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Digimon: Shattered World


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Hi all....welcome to my 2nd RPG.
This is about digimon, of course and I may not explain some things too well, so please ask questions.
Synopsis: the story is about some children who are part digimon like in S4. They have been this way since birth or a little later. Now they are teenagers and time has come to use their powers ro rescue the Digital Planet form another disaster, which is in their own world.
The Digital world is more home than strange dimension to these kids for they are part digimon. Now they must find a way to stop an evil digimon/human in the real world from taking control of both worlds. And this evil guy is sort of a Yamaki kind of char, who wants to take over by absorbing the powers of the Seeds of Light (yes, the ones in S2).
The Seeds were distributed by Azulongmon in place of the Destiny Stones to balance the Digital World.
Questions? PM me, I know I?m not too clear.

Ok, you are to be the Hybrids I listed below. I listed three right now and if they?re taken, I?ll post more. If you want to be someone of your own creation, please PM me first.

1)[B]Human Hybrid[/B]- Tesoromon
Tesoromon is a blue white humanoid fox with gold clothing. In addition, she has a lot of jewelry and trinkets. She loves magic and to collect shiny magical items. Tesoromon is also an unparalleled trickster, who gets through practically every battle with her wits. But smart as she is, she does tend to be the first who panics in a seemingly hopeless situation.
[B]Beast Hybrid[/B]-Selamon
Selamon is Tesoromon?s beast hybrid. Picture a blue white Kyubimon without the collar, but dripping with jewelry. This flashy hybrid is vicious in physical battle and equally sharp in mind.
[B]Superior Hybrid[/B]- Diamon
Diamon is a ferocious digimon of the dragon family. Picture a diamon cut Magnadramon with gold tipped stiff mane around the neck, a spiky tail and six wings. That?s Diamon and she is a relentless warrior.

2)[B]Human Hybrid[/B]-Paonmon
Paonmon is a young humanoid digimon with a peacock theme. She is serious and is often on a quest for any knowledge. She is the most practical and points out anything that can go wrong. She wears a robe of peacock feathers and she does have wings, but are only decorative and cannot be used for flight.
[B]Beast Hybrid[/B]Ashtoremon
When Paonmon turnes into Ashtoremon, her seriousness is stronger and her colors convert to more of silver, with wings that can fly. She has a long silver robe with her armor over it. She has a plumed helm over white blond hair and a staff. Ashtoremon is a very intellectual digimon who is often the voice of reason.
[B]Superior Hybrid[/B]- Daivyamon
This superior Hybrid is a multi armed goddess, with 6 wings. She has four arms two of which cannot be really used. In those arms she holds a scroll and a crystal representing psychic insight. The other two can be used freely.

3)[B]Human Hybrid[/B]- Lupaemon
Picture a black Lobomon in a trench coat and armor. This is Lupaemon, the wolf type. His persona is sort of like Lobomon except he is a kind of daredevil. He will go rushing off into battle without a second thought and try to save the world himself if possible. He is very proficient with a sword and fighting arts.
[B]Beast Hybrid[/B]- Sirimon
Sirimon is a gray wolf in armor, of course. He has a metal mask, blades on his shoulders like MetalGarurumon and mini cannons on his back. He is a good fighter ans very stubborn.
[B]Superior Hybrid[/B]- Fenrismon
Sirimon gets really destructive. Fenrismon is a white wolf with gold and black streaks and armor. He is a kind of werewolf. He has a fierce temper and will take on anyone at this stage. His teeth and claws are enough to reduce his need for weapons.

Sign Up:

Your Hybrid:

