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[color=red] [strike]Kenji[/strike] [strike]Nephro[/strike] [strike]Carbon[/strike] [strike] Oxide Monoxide[/strike] [b]Herb Man[/b].

That is very good, Herb Man. I like the white, fadeness of it. Very nice indeed. I still like [strike]Tasis's[/strike] Zeh's older banner, though. The one with Blood of [strike]Z[/strike]Mitch. Ah well. Now I just need to force you to make me one...

[[size=1]nephro- or nephr-
Kidney; kidneylike structure: nephrotomy[/size]]

Kid [strike]Me Not[/strike]Ney man. [b]Mr. Beans.[/b]

Gah, I have too much time. Ah well, see you when the kids need. :p[/color]
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