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Joey Structure confirmed cards.


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I bought a Structure deck at a video game store today and it was first edition. Here is the list.

[b]High Level Monsters[/b]
Red Eyes Black Dragon

[B]Low Level Monsters[/B]
Penguin Soldier
Harpie's Brother
7 Colored Fish
Masaki The Legendary Swordsman
Maha Vailo
White Magical Hat
Darkfire Soldier #1
Princess of Tsurgi
Island Turtle
Flame Manipulator
Karate Man
Spirit of the Harp
Swordsman of Landstar
Gearfried the Iron Knight
Armored Lizard
Milus Radiant
Big Eye
Magician of Faith
Baby Dragon

[b]Magic Cards[/b]
Shield and Sword
Monster Reborn
Eternal Rest
Dian Keto The Cure Master
Giant Trunade
Dragon Treasure
Remove Trap
The Reliable Guardian
Block Attack
Dark Hole
Malevolent Nuzzler
Change Of Heart

[b]Trap Cards[/b]
Trap Hole
Fake Trap
Ultimate Offering
Seven Tools of the Bandit
Reverse Trap
Just Desserts
Castle Walls

[b]Fusion Monsters[/b]
Thousand Dragon
Flame Swordsman
Well personally I'm glad that Flame Swordsman was put in, as with Magician of Faith but why the heck put in Thousand Dragon and Baby dragon when Time Wizard isn't in the darn deck??? But i'm really impressed with the Penguin soldier, now i can really make some of my friends mad when i duel them. As a reminder i just happened to find this at a video game store that just happened to have it. Of course its a 1st edtion. I was really disappointed that Magic Jammer wasn't included. Oh well. Well i hope this listing of the deck will make you want to get it. ^_^
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[size=1]Even though Joey does not have the best deck, I have been waiting for the release of this for a while. There are a few key cards missing (Time Wizard, first and foremost) but overall it seems like a good purchase for Joey fans like me.

How much did it cost?

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Yes it is a pity. I was really hoping Jinzo, Time Wizard, Panther Warrior, and Alligator Sword would be in this. But heck the deck comes with Polymerization! So if anyone doesn't have that card i sugguest you get it. The deck cost $12.99 but other stores may have it for $11.99 .
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I thought Polymerization was in both starters. I went to a video game store because my friend told they had them there. I only had enough money to buy one. I bought a Pegasus Starter because I needed Relinquished and Polymerization. I thought I had been ripped off when I opened it and didn't see Poly. I guess I'll have to trade my friend for it.
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well there isn't as i just posted. I guess giving you Flame Swordsman and his fusion requirements was all they would give you. Oh well, i'll just have to trade for time wizard, or just hope i get one out of a pack. lol
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Maybe I'm wrong, but aren't the cards in the starters choosen at random for each box? So there might be a few cards that are different (Time wizard, Polymerization, etc.,) they're generally the same. At least, that's how I thought it worked.
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I'm really disappointed with this. Where I'm glad that it doesn't come with some of the great cards that it has in Japanese (because then every n00b to this game would think that they rule with their common Jinzo), it's still pretty pathetic. Very few good cards.

As for the Time Wizard, it could still be in the pack, sometimes they screw up what cards go where. My brother didn't get a Change of Heart in his Yugi deck. Someone got a Relinquished in a Magic Ruler (I got my [i]Time Wizard[/i] in a Magic Ruler pack, but it comes from Metal Raiders). Either Domon just didn't get it or gouf is very lucky.

Is it holographic or not? If it is then it is obviously put in the wrong pack, unless Domon only got 2 holographic cards, because there are only 3 foil cards in each starter/structure.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by gouf [/i]
[B]Ok i have anthor question thats sorta realted to this topic ok someone got a feind karken in a Yugi starter and a kazejin instead of soul exchange. What happned [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=teal][size=1][b]Must've been an error, that happens alot.But I don't think they would mix-up a Kazejin with Soul Exchange.[/b][/size][/color]
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Here are the Pegasus Starter Deck cards:

[U]Normal Monsters[/U]
-Aqua Madoor
-Giant Soldier of Stone
-Illusionist Faceless Mage
-Red Archery Girl
-Rougue Doll
-Toon Alligator

[U]Effect Monsters[/U]
-Armed Ninja
-Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
-Dream Clown
-Hiro's Shadow Scout
-Jigen Bakudan
-Man-Eater Bug
-Manga Ryu-Ran
-Mask of Darkness
-Muka Muka
-Sonic Bird
-Toon Mermaid
-Toon Summoned Skull
-Witch of the Black Forest

[U]Ritual Monsters[/U]

-Black Illusion Ritual
-Black Pendant
-Change of Heart
-Dark Hole
-Dian Keto the Cure Master
-Graceful Charity
-Monster Reborn
-Mystical Space Typhoon
-Remove Trap
-Ring of Magnetism
-Rush Recklessly
-Soul Release
-Stop Defense
-Toon World

-Castle Walls
-Enchanted Javelin
-Gryphon Wing
-Magic Jammer
-Robbin' Goblin
-Seven Tools of the Bandit
-Trap Hole
-Ultimate Offering
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i personally think that some of the cards arnt guranteed to be in the deck, i mean, i didnt get a beaver warrior in my yu gi deck where as one of my mates did...so i dont think that they are completly set!, i think there can be slight varience.
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Maybe. but it'd make more sense to have the same cards in each one. After all, that's what people pay for, really.

I'm getting a Joey deck pretty soon. It's an Unlimited Edition. Maybe they'll have fixed up the Time Wizard errors by then. It's possible that they fluctuate it a bit, but it doesn't make much sense that they'd keep a card out, especially if it's part of a Fusion combination in the deck *shrugs* Some marketing strategies can be downright silly sometimes.

If you still want a cheap Time Wizard, Domon, some sites sell the individual cards from the Starter Decks for not that much. Well, certainly Time Wizard is a lot less expensive than its Metal Raiders counterpart. Good luck hunting.
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