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Armored Core the Ravens

Dj Professor DM

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A powerful group of mercenaries called Ravens built a long time ago got a fresh batch of warriors yet three major corporations duke it out. Crest, Mirage, and Union. A mysterious force known as the controller is watching this and is planning to spread destruction throughout the layered colony its up to the new batch of Ravens to stop the havoc.

Fill this out:
AC Name:
AC Advantages (Strengths):
AC Weaknesses:
Main Weapons:
Back-up Weapons:
AC's color and Symbol:
Name: Scott
AC Name: Vargas
AC Advantages: Attack power, Armour points, and defense
AC Weaknesses: Speed and manuverability
Main weapons: Double barreled Rocket launcher and laser blade with beam capabilty
Back up weapons: Lock on missile launcher
Background: A up and comming raven who likes using an opponents weaknesses against them. He cannot move as fast as the speedy ACs because of his' weight. But he's combined it with power, AP, and defense to counteract that. The faster the opponent the more he dislikes it.
AC Color and Symbol:Colour is Red and black and uses flames to represent how he leaves his opponents AC/MT.
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AC Name:Pheonix
AC Advantages (Strengths):stelth , flight & missiles
AC Weaknesses:close range
Main Weapons: kawasaw, multi missiles x2, sheild, head long range radar
Back-up Weapons:moonlight lazer sword, mashine gun, dule chain guns, extre amo
Background:he was trained to be the best with a AC since he was 4 and nearly all he knows is to fight in a AC, Ac Is powerfull and Chris00k worked 10years to make it he biuld some parts him self.
AC's color and Symbol:flame red, flame orange & yellow like fire looks like a bird. logo a pheonix bird (fire bird)

how many people do u need to join?
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name: Sheal
ac name: demons rose
AC Advantages: speed, power, and mobility
AC Weaknesses: armour points, limited ammo, defense points
Main Weapons: cwgg-gr-12(high powered grenade launcher)
Back-up Weapons: clb-ls-2551(laser blade), mwm-s24-6(small missle;6 lock max)ammo enhancer(20%)
Background: Little is know about the background of Sheal, he values speed and power. Those who face him in the arean never get a moments peace during the fight, a high tempo is kept up the whole battle. Rumore has it that he once was number one in the arena.
AC's color and Symbol: ac color: main red and details black. symbol: a rose and a dagger crossing the dagger has a black blade.
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Ummm, k...

Name: Danny
AC Name: Dragon
AC advantages: Power, strenghth and speed(speed/fling)
AC weakness: limited smartness(A funny one. Danny can be pretty dumb), cheast and is easyly confused.
Main weapon: Shock rifle and double machine guns
Back up weapons: Hand gun and pilse gun
Back-ground: Has only one older brother. Most of his time alone he would try to push power out of him. He tried to look strong to inpress the kids in school. But ever time he did this he looked like he was powering up (Only just getting bigger.)! One day he did this on a bully, and he found he could punch harder after that. He practised ever day, then one day this new skill was so easy he didn't look like he was pushing out pwer, just like he was getting ready. That's when he knew he could get stronger by learning new moves. He then learnt all he knows today. He became powerful and now knows a lot of fighting skills. But of coures, the more he trained, the more he missed out on Tie-Known-Do and school!
AC Color: Black.
AC symbol: Three claw mrks covering the word LEONX. Which means 'Death' in the Tie-Known-Do thing.

When will this start?
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Name: Anthony
AC Name: Planzerous
AC Advantages: Speed, Flight, mobility, aim
AC Weaknesses: light armour, limited ammo, Power, few weapons
Main Weapons: Duel Lazers
Back-up Weapons: 30mm volcan cannon, smoke grenades(sp?), flash flares( emites bright light in one quik flash)
Background: His parents died when he was young, leaving him the famliy fortune. He finish building the planzerous that his father was building. When he built the Planzerous he left what he had behind and became a mercinary(sp?).
AC's color and Symbol: Black with red trim. Symbol is a Sword with a golden vine wraped around it.
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Name: Maria
AC Name: Siren
AC Advantages: beauty, long range combat, intelligence, mid range combat, speed, agility, accuracy
AC Weaknesses: hand to hand combat, arrogance, mistrust of most people, strength, lack of patience
Main Weapons: long range rifle, pair of Colts
Back-up Weapons: pair of sais, hand gun, set of 10 throwing knives
Background: Maria was abandoned by her parents at an early age. As a child, she was moved from relative to relative, then foster hom to foster home. When she was 13, she ran away and did odd jobs for a living. When this didn't work, she stole. Now, she hires herself out as an assassin and mercenary.
AC's color and Symbol: black and blood red; symbol is a black rose with a single drop of blood coming from the tip.
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I'll try this out....

Name: Romeo, Hunter
AC Name: Requiem
Advantages: Speed, Agility, Melee Combat, Sniping
Weaknesses: Armor Points, Medium Range Weapons, Missile Combat, Mental Imbalances
Main Weapons: Long Range Sniper Rifle, Dual Beam Swords
Backup Weapons: Hand Blaster, Welding Torches in Palms, Hand Talons
Background: Romeo is the product of severe military testing and conditioning. An expert in all infantry firearms, as well as hand to hand combat, Romeo is rather new to the advanced AC tactics he comes across when he joins the Ravens. Discharged from the military for disobey orders, Romeo has a dark past that none truly know about. His potential is what got him in the Ravens, not what they know of him. He is a wild card; and, frankly, is considered quite expendable.
Colors and Insignia: A silver body with black, runish markings, the Requiem is marked on either side by a Dark Raven eating a human eyeball.
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Is there room for one more?