Thanks all. ^-^
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Name: Aidian (heh, not feeling very original at the moment)
Appearance: Long-ish black hair, spiked up. His eyes are a deep dark blue and he has a tattoo on his right cheek- basically a tapered black line running below his eye and then down his face in a spike. His clothes are mostly black apart from the white belt he wears around his waist and the silver star pendant he wears around his neck. He wears a short black denim jacket and black jeans, along with a black shirt.
Bio: 17 years old. He found out that he was part digimon when he inadvertantly turned into his Human Hybrid form six years ago and destroyed his home. His family subsequently abandoned him and he was put into a care home. When he was let out, he decided to try and become a superhero-like character and use his powers to stop crimes. It didn't work, however, and he ended up being seriously injured while trying to break up a fight. He often wonders how he got to be part digimon and wondered whether his real parents were actually from the Digital World.
Hybrid: Lupaemon
Attacks: Wolf Blade, Howling Claw Slash (no sword. Blue sparks fly from his claws and electrify the opponent)
Sirimon: Thunder Blade, Metal Storm
Fenrismon: Aurora Blade, Solaris Burst
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[color=darkblue][size=1]This is gonna be FUN
[b]Name:[/b]Kaede Kyoubriei
[b]Appearence:[/b]Young girl.Light brown hair that covers her face with blue eyes but only one shows due to her hair covering the other one she also has peicings on her body like the lip and right hand corner of her right eyes and stuff.She wears a black sweater and pants like Takuya's but black with black converse.She also has spike collars,braceletts, and other stuff that expand when she turns into her spirit.
[b]Bio:[/b]She is shrouded with mystery.As a human she doesn't like flashy and shiny things but when in her spirit for she can't help it.Her whole attitude changes whe she turns to Tesoromon.When she is human she isn't talkative and hates showing her face.Though she talks aometimes
and does silly things, she will not lets her hair uncover her face AT ALL.She wears a weird hat like a beanie but different.She also has a small companion (If Allowed) her name is Kylala (In My Avy) like Kirara from Inu-Yasha but the tip of her tail looks as if it where dipped in black paint.Kaede has known she was a digimon considering how when she was four she turned into Tesoromon who went crazy at the sight of the many people on the street she destroyed bridges and her own family and home.She also destroyed trains and the subway.Now that she can control Tesoromon she tends to lighten up moods and is a jolly person.But once Selamon comes say bye to jolly and say hello to vicious...
now Kaede has one purpose to help the digital World....and that is to find out why she wasn't born in the digital world where she thinks she bbelongs instead of being on Earth....
[b]Attacks:[/b]Dark Magic Sword ,Karessent Blade[/color][/size]
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Thanks everyone! For signing up!

Here are some more Hybrids.

[B]Human Hybrid[/B]- Eyriemon
Daggermon is a humanoid gryphon. She is usually very quiet and a kind of perfectionist. She likes to work alone most of the time and her lone-wolf attitude gets to be irritating after a while. She has a lavender theme and her outfit consists of a gryphon skin and 2 giant wings.
[B]Beast Hybrid[/B]- Daggermon
Daggermon is exactly like her name-loaded with huge claws,spikes,and anything pointy. She is a purple gold gryphon who can be quite menacing.
[B]Superior Hybrid[/B]-Arayamon
Arayamon is a harpy/amazoness warrior. Her basic weapons are bow and arrows, which she is very skilled at. She wears a black/gold hunteress costume(something like Zephyrmon?s costume ?cept the lower part is a short skirt) and her body is decorated with all kinds of battle scars and tattoos. She is street wise and takes risks and is very agile.

[B]Human Hybrid[/B]- Krenemon
Krenemon is a water type digimon and the embodiment of it?s fluidity. He is the friendly and compatible one. He is a quick learner and kinda cute. He loves his digimon self and wouldn?t give it up for anything. Krenemon is a water themed digimon like Depthmon without the merman tail. He does have feet, but they change into a tail when he is in water.
[B]Beast Hybrid[/B]- Cataramon
Cataramon is an adventurer and a risk taker. He is as wild and unpredictable as any rapid forms of water. His beast form resembles a sea serpent/shark form. He is like MetalSeadramon with a shark like forequarters and dark blue armor.
[B]Superior Hybrid[/B]-Varudramon
Varudramon is as menacing a seadragon as they come. He has two heads one of which can command lightning and the second command the waters. He is most powerful near water and has been known to throw some terrible storms. And of course, there?s armor and claws at his flippers.

[B]Human Hybrid[/B]- Coatlmon
He is a master of illusions. He looks like a teenage boy in a feathered robe and like Mercuremon, he carries mirror shields at each hand. He can use these to confuse the enemy in any way possible. He relies on his illusions like Tesoromon and he gets pretty far with them. His personality....he?s a very witty digimon, loves magic tricks, but can be somewhat fickle. Once he can feel like doing something, next he doesn?t remember it. He?s also not very good at making choices.
[B]Beast Hybrid[/B]- Vasukimon
Vasukimon is a large serpent digimon. He resembles Anaconda ans his eyes can be very fatal, they can lure you to your death or destroy you on the spot like a basilisk. He always looks like he knows something you don?t....and has a bit of mind reading ability.
[B]Superior Hybrid [/B]- Anantamon
Anantamon is a giant seven headed cobra. He is is very deadly now that he has seven minds and uses them in a conman way to manipulate things to his advantage. Despite his sometimes unorthodox ways, he is trustworthy and most of the time, won?t let you down.

My Signup..

