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Xra's Cast Contest 1: Survival of the Toughest


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Xra-"It's time to see who will join our cast for some fun online. Gina, if you please."

Gina-"Certainly, our first contestant is Kaiyu, the blue band and blue belt wearing wonder. Alex, the glaive queen. Shadow, the..uh big robot like titan. Aiko, the dragon swordsdress(i dunno how do you say that). And last but not least Kaede, Kray's kick *** sister! This competition will definately be heated."

Kio-"It's gonna be heated, but let's not get too hot. Ya still gotta follow the rules. Um god dude could you tell them?"

Me-Ok here are the rules:
1. The most stressed no god-modding, but in more of terms of strength. Don't be too powerful, but don't be overweak or you'll never stand a chance in this contest. I notice shadow, you're an android, not bio or cyborg, just a plain robotic android. You probably never get tired, but you're sorta slow. Keep them terms and you'll be fine. Other humans, just keep it down to earth and you'll be fine.
2. No cheats! I don't want to see you cut paths or knock down others. You'll lose points. Although you can distract, don't push it too far or you'll lose more points. No tricks Kaede:demon:
3. Your weapons and utilities can be used to help out with the tests, but remember: Rock beats Sword, Sword beats Fists, Fists beat Rock.

That's it.

Xra-"Ok then. Well this ain't really a test, but you need to survive in order to continue. Right now we're at an entrance to a jungle. Get your way through the Jungle and meet us at the hotel at the city adjacent to the jungle. Think of ice cream and you'll be fine. As for now, we're off!"

Xra and the other 4 jump into a car and drive off...
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Alex jumped out of the car and sprinted into the forest.
She ran through dodging through any bushes and leaves in the way.
She had a head start so far but everyone was close behind.
She decided to have some fun and put a bit of distance so she climbed the next tree and started to jump from branch to branch.
She gained a bit more lead.And it continued like that.
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[color=darkblue][size=1]kylala isn't too fast since she is too fat to run freely in a jungle so don't think i'm cheating!
Kaede Jumped out of the car and flicked off Kray good-bye as she walked slowly into the jungle."Kray i'd better not get chased by a rabid monkey here!"Kaede yelled."Kylala"Kaede said as she threw Kylal into the air.She transformed into a large tiger with long fangs like a Sabertoothed Tiger.

Kaede jumped on as Kylala landed on the floor."AHHH! you're too big for the jungle! you'll brake tree branches with your weight! KRAY! I KNOW YOU DID THIS TO MY CAT!!!!! OOOH!"Kaede yelled.

"On the ground girl Kya!"Kaede grabbed onto the large cat as she tried to catch up to Alex who was barely in sight."I swear when i make it to that hotel Kylala I'll let you eat my brother!"Kaede said to Kylala who growled happily.

"Kylala ran through the bushed knocking them down making a path behind her."Uhh oh........Kylala you fat Guinea pig! you're leaving a pth for followers!"Kaede yelled."thats it! let down to your half demon self!"Kaede said as Kylala shrunk into her half demon self.

"We run now"kaede said as kylala jumped onto Kaede's back and Kaede ran swinging from branch to branch with her Tetsubishi."I'M GONNA KILL KRAY AFTER THIS!"[/color][/size]
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[I]While all the others dissappeared into the jungle, Shadow simply stood there, latched to the spot. His visor started to scan his surroundings for secret paths, items, anything that could make his trip easier. After a few seconds, it stopped, unable to find anything useful. He quietly mumbled a small "Damnnit...", then took a few steps forward. As he did so, he lifted up the giant laser on his arm, and in a flash that shone deep into the jungle, a burst of energy emerged. He took a few more steps forward, increasing his speed, the sound of his mechanical joints and footsteps getting louder by the second, followed by the deafening roar of an enormous, dazzling flame. Within the next few seconds, the trees in front of him became great pillars of fire, setting a chain reaction which led to smoking path being cleared in front of him.

His feet lit up with a bright red, and he leant over as rockets emerged from his feet, steadliy making him hover about an inch off the ground while carrying him along at an average human jogging pace. Sure, Shadow wasn't exactly the fastest traveller around, far from it really, but his newly acquired, wide open path gave him a clear run straight down the middle of the jungle, which would hopefully carry on growing, giving Shadow an easy trip. If it didn't burn quick enough, or was stopped somehow, Shadow still had his fully charged beam sabre, which would slow down his journey by having to stop to cut the trees down one by one, but still do a good job in getting him forwards.

An unseen grin spread across his hidden face, as he saw a few figures in front of him. He knew it wasn't a race, but his competetive nature urged him to go faster and try to catch up with the others.[/I]

(Xra, if you have any objection to Shadow burning down a path for himself, just tell me and I'll gladly edit it.)
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OOC:Hey DBZman.If you do that you lose points.It says that at the beginning.