[b]Name:[/b] Valius Ämro Murakumo

[b]AC Name:[/b] Devastratum

[b]AC Build:[/b]

[b][i]Head;[/b] RedEYE-002-3KZ[/i] - An advanced head system designed using specifications from an old head produced by 'Murakumo Millenium'. It features a detailed computer, top of the line bio-sensors and precise optical sensors. However, it lacks a radar, which serverly handicaps the AC.
[b][i]Core;[/b] GH-079-44[/i] - A heavy core built especially for use on military ACs. It has many extension slots and strong armour, while maintaining low weight and energy usage.
[b][i]Arms;[/b] AN-00X/XX[/i] -Heavyweight arms with powerful energy shielding, and near-invincible armour. Even without weapons, these fists on these arms make for excellent fighting tools, due to the cooling rods in the palms. The AC can vent its excess heat through the conduits, heating the fists to white-hot temperatures.
[b][i]Legs;[/b] MST-044/8[/i] - Humanoid legs built for agility. They have a massive load-bearing capacity without losing much in the way of speed. They are also very adept at jumping.
[b][i]Generator;[/b] RaY-89-00[/i] - An experimental sub-nuclear fusion reactor, the main pro of this Generator is it's high redzone and mass energy output. However, its internal cooling device is sub-par, and thus a superior radiator is required to keep the RaY-89 from overheating.
[b][i]Radiator;[/b] CR-23-frostBITE[/i] - State of the art Radiator. Keeps the AC's power core at a constant set temperature, to ensure stable performance.
[b][i]Booster;[/b] CH006-VZX[/i] - A high-end booster built specifically for heavy ACs. Too powerful for lightweight ACs, as it risks ripping the core apart with it's strong boost. Medium energy usage and a very powerful thrust.
[b][i]FCS[/b] ZOX-666/SS[/i] - A custom-made Fire Control System designed for use with the ORB-7U weapon. Aside from use with this weapon, it is below average. However, as the ORB-7U is the AC's only FCS-controlled weapon, it doesn't matter.
[b][i]Inside[/b] EMF-08[/i] - An ElectroMagnetic Field generator that scrambles enemy radar and throws off most missiles. If the intensity of the field is boosted to full with the AC's limit releaser, it can also disperse energy weapons.

[b]AC Strength:[/b] Agile, Strong Shielding, Powerful weaponary.

[b]AC Weaknesses:[/b] Very Low Ammunition count, Few weapons, Lack of radar.


[b][i]Back weapon L/R;[/b] ORB-7U[/i] - Energy displacement weapon. The weapon fires a massive volley of energy shells that violently explode on impact. Although this weapon has unlimited ammunition, it drains most (if not all) of the AC's energy and takes a full 10 minutes to charge.
[b][i]Left Arm weapon;[/b] STRLGHT-034[/i] A very advanced beam weapon based on a molecular displacement theory.
[b][i]Right Arm weapon;[/b] STRLGHT-034/S[/i] Same as above, but much more powerful.
[b][i]Backup Right Arm;[/b] BT-00H2[/i] - A High power handheld bazooka, attached to the bottom of the right forearm. However, because of it's sleek appearance and concealed design, it can only hold 10 ammunition.

[b]Background:[/b] Valius is the descendant of Kenji Murakumo, leader of an old Mars-based Corporation once known as Murakumo Millenium. Because of this, Valius and his siblings grew up in an abandoned Murakumo dome, like so many others in his family line. Surrounded by AC parts and derelict MTs since birth. From his earliest days, Valius has been very much in love with the mechanical suits of armour, constructing his first at the age of 13. Since then, he has scoured through the decrepit Murakumo vaults and found many unused, experimental pieces of machinery. Selling them on the Martian black-market, he earned enough money and respect to purchase and customise the parts to build his ultimate AC--Devastratum.

[b]AC's color and Symbol:[/b] Devastratum's colour scheme follows a red and black pattern; Black base with red details. The symbol is a mechanical birds head, with a solid red pentagram backing.
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name: wolf
AC name: Aorashi
advantages: speed, flight, melee combat
weaknesses: defince, fire power, long range combat
main weapon: medium machine gun with large clip, beam sword with blaster abilities
back up weapon: mini laser cannon, mini vulcan cannon
background: a new raven with a diffrent style of combat. he relies alot on his boosters and blade, and his guns as a weakner. his speed has made him a sight to see during duels.
AC color/symbol: main is black with dark teal covers. a dimond shape with a gust of wind blowing in the shape of a wolf howling.
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Pilot Name: Excile
AC Name:double dragon
AC Advantages (Strengths): Speed firepower build
AC Weaknesses: not enough shield power
Main Weapons: Karasawa mk II and ls moonlight sword
Back-up Weapons: mulit missle lancher and grenade launcher
Background: He was exciled from his planet for killing aroyal member of the family and he landed in the middle of the order of te raven he is a feared pilot because of his strength
AC's color and Symbol:Midnight black and the symbol is a two dragons encircling each other
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