Name: Mia
Appearance: She has hazel eyes and dark brown hair. She wears a grayish knee length dress with tights and has a chain around her waist.
Bio: She is 15 years old and very studious. She loves to read and gain knowledge. She learned of her digimon-self when she saw herself transform in her dreams and eventually did transform, although her changes weren?t constant untill she came upon her D-Tector.
On becoming her human form, she was at first frightened, but learned to live with it. She doesn?t transform frequently, but likes it when she does.
Hybrid: Paonmon
Attacks: Paonmon:Peacock Arrows, Dance of Eyes
Ashtoremon: Scroll of the Ancient, Three Worlds
Daivyamon: Vedic Ring, Celestial Storm
If all these Hybrids are taken, you can create your own, if you want. You can also be one of the real Hybrids, but that?s not too creative.;)
I?ll post the evil hybrid as soon as I think up some good names or anyone can PM me suggestions.
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Name: Simon
Appearance: He has blue eyes and black hair. He wears a green shirt with jeans and a geklo necklace around his neck.
Bio: He is 13 and queit. Simon never really talked to anyone and always was picked on. He had once again been hiding from the bullies when his D-Tector apeared. He used it to transform into his human form and scared the bullies permanetly. He then got cocky and used it to scare people he thought might try something.
Hybrid: Coatlmon
Attacks: Magic Darts, Magic Cloak
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mina Karusala [/i]
[B]You can also be one of the real Hybrids, but that?s not too creative.[/B][/QUOTE]

So what? I'm going to be one, anyways.

Name: David
Age: 16
Appearance: 5'10'', with short brown hair and brown eyes. He always wears shorts and a t-shirt.
Bio: David's father died when he was ten. David has lived with his mother scince then. his mother hates public schools and can't afford to send David to a private school, so David is homeschooled. He can't bear to think about his father because he feels too much emotional pain when he does so. As a result, he immersed himself in computers, using them to escape the pain.
At the age of 14, he recieved a strange E-Mail message that gave him directions to a deserted hotel. There, he found a written message that revealed that he was part Digimon, and he learned about the abilities of his Digimon forms. He instantly began studying the digital world in depth, and spends a good deal of time there. His mom knows, and has ajusted.
Human Hybrid: Agunimon/Attacks: Pyro Punch, Pyro Darts, Pyro Tornado.
Beast Hybrid: BurningGreymon/Attacks: Pyro Barrage, Wildfire Tsunami.
Superior Hybrid: Aldamon/Attacks: Atomic Inferno, Solar Wind Destroyer.
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Name: Comis
Appearance/Bio: Appearance: just about my avatar. Bio: A 15 year old boy who loves the ocean, the only thing he likes more is his friends. He is allways there for you when you need him. He is a great swimmer.
Your Hybrid: Krenemon
Attacks: Are there different attacks for each level? If so:
Krenemon: Tail Fin, Liquid Stream
Cataramon: Tidal Surge, Tsunami Swirl
Varudramon: Ocean Crush, Lightning Storm
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I had changes!But since I didn't get them:bawl:So...

Appearance:He has icy blue eyes and hair.He wears a light but durable baby blue jacket open with a white t-shirt inside.He has blue pants and blue and white joggers.
Bio:Amber's a 16 year old boy that loves playing and talking with his friends.He's a good friend but he's most known for his love of animals.Especially wolves.
Attacks:I don't know the attacks.Can anyone help out?
[b]Lobomon:[/b]Lobo Kendo.
[b]KendoGarurumon:[/b]Lupine Laser,Howling Star.
[b]BeoWolfmon:[/b]Beo Saber,Clensing Light,Frozen Hunter.
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Umm...Lobomon is a male. Are you sure you want him?

Takuya: Agunimon's fine. I meant Superior as Fusion Hybrids. Aldamon can be used.

Solo: You chose Lupeamon, so your line would be:
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Thanks. I edited that into my sign-up post.
BTW, Sakuramon, the Superior Hybrid form for that line is Beowolfmon, not MagnaGarurumon. For the attacks:
Lobomon: Lobo Kendo. I think he has others, but I don't know them.
KendoGarurumon: Lupine Laser, Howling Star.
Beowolfmon: Beo Saber, Clensing Light, Frozen Hunter.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Mina [/i]
[B]Ok..I'll let this stand for a couple days for Daggermon to be taken or some new chars to join, then I'll start.

Once again, thanks for signing.^-^ [/B][/QUOTE]

is it to late to join it if not pm me so i can join :)
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Name: Kyte
Age: 15
Appearance: 6'4", Silvar hair,Pitch black eyes he wears a black dragon shirt,dark blue jeans,and a black head band that has a metal plate on it with the letters Cw on the plate.
Bio: Not having friends when he was growing up so hes not very concerning with other kids,when he was growing up he was more into computers then playing games with other kids,he was picked on by other boys but girls just stayed by him to find out what he was thinking,he can hack into almost any computer.
Human Hybrid: Dragixmon,Attacks: Dragons rain,Inferno wings.
Beast Hybrid: Cometdragixmon,Attacks: Dragon spikes,Volcanic wings.
Superior Hybrid: Cyberdragixmon,Attacks: Digial delete,Atomic wings.
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