Alex turned around briefly and saw that there were 2 people behind her.She smirked and sped up.She jumped and pushed energy out of her and jumped faster and further.She jumped as high as she could while still going forward and saw it was a long way to go until they reached the hotel.All she saw was trees everywhere.She sighed deeply and continued jumping.Alex jumped and swung around a tree trunk to change paths.She hoped she could lose the 2 people behind her.She was sure the others weren't too far behind either.Alex grinned evilly and went faster changing routes every now and again.
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[color=darkblue][size=1]You can see Kaede's kylala in my Avy ^_^
"That's it Kylala!"Kaede said stopping and throwing her Tetsubishi on the floor."Girl forget the Tetsubishi! I have a plan"Kaede said she she threw Kylala into the air Kylala once again grew in size.

"Kylala....I didn't think of this before but Xra,Gina,Xion,Kray....or Kio didn't say anything about this jungle.So BURN IT DOWN!!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!"Kaede said laughing evily.

"You know....for Kray's sister you are dense...."Kylala said she picked up Kaede and ran knocking down trees OH! and a monkey."Kylala! I didn't know you could talk!! an i'm not dense!"Kaede screamed slipping from Kylala.

"I can and if I did burn down this jungle you'd lose SERIOUS amounts of points!"Kylala said jumping onto a branch then began jumping from the tops of trees.

"There's Alex!"Kylala said jumping above Alex who felt the leaves falling on her head lightly.

"What?"Alex said sofly she looked up to see the large white demon above her.[/size][/color]
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[i]Kaiyu leaps from the car as Xra drives off mumbling words that he could not hear, it was probably something like..."These idiots dont stand a chance..."[/i]

[b]Kaiyu:[/b] I'll show him, I'll be the first to make it to that nice fluffy Hotel bed, eating my complimentary chocolate in joy.

[i]Kaiyu tightens his boots with a smirk on his face. He jumps from the ground and bolts into the forest. With his Sword in hand, he wacks away any bushes that block him from achieving his goal.[/i]

[i]As he sprints throguh the forest he sees others on both sides of him running as well. He cannot tell who they are therefore they are in the distance surrounded by greenery. As Kaiyu runs along he sees a fallen over tree slowly rising up and resting on other trees forming someone of a walkway higher up into the forest.[/i]

[b]Kaiyu:[/b] Hmmm..... I've got an idea......

[i]Kaiyu runs up the tree, it seems to extend forever as he gains altitude in the forest, as he nearly reaches the top he spots an ending in the tree.[/i]

[b]Kaiyu:[/b] Oh crap! Dead end! Think, Kaiyu, think!!!

[i]Kaiyu looks around cautiously as he spots a vine in the distance.[/i]

[b]Kaiyu:[/b] Hmmm....well why not, it looks stirdy....lets try it! :D

[i]Kaiyu leaps into the air gaining great length, he grabs onto the vine and begins to swing. He gains so much speed any collision with a tree will cause serious injury.[/i]

[b]Kaiyu:[/b] Wahhhhhhhoooooooooo!!!!!!!

[i]As he flies through the forest, barely missing trees, the vine finally reaches its limit and it snaps a few feet from the ground. Trying to look cool, he falls on his butt instead of his feet and skids down a cleared out path. He slides all the way to the bottum only to reveal a small waterfall that drops into a beautiful clear water spring.[/i]

[b]Kaiyu:[/b] Uh oh! Bombs away!!!!!!

[i]He falls to the surface and splashes water everywhere. Kaiyu swims to the side, gets out, and leaps high into the air to dry himself off. Upon landing he sees a cleared out area of the forest. He notices a building there too.[/i]

[b]Kaiyu:[/b] That must be the hotel!!

[i]He speeds up his pace as he closes in on the Hotel.....it is only a few steps away........[/i]
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"Looks linke everyone couldn't continue or they got lost. well they can reach the hotel and have a free trip cause im tired of waiting. stay tooned next time for another Xra's cast contest!"
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Aiko reaches the others in minutes and wips past them in a cloud of dust. She looks back and grins to herself; in just enough time to smack straight into a large oak tree. Cursing to herself she starts up once more, without looking back. After an hour or so she sees the hotel off in the distance, the glass sparkling in the mid day sun. She reaches the hotel but hears foot prints behind her. [I]They are good[/I] she says under her breath, [I]This should be interesting[/I].
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[i]Kaiyu steps into the door of he Hotel not knowing what to expect. No one is to be found as he walks around the empty hallways. He enters a hallway with bright vibrant colors with wierd looking doors on each side of the hallway. Each door has every members name on it. The first door says Kaiyu, and its white door with a blue door knob on it(Gee thats wierd).[/i]

[b]Kaiyu:[/b]Well this looks like my room.

