to The Bronze in the midst of a battle with the big bad. Hell, Buffy did a [i]lot[/i] of underaged drinking. She of all people should know that the Potentials need to unwind.

On a plus side, the Potentials kicked some corrupt-cop butt. It was good to see them (and even Dawn) in action without some of them dieing or Xander losing an eye.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Endymion [/i]
[B]Ok, the world's coming to an end and Anya continues to change her hair color. It's a new type of blond every episode (if blonde at all).[/quote][/b]
[size=1]Well, it's not like she has anything better to do. At the beginning of this season Anya was my favorite character, and then she didn't do anything after "Selfless." I was so glad to see Anya do [i]something[/i] in this episode. Everything that Anya said was dead on, but I got the impression that Anya was jealous of Buffy's power. Anya gets power and Buffy shoves a sword through her chest. Willow gets power and she tries to detroy the world. Dawn [i]is[/i] power, and a Goddess tried to bleed her to death. Buffy is the only one in the group who has been able to handle the responsibility of her gifts, and that is why she is the most logical choice to be a leader.

Andrew & Spike need to spend more time together, they are hillarious. Anya and Andrew are also hillarious. They need to put Anya, Spike, Andrew and Clem in their own sitcom. They can drive around the country in Clem's red Beetle and solve mysteries. Eh, I'm such a nerd...

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shyguy [/i]
[size=1]Andrew & Spike need to spend more time together, they are hillarious. Anya and Andrew are also hillarious. They need to put Anya, Spike, Andrew and Clem in their own sitcom. They can drive around the country in Clem's red Beetle and solve mysteries. Eh, I'm such a nerd...[/size] [/B][/QUOTE]
It'll bring a whole new meaning to the name "The Scoobies."

Spike is such a workable character. Despite his evilness and the way he's almost corrupting Buffy, he pairs up well with every character on the show. I didn't think he'd pair up well with Andrew (no one else did), but everybody is hilarious with Spike! It's kind of funny that Spike has had at least one funny scene with every Scoobie.
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