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Anime in the REAL world

Ice Dragon v2

So which one??  

  1. 1. So which one??

    • Dragonball
    • Gundam
    • Evangelion
    • Other (specific and why)

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which anime do you not want to exist in the real world???

hey guys just listen,
i know its been really hard for us during this time of tradegy, but we have to move on with our lives. we cant really drag this on our shoulders for the rest of our lives. so lets just try to get back to our regular day on otakuboards[/size]
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I would not want Gundam Wing or DBZ to exist in the real world because a whole lot of people would die. Everyday cities are always under attack by Cell or something, I don't want to have be running in fear from Zeon mobile suits or anything like that. Just a thought...
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