[i]Kaiyu walks into his room to see nothing but a mirror, a bed, a bathroom, a back pack, a sword sheath, and an extra pair of clothes exactly identical to the ones hes wearing. Kaiyu sits on the bed as he ponders[/i]

[b]Kaiyu:[/b]Hmm....just what kind of tests is Xra gonna put us through?

[i]Kaiyu lays back and stretches out on his bed as he awaits the others to make it to the Hotel.[/i]
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Kylala stopped and stood on the tree top looking at the Hotel only a few feet away.

The sky went black and it began to rain.Kaede's hair went limp and so did Kylala's.

Kylala jumped down and walked to the stairs of the Hotel.

Kaede nor Kylala said a thing they walked up the stairs following Alex who was trough the door.

The doors kept open and Kray looked to see Kylala's angry face.Kray ran behind the counter and watched as Kylala walked through the door soaking wet and Kaede on her back with the same status.

Kaede slowly got off Kylala's back and walked to the counter and stood infront of Kray.Everyone watched the twins stood face to face.Kaede made a strange growling sound and knocked over Kray choking him.

"KAEDE!,KAEDE,KAEDE! ENOUGH!!!!"Kio said grabbing her and lifting her off her brother.

"What did I do!?"Kray asked.

"I KNOW YOU RIGGED THAT JUNGLE!!! KIRARA CAN'T FIT THROUGH THERE! IT WAS YOUR FAULT!! I KNOW IT!!!"Kaede screamed taking a banana and shoving it down Kio's throat slowly slipping through his hands and grabbing her sword threatning Kray that she'd slit his throat.

"Kaede!......"Kray said.

(D*mn! what made Kaede happy? what was the word that stopped her?.....I knew her secret but....it was this word and saying that made her leave me alone........)Kray though to himself suddenly he smirked..........

"KAEDE! STOP!"Kray yelled as Kaede loosend her grip.

"WHY!?"Kaede yelled Kylala roared behind her.

"Cause....uhh....you're my sister....and...and...and.....I....OH! I Kray you're older brother loves you....."Kray said.

Kaede's eyes went narrow as she looked at him.......

"..Cause you're my sister now will you let it go?..."
".................Okay! ^_^..........................."Kaede said letting Kray go as she hugged him and Kray looked at Kaede strangly.

"WHAT!? YOU'RE JUST GONNA LET HIM GFO LIKE THAT!?"Kylala yelled turning to her normal small kitty form.

"yeah....."Kaede said simply.

"WHY!?"kylala asked.

"cause he's my brother......we're family....we let things go....."kaede said.

"really?"Kray asked.

"No that's a load of crap mom told me before she died I Sessan Cerber do not give up things easily....it's just that that was cute what you said!"Kaede said walking off.

"Weirdo...."Kray said.

Kaede's ears twitched as she turned.......

"WHAT!? AFTER I LET YOU GO!? KRAY!!!!"Kaede said tackling Kray and choking him once more as everyone tried to pull Kaede's hands from Kray's throat.[/color][/size]
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Alex turned around and chuckled at them.She shook her head and headed up the stairs.The counter had said that her room was on the 7th floor.she made her way past the landings until she reached the right floor.It was number 25.She walked past the doors with her key in hand.Finally she saw it.She walked in and saw the room was great and it had a great view.She sighed and put her backpack down and walked out onto the balcony.The air whipped her clothes around.she sighed again and leaned over the rail looking out into the distance.
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Aiko slowly walked up the steps on the large hotel. Once she was inside she looked at her key. [I]Number 24, 7 floors up.[/I] She sighed found the stairs that would lead her to her room. The hotel spelt of scented freshiners. The walls where painted white with elegant tiles matching on the floor. It was a large place, a place fit for a king.

Aiko made her way to her room, once there she unlocked the door and stepped inside. Each room fit the personality of the occupent. Aiko's was a pretty good sized room, with a glass door leading to the balcony. The room itself had looked like the inside of a japanese dojo. A place she spent most of her life in. A small futon was set inthe corner near the balcony. Swords mounted the walls along with other samurai items. One could spend all night training. She set her sword down next to her bed, sighing as she did so. Aiko walked over to some candels that where set on a small stand next to her bed. She let them and set them aside.

Her night began with excesive training of the body and mind. After hours of training she went to bed with her sword in arms reach. The moon light gazed inside, filling the room with natural light. She could hear the wind blowing about outside, trees swaying, no cloud in the sky. With this she fell into slumber, with nothing but fighting on her mind.
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